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    Big Boss Rank Walkthrough by SRiesterer

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        Switching Items And Weapons
        Fast Equip/Unequip Items And Weapons
        Quick Ammo Reload
        Punch-Punch-Kick Combo
        Beat The Game In Extreme Mode
        Finish The Game In 3 Hours Or Less
        Use No Continues
        Use One Or No Rations
        Kill 25 Or Less
        Found 4 Times Or Less
        Save 80 Times Or Less (?)
        The Docks
        The Heliport
        The Tank Hangar
        Guard Fight With Meryl
        The Armory
        Revolver Ocelot Fight
        The Armory
        The Tank Hangar
        Vulcan Raven Fight
        Nuke Building B1
        Nuke Building B2
        Ninja Fight
        Nuke Building B1
        Psycho Mantis Fight
        The Caves
        The Sniper Corridor
        Snow Passage
        The Armory
        Sniper Wolf Fight
        Medical Room
        Nuke Building B1
        Nuke Building B2
        The Caves
        Communications Tower Ascent
        Rope Descent
        Communications Tower B
        Hind D Fight
        Elevator Fight
        Sniper Wolf Fight II
        Cargo Fight
        Vulcan Raven Fight II
        Finding The PAL card
        Freezing The PAL Card
        Heating The PAL Card
        Metal Gear Rex Fight
        Liquid Snake Fight
        Jeep Fight
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    This guide is a detailed guide specifically designed to help those who
    wish to achieve the rank of Big Boss, the highest rank in Metal Gear
    Solid. The strategies and information will also help you with the
    bosses and fight scenes in any setting. This guide assumes you
    understand some basics of gameplay. If you do not, you will never
    easily obtain the rank. Practice on the easier modes until you are
    familiar with the game before going on.
    You will have to decide if you plan on doing this without stealth
    (invisibility) or bandana (unlimited ammo) or both. To get the Big
    Boss rank without them is very hard and your choice will affect how
    you need to play the game. This guide is primarily designed around
    using the stealth and bandana but it does offer alternative strategies
    when not using them.
    If you have questions or comments concerning this guide or the game,
    please email me at braveheart4jesus@hotmail.com. I cannot guarantee I
    will respond but I will try. Please put "METAL GEAR SOLID" in the
    subject of your email to ensure it will not be deleted by mistake.
    To get the Big Boss rank you must:
    -Beat the game in Extreme mode
    -Finish the game in 3 hours or less
    -Use no continues
    -Use one or no rations
    -Kill 25 or less
    -Found 4 times or less
    -Save 80 or less times (?)
    The full motion videos (FMV) DO count against your time
    The CODEC conversations DO count against your time
    The end credits DO count against your time
    The pause button (Start) DOES pause your time
    You can advance the CODEC conversations manually by pressing X
    Killing wolves DOES count against your kills
    Being found by the wolves DOES NOT count as being found
    Destroying cameras DOES NOT count against your kills
    Being found by gun-cameras DOES count as being found
    You can skip the FMVs by pressing X or start
    The stealth item gives you invisibility when equipped. You can receive
    it by submitting to Ocelot's torture, completing the game, and saving
    the game at the end of the credits.
    The bandana gives you unlimited ammo when equipped. You can receive it
    by enduring Ocelot's torture, completing the game, and saving the game
    at the end of the credits.
    To get both stealth and bandana you need play the game with one piece
    already acquired, and then follow the instructions to acquire the
    other piece.
    Using stealth and bandana do not affect your rank
    With stealth you can walk through guards, punch them, or flip them
    over without being found
    You can make the elevators open faster by pressing the control panel
    Meryl's frequency is 140.15
    Otacon's frequency is 141.12
    Switching Items And Weapons
    L2 = Cycle through the item list while holding the L2 button down
    R2 = Cycle through the weapon list while holding the R2 button down
    You must lean how to switch items and weapons fast in order to achieve
    a good time. Practice doing this and learn how to locate a particular
    item fast.
    Fast Equip/Unequip Items And Weapons
    L1 = Equip/unequip the last used item
    R1 = Equip/unequip the last used weapon
    The most useful strategy to know is how to use the R1 button to equip
    or unequip weapons fast. The success of some boss strategies require
    this ability. Keep your right index finger on the button while your
    thumb is on the square button ready to shoot. Practice equiping,
    shooting, and then unequiping again.
    Quick Ammo Reload
    Your gun will pause when it comes down to the end of the cartridge.
    Sometimes, this will cause the enemy to get off a shot. To reload
    faster and at a time that's convenient for you, simply click R1 two
    times fast.
    Punch-Punch-Kick Combo
    Another useful strategy is the punch-punch-kick combo. This one is
    simply but absolutely needed. Simply press circle three times fast
    to perform it.
