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    FAQ/Walkthrough by MNolan

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                                  THE ULTIMATE
                                  ~~~ ~~~~~~~~
           TACTICAL                   ESPIONAGE                  ACTION
          ______  ______  _______  __   _       __      ____   __  _____
         / _ _ / / ____/ /__  __/ /  | | |     / _/    |  __| |  \ \    \
        / ///// / /__      / /   /   | | |    | |____  | |_   |   \ \   /
       / ///// /  __/     / /   / /| | | |    | |_  _| |  _|  | |\ \ \  _\
      / ///// /  /___    / /   / / | | | |__  | |_||   | |__  | | \ \ \ \\\
     / ///// /______/   /_/   /_/  |_| |____|  \___/   |____| |_|  \_\ \_\\\
    | |--------------------------------------------------------------------||
    | |--------------------------------SOLID-------------------------------||
    PART 1
    1   Legal Stuff
    2   Story
    3   Profiles
    4   Items
    5   Weapons
    6   Techniques
    PART 2
    7   Complete Walkthrough
    8   Rankings
      8a. Records**
    9   Secrets
      9a. Items
      9b. Ghosts
      9c. Others
    PART 3
    10  Special Missions - Sneaking Mode*
    11  Special Missions - Weapon Mode*
    12  Special Missions - Advanced Mode*
    13  Special Missions - Special Mode*
    14  Special Missions - Secrets/Extras*
    PART 4
    15  Q & A**
    16  Gameshark Codes
    17  Credits**
    18  Challenges**
    19  Wanted
    *Not Complete (Working on)
    **Your contributions
                                         LEGAL STUFF
    This FAQ was made by me and me only.  It wasn't copied in any places.  I
    will include in the credits anyone who has contributed towards it.  This FAQ
    may not be ripped off in any way.  It may not sold to make profit.  To give
    any advice or any other contribution, please e-mail me.  Feel free to e-mail
    me any questions regarding the FAQ (Please don't send any questions about
    my user name, it's personal).
    Metalgear Solid FAQ© v1.0   12/16/2000
    Mark Nolan
    You've just returned from your last mission and started settling in Alaska,
    making a living from dog sled races, when you get dragged away to a
    military base and are greeted by an old friend.  Colonel Campbell.  He has
    you strip searched and injected with nanomachine transmitters.  He then
    tells you that Metalgear has come about again.  A group of terrorists -
    Foxhound, your former group - have got their hands on a new MetalGear
    prototype.  They're demanding the remains of Big Boss, the 20th century's
    greatest warrior, and if the demands are not met within 24 hours, they'll
    launch a nuke.
          You have two mission objectives.  First, your to rescue the
    two hostages, the DARPA Cheif Donald Anderson and the Armstech President
    Kenneth Baker.  Then, you're to investigate whether or not they have the
    ability to launch a nuke, and stop them if they do.
           You arrive at Shadow Moses Island by one man SDV with 18 hours till
    their deadline and no backup or weapons.  You're on your own from now on,
    good luck.
    AGE: 30   NATIONALITY: USA   HEIGHT: 6'00"   HISTORY: 1995-Outer Heaven-
    Single handedly infiltrates base and destroys MetalGear.  On the way out
    runs into Big Boss and defeats him.
        1999-Zanzibar Island-Single handedly infiltrates base and destroys
    MetalGear 2.  He then defeats Grey Fox and finishes Big Boss once and for
    AGE: 50   NATIONALITY: USA   HEIGHT: 5' 10"   HISTORY: 1999-Zanzibar Island-
    Becomes Commander of Foxhound and Solid Snake's boss, he leads him through
    the base and advises him through the mission.
    AGE: 20   NATIONALITY: Unknown   HEIGHT: 5' 6"   HISTORY: 1983-Zanzibar
    Island-Parents killed in war.  Brought up by Frank Jegear - Grey Fox.
         2000-USA-Joined Foxhound Medical Staff.
    AGE: 16   NATIONALITY: Chinese   HEIGHT 5' 6"   HISTORY: 2000-Gets an early
    career in electronics.  Invents Codec and Soliton Radar System.
    AGE: 18   NATIONALITY: USA   HEIGHT: 5' 10"   HISTORY: 1999-Becomes a member
    of Foxhound and has brain surgery to destroy her interest in men.  Exellent
    results in VR training but no real battle experience.
    AGE: 27   NATIONALITY: USA   HEIGHT: 6' 00"   HISTORY: 1999-Joins Armstech
    as a scientist and designs MetalGear.  Invents all kinds of things including
    Stealth Camuflage.
    AGE: 23   NATIONALITY: Russia   HEIGHT: 5' 9"   HISTORY: 1987-Forced from
    homeland by nuclear bomb.  Parents killed by radiation in cleanup.
          1993-Becomes expert in military analysis and moves to California to
    her new office.
    AGE: 30   NATIONALITY: USA   HEIGHT: 6' 00"   HISTORY: 1993-Earns the title
    Sergant in the Gulf War.
          1999-Joins Foxhound and quickly gains ranking.  Hugely warrior-like
    and highly skilled in all areas.
          2000-Becomes Foxhound's squad leader.
    AGE: 55   NATIONALITY: Russia   HEIGHT: 6' 6"   HISTORY: 1999-Suddenly joins
    Foxhound and
    has exellent results in gunfighting and a specialist in interrigation.
    AGE: Unknown   NATIONALITY: Alaska   HEIGHT: 7' 00"   HISTORY: 1999-Joins
    Foxhound.  Has amazing resistance to cold weather and exellent spiritual
    AGE: 30   NATIONALITY: England   HEIGHT: 5' 10"   HISTORY: 1980-Kills his
    father for fear of his own life.  Later burns his village down to bury his
          1990-Joins FBI for interrigation purposes.  Carries on working for
    them for the next ten years.
          1999-Joins Foxhound.
    AGE: 25   NATIONALITY: Russia   HEIGHT: 6' 00"   HISTORY: 1990-Taken from
    bombsite by Big Boss where she had lived and been under threat all her life.
          1999-Joins Foxhound.
    AGE: Unknown   NATIONALITY: Unknown   HEIGHT: 6' 00"   HISTORY: 1999-Joins
    Foxhound. Very little is known about him.
    PAN CARD - Personal Area Network Card.  Automatically opens doors on
    approach with a number equal to or lower than that on the card.
