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“Megaman Legends 2” Review


With this sequel to Megaman Legends, Capcom kept many of the elements from the original in this installment. For the most part, this is welcomed, because so much of the first Megaman Legends was good. Along with the old, Capcom added a few new elements to Megaman Legends, too. Overall, the old and the new combine into a very enjoyable experience.

Graphics: 7/10

The graphics in Megaman Legends 2 are very similar to the first game, but have been cleaned up a bit, especially the textures. The characters look good and the environments are vibrant. However, just like the first Megaman Legends, the detail has been done VERY poorly. Most of the detail work is choppy and looks pretty bad. I was hoping that Capcom would fix this, but the graphics are still good despite the bad detail.

Story: 8/10

In case you don't know the background of Megaman Legends, I'll fill you in on the basics: You play as Megaman Volnutt, a young boy that travels around with his friend Roll and their Grandfather Barrell. The three travel around in their ship, the “Flutter”, in search of refractors, which are the main power source in this era. People that do this for a living are known as Diggers.

In Megaman Legends 2, Barrell and his friend Bleucher are on a ship, which is about to go on a great expedition. Megaman and Roll are away, and Roll is depressed. On Bleucher's ship, an event takes place, which may give Roll a clue to her lost family. So, Megaman and Roll depart for another adventure…

The story is overall pretty decent, with many hooks and surprises that will keep the player chugging along until they've completed the game. Also, for many of those that have played the first Megaman Legends, a few familiar faces will pop up now and then.

Sound: 5/10

Definitely nothing special about the sound. The background music, which accurately sets the tone of the places you visit, is extremely annoying pretty much throughout the entire game. Keep the mute button on. Also, don't think you're missing much with the voice-overs. Although they make the game more realistic, the character voices are horrible, and often quite cheesy.

Gameplay: 9/10

The gameplay is still very similar in Megaman Legends to the first one. However, there are a few enhancements. First off, the basics: As you play, you control Megaman in the third person, and adventure to different areas. Megaman fights enemies with his Buster, a customizable projectile weapon. It's much like a typical RPG, since you can talk to people and travel to different places. However, Legends 2 is a bit more linear than the first Megaman Legends. You are able to travel about more freely, and are on less of a straightforward path.

One of the big hooks with the first Megaman Legends was special weapons. These were new varieties of weapons that allowed the user to customize their battle strategies with unique weapons. There were many to be obtained, so it was a definite hook to keep playing. This feature was kept alive in Megaman Legends 2, but is a bit underwhelming. Although there are some new ones, Capcom mostly just recycled special weapons from the first game and put them in this one. Don't get me wrong, there still are quite a few new ones, but it is really disappointing that so many have been used already. If you haven't played the first game, then you'll love it. Otherwise, you'll probably be disappointed. Also, your buster can still be customized with parts to adjust its power, depending on your playing style.

When it comes to control, Legends 2 also offers up a few disappointments. The same frustrating camera system is there, and will still drive you nuts. Using R1 and L1 to adjust the camera is too difficult especially since you don't know how much to turn the camera. You'll turn it and turn it too much, then turn it too little, and soon you'll get dizzy and your brain will hurt. However, I'm extremely happy that you can now use the L3 analog to pilot Megaman through his adventures. It makes it a lot easier.

Replay Value: 7/10

You'll definitely play this one through. Finding all of the special weapons and upgrading your buster will keep you hooked, along with the story. You'll play this time and time again!

Final Note:

With the same formula from the first Megaman Legends, Legends 2 brings back a lot of the fun I had with the first one, and if you have played the first installment, it should bring back some good memories for you too. Although some problems still put a smudge on the enjoyment, it's still not enough to hold Megaman Legends 2 back. I highly recommend it for fans of the first one, and even newcomers will love the blue bomber's new adventure!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 03/23/05

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