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"One of the quirkiest and most fun games out there"

Megaman Legends 2- you either hate it or you love it. There's no in betweens. If you hated the first game, then you shouldn't even be reading this, as the games are quite similar. However, if your like me and loved the first one, then read on...

Gameplay: 5

The games worst point has to be its gameplay. Controlling Megaman isn't that difficult, but during tedious battles, you'll find yourself taking more than one too many cheap shots. The lock-on is a novel idea, however it is the only way you can really attack anything accurately. And often in the enclosed ruin spaces, the camera will go haywire as you try to avoid attacks. The lock on is, however, very useful for the bosses- but that is another of my gripes. Most of the bosses cause you to employ the same techniques. Lock on. Circle boss. Shoot while running. Rinse and repeat. What I did find a relief was the small amount of ruins that are mandatory. I found myself skipping the others just because of the nasty and just plain unfun fighting.

Story: 8

Don't expect to be looking for Zero or Dr. Light in this game- this is a stricly different game with only one thing in common with the others- the little blue guy. Everything is different. A continuation of the original MML, you and Roll are in search of the Mother Lode, and also Roll's parents. A pretty cliched story, but what makes it so great is the supporting characters. Tronne and Tiesel are back to foil your plans once again, and their back with their Servebots. The Servebots are exremely funny, and make the game a lot more fun. Their shyness and timidness makes them hilarious. Glyde, the sleek pirate, is also a very cool character. Him and his duck pirates provide you with some of the most entertaining scenes in the game. The others, such as Claymore, are also pretty good, but not as well developed as they could have been.

Graphics: 9

Nothing fancy here, but they do the job. If you've ever played Jet Grind Radio or Fear effect, then you can kind of picture the graphics. They are almost identical to the first games, which in my opinion, is a good thing. It almost looks like a living cartoon, like a 3D anime. Although, there is a relatively large amount of clipping, and the camera angles can be horrible at times. The cut-scenes, however, are beautifully done. They are done in the normal polygonal graphics, instead of FMV, and I think it suits the game better. I especially like the facial expressions and moving mouths as they talk.

Sound: 9

The sound in the game is a mixed bag. It has its high points, as the voice acting is extremely well- the best in any Capcom game. Many hate the Servebots voices, but I find them to be extremely funny. Others, such as Tronne and Glyde, are done perfectly. The music however, is nothing special. You won't find yourself humming the tunes or anything. In my case, I barely even noticed that music was there, being that it was so... subtle.

Replayability: 3

I personally, am not one to replay many games. I just don't seem to find as much enjoyment replaying games. I would have to say the same for Legends 2. The only reason for replaying would be to get any weapons you missed the first time. Other than that, the incredibly boring ruins will discourage more than a few, I'm sure, from replaying this one, at least for a while.

Buy or Rent:

Hmm... well considering i took about a week and a half to beat the game, I could say buy, but I feel that the game has little replayability, so buy at your own risk.

Overall, the game was very fun, and much more than I expected. If you looking for a fun gaming experience and don't mind the bad controls in the game, then you will definitley want to pick up this gem. If not, wait for Legends 3.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 12/30/00, Updated 12/30/00

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