                                        |   PAN     |
                                        |   LEVEL 1 |
    PAL CARD - The emergency override system for MetalGear.  There are 3 at
    different temperatures.
                                        |   PAL    |
                                        | MED TEMP |
    DIAZEPAM - Tranquilrizer tablets.  Steadys body's movement.  Good for
    CARDBOARD BOX - A simple box that can be used for hiding in.  Maybe the
    enemy soldier will just overlook you.
                                     |       ___       |
                                     |      |___|      |
                                     |                 |
                                     |                 |
    CIGARETTES-Snake's favourite brand.  Takes away health.
                                       _____________   {
    SURPRESSER - For use with Socom (See WEAPONS).  Muffles blast effect.
                                   /                 /\
    MINE DETECTOR - Detects metal objects and places them on your radar.
                                   |           ____  |_______/\
                                   |      <>  |    | |       \/
                                   |          |    | |
                                   |      <>  |____| |
    RATIONS - Replenish health
                                              /  \
                                             | <> |
    THERMAL GOGGLES - Heat sensitive imaging.  Can be used in total darkness.
                                      |   T H E R M A L  |
                                      | |      ||      | |
                                      | |      ||      | |
                                      | |______||______| |
    NIGHT-VISION GOGGLES - Amplifies the light.  Can be used in dark areas but
    do not work in total darkness.
                                      |   NIGHTVISION    |
                                      | |      ||      | |
                                      | |      ||      | |
                                      | |______||______| |
    COLD MEDICINE - Cures cold.
    SCOPE - Binoculars with zoom feature.
                                      |  ______  ______  |
                                      | |   |  ||   |  | |
                                      | |---|--||---|--| |
                                      | |___|__||___|__| |
    BODY ARMOUR - Lowers damage recieved when hit.
                                       __      __
                                      |  |    |  |
                                     /    \__/    \
                                    |              |
                                    |              |
                                    |              |
                                    |              |
                                    |              |
                                    |              |
    SOCOM - Handheld Semi-automatic pistol.  Can be used with silencer (see
                                    _|                  /\
                                   |_                   \/
                                     |_      ___________<>
                                       |    |__|
                                       |    |
                                       |    |
    FA-MAS - Automatic assualt rifle.  Press the weapon button to fire.  Hold
    down for full auto.
                                _______|           __   ___   |
                                       ~~~~~~|~~| |  | |   |__|
                                              \_| |  | |
                                                |_|  |_|
    PSG1 - 	Sniper rifle.  Enters scope mode when equipped.
                                       <________<>      _______
                             ______________|||_________|       \
               _____________|                                   |
                            |________   _                       |
                                     |_| \_    ________         |
                                           \   \       \        |
                                            \   \       |_______|
    GRENADE - Press weapon button to pull pin.  Release weapon button to throw.
                                          |  | \
                                         _|  |_ \
                                        /      \ \
                                       /        \ \
                                      |          | |
                                      |          | |
                                       \        /  |
                                        \______/   |
    CHAFF GRENADE - Jams electronics temporarily eg cameras, radar, ect.
                                       |     \
                                       |     ||
                                       |     ||
    STUN GRENADE - Knocks out enemies with a big flash and bang.
                                       |     \
                                       |     ||
                                       |     ||
                                       |     ||
    C4 - Plastic explosive.  Press weapon bitton to set, action button to
                                      |     |
                                      |     |
                                      |     |
    CLAYMORE - Landmine.  Press weapon button to set.  Explodes when the marked
    area is entered.  Crawl over them to pick them up.
                                   |                 |
                                   |                 |
                                        |       |
                                        |       |
    STINGER MISSILE - Portable heat seeking missiles.
                      _|         |___________________/|
                     |_         _____________________ |
                       |_______| ||                  \|
    NIKITA MISSILE - Radio controlled missile.  Can't be used in areas with
    electronic jamming.
                                |          |_____________
                                |           __________||_|
                                |        |\ \
                                |________| \_\
    ~~~~ ~~~~~~
    THREE HIT COMBO - Tap the action button three times while standing (left
    punch, right punch, right kick).  This move will send the enemy flying (the
    kick provides the power).
    CRAWL - Press the crawl button to crouch and press the directional buttons
    to crawl.  When crawling underneath something, you go into first person veiw
    mode and the radar disappears.
    KNOCK - Press the directional button towards the wall to press up against
    it.  Press the directional button to move along the wall and press the
    action button to knock on the wall.  This can be used to lure guards to
    traps or away from where they are patrolling.
    THROW - Run towards an enemy soldier and while still moving, press the
    weapon button.
    STRANGLE - Whilst standing behind a guard, press and hold the weapon button.
    Repeatedly press the weapon button to snap his neck.
    DRAG - Perform STRANGLE and press the directional button to move him in that
    direction.  When he struggles quickly release and then hold the weapon
    button to tighten your grip.  Release the weapon button to release the
    ~~~~~ ~~~~
    RELOAD - Press the equip weapon button twice when holding a gun.
    SHOOT ON THE RUN - Hold the weapon button and while doing so, hold the crawl
    button.  This will enable you to shoot and run at the same time.
    CARDBOARD BOX USAGE - Although this item sounds useless.  It actually has
    two very useful functions and a weird one (also pretty useful).
          1)TRANSPORT - Whenever you see a truck, you can jump into the back and
                        equip the box.  A little while later a guard will drive
                        you to the address written on the box.
             2)HIDING - Equip the box and you can walk around in it.  If a guard
                        sees you he will usually overlook you, unless you're in
                        the middle of his patrol route.  He will then kick the
                        box out of the way and see you.
     3)FOOLING WOLVES - When you go through the frozen cavern for the first
                        time, after getting past the wolves, give Meryl a punch,
                        then quickly hide in a box.  She will whistle to the cub
                        and he will come and slash on you, making you smell like
                        a wolf, making it a lot easier coming through the next
                        time.  You must equip the same box to fool them.
