Review by SolidSnake15

"Good but flawed in some ways"

Megaman has been on of video games favorite characters. Can Megaman prove to be great again?

Gameplay: 7/10
Same controls as the original, but somewhat improved; there are crosshairs when you target an enemy to make it easier to hit him. You still search though dungeons like the original and same characters return. One great thing is there are more towns instead of just one, making it an action-RPG. But one problem is that the plot is almost the same, searching for reactors. Be warned, those who have no experience with MML1 will have a tough time with this, it's really hard. One last thing to add is you can still develop items. For those who don’t know what this do you simply find ancient parts and give them to a friend to develop them to make more weapons for you, one of the best parts of the game.

Story: 8/10
Solid story gets you to keep playing. You are Megaman and you are searching for the treasure, the Great Legacy. While looking for the treasure you have to stop in town to find a reactor (sound familiar) and get back to find the treasure. You then find traces of one in a cave but there are plenty of enemies waiting to get you. You then meet up with your grandpa on the Sulfur-Bottom to go get the Great Legacy on the uncharted island. But you then realize something strange is going on, and you still keep going

Audio/Visuals: 7/10
The audio part is kind of fruity, happy tunes all the way though, gets annoying, but changes while fighting an enemy. The voice-overs are well done with same voices as the last game. The visuals are smoother than before, but still not great. Could have done a little better at his part.

Replayabilty: 2/10
Yes as you can guess it does get boring after beating it, starting a new game is a waste, once you beat it you probably don't want to play this again. This will be shoved in the back of your PlayStation collection after you go though the game.

Final Analysis:
I would say rent, when you buy and beat it will sit in it's little area in your room, or sell it, whatever. The game is kind of fun when you start, then you getting frustrated easily with always getting ambushed and going backtracking all the time.

Final score: 7/10
Results: Ok, rent don't buy unless die-hard MegaMan fan

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 04/27/02, Updated 04/27/02

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