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"Rockman DASH 2 is just awsome"

Well let me just start in saying that in this game there are so many improvments it is utterly impossible to compare the two DASHes together, ther are just so many differecnes.

Graphics(10, 10,10,10,10,10): The graphics are the most amazing graphics I have ever seen in a full 3D manipulation game(on Playstation). Capcom of Japan has done somthing extrodinary with their progammer's skills. There is almost no way to explain it I am still drooling, and I have beat it for week or so now. To begin the resolution and depth, pixel for pixel, are so very simliar to Power Stone on Sega's 128-bit system. Also the smooth animation have somthing to do with the impresivness. There are no ''jitter'' motions and the very rare poloygon disaperaings are hard to notice snice you are so ingulfed in the game. Also it is really nice how they added amzing special affects on the ''plasma''. For example when you shoot the ''plasma'' shots from the buster, they beautifully dissipate when they go out to the full extent of their range(these affect are so very very cool and there are many of them). Dash 2's only graphic rivals are Metal Gear or Final Fantasy 7(and even those lack BIG compared to this). Play it and you will see what I am talking about, the movies really can't show you how visually awesome this really is.

Sound(9): The Sound is just ike the graphics, improved so dramatically there is nothing to be desired. I enjoy almost everything about the sound in this game: the sound effects, the enviroment fitting music, the improved themes for characters and area themes, and the great GREAT voice acting are all perfect. I love the sound improvments( if you could not tell) this game sounds nice. I want to give a personal opinin here: Capcom of America's voice acting sucks in every way, but the Japanese voice actors are real time professiaonl actors. The voice acting makes you fell like you are in a movie and are excellent. The only reason I give it a ''9'' is because it does not support all Mhz channels (like in Brave Fencer Musashi), nor Espanded stereo.

Gameplay(10): Oh, this game is so much fun. I love this part to peices. There is so much fun here, I love it, love it, love it. Rock can throw, blast, destroy, pick-up, run, skate, ''swim'', and so much much more. I want to say that I have had too much fun with this puppy. This section just compliments the entire package.

Controls(10): I hate to sound partial again but... IT IS JUST THIS GOOD!!!!!!! The controls in the Japan version are so sweeeeeeet indeed. The rumble pack is strangly perfect. Every thing that can send out a shock wave is felt by the rumble pack. Also the the farther or closer the shockwave is the stronger the impact. I AM Rockman with these controls.

Overall(10): Do not think I am another one of those crazy Rockman freaks but this game made me one. Like this game just too too much and will never dislike it. If you like Rockman get this game, but if you don't.... get the game anyway. Get the f***ing game already!!!!!

Oh, yeah. Capcom USA is full of dumb asses so don't get Megaman Legends. The deserve a good smack in the head, Capcom JP is the finest game company in the world but Capcom US is the bottom of the barrel without Capcom JP.

Buy the game now,


Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 05/22/00, Updated 05/22/00

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