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Reviewed: 02/17/03 | Updated: 03/29/03

Why can't we see more games like this?

Megaman Legends has always been a series associated with Megaman. While technically, it IS a Megaman game, it’s not your cheesy 2D platformer with no depth, it’s your cheesy 3D platformer with tons of depth. Megaman Legends is, in my opinion, better than the 2D series in nearly all aspects.
Megaman Legends 2 improves upon the original with tons of great features, making it one of the greatest action-platformers for the Playstation.

The story starts out when your monkey-friend, Data, catches your plane on fire while trying to cook pizza. Here you become associated with the simple fact that you DO NEED A DUAL SHOCK CONTROLLER TO PLAY THIS GAME. You control Megaman with the left stick and his camera with the right stick, and since the camera never moves on it’s own, you’ll have to constantly move it. I’m not complaining though. Megaman Legends 2 has the best camera system of any 3D game ever. I only wish some companies could realize what a pain the camera ISN’T in this game. And thanks to the responsive camera in this game, when you die, you can’t blame anyone but yourself.

Megaman Legends 2 has a great weapons system. Instead of giving you that girly, baby, wussy buster-cannon the other games provide, you get a cool system where you buy and create non-elemental weapons such as a machine-gun, a vacuum, a drill, even a rocket-launcher, providing much more depth than most of the other games provide. The thing is, you can only take two weapons with you on your adventures, and since one of them is your claw for picking up opponents, you can only choose one of the many weapons this game has to offer.
But guns aren’t the only thing in Megaman Legends 2 you can customize. In this game, you can customize EVERYTHING about Megaman. You can buy him some cool shoes that allow him to skate (You can grind rails too), you can give him a helmet, you can even change his skin color if you think playing as a white guy isn’t fun.

The graphics in MML2 are fine, they’re just a bit blocky. Still, the game provides more detail than 90% of the other games out there. There are no lighting effects, so you’ll wonder why the flaming missile coming at you doesn’t leave a big explosion. But overall the graphics are average.

The sound effects are good, though, you’ll probably never notice them. But the voice-acting: Yeesh! Since when did Ash Ketchum make a good voice for Megaman?
As for the music, there is nothing to complain about. Just don’t expect rock music or heavy metal or anything else that Megaman or Megaman X provide, the music here is all elevator music, but somehow, it works. I have one minor complaint though:
There should be some faster music.

So…. is it worth a purchase?
Oh yes. Anyone can enjoy this game, even your dad. It does so many things right:
It blends together numerous genres, it has an excellent camera, the weapon’s system will keep you playing 20 hours after you beat the game..
Just naming how great this game is would take me hours. In my opinion MML2 is one of the greatest 3D platformers on the PS1.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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