                               COMPLETE WALKTHROUGH
                               ~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~
    |          KEY            |
    |          ~~~            |
    | S=SNAKE    $$$=GOAL     |
    | R=RATIONS  G=GUARD      |
    |   |_\/=WALL PIECES      |
    |   - =CRAWLABLE/STEPS    |
    | I=ITEM     W=WEAPON     |
    | *=MINE     .=PATROL     |
    THE DOCK - You start off in the corner in the docks.  Jump back in the water
    to find rations.  Crawl under the pipe and watch out for the guards on
    patrol.  When you get near the goal, you'll recieve a call telling you to
    hide till the elevator comes down.  So collect the rations in the corner if
     ____________________ you still haven't and have room.  And then hide behind
    | . .___.$$$.___..  R|the box until the elevator comes down.  There is a
    | . |   |. .|   |.|| |guard inside the elevator so watch out.  If you do get
    | G |___|. .|___|.|| |seen then run down towards the bottom in the middle.
    | ...___...  ___ ..  |You will dive off into the water.  Then you must go
    |. .|   | G |   | .  |back to the start and try again.
    |. .|___| . |___| .  |      When you do enter the elevator, it will start
    |. .      . . . . .  |moving up unless you are being tailed by a guard, or
    | .__   __  __   __  |a guard is on it.
    |-|__|_|      | |__| |      After a movie sequence, you will be told about
    |    S |      |   R  |your radar and how it works and how to get into the
    |_____ |      |______|building.  You must crawl through one of the airducts.
     R                    Either the one on the ground floor, guarded by a
                          camera and a guard sleeping in front of it, or the one
    on the top floor, with a guard patrolling the balcony and a surveillence
    camera on the stairs.  Personally, I'd choose the second one but you
    shouldn't go there yet, there are a few things to do first.  The big helipad
    in the middle has two big searchlights which you mustn't let see you.  In
    the centre of the helipad there is a box of chaff grenades which you should
    get and in the truck there is a SOCOM which is very important but firing it
    will alert the guards until you find the supresser.  In a side room there is
    a box of stun grenades guarded by a surveillence camera.  This should not
    prove to difficult to get (remember cameras have a blind spot underneath
    them).  When you have everything, head for an airduct.  After getting
    through, find the elevator, it's on the bottom floor at the top center wall.
    Order it and take it down to B1.  Run down the deserted corridor to find
    another airduct with it's cover moved.  Before you go up.  There are some
    rations in a blocked airduct if you need them.  Carry on up the airduct and
    go straight until you have to turn, there are a few socom bullets from
    another turning if you want.  The last grill you come to is the one you
    should look down to find your first hostage - the DARPA cheif.
          After watching him die, you will hear the guard get beaten up and if
    you look through the hole in the door, you'll see a guard walk past.  The
    door will then open.  Grab the rations under the bed if you need them, and
    walk through the door.  Soon after the clip, you'll be surrounded by guards.
    Pick them off individually and then the female will start shooting with you.
    There are reapppearing boxes of rations and ammo so no need to worry about
    that.  Part of the way through, the guards will throw grenades so run in the
    corner to avoid the blast.  When they're all gone and the woman runs off
    disguised as a soldier, head up to floor 1 to claim some important things.
    Use that card key you got to open all the doors.  On the level with the
    tanks on, one room has a surpresser with a sleeping genome.  Grab the
    surpressor and take out the guard.  No one will hear it.  Go upstairs to get
    Card box A and thermal goggles.  *IMPORTANT* GET THE THERMAL GOGGLES NOW.
    They are in a room with a level 4 door.  Don't get it later because the door
    will be shut.  Now go down to floor B2.  One of the doors contains C4.  Get
    it.  Then in the bottom left hand corner, find where the walls are a
    different color and plant a C4 charge.  Blast the wall and walk through.
    Blast the other differently coloured walls.  There are three. Go through the
    second one you come across to find the Armstech President and...
                            *BOSS 1 - REVOLVER OCELOT*
                             ~~~~ ~   ~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~
    Boss Difficulty - 6/10
                          This is a relatively difficult first boss.  Run around
    the room but dont touch those wires because they will blow up.  Shoot when
    you can, there are reappearing boxes of socom bullets around the room.  Use
    the run whilst shooting trick and you'll kill him in no time.
          After you defeat him and see Baker die as well, move out.  There are
    now guards patrolling so watch out.  You now have a level 2 card and there's
    a FA-MAS in the bottom right corner room but there's also infra-red beams so
    watch out.  Use the thermal goggles to see them.  Back to floor 1.  Go
    upstairs to the level 2 door to get the mine detector and then call Meryl
    on 140.15.  After she opens the door, don't charge through because you'll
    get gased.  Equip the thermal goggles and you'll be able to see the infra-
    red beams and avoid them.  If you don't have the thermal goggles, then
    you'll have to use cigarettes.  Equip them and you'll be able to see them as
    you approach.  When you've got past the beams, you will have entered the
    canyon and recieved a warning message about a minefield in front of you and
    an ambush from...
                                 *BOSS 2 - M1 TANK*
                                  ~~~~ ~   ~~ ~~~~
    Boss Difficulty - 6/10
                          This boss is harder than the first, just a bit.  The
    Best way to defeat this thing is to run to # where the tank cannot shoot
       ___________________________________   from long range with its cannon.
      /                           |       \  Then lob a chaff grenade to
     |                            |  ___   | disable its cannon and run towards
     |                            |  R  |  | it.  Go to W to find grenades if
      \                           |_____|  | you haven't found any, and lob them
       |           _____                   | on top.  A good shot will take out
      /  W        |     |                  | one guard per grenade.  A bad shot
     |            | M 1 |                  | will take out a guard per two or
     |            |     |                  | three grenades.
     |            |_____|                  |
     |                                     |
     |                                     |
     |                                     |
     |                                    /
     |         __                        |
     |   *    |  |                       |
     |        \__/__         *           |
      \    *    #/  \                    |
       \         \  _|   *               |
        \         |/           *         |
         |                               |
         |            S                 /
     NOTE: More mines will appear later on
     when you return and a few gun cameras.
          When you appear inside, go up the ramp to get rations (you can now
    carry three at a time), and then crawl under the gap and recieve the bad
    news, you can't use weapons on that floor! This is very annoying because
    if you are spotted, all the exits block off and the room fills with gas.  If
    you got Cardboard box A like I recommended, you could hide in it and as long
    as you don't move as the enemy looks at you, they'll not look inside the box
    and you'll have fooled them.  Watch out for the one at the top of the stairs
    as if you block his patrol, he'll kick the box and your cover will be blown.
