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"Excellent Game"

This is one of my favorite Mega Man games of all time.This was very different from the first and to me,that's a good thing.I have to admit,I didn't like the first one much at all.The graphics looked a lot more ugly,the control was bad and it wasn't really fun.This game is a massive improvement over the original in many ways.

Play Control:9

The play control was fanstatic.The control was very stiff in the first game so the control in this game was a huge improvement.Very well done in my opinion.


Very nicely done.Mega Man and the others all looked great compared to how ugly most of them looked in Mega Man Legends 1.The graphics didn't look no where near as blocky in this game.The coloring was a lot better and the character's faces were the biggest improvement of all.Another job well done.

Music and Sound:6

There really isn't a lot of music in this game.Some of the sound effects in this game were pretty good.The biggest problem I had in this game was how some of the characters sounded.Mega Man sounded pretty bad in this game.He had a great voice in the first game but now he sounds terrible.It would have been great if he had the same voice in this game as he did in the first but other then that,no real problems.


Another terrific thing in this game.The game's story was very interesting and unique while in the first game,the plot was very boring to watch.Even though all of the bad guys from the first game are back in this game,the story is brand new with a few new characters too.I found this game's story to be very exciting.


The wasn't really easy but it wasn't extremely frustrating either.Overall,the difficulty was about average.Although there were some areas that were pretty difficult to get through,I didn't really have any problems with the difficulty in this game.

Replay Value:9

This game was really fun.After you beat this game,you'll definitely want to play it again.The great plot and the great gameplay made this a perfect package.Mega Man fans will truly love this game.


Mega Man Legends 2 is truly one of the best.I really recommend this game not just to people who like Mega Man but to everyone who enjoys games.

Buy or Rent

If you like a great game then I think that you should buy this game.If you're not to sure about this game,then rent it first.

Good points about this game

-great control
-great graphics
-exciting plot
-very fun to play

Bad points about this game

-some areas are a bit too hard
-some of the voices sounded pretty bad

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 08/09/02, Updated 08/13/02

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