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Reviewed: 08/02/04

Best Megaman Game Ever!

I love Mega Man.It's a great Series.It all started when I got Megaman 3 on NES.I played and Beat the Game until I got a Genesis.From there I got a Playstation.I hadn't forgotten about old MM but I didn't think I'd be seeing him again.One day I had enough money for a game.I saw Megaman Legends(The First One) on the shelves.I got it.I played it for a long time.The Game was Great.It had a awesome Storyline and Graphics.Later i saw MML2 in a Magazine.I went to buy it.It wasn't there.I saw Megaman X5 on the shelves so I bought it.After playing it I relized that MML was so much better.I eventually Rented MML2 for two weeks.I played it two the last Boss.I couldn't beat it but that's just because I didn't try hard enough.This game is Awesome and if you haven't played it yet you should.No this isn't like the other games where you fight Dr.Willy or Sigma over and over again in every game with no new Storyline.This is a great game that no one is taking seriously.Some people like to stay with the past and don't know when to move on to the Generation.There will most likely be a Remake of this game in a couple years.

The Graphics on this game are better then the Last one and they are decent seeing as it's on Playstation.Actually the graphics are really good for a PS game.There not the greatest though.

This game isn't that Hard.It's harder then the first one but still that's not saying much.Some of the Bosses have you searching for Items and Weapons so you can defeat them.

This Game has some Great Gameplay.It's pretty Similar to the First Game.Then again the first Game had great Gameplay.There are more Weapons and stuff to Use.Also,the Underwater Stages are really awesome.

There are a lot of things to do in this Game so it all adds up to a lot of Gameplay.At least 30 hours to do everything.

There are a lot of great Characters from the first Game like the Pirates and Megaman of course.Also,with new Characters like Sera this game has great Characters.

There isn't any Multi-Player in this Game.If there was it would be totally Awesome.Adding Multi-Player Campaign and Head-to-Head would increase Replayability.

This is your Main Character.You control him and live life through his eyes.He's a Icon to anyone who owns a Video Game.He's like Mario and Link.He's been seen in many different forms but this one is the best.

I could play this game over and over again.It's Great Storyline makes you want to play it a lot making sure you understand all of it.Its just such a great game.

Rent or Buy-Buy
You should buy this Game.It's really cheap if you can still find it.To finish the game you could rent it.To do everything in the game though you should but it.I wish I would have bought it.

In Conclusion-9/10
This is the best Megaman game in the series and it's worth playing.If you'd rather fight the same people over and over again I suggest to get the Original or X series.This game is worth playing.I played AC not to long ago.It was great but still couldn't level up to playing MML.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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