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"Mega Man's next big adventure!!"

Introduction:This is one of the best games I've ever played! The whole game is mostly a continuation of Mega Man Legends. When I got this game, I was surprised they made a part two of Mega Man legends. The game play is very good! It's more improved than the Other Mega Man Legend. The sound Is VERY good! Totally different from the other Mega Man legends game! The replay value.....I really don't think you'd want to play this game again because it's a huge game a requires a lot of time and thinking! The story is even better than before! The weapons are much improved, and last,the graphics,still the same, but they improved a bit. So now I am going to tell you why I gave this game, ''Mega Man Legends 2'', A perfect 10...........

Story:10/10 (The story is great!!)
The story is really a continuation to Mega Man Legends. You see a cut scene where Pro.Barrel is talking to his partner about the mother lode. When Pro.Barrel was just about to speak he....every body hears a women say something that catches Pro. Barrel's eyes. He finally see's his wife! (Rolls Mother) Then the wife takes off blowing out the windows to where she jumps out! And flies away on a gadot(I'm not sure how to pronounce the name. So mega Man (you) has to find her. And has to find some very VERY special keys'! Mega Man(you) has to go through a series of worlds an bosses to get back the keys she took from the ship!The pirates are after the same thing Mega Man (you) are looking for. The Mother lode! The story is very twisted! You do some crazy things to get a key! But I can't tell you because I don't want to spoil the game for you. But you won't be disappointed! There is far more things you have to do and find! So that's the main reason why I gave the story a 10. (in case you are wondering why I gave the story a 10 is because the story is very fun to watch! And it's a continuation of the first game. (Mega Man Legends).

The graphics are pretty much the same....though the graphics in this game are a little more real than before. The Characters are still the same. The buildings are more real than before. The weapons have some nice graphics too! The bosses are more mean looking than the Other game (Mega Man Legends). The graphics are very nice for this game!The main reason why I gave the graphics a 10 is because the cut scenes' are where the best graphics take place! They look so real! And another reason why I gave the graphics a 10 is because when you go through the levels, they are a little too real! And I'm not kidding! it looks so real! So the
main reason why I gave graphics a perfect 10!

Game play:10/10
The game play is much improved than the other Mega Man Legends game! One reason is that it's always going straight into battle. And there are a lot of twists in this game. You also get a variety of weapons! The main reason why I said the game play is much improved because the challenge is even more difficult than before! You also get a rank for your level! The highest you can get is an S rank. (Believe me, that's NOT easy!!). The story is what makes the game play very fun! You also can play mini-games too! And, like the other Mega Man Legends game, you get power ups! The game play is what makes this game the best game ever! So that's the main reason why I gave the game play a perfect 10!

The sound is the MOST improved thing from the other game(Mega Man Legends). The sound effects are even better than before! ALL the levels have very good sound/music! So that's all I can really say about the sound.^_^ Oh! and one more thing. when you fight a boss, you different music than before! So that's why I gave the sound a perfect 10! (The sound is excellent!)

Replay Value:8/10
The replay value, I Really don't think you would want to play this game again. (IMO). Reasons why I gave the replay value a 8 is because the game is really big! I' mean if your a Mega Man Legends fan, you would want to play this game again and again! But if you are not a Mega Man Legends fan, you really would not want to play this game, unless you have not played this game for about a year or two. (IMO). With all the levels you have to face. And weapons' you have to get. Plus! All the power ups' and zenny. So that's the main reason why I gave the replay value a 8.

Over all:10/10
This is my score for the game I am reviewing. (I rounded to the nearest 10 the true score is 9.6). If you loved the first Mega Man Legends game, this is a must have game you! And if you hated Mega Man Legends, you would hate this game too.^_^ And if you are a Mega Man fan that has not played neither Mega Mega Man Legends 1 and 2 , you might want to rent this game.^_^ So an over all for the whole game is a perfect 10!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 07/03/02, Updated 07/03/02

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