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"A really great Game"

Well if you loved Megaman Legends they you'll probably love this game. Graphics are better, a much more deep and better story, new characters, and better gameplay. Yep this game has it all.

Graphics: 8/10
The people look nice, and the world is beautiful and colorful. And in the cutscenes you'll swear that it's an anime instead of a game. The whole game itself, graphics wise, looks sorta similar to MML but you can definately tell the difference from the two.

Story: 9/10
The story is more deep than the first one, but is kind of confusing. You start the game trying to find the MotherLode but eventually the story turns into something else. My one problem is that in the first game, I thought that Megaman already found the MotherLode? Oh, well. The game's world is entirely different than that of the Megaman series and the Megaman X series. The only similarities of the games is that Megaman in MML2 is blue and shoots a plasma like material from a buster. The characters in the story are memorable. The Bonnes, Tiesel, Tron, and Bon are back, though they are not as involved in the story as the first game. Making a new appearance in this game is Glyde from the prequel of MML, ''Misadventures of Tron Bonne'' and his Birdbots. Some other new characters are Bola and Claymoor.

Sound: 7/10
The songs in this game are beautful and set the mood right for each level. The only reason I gave this section a 7 instead of a 9 is because of the voices in the cutscenes. Sure the Bonnes and Roll's voices are the same, but some of the other voices for the other characters seem like they are being aimed at little kids. MegaMan's voice sounds like a girl. And his voice is a girl's because it is the voice of the person who played Jupiter in the Sailor Moon Series. Trust me it is.

Replayability: 5/10
I never like to replay a RPG or almost anyother type of game unless they have new features. When you beat MML2 you are given the choice of replaying it with a new difficulty setting. And that's about it.

Gameplay: 9/10
The gameplay is similar to MML with a few changes. Now you can lock on to an enemy while running around. There are new weapons to be made including the old ones from the last game. Well just get the game and see for yourself.

Buy or Rent:
I don't really know about this...I bought the game before Christmas vacation and was finished by the time it ended...which is about 1 week and a half. So this is your choice to buy it or rent it.

Yep, this game is a great one. You should definately get it if you are a fan of the first one, a Megaman fan, a casual RPG gamer, or if you just want a great new game. And if you look at Electronic Boutique its only $30. Not much for a great game

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 01/01/01, Updated 01/01/01

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