    Get to the elevator and go to floor B1.  Go and enter the room down to find
    a room with a guard in it.  Go through the door at the top right to get
    nikita missiles and then go down to floor B2.
          Now go south, through the two doors, and you will have entered a gas
    chamber perminantly filled with gas.  Luckily it is a weak gas and you can
    hold your breath for a while.  The floor is electrified too, so don't move
    forwards.  Use the nikita missiles and use the first person view mode for
    better control (hold triangle), and do a U turn around the right hand wall.
    Go through a slit in the glass door at the end of the corridor and turn
    right through another door and head straight for the super computer to blow
    the electricity.  This may take a few shots due to the gun cameras.  After
    succeeding, go out to catch your breath, then return, send another missile,
    this time on the other side, to destroy a gun camera and run through the
    door.  If you haven't already got the famas, then get it from one of those
    rooms and the gas mask from another.  Head up the corridor, watch the ninja
    enter the lab, then follow him.
                                  *BOSS 3 - NINJA*
                                   ~~~~ ~   ~~~~~
    Boss Difficulty - 7/10
                          This is a fairly hard boss for this game.  You shoot,
    only to have them deflected.  How do you defeat him? Put away your weapons
    and fight him hand to hand.  Give him a few digs and he'll put his sword
    away and fight with his bare hands.  It is easier to dodge his punches first
    and then attack him after.  After a while, he'll turn invisible and jump
    away.  Equip the thermal goggles and continue the battle.  After that, he'll
    walk calmly up to you and swing at you.  To handle this, lob a chaff grenade
    and you'll stop him from moving.  Then, pull out a gun and let rip at him.
    You can do this any time but it's best to save them till now.  After that,
    he'll start glowing static asking you to hurt him more.  Pull out your
    fa-mas out and do just that to finish the boss.
          After all the talking has finished, leave the lab and head up to floor
    B1 and enter the room with two guards patrolling in it.  One of them is
    Meryl.  There are two ways of doing this, either you shoot them both and
    listen to which one sounds female, or you get out your binoculars and look
    at each ones behinds to see which one has a femenine wiggle.  If you can't
    be bothered to find out, it's the one on the left.  Let her see you and
    she'll run into the female restroom.  Follow her and you'll see another
    animation.  After the animation go load up on ammo in that room and get
    diazepam, cardboard box B and night vision goggles.  Now, sprint out and go
    up the corridor between the elevator and the men's restroom.  Meryl will
    then start walking towards you strangely, pointing a gun in your direction.
    Lob a stun grenade to knock her out and you will meet...
                              *BOSS 4 - PSYCHO MANTIS*
                               ~~~~ ~   ~~~~~~ ~~~~~~
    Boss Difficulty - 4/10
                          With this boss you'll try to shoot, only for him to
    dodge.  The same happens if you try to hit him bare handed.  Here comes the
    logical part.  He knows what you're going to do because he's reading you're
    actions - you're controller - so switch controller ports to stop him from
    reading you.  This makes him prove to be a simple task.  Periodically he'll
    pop Meryl back up so knock her out with stun grenades.  Soon, he'll be beat.
          After listening to his life story, go down the steps into the frosen
    caverns.  Crawl under a gap in the glaciers right in front of you.  Run past
    the wolves to another gap on the far eastern wall about half way up.  It
    might be easier to do this part with night vision goggles.  You'll meet
    Meryl on the other side, attracting wolves.  Give her a punch, then hide in
    a box.  A pup will then come and pee on the box, making it smell like a wolf
    so you can wear it to make you smell to them like a wolf, making it much
    easier next time.  Go through the door.
          Meryl will navigate a minefield for you.  Equip the thermal goggles to
    see them, then go pick them up if you need them.  There will then be an
    animation and a codec call showing Meryl get shot by Sniper Wolf.  Run off
    back to the glaciers.
          Navigate your way back equipping the damp cardboard box.  When you get
    to floor 1 of the nuclear warhead storage building, the one that you can't
    use weapons on, sneak into the back of the truck and equip cardboard box A.
          When you arrive, re-enter the building.  Alternatively, you could go
    across the canyon.  The first way is quicker, but more risky.  Go down to
    floor B2 and head for the top left hand corner room.  Get rid of the guard
    and enter.  The room is guarded by infra-red beams.  They are hard to get
    past so an effective way of getting the PSG1 is to throw a stun grenade,
    then quickly running through the beams to grab the gun then turn around and
    as the guards enter, hope the stun grenade knocks them out.  Run to the
    section of wall you blew up to lose them.  Make your way back to the place
    where you met...
                               *BOSS 5 - SNIPER WOLF*
                                ~~~~ ~   ~~~~~~ ~~~~
    Boss Difficulty - 6/10
                          This is a gunfight involving sniper rifles.  First,
    take a diazepam to steady your aim, then spin round and equip your sniper
    rifle.  The hardest thing about this boss is getting locked on.  After you
    hit her a few times it's easy.  Resist the temptation to snipe the rats on
    top or you'll lose her, she moves fast.  Soon, she'll be finished.
          *IMPORTANT*  Save NOW! After you save, head for the door to the
    communication tower.  You'll be arrested by genome soldiers and Sniper Wolf.
    You will be knocked out and dragged away.
                            *SPECIAL EVENT 1 - TORTURE*
                             ~~~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~   ~~~~~~~
          You will come to locked on a torture machine.  Whatever you do it will
    change the ending.  If you don't submit then the game gets a bit harder.
    Press the circle button repeatedly to regain health, he says that you can't
    use a turbo pad but he's bluffing.  Press select to submit.  If you lose all
    you're energy, you'll die and there's no continues.  This is why you should
    have saved earlier.  You could save twice in the same place and finish the
    game both ways.
          Whatever happens in the torture room, you'll end up in a cell unless
    you died in which case you'll have to start from your last save point.  If
    you're happy with the outcome, save.  If not, restart the console and do it
    again.  Repeat this every time you end up in here and save again once you
    escape.  As soon as you get in, call Campbell and Otacon.  If you didn't
    submit, you'll get tortured again before you get a chance to escape.  After
    Otacon sneaks in and gives you that stuff (Rations, Ketchup, Wolf's
    handkercheif and a level 6 key), you will get a breif chance to escape.