    Beat The Game In Extreme Mode
    The differences from Extreme mode and most other modes are:
    -No radar
    -Guards see further
    -Guards hear better
    -No rations are found lying around
    -Enemies have increased defense
    -Enemies have increased offense
    -You get hurt easier
    -Most ammo does not reappear after getting it
    -Other altered things
    No radar
    The hardest factor about Extreme mode is, at first, no radar. With
    radar it is extremely easy to navigate but without it, you have to
    really know the patterns of the guards well. Of course with stealth
    you don't need to.  The game is not set in first-person, which means
    you have to manually switch into first-person to see in front of you.
    If you are doing this without stealth, you need to know the patterns
    of the guards very well and then work out some sort of system. You
    must know exactly where to move, when to move, what to do, and how to
    do it. After you do, practice it and reset if you mess up. Also, if
    you are doing this without the bandana, you will have to factor
    picking up ammo into your system.
    Guards see further
    Without radar, you cannot see the cone of vision for you or your
    enemies, so you don't really have an idea about this factor. Practice
    looking at the guards in first-person and wait for them to come to you
    so you can get an idea of how close you can be.
    Guards hear better
    Guards cannot hear you if you run right behind them on normal terrain.
    However, they can hear you running over puddles and metal flooring.
    They also hear the firing of weapons, the falling of other guards, and
    other various things.
    No rations are found lying around
    This does not matter as you can only use one ration in the game. Since
    none are lying around, you need to pick the only one you can use from
    a fallen enemy. It will probably be at the guard fight with Meryl. Be
    sure to pick it up to save for later. In fact, if you don't get it
    here, it might be a good idea to reset and start over, since you won't
    be killing much guards and the next time to get one is much further
    down the road.
    Enemies have increased defense
    You will find for some enemies that your attacks just don't seem to
    hurt them the same as in other modes. This makes battles longer and
    harder. I am not quite sure just who has increased defense, but I am
    pretty sure Liquid does.
    Enemies have increased offense
    This is a hard factor about Extreme mode. You will have to do things
    nearer to perfection in order to survive.
    You get hurt easier
    This goes hand-in-hand with the increased offense factor, but this
    one goes further in that non-enemy related things hurt more (e.g.
    land-mines, gun-cameras, hot steam, etc.).
    Most ammo does not reappear after getting it
    This will only matter if you are not using bandana. If you are not,
    then you will need to conserve, especially chaff grenades. Otherwise
    you might not have enough to make it pass later gun-cameras that are
    impossible to avoid without chaffs. Also, you should save your stun
    grenades as much as you can for the communication tower ascent and
    walkway. You will need 18 to get through those scenes. This shouldn't
    be a problem as you will not be using stun grenades that much.
    Other altered things
    Some other differences include: (1) Torture scene is six rounds each
    session (2) You die if you fall of Metal Gear Rex in the fight with
    The torture thing does not matter much as you will probably submit at
    the start to save time. The second thing is merely another
    Finish The Game In 3 Hours Or Less
    The 3 hour time requirement will keep you on your toes. With stealth
    and bandana it should not be a problem. Without them, there is very
    little margin for error. I beat the game with stealth and bandana in
    2:27 with essentially no places I could greatly improve.
    The following are my check points using stealth and bandana. Compare
    them for a time reference to see how you are doing on time. If you are
    not using stealth and/or bandana, adjust accordingly.
    0:00  Start
    0:04  Heliport
    0:07  Before guard fight with Meryl
    0:10  After guard fight with Meryl
    0:12  Before Revolver Ocelot battle
    0:13  After Revolver Ocelot battle
    0:17  Before Vulcan Raven battle
    0:20  After Vulcan Raven battle
    0:24  Before Ninja battle
    0:31  After Ninja battle
    0:34  Before Psycho Mantis battle
    0:42  After Psycho Mantis battle
    0:53  Before Sniper Wolf battle
    0:54  After Sniper Wolf battle
    1:07  Before communication tower ascent
    1:09  After communication tower ascent
    1:11  Before rope descent
    1:12  After rope descent
    1:16  Before Hind D fight
    1:24  After Hind D fight
    1:26  Before elevator fight
    1:29  After elevator fight
    1:29  Before Sniper Wolf fight
    1:32  After Sniper Wolf fight
    1:34  Before cargo fight
    1:35  After cargo fight
    1:36  Before Vulcan Raven fight
    1:34  After Vulcan Raven fight
    1:40  Before seeing Revolver Ocelot and Liquid in the command room
    1:43  After attempting to find the PAL card
    2:02  Before Metal Gear Rex fight
    2:12  Before Liquid Snake fight
    2:15  Before Jeep fight
    2:27  END
    Things to know and do to trim your time
    Skip the videos and advance all conversations
    Do not press select when it appears on the screen
    Submit to the torture right at the start. Trying to endure it adds
    about 6-7 minutes to your time because you have to go through two
    sessions of 6 rounds of torture.
