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Reviewed: 11/21/00 | Updated: 11/21/00

Receives Mixed Reviews From a Paper Bag

Oh, I was definitely sucked in by this fact, I really liked it. But one must remember the difference between past and present tense. Once taken as a whole, MML2 really doesn't have anything I couldn't get in another game, little of what I was looking for from the original, and a rather disappointing unfolding of events.

Graphix: I'll give them an 8 out of ten. These guys at Capcom very rarely produce anything that's hard to distinguish (SFIITurbo for Genesis?) and they know Megaman inside and out. The 3-D world makes the anime faces pop out surprisingly well without taking away the vector effect. There are so many unique surfaces in the game (try watching the TV in the bar!) that I can tell they didn't slap it together like some Acclaim ''masterpiece.'' I won't really comment on the cut-scene sequences since I usually skip them with the Start button--however, they are fairly developed, if not somewhat scarce compared to MML.

Sound: 4/10. I mean, come on, the quality isn't far from that of MIDI, especially when you wander around a bit on the Sulphur Bottom listening to the monotonous jamming on the strings. The tense scenes would be tenser with original music; however, if the music pieces themselves were better, I'd say they were placed quite nicely throughout the game.

Story: 6/10. I say this because the game starts like a 6, goes to a 10 a little way thru, then dives to a 2 near the end. Unanswered questions regarding ol' Monkey Boy Data, the origin of Trigger, and why ANYONE would want to destroy mankind are all included. I was expecting more development of the characters we've grown to love already (the Bonnes and Megaman's ohana) but it progresses toward a secondary plot that I still haven't figured out and, upon rumination, have determined not to do Megaman justice.

Control: 9/10. They didn't give you many options, (and you didn't need them,) in the first MML game. In this one, you get four control options. I and probably most people will prefer Control B, since you can strafe with triggers and rotate on the control pad, like good corridor shooters should. In this respect, it's halfway like a first-person game and half-way like a third-person game...however, it's not a second-person game, as YOU certainly won't feel into it (though a Dual Shock may help you). Once you get the hang of it, and understand enemy moves, the only faults you'll have in the game will be your fault!

Gameplay: 6/10. It definitely can get harder than MML, where all your gaming needs could be dealt with in one big town. Now you'll have to jump around towns to find the characters you want to interact with. Maintaining your level of zenny (currency) will become an issue quickly, but you can always read MY guide to figure out ways to keep those levels up. The game will take you as far as you let it, and since new levels of difficulty open up, you can let anyone play from a preschooler to an oldskooler. (I still haven't beat it in very hard mode!) You may find that it gets boring, but that's because you haven't messed with all the 25 or so bosses to encounter. And they are kinda cool sometimes.

Will you play it again? Yes--but even then, I did nearly everything in the entire game in 9 days.

Will you buy it? If you like Megaman or find shiny round things cool--otherwise, I think the rental store owner will find more value in it.

Overall: Minus one point for these last two things, so it should be around 6 out of ten. I don't really expect any intelligent people to find anything really right or wrong with this game, except the odd ethical concept here and there. Unfortunately, I could say the same thing for Pete, the happy brown bag I have with me. He doesn't say much, and neither will you if you like or hate this kind of game. It's just a game, you know. If they made this game based on the original Megaman series, I would own it! Since this is, however, just a revamp of old video game heroes for the Generation-D fellas, some of us Gen-X-and-Y'rs will be wondering...when will Megaman save us again?

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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