    There are two ways, either you crawl under the bed so he comes in looking
    for you then you jump him and run off, or you lie down and use the ketchup
    in the same way you use rations to put it all over the floor as fake blood
    so the guard thinks you're dead and comes in to check you out and then you
    kill him and run off.  If you don't submit ever and you can't do it, then
    the ninja will break you free after a while.
          After you escape, go up to floor 1 and either go across the canyon out
    the back or ride in the truck out the front.  When you arrive at the nuclear
    warhead storage building, go down to floor B1 and head for the caverns
    through the commanders room.  This time through, equip Wolf's handkercheif
    so you smell like Sniper Wolf.  This is much easier as you can get from door
    to door without being attacked.  Run past the spot where Meryl was shot and
    through the door to communication tower A.  Race down the corridor, through
    the door, grab the rope and stun grenades and run like hell because there's
    a camera over that door and some guards will chase you.  Head up the steps,
    throwing stun grenades as they get close.  You'll see a door half way but
    don't try to open it because you can't yet.  Just keep going until you get
    to the top.  When you do, climb the ladder and open the door.  Go up to the
    big sattelite dish to cross the bridge, only to see it get blown apart.  You
    will see a hind D fly up to you to kill you.  Equip the rope and run for the
    north wall.
                           *SPECIAL EVENT 2 - RAPPELING*
                            ~~~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~   ~~~~~~~~~
          This event is where you must scale a wall with steam coming out of it.
    There is also the hind trying shoot you.  Here is a list of controls:-
    JUMP - Press the X button to jump off the wall
    MOVE - Press the directional buttons in mid-air to move in that direction.
           You can't move up.  You can move carefully by pressing directional
           buttons while holding circle button while on the wall.
          With little difficulty you should be able to get down to the bottom
    fairly quickly.  Just look where the steam comes out and jump over that area
    when the steam isn't coming out and as for the Hind, that doesn't even seem
    to be aiming for you.
          When you get down to the bottom, grab the C4 and don't go forwards yet
    because on the other side of the bridge there are three guards ready to
    ambush you.  Simply whip out your PSG1 and take care of them.  As soon as
    you have done so, run down to the other end and the Hind will pop up.  Just
    run straight past him and into the room to your left.  Grab the Stinger and
    he'll fly away.  Go through another door to be in a room the same as in
    tower A and head east to go down the stairs.  Near the bottom, you'll notice
    that the staircase is broken so go back up and head the other way.  You'll
    see Otacon and you'll need to head up those steps.  Watch out for the gun
    cameras as they progressively increase.  Climb the ladder at the top and go
    through the door to meet...
                                  *BOSS 6 - HIND D*
                                   ~~~~ ~   ~~~~ ~
    Boss Difficulty - 7/10
                          The best place to fight this boss is at point X.  The
    best stratergy is to hit it at point Y then to run to point Z and when it
                                                 reaches point A run to point B
             Y                                   and shoot him and run back to
     ____________________________________        point X.  If you run out of
    |      |     ______ Z                |       ammo then there are 5 more
    |      |    |      |                 |       missiles in the weapon box.  A
    |      |    |      |                 |       while later, the Hind will blow
    |      | X  |      |                 |       away all of C and create an
    |      |    |      |                 |       explosion on the lower half of
    |      |    |      |                 |       the map which shouldn't affect
    |      |    |______|                 |  A    you if you stayed where I told
    |______|     Z B                     |       you.  Soon, he'll begin ducking
    |    R                               |       underneath you and then popping
    |                                    |       back up.  Follow him with the
    |                                    |       targeting system and get ready
    |                                    |       for him.  Soon, he'll be
    |                                    |       finished.
    CCCCCCCC     ------        ____      |
    CCCCCCCC     ------       |__  |     |
    CCCCCCCC     ------         W|_|     |
    CCCCCCCC                             |
          After the animation, you'll recieve a call from Otacon saying the
    elevator's working so sprint back down to there.  Call the elevator and
    select floor 1.  In the elevator, you'll be attacked by 4 genomes who stole
    Otacon's stealth camuflage prototypes and stopped the elevator from working.
    Use thermal goggles to see them and waste them.  When you get to floor 1, go
    around picking up items and then leave through the door.  Go along the
    corridor with the area jammed with the chaff grenades.  Run forwards outside
    to be shot by...
                            *BOSS 7 - SNIPER WOLF II*
                             ~~~~ ~   ~~~~~~ ~~~~ ~~
    Boss Difficulty - 2/10
                          Yes that's right, 2/10! But only if you use a new
    tactic.  Run to the right, behind a big steep mound of ground.  She won't be
    able to shoot you behind it but you won't be able to shoot her, so use
    nikita missiles and guide them up to her and after 5 or 6 hits she'll be
          After defeating that pathetically easy boss, go through the level 6
    door north of you, it's the nearest one.  Going down these steps ends disc 1
    and you must swap discs when it tells you.  Keep going down to reach a door.
    On the other side there's a patrolling guard.  Get past him and cross the
    first west bridge you come across which is directly west to the entrance.
    Press up against the wall and sidestep across the tiny platform.  If you
    stop pressing you'll fall into the furnace.  Duck as the crane passes.  Then
    go down two flights of steps avoiding the guard.  You'll see two big cargo
    doors but don't enter yet.  Opposite them you'll see the entrance to the
    boiler room.  In the boiler room you will see steam coming from the cracks
    in the pipes.  Dodge them and get to the far west wall and crawl out through
    a hole in the wall.  Outside there is a platform guarded by two gun cameras.
    Chaff them and grab Body Armour and some ammo.  Go back to the cargo doors
    and enter them.  Run over to where you'll find a gap where the elevator will
    come up and wait for it.  When it arrives, step on it and go over to the
    keyboard and press the X button to send it down.  On the way down three
    guards will try to kill you.  Deal with them by knocking them off the edge
    with your three hit combo.  When the elevator arrives, equip your thermal
    goggles and run past the gun cameras and avoid the mines and head for the
    other elevator and send that one down.  When that one gets to the ground
    then go and find a few items between the crates.  After getting them, equip
    your rations and go through the big door to meet...