    Remember, if you are using the bandana you do not need that much ammo.
    Do not go completely out of your way for it.
    Use the pause button when you need a breather or to plan a course of
    action. You should know exactly what to do before proceeding.
    When you save, do it right after you enter an area. If you save after
    picking up items and going through conversations, and have to revert
    back to that save, you will have to go through all that stuff over
    again, thereby adding more time to your score.
    Keep multiple saves so that you can revert back to one if needed.
    Perhaps ones right before or after a boss. Remember though, saving
    takes time.
    Reset and start over if you felt you took to much time on any given
    When you save, note your time so you can see how you are doing
    Use No Continues
    This one is easier than it sounds-- simply reset and start from a
    save. You will be doing this a lot by the way.
     *                                                                 *
     * One thing you should absolutely pay attention to is that you    *
     * always start from a save. It is very easy to accidentally press *
     * continue when you have to do something over and over again      *
     * because you messed up. The crazy thing about it is that you     *
     * will sometimes not remember if you started from the continue or *
     * the save. If you have ANY doubts, reset. Do not proceed because *
     * you do not want to play through the whole freckin game and find *
     * you have one or two continues on your score. This I did the     *
     * first time and it is aggravating.                               *
     *                                                                 *
    The places you should save are essentially the same as the checkpoints
    in the previous section. Refer to there.
    Use One Or No Rations
    This factor sounds extremely hard but it is not all that. Your life
    gets replenished at 5 specific times and there are strategies to use
    for most missions. I ended up going through the whole game without
    using a single ration.
    The flowing times are when your life is replenished:
    -After the torture scene
    -Before the rope descent
    -Before fighting Metal Gear Rex
    -Before fighting Liquid Snake
    -Before the Jeep fight
    The best time to use the ration is sometime after the rope descent and
    before the Metal Gear Rex fight. You can use the ration after the rope
    descent at any time provided it will be used to maximum effect.
    Since you cannot be found at all, you really will not take any damage
    except for the boss and battle scenes. To judge how much damage is
    acceptable, the following chart gives an idea of what you can expect
    and afford. The estimates are based on the assumption that you are not
    using the bandana and does not factor in the ration that you can use.
    Therefore, you can allow more damage depending on when you use the
    Your life bar is represented by the Xs and give you an indication of
    what it would look like after the fight. Line up the end to the
    letters in "LIFE" to correspond to your real life bar on screen.
    Fight Scene                  # Hit     | LL I FF EE
    Guard fight with Meryl       0         |XXXXXXXXXXXXXX
    Revolver Ocelot battle       0         |XXXXXXXXXXXXXX
    Vulcan Raven battle          1         |XXXXXXXXXX
    Ninja battle                 0         |XXXXXXXXXX
    Psycho Mantis battle         0         |XXXXXXXXXX
    Sniper Wolf battle           1         | REPLENISHED AFTERWARDS
    Communication tower ascent   1-2       | REPLENISHED AFTERWARDS
    Rope descent                 2         |XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
    Hind D fight                 2         |XXXXXXXXXX
    Elevator fight               0         |XXXXXXXXXX
    Sniper Wolf fight            0         |XXXXXXXXXX
    Cargo fight                  2         |XXX
    Vulcan Raven fight           0         |XXX
    Metal Gear Rex fight         1-3       | REPLENISHED AFTERWARDS
    Liquid Snake                 4-7       | REPLENISHED AFTERWARDS
    Jeep fight                   5-8       | THE END
    Fight Scene                  # Hit     | LL I FF EE
    Follow the chart above in order to have an idea of how you are doing.
    This will tell you when you need to reset and start again and when you
    are safe to proceed. You do not want to go through the game and find
    out you simply do not have enough life to go on.
    Kill 25 Or Less
    The 25 kill limit includes all kills of guards and wolves. There are
    places where you absolutely have to kill in order to advance:
    -The first three guards in the guard fight with Meryl
    -The first two guards in the tank in the first Vulcan Raven fight
    -The four guards in the elevator fight
    -The three guards in the cargo fight
    -Seven guards in the jeep fight
    All told, you only have about 5 or 6 voluntary kills you can afford.
