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"The blue hero is now back, in his second 3D adventure with enhanced gameplay and high replay value!"

Our blue hero with his trusty blue buster weapon is back, in his second 3D adventure of MegaMan Legends. This time around, the story takes much deeper and deeper into the insights of MegaMan’s past added in with Roll’s past. And of course, the Tron Bonne’s whole group of pirates never give up with the cute and humourous Servbot around this time. Everything are almost the same, especially the graphics, but the gameplay are much more better this time, giving you an extra surprise for you to spend over.

Graphics – 8
The graphics are just about the same as MegaMan Legends, and look quite horrible if compared to other games in the Playstation. The 3D modeling is just nice with everything added in with extra touches here and there. The complete and fully 3D environment was really nice, and especially cool but the colours, on the other hand, was really ugly. Colours used on MegaMan looks especially the worst as I’ve seen better done on this system and the background looks quite dull with one same colour painting it, as if a 64-bit system is utilizing the game.

While certain part of the game really shines in the game, Capcom should have done much better with the graphics. Other graphical aspects like the light source look really great, and wonderful. The FMV is designed appropriately and looks ten times better than the in-game graphics itself, which is extremely surprising as the graphics should be much better in both sides. Looking out towards this game, although the graphics are not really that great, other aspects are really fine.

Music – 9
The background music sounds just nice for the game itself, as it will automatically change to a different music at the right time and at the right place. Certain music like fast and rapid type suits the time when MegaMan battles against other bosses. It could be really creepy, occasionally, as you could only hear the footsteps of MegaMan clanking about on the floor without the fresh and cheerful music guiding you (we know what Capcom has created before, Resident Evil, so they try some of those eerie tunes in this game!).

Sound effects sound when it should be and every action that you perform will create at least a sound, even if you do a little thing. Running forward will let MegaMan clank about (he’s a robot, you know) in a metallic way and shooting with all sorts of weapon will create different sound effects for various of them. As the music and sound effects does a lot of difference, Capcom managed to make full use of them to make this game a lot better.

Gameplay – 9
Most of these parts of the game are pretty similar to its previous adventure in MegaMan Legends. The missions in this game are pretty straightforward, requiring you to search in more ruins to recover the Keys that are essential in opening the treasure to the Mother Lode, as thought by the people. There are even clues for you to set out in the game, giving you an extra boost for you to finish the game faster.

This time around, Roll has sold all of the equipment and Buster parts that you have painstakingly bought and acquire in order to rebuild the Flutter ship which means this time, you have to buy them and build more parts from Roll (Tron was right, she is greedy!). In order to get more money to buy and upgrade all of your equipment and stuff, you need money which was called Zenny, that can be acquired by destroying robots, recovering them in ruins and cracks in the walls.

Bosses and monsters are now pretty tough with all new and various missions that you must finish. Some missions are easy, like using the Aqua Blaster part to put off the fire while others like protecting the base from flying BirdBots can be pretty tough. There is also many hidden side-quests that you can get through in order to obtain hidden weapons and items, which will let you get through even further. Funny as they can be, some of those hidden side-quests can be humourous to you as the game can give different reactions based on what you can do.

There is also an extra thing called the Diggers’ Test. You are now a Digger and this are essential in order to enter certain ruins. The test can be really hard as you need to progress through by defeating all sorts of enemies that can be found earlier in the game and head through doors under a certain amount of time. Some of them are almost impossible to get through, as beginners and even experts may find really tough!

Ruins are now not connected together, as it have happened before in MegaMan Legends. Certain ruins can only be progressed through easily if you have the right equipment and Buster units. You’ll have to travel from one place to another using the flying ship Flutter. The more you progress through the game, the more the story will be revealed and it can be really confusing so you will have to pay attention to what is going to be said. Nevertheless, MegaMan Legends 2 is also half-RPG as you can interact with other characters easily by talking.

Controls – 8
The controls are as the same as before in the previous game. Use the direction pad to move about, X button is for jumping, the Circle button is to talk, Square button is to shoot, using the normal Buster parts while the Triangle button is to use the special weapon. Pressing L1 and R1 will make MegaMan turn about while dashing across while L2 and R2 will make MegaMan turn about in circles. The controls are not really hard to remember, you just need to get used to it.

Story – 9
The story revolves with MegaMan again, with Gramps and his friend Bluecher in search of a secret and hidden treasure called Mother Lode. In the previous game, it has already been revealed that the tiny robot monkey, Data, was actually MegaMan’s memory and more of MegaMan’s past will be revealed, as you progress further and near end of the game.

Replay Value – 7
This game was actually very nice to play and will let you come back for more. There is no actual secret after finishing the game, except that you will unlock a secret that will let you play the game over and over again with some secret specialties. Added in to that, this game can be really long, depending on how fast and how slow you played through. The shortest amount of time you can finish this game would be over 11 hours and the highest I have played before is 17 hours. So, to find out the actual replay value, it really depends on how you play this game.

Overall – 9
MegaMan Legends 2 was actually one of the most eagerly anticipated game that I have been waiting for. Considering myself as one of the gamers who played MegaMan games very often, there is no reason why you shouldn’t by this game at all. Despite the graphics that look a bit horrifying on the Playstation, the high replay value and the cool gameplay should shock you enough for a whole day.


+ Nice music and soundtrack to tune in!
+ High replay value and it will keep you entertained for hours!
+ The whole game was simply wonderful with enhanced gameplay!


- Sadly enough, the graphics are not really that great.
- Bosses can be really frustrating.
- You can get stuck in the ruins if you don’t know what to do!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/21/00, Updated 12/21/00

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