                                *BOSS 8 - VULCAN RAVEN*
                                 ~~~~ ~   ~~~~~~ ~~~~~
    Boss Difficulty - 5/10
                          This boss is in a warehouse which is made easier with
    the radar as you can see where he is but the Stingers tracking system is a
     ___________________________________  lot more effective.  You should stay
    |                                   | at point X and equip your stinger and
    |    ___     ___     ___     ___Y   | wait until he reaches points Y or Z
    |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   | and then shoot him and run to point A
    |   |___|CCC|___|   |___|   |___|   | for Y and B for Z.  He will get faster
    |                           C       | as the battle goes on.  If he chases
    |    ___     ___     ___    C___Y   | you run off and return to X when he
    |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   | clears off.  Later on, some heavy
    |   |___|   |___|   |___|   |___|   | containers will fall and cover points
    |                                   | C.
    |    ___     ___     ___     ___Y   |
    |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |
    |   |___|   |___|   |___|   |___|   |
    |       C                           |
    |    ___C    ___     ___     ___Y   |
    |   |   |   |   |   |   |CCC|   | B |
    | Z |___| Z |___| Z |___| Z |___|   |
    |                             A   X |
          After defeating him you should go up through the north door to enter a
    corridor with trap doors leading to a room full of gun cameras which you
    should chaff and run past.  There is a flight of stairs with a huge bounty
    of ammo at the top of them, also guarded by cameras.  Go through the door at
    the other side of the corridor to enter another corridor leading to the
    MetalGear staging room.  This place has no guard until the top of MetalGear.
    Then there is one guard for you to take out.  Head for the ladder to the
    right of the front of MetalGear.  Take another ladder just left of where you
    get up.  Take another ladder up and over the top of MetalGear to a catwalk with
    the guard on it.  take him out and head for the command room.  Go up the steps
    to the command room to see another animation where Ocelot sees you and shoots
    the PAL card out of your hand and into the drainage ditch and you are then
    chased by a guard over the top of MetalGear where he won't follow you.  you
    then must go back down to search for the key which has been eaten by a rat. 
    You must equip the mine detector to scan for the card and you'll be able to
    find the rat with the card and shoot it.  When you reclaim your card, go back
    to the command room and chaff the cameras up there.  Enter the card into the
    first computer then get back out without being seen as the room will fill with
    gas on sight and you'll be trapped.  Now you must freeze the key.  To do that,
    you must return to the warehouse where you fought Raven.  Stay there till the
    card changes blue, then run back to the command room and enter the key into the
    middle computer.  Now you must warm the key.  But before you do that, explore
    the platforms where you don't need to go to get some items.  Afterwards, go
    down through the warehouse with a few guards to sneak past.  Now go up the
    cargo elevators and back to the boiler room in the blast furnace and wait until
    the key turns red.  Then, speed back to the command room, and I mean fast, and
    enter the card into the end computer.  You will have then activated the PAL
    code, not deactivated and you'll get a call off Master Miller revealing himself
    to be Liquid Snake.  He'll then lock the door and fill the room with gas.  Call
    Otacon and he'll hack into the system and open the door for you.  Leave the
    room to see Liquid run off.  Follow him and he'll jump into...
                                 *BOSS 9 - METALGEAR REX*
                                  ~~~~ ~   ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~
    Boss Difficulty - 9/10
                          This is by far the hardest boss in the game.  If you are
    too close, you'll be shot by the railgun.  If you're too far away, you'll be
    hit by the heat seeking missiles.  So how do you do it? Stand in missile range
    and throw a chaff grenade th jamm the homing device and fire a stinger missile
    at the radome which is located on Rex's left arm.  It looks like a satellite. 
    This does mean you have to chaff, equip, aim, fire, dequip, chaff, ect.  When
    you've lowered the health bar to nothing, the ninja will come to help you
    fight, only to get squished.  The second part is easier as Liquid has manual
    control so he can't see under Rex.  So run underneath him and wait for him to
    stop moving, then fire away into the cockpit until he's finished.
          After destroying MetalGear, you'll see an animation, followed by a final
    battle with...
                             *BOSS 10 - LIQUID SNAKE*
                              ~~~~ ~~   ~~~~~~ ~~~~~
    Boss Difficulty - 7/10
                          You only have 3 minuites for this boss, so move it.  You
    are having a fist fight with Liquid Snake on top of MetalGear.  At first he
    will try ducking and weaving, doing a roundhouse if you miss him, then he'll
    start adding one-twos that are quite painful.  Then he'll do a charging
    headbutt that will send you flying.  Don't knock him off the edge until his
    health is really low, or he'll grab the ledge as will you, wasting more time. 
    You should see him fall down and out of sight.
          You will be lead away by Otacon if you submitted to the torture and by
    Meryl if you didn't.  You enter a room with jeeps and get spotted by the
    camera.  When the vehicle gets started you can jump onto the back and use the
    gun mounted onto the back.  Blow away the barrels with the gun and you'll ride
    away.  *TIP* hold first person button for easier shooting.  You'll come to a
    checkpoint which you must blast the two barrels to pass.  You will then come to
    another where you need to kill the three guards on guard.  Then Liquid will
    make an appearance.  You need to shoot him for a while.  Afterwards, you'll get
    to the end of the tunnel where Liquid will move his jeep in front of yours to
    make you crash.  You'll see an animation showing Liquid die of foxdie.  You'll
    then see the credit sequence.
                                     THE END
          After the credits show, the game statistics appear.  They consist of:-
    Game Time
    No of saves
    No of continues used
    No of times spotted
    No of rations used
    No of enemies killed
    Special items used
    Special items possesed
          There are many different rankings used.  There are ones for normal play
    affected by all of the above (best on top):-
          The next set of rankings is for exceptional play:-
    Falcon - Game time less than 2:30
    Pidgeon - Easy difficulty
              Killed less than 25 enemies
              Rations 1 or less
              No continues
              Game time less than 3:00
    Hound - Same as pidgeon except Medium difficulty
    Fox - Same as hound except Hard difficulty
    Big Boss - Same as fox except Extreme difficulty
          The next set of rankings are for special play:-
    Jaws - Kill more than 250 enemies
    Pig - Ate more than 130 rations
    Cat - Saved more than 80 times
    Turtle - Game time more than 18:00
    Chicken - Pig, Cat and turtle
    note: For being seen, wolves and gun cameras don't count.
          This is the MetalGear Solid world records.  Enties accepted from anyone.*
    *Must show statistics on scanned photograph to be e-mailed to me with your 
    STEALTH CAMUFLAGE - Complete the game with otacon's ending and save the game
    statistics.  Makes user 'invisible' eo enemy and radar.
