"Put on your CAP and COM with Megaman in his greatest adventure ever...."

As Megaman comes back in another adventure, no one will be disappointed with this game. Three years after the first Megaman Legends was worth the wait, because this game is nothing like you've seen Megaman before. As Megaman tries to reveal his past in this great adventure, not only you'll go on one island like you did with Megaman in the first Megaman Legends, but you'll go to many places! And if you put them all together, the size of the places you'll go through is TWICE the size of the first Megaman Legends. This game will truly become a legend...

Controls: 8/10
The controls are pretty much decent. If you've played the first Megaman Legends, the controls are pretty much the same, and the Lock-On feature feels better than ever (not counting Auto-Aim). It has been tweaked up a bit, making Megaman a bit more comfortable to manuever. The only downside is that the enemies tend to get cheap and are tough to kill (the Shielders are ANNOYING!!). Oh yea, the camera is a little cheap too, but still pretty decent.

Graphics: 9/10
The graphics are definitely, the best I've ever seen in a Megaman game (that's in 3D). There are less jagged lines in detail of Megaman, and Roll..you can only see a bit of rough edges on her! Same goes to Data too, and most of the other characters in the game. There are barely any jagged lines on the texture and detail of ruin walls, boxes, etc. This game truly shows off Megaman's graphical power on the Playstation.

Music: 6/10
The music isn't really all that great, but some pieces are still solid. It's not really entertaining (compared to the music soundtracks in the X series, which I really love) but it's my opinion. I don't really have a taste for the music in here, but I know most gamers will. I'm not saying I don't like all the tracks, I still like some of them in this game...

Sound FX: 7/10
The sounds are better than ever in this game. CHOO! CHOO! (trying to make sound of Megaman's Buster) The special weapons sound awesome too! (especially Zero's saber, the Blade Arm) I would've given this game's sounds a 9/10, but the voices...uhh...it's just bad. Roll still sounds ok, and so does Tron Bonne and the other Bonnes. But Megaman's voice..it's totally different from the first Megaman Legends! He sounds like Sailor Jupiter from the anime show Sailor Moon! They should've just kept the voice from the first Megaman Legends. I'm serious. (the animals sound cool though, especially the pig that squeals when you kick him!)

Overall Gameplay: 10/10
Don't mind all the negative features in this game, but enjoy it at least. I loved megaman since I first picked it up, and Legends 2 truly will lighten up the heart of gamers who are addicted to Megaman. It's ultimately fun, and it's the best Megaman game out there right now (in my opinion).

''Will I be disappointed with this?''
Definitely not. Even if you dislike Megaman, i'm sure you'll get to like him better. For the Megaman gamers, $40 is worth it. It's a game you'll truly treasure forever.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 12/27/01, Updated 12/28/01

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