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"The best Megaman game ever"

I've always been a fan of the Megaman and Megaman X series since I was a kid. I've played the entire classic Megaman series and almost all of the Megaman X series at least twice. With all those experience, I can say that Megaman X4 was the best Megaman game ever created.

Graphics: 8/10

The game is in complete 2D, which is a good thing, because some games are better in 2D, and Megaman is one of those.

The sprites are satisfyingly detailed, and VERY well animated. The visual effects of explosion and stuff was satisfying enough. The background boasts a wealth of detail and excellent choice of colors. Overall, the graphics deserves an 8.

Gameplay: 8/10

Playing the game is great. You select either Megaman (long-range, for beginners) or Zero (melee, for pros). You can only choose one. You'll have the traditional eight bosses to fight. When you beat a boss, you gain its power so you can use it on other enemies. Bosses have tolerance or weaknesses to certain powers. The logic of weakness is sensible, like ice is weak vs. fire and stuff like that.

Megaman is still more fortunate than Zero. At some stages are hidden "body parts", which bestows Megaman with powers like increased defense, soaring, and many more. Across the eight stages are hidden heart containers, which increases the player's maximum health. There are also hidden life containers (E) and "ammunition" containers (W) in the game that fills up for every small life containers you get. After it gets filled, partly of fully, you can use them later on in the game anytime you want, let's say bosses.

This is the only Megaman that features cutscenes in anime (Japanese animation) which is much more preferable than Megaman X8's cell-shading, in my opinion. The cutscenes are fascinating to watch, and you have about about 6 or so, and each of them is very-well animated and blessed with good voice actors that it gives you the feeling you're watching your television. :)

Story: 6/10

The story, like its predecessors and successors, is weak and plain. You fight Sigma and eight bosses. You are a Maverick hunter which hunts... well... Mavericks (rebel Reploids). And that's that.

Sounds: 8/10

The sounds, thankfully, manages to shake off American influence. I've got nothing against American music, but Japanese music sounds better. The music is lively, and fits the scene and the feel of the game unlike the successors, whose music was "American-ized" and whose music instrument of choice is usually the electric guitar, playing rock, trying to be cool.

Sound effects are also well enough. Megaman and Zero's attacks sounds good. Explosions are okay. Other sound effects are satisfying, so what can I say? I say an 8.

Controls: 9/10

Controls are easy. D-pad for moving, X for Jump, Square for the Main/Sub Weapon, Triangle for main weapon, Circle for Dash. R1 and L1 for quick jumping through sub weapons, and R2 is for the Giga Attack, which is the most devastating attack in the game.

Lifespan: 7/10

The game is fun enough to keep you on another replay, and another, and another... It's just unusually satisfying to play the game again and again.

Graphics : 8
Gameplay : 8
Sounds : 8
Story : 6
Controls : 9
Lifespan : 7

Total : 8 (7.5) (Great)

- Fun game
- Lots of secrets
- Great sounds, sprites and backgrounds
- Easy controls and easy game physics

- Short and easy game
- May get repetitive after a few plays

I say you should buy this game. This game is one of the notable recommendations for the PSX. After all, it easily beats its predecessors and successors hands down.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 05/26/05

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