    BANDANNA - Complete the game with Meryl's ending and save the game statistics. 
    Equip it to give infinite ammo.
    CAMERA - Found in the armoury (B2 of tank hanger).  Go through the hole in the
    wall leading to where you fought Ocelot.  Go down the corridor to where you
    blasted another hole to another corridor.  Go to the opposite end of this
    corridor, blast another hole there with C4 and go into the level 6 room.  Watch
    out for the gun cameras in the area.
          Ghosts are images of the production team that appear on certain pictures
    you take.  Each picture takes up 2 memory card blocks on your memory card and
    can be viewed by selecting ALBUM on the SPECIAL menu on the game's main menu.
         NAME: Muraoka
        PLACE: The Dock
       OBJECT: The canal you came through
     LOCATION: South of the water tank in the south-east area
    DIRECTION: South
         NOTE: Put the tunnel on the right hand side and don't zoom or adjust      
                    the height.
         NAME: Ishiyama
        PLACE: Helipad
       OBJECT: The top of the building
     LOCATION: A little east of where you start off
    DIRECTION: North
         NOTE: Zoom in and adjust the hight so the crosshairs are in the sky       
                   with the roof showing 1/3 of the way up the picture.
         NAME: Fukushima
        PLACE: Helipad
       OBJECT: Sea
     LOCATION: The cliff
    DIRECTION: South
         NOTE: Take the picture between the elevator and the east wall as far      
                    south as you can go.  Take the picture without zooming or      
         adjusting the height.
         NAME: Shigeno
        PLACE: Helipad
       OBJECT: The surveillence camera next to the staircase
     LOCATION: In front of the camera
    DIRECTION: North
         NOTE: You have to stand in the camera's range looking at it.  You         
      should just be able to see the camera on top of the picture.            
    Don't adjust zoom or height.
         NAME: Tanaka
        PLACE: Helipad
       OBJECT: A sleeping guard
     LOCATION: In front of the guard
    DIRECTION: North
         NOTE: Zoom in so the whole of the guard covers the full picture.
         NAME: Yoshimura
        PLACE: Upper air duct
       OBJECT: The dead end
     LOCATION: The exit to the duct
    DIRECTION: ???????????
         NOTE: Take the photo just as you reach the ladder.  you have to gu in     
          the upper duct from the helipad.
         NAME: Ito
        PLACE: Tank hangar
       OBJECT: The elevator
     LOCATION: Inside the elevator
    DIRECTION: North
         NOTE: You have to be on floor 1 and inside the elevator.  Don't zoom or   
            adjust the height.
         NAME: Kitao
        PLACE: Cell
       OBJECT: Fake DARPA Cheif's dead body
     LOCATION: Inside the cell
    DIRECTION: North
         NOTE: Go to the south-west corner and put the crosshairs on the left      
         side of the sink.
         NAME: Kobayashi
        PLACE: Cell
       OBJECT: The naked guard
     LOCATION: Outside the cell
         NOTE: Don't zoom.  Aim for the east wall so his body just shows.
         NAME: Onoda
        PLACE: Armoury Sth
       OBJECT: The pillars where Ocelot tied Baker up
     LOCATION: South of the pillars
    DIRECTION: North
         NOTE: Push yourself against the south wall and take the picture.
         NAME: Nishimura
        PLACE: Armoury Sth
       OBJECT: Baker's corpse
     LOCATION: South of his corpse
    DIRECTION: North
         NOTE: Waly up to his corpse until you touch it, then equip your camera    
           and move it as far down as you can.  Don't zoom.
         NAME: Kozyou
        PLACE: Canyon
       OBJECT: Water tank structure
     LOCATION: North-east corner of the water tank structure
         NOTE: Press against the north-east wall , equip your camera and don't     
          change the height or zoom.
         NAME: Yamashita
        PLACE: Nuke Building 1
       OBJECT: Tip of nuke
     LOCATION: A container near the nuke
         NOTE: Press against a container and aim for the nuke without changing     
          the height or zoom.
         NAME: Korekado
        PLACE: Nuke building B1
       OBJECT: The end toilet in the men's room
     LOCATION: The east wall
         NOTE: Push yourself to the east wall and picture the toilet without       
        changing the zoom or height.
         NAME: Shikama
        PLACE: Nuke building B2
       OBJECT: Electric floor
     LOCATION: North of the electric floor
    DIRECTION: South
         NOTE: Take the picture without adjusting the camera at all.
         NAME: Matsuhana
        PLACE: Nuke building B2
       OBJECT: The twiching guard in the hallway of corpses
     LOCATION: Anywhere
         NOTE: Just aim for him and zoom in.
         NAME: Kojima
        PLACE: Lab
       OBJECT: Policenauts robots poster
     LOCATION: Behind the desk
    DIRECTION: North
         NOTE: get the poster to take up all of the photo but make sure all the    
           poster shows.
         NAME: Takade
        PLACE: Lab
       OBJECT: The window north of the door
     LOCATION: South of the supercomputers
         NOTE: Press against the south side of the supercomputer and turn east.
         NAME: Kaneda
        PLACE: Nuke building 1
       OBJECT: Mirror in women's room
     LOCATION: In front of the mirror
         NOTE: Snake should be on the mirror as you take the picture.
         NAME: Sonoyama
        PLACE: Prison cell
       OBJECT: The torture bed
     LOCATION: Behind the bed
    DIRECTION: South
         NOTE: Press yourself against the panel behind it and take the picture     
          without zooming or changing the height.
         NAME: Kutome
        PLACE: Command room
       OBJECT: World map
     LOCATION: South of PAL computers' desk
    DIRECTION: East/South/West
         NOTE: You can take this picture anywhere as long as it has the map on     
          In this section I will tell you about other things I know about the game.
     Most are things about seeing things.
    MERYL EXERCISING CHANGES - Look at meryl doing exercise in her cell.  Back out
    of the air duck and return again.  You'll see her doing a different exercise. 
    Keep doing this and eventually, she'll be doing it with no pants on.
    REMOVING SENSOR ON KNOCKED OUT GUARD - Go to the naked guard and kneel down
    next to the sensored part.  Take out your scope and zoom in filly and the blur
    will disappear.
                         READ ON TO PART 4.
          This section has answers to the most frequently asked questions.  If you
    have any unanswered, feel free to ask me via E-Mail.
