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"MegaMan X4 is one of the best Capcom games made........"

This is the latest title into CapCom's Rock(Mega)man X4 series. This heavily animé inspired title features a griping story and two modes of play which includes different gameplay and dialouge for the two characters. The intro and ending songs were incredible, it was very dissapointing for me to find that Capcom USA decided not to include them in the US release (probably because both songs were J-Pop and of the time of the release) I'm playing on importing the game for this reason, the computer port of Rockman X4 was completely in english!
The story is that with the interference of a certain reappearin enemy (who is similar to Vega[M. Bison] w/ his multiple bodies) the Repliforce, who aided w/ the capture and termination of mavericks, has gone maverick themselves! They have built a large spacestation and have the ability to blow the earth up (like Star Wars.) Zero and X once again hunt down maverick bosses killing people and destroy them.
Well I'm a fan of Zero, hence my name. Being able to completely play him is a really big plus and this game gets a 20/10 on my personal scale. Him being playable is the biggest attraction (if you read the ad on the back of the game) of this game. He has a completely unique system of fighting in comparison to X. In the previous title you used his Zero buster and if you charged it long enough you got to use a crappy little slash from his saber (i think he got it from sigma in X2 but i haven't gotten to play it.) Well now he just uses the saber, and it is good. This turns the once drab charge and shoot gameplay synomynous with the Rockman series and turns it into a close up fight. So he gets not weapons when he beats a boss you say? Yes he gets no new weapon, instead he gets new techniques which you pull of with a d-button and the special tech button, this makes it really similar to street fighter. I found that even with the special weapon some bosses were a chore to beat, especial final form of the last boss. This mode is definitely not for newbies of the Rockman series or video game newbies, pobably vets and people looking for a challenge.
Zero with his moves in japanese and his japanese-esque way of sheathing his sword after each slash is defintely linked to the east. Now X is linked to the west with his gun and weapons in english. X..., what do i have to say about him. With Zero he kinda blew. It's basically the same game paying with him. Look for various power Light capsules (now did Dr. Light really make all those capsules? I mean how does he know exactly what is happening in the world, i mean he's dead! this was really wierd...) and shoot at the baddies. X is supposed to be a kid so he has a high piched voice, kinda strange with that body, you'd think that he'd have kinda a deep voice. It's kinda like the way Goku in DBZ had a high piched voice. Everybody thinks he sounds like a girl, yeah and Capcom used a girl to be his animé voice you'd think the chick could do a guy voice like the lady who did guy Ranma did, well he does sound like a girl. I'm just surprised that the mavericks don't laugh at hime when he scoldes them. Heh heh i can picture it: X(in his womanly voice): you maverick stop being bad or i'll shoot! Sigma: what are you gonna do little lady slap me! Ok time to stop dissin X.
What I found extremely enjoyable in this entry into the series was the amount of dialouge put into it. I can honestly say there is interaction with each character that you meet, though it's surprising that the only time that X and Zero talk to eachother is in a certain someone's ending and only one of them. But the events in X's scenario kinda blew in comparison to Zero's. Zero's story was more drama based it was kinda cute seeing robots in love.... Well, I found that the dialouge was well done for an action game. It was very intersting that Capcom took into account that most of the mavericks knew Zero, they treat him with respect and it's obvious that most of the repliforce fought along side Zero and some don't want to fight him. While they don't really know X and they treat him as they would treat a stranger.
You can't talk about this game without mentioning the graphics. The graphics are 2d. If you call this game sh*t because it's 2d I will personally try to come to your house to beat you down severly. This game has arguably the best 2d I have ever seen in my life (being tied with Dracula X: Nocturne in the Moonlight, aka Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, and with the new additions of Saga Frontier 2 and Seiken Densetsu: Legend of Mana) The sprites are just jaw-dropping. The way that the bits of metal fly when you blast a robot, or the way X and Zero start painting when they're low on health (you just gotta love the gem blinking on they're helmets.) They backgrounds are very nice and fit the futurestic theme well. It just pains me to say that the detail on the background most likely contributed to the shortening of the stages.
What Megaman game is complete whitout good music. The X series has been known to have good techno rock, and Capcom never fails to dissapoint. I cannot stress enough how good the intro and ending songs ''There Still is Love'' and ''One More Chance'' are. These songs were extremely difficult for me to find on napster in a good sound quality. But, the majority of the stage songs are below par. The only in game song I truely liked was the Iris ''spoiler blank'' song, and no it's not death. So the import version has an little up on it.
The last few lines at the game set sup for a very good sequel. I can picture this one being two player as well with a different final boss. With Capcom treating 2d as dead I highly doubt that this would be released anytime soon. I'm pretty dissapointed because if what was said at the end was true I could see Rockman X5 being the finale of this great series. I just really hope that if there is a sequel is not in 3d. I would ask all the readers of this to send a petition to capcom to release Rockman X5 but we know how well that would work. On to the grading!


Graphics: 9/10
Music (import): 9/10 Music: 7/10
Story: 8/10
Gameplay: 8/10
Replay: 7/10

Total Score RockmanX4: 8/10
Total Score MegamanX4:7/10

Final Thoughts:
This was pretty difficult to review, the fact that there were two character shouldn't make it that hard, but I enjoyed playing Zero's game so much better since it was more fun and had a better story. Also i felt that the inclusion/exclusion of the intro endings did affect the music ratings. If you compare it really makes the import version a much better deal for fans of J-Pop, I recently have purchased Wild Arms 2 (like yesterday) and the fact that the intro is missing the vocals pisses me off mad crazy. All I have to say is that I believe this game is a renter, the only people who should purchase this game are die-hard Rockman fans. This game can be completed in at least three days, five at most. If you are really good or know what to do this game can be completed twice (playing Zero and X respectively in about 5 hours.) If the two characters were not added replay would be at a 5. Rock(Mega)man fans this game won't dissapoint, probably only a few.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/31/01, Updated 03/31/01

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