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Reviewed: 05/16/05

Mega Man returns 3-D once again.


On Aug. 31 1998 Mega Man Legends was released in the U.S. and it was the first Mega Man game to be completely 3-D. Capcom did a great job from transitioning the Mega Man series from 2-D to 3-D smoothly, the game was almost flawless. On Oct. 26 2000 Mega Man Legends 2 was born, the sequel to the highly successful original. Mega Man Legends 2 picks up where the first one left off, giving you more features in control, better graphics and more cities, towns and dungeons than before. Mega Man Legends 2 is a beautiful title and a fun experience. Having fun in a game like this is a must.


Graphics - (10/10)
The same bright "Crayola crayon" graphics have been used in this game except with a substantial upgrade. The graphics in general look more polished and refined, you can tell a lot more attention to detail was made too, something the original didn't have much of. Also, the areas are much larger than before as well as better looking enemies and bosses. You'll also notice that the zenny dropped from enemies has undertaken a transformation from simple diamond shapes to actual crystal-looking octagons. The cut-scenes feature way more expressions from the character as well. A lot more emotion seems to come from the characters just from looking at them now, something the first one had but didn't do very well. Capcom did well turning something from a 3-D Mega Man "spin-off" to a very successful stand alone game series.

Sound - (10/10)
Most voices in this game are the same however they did change the voice actor used for Mega Man. This was something disappointing at first, but I quickly got used to his chirpy new voice. As in the original the sound in Mega Man Legends 2 is superb. Everyone still has their appropriately chirpy, gruff, sad, confused, etc. voice for the part. The music in this one was just as great as the music in the first Mega Man Legends game. Cheery, mysterious, scary, etc. tunes match the places that you will hear them in perfectly, it makes you feel as if you're actually in the area! Very key for all games in my opinion.

Controls - (9/10)
One of the problems the first Mega Man Legends installment had was the controls. They were very tricky for some people at first and most people got tired of them after a while. This is something that Mega Man Legends 2 has fixed a bit with the implementation of the Dual Shock feature into this game. It makes it substantially easier to control Mega Man now. Something I'm glad they fixed.

Story - (10/10)
The story in this game was great. It went much more in-depth with the character's history than the first one did. You meet much more characters and explore much more towns, dungeons, and environments. Each one with the appropriate mood along with it. There is also a world map featured in this game something the first one didn't have.

Replay Value - (9/10)
I found myself wanting to play through this game again to get every detail down. I found that playing through it again really helped clear somethings up I was confused about after playing through it a first time. I was really happy playing through it again thought, the game is really a great play.

Worth the money?
Yes, however finding it may prove to be difficult. As the game gets older the less copies of this game will be find, due to the fact that it is now out of print. If you find it though, I highly recommend picking this title up!

~I hoped you enjoy reading my review. I hope it has given you more information or has helped you come to a decision about this game.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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