     /   \
    |  1  |
                       GAME FIRST?
          Yes, but you need a gameshark or an action replay or some other kind of
    cheat cartrige.  There's a list of them on another chapter.
     /   \
    |  2  |
          No, don't be stupid.
     /   \
    |  3  |
     \___/     CAN YOU PLAY AS NINJA?
          Yes but only on the special missions disc.
                                   GAMESHARK CODES
                                   ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~
          To use these codes, you'll need a cheat cartridge.
    ~~~ ~~~~~~~
     Infinite Health
                             800B5E06 00FF
        Infinite Oxygen
                             800ACA8C 0400
        Unlimited Rations
                             800B5E54 0002
        Unlimited Medicine
                             800B5E56 0002
        Unlimited Diazepam
                             800B5E58 0001
         Socom Pistol + Infinite Ammo
                             800B5E12 00FF
         FAMAS Rifle + Infinite Ammo
                             800B5E14 00FF
         PSG1 Rifle + Infinite Ammo
                             800B5E24 00FF
        Nikita + Infinite Ammo
                             800B5E18 00FF
        Stinger + Infinite Ammo
                             800B5E1A 00FF
        Unlimited Stun Grenades
                             800B5E20 00FF
           Unlimited Chaff Grenades
                             800B5E22 00FF
        Unlimited Grenades
                             800B5E16 00FF
        Unlimited Claymores
                             800B5E1C 00FF
        Unlimited C4 Explosive
                             800B5E1E 00FF
         Cardboard Box A - Heliport
                             800B5E3E 0001
         Cardboard Box B - Nuke Store
                             800B5E40 0001
        Cardboard Box C - Snow Field
                             800B5E42 0001
        Night-vision Goggles
                             800B5E44 0001
        Thermal Goggles
                             800B5E46 0001
                             800B5E48 0001
        Body Armour
                             800B5E4A 0001
                             800B5E4C 0001
                             800B5E4E 0001
                             800B5E50 0001
                             800B5E52 0001
        Pal Keys
                             800B5E5A 0001
        Mine Detector
                             800B5E60 0001
                             800B5E62 0001
                             800B5E64 0001
                             800B5E66 0001
    ~~~~ ~~~~~~~
                                Night vision goggles:
                                800b756c 0001
                                Unlimited mines:
                                800b7544 0009
                                Unlimited grenades:
                                800b753e 0009
                                Unlimited SOCOM:
                                800b753a 0025
                                Unlimited Nikita launcher:
                                800b7540 0009
                                Body armor:
                                800b7572 0001
                                800b7586 0001
                                Unlimited rations:
                                800b757c 000a
                                Stealth camouflage:
                                800b7576 0004
                                800b7578 0004
                                Box A:
                                800b7566 0001
                                Box B:
                                800b7569 0001
                                Box B (alternate):
                                800b7568 0001
                                Box C:
                                800b756a 0001
                                Unlimited ketchup (can be used as a ration):
                                800b7574 0002
                                Unlimited Stinger:
                                800b7542 0009
                                800b753c 0099
                                Level 1 Security card:
                                800b7584 0001
                                PAL KEY:
                                800b7582 0001
                                800b7580 0099
                                800b7546 0001
    ~~~~ ~~~~~~~  ~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~
                               Night vision goggles:
                                800b756c 0001
                                Unlimited mines:
                                800b7544 0009
                                Unlimited grenades:
                                800b753e 0009
                                Unlimited SOCOM:
                                800b753a 0025
                                Unlimited Nikita launcher:
                                800b7540 0009
                                Body armor:
                                800b7572 0001
                                800b7586 0001
                                Unlimited rations:
                                800b757c 000a
                                Stealth camouflage:
                                800b7576 0004
                                800b7578 0004
                                Box A:
                                800b7566 0001
                                Box B:
                                800b7569 0001
                                Box B (alternate):
                                800b7568 0001
                                Box C:
                                800b756a 0001
                                Unlimited ketchup (can be used as a ration):
                                800b7574 0002
                                Unlimited Stinger:
                                800b7542 0009
                                800b753c 0099
                                Level 1 Security card:
                                800b7584 0001
                                PAL KEY:
                                800b7582 0001
                                800b7580 0099
                                800b7546 0001
          First off, for version 1.0 only, I've worked completely on my own to
    produce this FAQ.  If you have any questions/ideas/records that you send me and
    tell me it's all right to include them, I'll include them in the next version
    when it is finished.
          This section is basically just a few different ways of doing things the
    hard way.  It is a very small chapter, but I hope that it will grow like the
    others with a double star next to them (**).  I will not include any impossible
    ones.  They will come in four difficulties.
     /   \
    |  1  |
     \___/     Complete the game without getting any cardboard boxes or using a
    Gameshark/Action Replay.
     /   \
    |  2  |
     \___/     Complete the ten VR training missions on the main game.
     /   \
    |  3  |
     \___/     Defeat Sniper Wolf for the second time with a PSG1.
     /   \
    |  4  |
     \___/     Complete the game without killing anyone.
     /   \
    |  1  |
     \___/     Defeat Ocelot with your bare hands.
     /   \
    |  2  |
     \___/     Complete time attack mode on the VR missions.
     /   \
    |  3  |
     \___/     Complete the gun mode on the VR missions.
     /   \
    |  4  |
     \___/     Get the Falcon ranking.
     /   \
    |  5  |
     \___/     Defeat Psycho Mantis without changing controller ports.
     /   \
    |  1  |
     \___/     Defeat MetalGear without using chaff grenades.
     /   \
    |  2  |
     \___/     Defeat the M1 tank with a SOCOM.
     /   \
    |  3  |
     \___/     Complete survival mode of the VR missions.
     /   \
    |  4  |
     \___/     Get Hound ranking or better.
     /   \
    |  1  |
     \___/     Complete the whole VR missions mode with all the best times.
     /   \
    |  2  |
     \___/     Get Big Boss ranking.
          As you are aware, there are numerous sections of this FAQ that are
    requesting some kind of contribution.  To do so please E-Mail me.  All things
    go to the same address.
          Here's a guide to what to put in the subject box.
              {  records
              {  questions
    MGS FAQ - {  challenges
              {  advice
              {  comments
                         Thank you for reading this FAQ.
                              Look out for updates.
    Mark Nolan

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