Where can I find (Sniper Rifie)???????????????

  1. I at the part where they call your codec and say you have to get a sniper rifie where do I get it ? And how do I beat Sniper Wolf from Fox-Hound?

    User Info: KNCG

    KNCG - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. The Sniper Rifle can be found in the armory.

    So head all the way back, past the snowfield where you battled the tank. Once you get into the tank hangar take the elevator down and search the small rooms for the PSG1 sniper rifle.

    Now head all the way back and use the rifle to kill Sniper Wolf.

    User Info: SScloud99

    SScloud99 - 7 years ago 1 0

Other Answers

  1. if you got peed on by the wolf it will help.
    if not and havn't lost meryl do it. if you dont know how, walk up to meryl in the cave, punch her and immediatly switch into any cardboard box.
    now that box wil have wolf pee on it and they will love you.

    You need the level 5 key (meryl gives it to you) and you cannot get it 'til she gets shot by wolf.
    if you dont like the mine field and have at least box A, go back to the elevator, hit "Floor 1" exit the elevator ASAP, head to the left of the screen, and run down the stairs. run across the room the the bottom right (where you first enter) and hug the east wall and head up to the truck. press up against the back of the truck-u will get in. equip box A (to the heliport). exit truck after guard gets in and moves to heliport. infiltrate base again. exit vent shaft (either). head to E-vator and go to B2 (i think), the armory. head to the south (while avoiding guards), and equip card 5.
    i think it was at the center of the room. open the level 5 door and equip your infrared gogles (or cigarettes-be more careful with these), and head to the left of the box-notice the colored lines on the floor in that room, as they are the areas with the beams. crawl in between the beams-left of the box-head up-before next line, head right a little bit and then up. boom-PSG1 git the amu and rverse the steps to get thru the beams. head up to Floor 1. if you wanna go through the mine field, remeber the beams in the hangar doors are gone. if u dont wanna go thru the mine field, snaek out and equip box 2 (to nuke bldng). in mine field, hug the left of the area.

    | 0|----\
    | |----|
    | B \--/
    | /---\
    | |----| 0 0
    | \---| 0 0
    | 0 0
    \-\ 0
    \________ ____
    ||||||||||||||||||||| A |||
    0-rough mine positions
    you start at A, head to the left and reach B. when at B, crawl up to pass the claymore.
    when there, run north while pressed against the wall (not quite sidleing) until you get to the search tower. go 'round it and hug the wall again. go around the next pole and equip ur card. crawl thru and sneak around the guards in the nuke bldng. go to E-vator and go to B1. earlier, if you got a wolf pee box, use it, if not try nightvision or killing the wolves (only do this if you HAVE to as it's mean). get through and now the claymores are gone-no need to crawl over them or avoid them-yay ^v^. as for the boss, i'll let you figure it out or get a faq.

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  2. the format changed-try adding enough spaces to make the bottom rows of 0s almost alligned with each other.
    enter field head left and go up to A-from there crawl and follow my previous instructions. remember, those cameras are gun cameras!

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