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"Compared to the X series, this is gold"

I will always like classic Megaman better than Legends but surprisingly this is a great game. I was disappointed the first time when I heard that Megaman was going to be 3d and was mad to see that 3d games would soon take over the classic 2d games, but surprisingly I liked how Legends 1 attracted me into the environments and filled the game with wonderful mini games and very good voice acting.

Graphics: 10/10
Outstanding graphics for PS1! Their mouths move when they talk so that makes it even more enjoyable. Reaverbots now look better and you can see distant objects from far away unlike in Legends one. Snow effects and more enjoyment and cartoons of classic Megaman on a TV and a poster of Zero on the wall are a few of the detailed objects in the environments.

Music: 8/10
Not nearly as good as the classic Megaman games. There aren't many songs in this game but the music when played such as in towns and shops are very nicely done. Also some music is from old, old songs from Beethoven (Might have been him) but it's not original, but it sounds good.

Acting voices: 10/10
Wow! This might be the best part of the game. Capcom has been known for acting voices from people off of the street, but that's not in this game. It almost seems like I'm playing Metal Gear Solid at times because it seems so lifelike. Although Megaman's voice is a girl, it almost sounds like a guy's voice and you don't notice it much. Not like Megaman 8! The voices show expression and feeling and even come up when traveling through caves. And this game has voices in English not like the horrible X6.

Gameplay: 9/10
It's great gameplay at times, but when you get stuck or there is a lot of things to do at once it can get annoying. The game feels almost like an RPG because enemies now pop up on the ''world map.'' Now you can venture into water which is really fun.

Controls: 8/10
Could be improved in areas. The game still plays in the ''run around in circles and shoot the enemy'' mode. Now there is a lock on button which really saves this game.

Overall: 9/10 (Not an average)
An outstanding effort by Capcom. Unfortunately Capcom says that they will not make a sequel to this game which is a shame of the quality that they put into this. It diffidently shows time and effort unlike X6 which was made less than a year of X5 and wasn't even translated. The fun makes this game last.

Rent or buy: Buy
This is one of those games that you don't have to like Megaman to play. It has a great story and will keep you entertained for weeks. Although you should rent this game if you didn't like Legends 1. It is a great improvement over the last game.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/07/02, Updated 05/26/03

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