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Reviewed: 03/16/01 | Updated: 06/30/02

Excellent job Capcom!

Mega Man makes a come back in a HUGE sequel, three times better than the first! The challenge in this game has somewhat increased as well, not to mention, it is much longer than the first.

Gameplay- 10

Like I said in the first Mega Man Legends review, it is like a mix between a Zelda 64 game, and a Mega Man game. Only this new version happens to have much more in it, and much more challenge. If you've played Mega Man Legends 1, then you'll know exactly what to do in this game. The controls are exactly the same, unless you change them for some reason in the Options mode. If this is your first MML game, (You should still play the first one to completely understand the story) there is a useful Practice mode on the main menu so you can get used to the controls.

In the first MML, once you beat the game, you opened up a hard mode. This game has just that, and more! You'll have to discover the modes for yourself, but I can say this, those who want a challenge will love these extra modes!

Story- 9

The story continues from the first game. Barell is still tring to find something out about the Motherlode and Roll is tring to find out something about her parents. Well, in the beginning, Roll has sold all of Mega Man's weapons for things to fix up the Flutter (AHH.. NOT MY SHINING LASER!), so Mega Man will have to go on many Dig Outs to find parts, and earn money to buy parts so he will be able to get past the Reaverbots and those pesky pirates of the Bonne and Loath family.

Audio/Video- 10

One look at the game, and you'll definately agree, this game has gotten some MAJOR graphic improvements. They even have the speech going along with the mouth movements pretty decent this time. You'll definately be impressed by this.

You'll remember a few tunes from MML here. Not many, but there are a few. The new tunes that you hear in the game are pretty good. You don't hear any silence in any levels I belive, such as whenever you go into a ruin, you get creepy music instead of creepy cave sounds. The sound effects in this game remain pretty much the same as the first as well. No problem, the sound effects are cool anyways.

Now about the voices. If you remember the voices from the first game, then you'll be familar wiht the ones in MML2. The only change I've noticed was in Mega Man and Data's voice. They don't sound too much different, but they do sound a bit better than they did before.

Replay Value- 10

Just like the first Mega Man Legends, (Wow, I'm talking about the first MML a lot in this review, eh?) there is much more to do in the game. You have parts to find, places to fix, and not to mention that you have to earn ::GASP:: YOUR S CLASS LISCENSE! After you do all of that, you can start a new game on HARD mode. That will give you a challenge for sure.

Rent or Buy?

You should definately buy it if you were a fan of the first MML. If you don't have the first, then you better go and get that, or you'll be completely lost! It doesn't really matter if you get ''The Misadventures of Tron Bonne'' before getting Mega Man Legends 2. It just introduces a certain enemy that will appear in MML2.

Now, go and buy it! I'm positive you won't be dissapointed!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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