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"The first one was only medicore, this one is much better"

Megaman Legends 2 or Rockman Dash 2 in Japan is the sequel to popular game Megaman Legends. This game is a mix of Action/Adventure where you play as Megaman in a 3-D world (which is a first for Megaman) looking for parts for weapons and money (which is called Zenny in this game). Thier main goal is to find the ultimate treasure called The Mother Lode.

Graphics: 8.9
Much better than the first MML. The characters look a lot more life like (at least more life like than the first one) and a lot less blocky. There is a lot more detail in the backgrounds and robots as well.

Sound: 9.1
Great Music with Great sound, the voice overs are done a lot better this time around, they are no longer moving thier mouths about 15 seconds after they are finished talking. The voices also fit most of the characters personality perfect.

Controls: 7.4
If the game lacks any where it would be here. Much like the Resident Evil series, the controls are very difficult to get used to, not really the button placements that is the problem but the control just seems akward. Once you get used to it though its smooth sailing from there.

Fun: 8.6
This is a very fun game from start to finish, however there are a few parts I could do without, such as the training course and the water dungeons. Finding all the parts and weapons is why this game is so fun, it also adds to the replay value to.

Challenge: Med to Hard
Surprisingly hard in some points, surprisingly easy in other points. You could be blazing through a level at one point and then spend hours on another part of the same level.

Replay: Medium
Once you find all the secrets, get all the weapons, solve all the questions, beat all the modes, and destroy all the robots, there is really no reason to play the game any more. Maybe you might want to pop it back in the Playstation a few years later and replay after you forget where everything is and forget all the answers to the questions.

The Final Line
This is a great game that certainly makes up for the semi-disappointment that was MegaMan Legends and is a must have for Megaman fans and at least a rental for everyone else. Who knows? This game might change your mind on how you thought about Megaman, in a good way.

Final Score: 9.1

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/24/02, Updated 03/24/02

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