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"Mega Man's back for more"

Three years after the release of the original Mega Man Legends Capcom has finally graced us with Mega Man Legends 2. Legends 2 features many improvements over its predecessor
and has a few new ideas thrown into the mix.

-Story- Professor Barrel and his friend ,Von Buelcher, are setting out on an expedition to the forbidden island. They believe that the legendary Mother Lode is burried there. But a wrench is thrown into the works as a woman that looks like Rolls mother appears and attacks the ship sending it towards forbidden island. Mega Man and Roll set out towards forrbiden island to save them. This games story has a bit of a darker tone when compared to the last Legends game it also answers all unanswered questions from the last game.

-Gameplay- The game play improves upon the last games. There are now multiple islands to visit. You travel to each island on an overworld map. There are more varieties of armor. Certain armors are used for certain things. You can now by special weapon parts. And the aiming system has been improved. You can now move while aiming and it keeps a much better lock.(Although it will lock on to a enemy that is far away opposed to a closer one sometimes)

-Sound/Music- The sound effects are of the same quality as the last games which is good. The music isnt as atmospherical as the last games but its still good. The voice acting is as good as ever. Voice actors from the previous game returned to do the acting again.(Except for Mega Man his voice is done by a girl now.)

-Graphics- Very good. Capcom went for the simple and cartoony look again and it looks even better in this game. The characters look the way they should from all angles the quality of the environments have improved. I have even had people walk in during the video sequences and ask me show I was watching.

Legends 2 is a excellent game. Its not twice as long as the last game as most people claim just a few hours longer. If you enjoyed the last one definitely check this one out. But dont try and make this one your first Legends game because you need to know what happend in the last game to get some of the things that happen in this game. All in all Legends 2 is a very good game.


Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 10/07/01, Updated 10/07/01

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