    With stealth, there really is no need to kill anyone. Without stealth,
    it is hard but plan your spare kills at the best times (i.e. the times
    that will shave the most time off your time score). You should
    absolutely save two spare kills for the end. You will have to kill the
    guard by the Command Room twice on your way to freeze and heat the PAL
    Found 4 Times Or Less
    The only 4 times you can be found happen automatically beyond your
    control. There are many such places but only 4 are registered:
    -Guard fight with Meryl
    -After Sniper Wolf battle for the first time
    -In the prison cell
    -Before the communication tower ascent
    -Elevator fight
    -The three snipers on the communication tower bridge
    -Cargo fight
    -The command room right after seeing Ocelot and Liquid
    -The command room right after entering the last PAL card
    -Before the jeep fight
    If you are using stealth, practice switching to the level card to open
    doors real fast, and then back to stealth real fast. If you are fast
    enough, you can switch to the card and back to stealth before the door
    even opens. Not only is this good to be unfound, it is good for time.
    Save 80 Times Or Less (?)
    I am not quit sure if this is a requirement, but hey, you don't need
    to be saving the game that much anyways. I saved 34 times on my score
    and received the Big Boss Rank so I know that much is allowable.
    This is not a complete walkthrough. It only has key information and
    strategies for certain parts in the game. It assumes you pretty much
    know where things are, where to go, etc.
    The Docks
    The elevator will arrive as soon as the credits are done, which is
    right after the credit for Assistant Director.
    The Heliport
    Pick up the socom in the truck.
    There are two places you can go to get to the next area: the lower air
    duct to the left or the upper air duct on the second floor. Both have
    pros and cons so you can take your pick. If you do not have stealth,
    you will probably want to go to the second floor air duct.
    The Tank Hangar
    Be sure to pick up the thermo goggles on the second floor before they
    lock the door to level 4 security.
    Guard Fight With Meryl
    Phase 1
    Equip the socom before heading out of the cell. The battle will start
    with you facing 3 guards. You will have to kill these as Meryl does
    not shoot. With the bandana, simply load the socom and blast away as
    fast as you can. They will get a shot off if you are not fast enough.
    If they hit you with it, reset and start again. Use the same strategy
    without the bandana: load the socom and blast away. Do not worry about
    wasting bullets. You must do a quick reload when you get down to the
    end of the cartridge, or else they will hit you. After they die,
    unequip the socom.
    Phase 2
    After you kill the first three guards, Meryl will kill the next batch.
    Phase 3
    Three more guards come out but now Meryl will help you. Thus you do
    not have to kill these guards. What you should do is immediately go
    and stand in front of the door on the left side and facing right. Keep
    pressing the square button until you choke one of them and be sure to
    hold the square button down when you do. Immediately drag him back as
    the other guards shoot him. Make sure he is directly in-between you
    and the other guards. When he starts to squirm, choke him once but
    don't kill him. If he falls down or dies from bullets then immediately
    run around to dodge the gunfire until Meryl shoots the guards. Watch
    their gun as it is aiming at you. They fire at an even pace, two
    seconds apart. Just make sure you are out of their line of fire when
    they shoot. After Meryl kills the first three, one guard will stream
    in at a time. Meryl will pick them off one by one. Sometimes Meryl
    will get shot and thus more guards will come in, so it might get
    sticky for a little bit. After 9 guards die, they will stop coming in.
    Phase 4
    Three grenades will be tossed into the room. The only safe place to
    stand is on the upper side, next to the door.
    Phase 5
    The last phase is just like the beginning of phase 3. Three more
    guards will come in at once. Meryl will shoot sooner here so you can
    either employ the same strategy as phase 3 or continue to dodge
    bullets by running around in the bottom section.
    The Armory
    If you are not using the bandana, use your C-4 to blow up all the
    walls that you can at this point. It is near impossible to do so later
    when there are guards in this area.
    Revolver Ocelot Fight
    Map of Ocelot Fight
    |                                                           |
    |                                                           |
    |                                                           |
    |                                              1            |
    |         _______                           _______         |
    |        |       |                         |       |        |
    |        |       |                         |       |        |
    |        |_______|                         |_______|        |
    |                                                           |
    |                                                           |
    |                          _______                          |
    |                         |       |                         |
    |                         |       |                         |
    |                         |_______|                         |
    |                                                           |
    |   2                                                       |
    |         _______                           _______         |
    |        |       |                         |       |        |
    |        |       |                         |       |        |
    |        |_______|                         |_______|        |
    |                                                           |
    |                                                           |
    |                                                           |
    |                                                           |
    Equip the socom and run up to the top right corner (1). Aim your gun
    to about the middle of the left wall of the room (2). If you stand at
    just the right spot, you can shoot Ocelot continuously without him
    hurting you. With the bandana, simply plug away. Without it, hold down
    the square button for about two seconds and then let go. Repeat until
    he is dead. Ocelot will shoot but it will pass in front of you and
    ricochet behind you.
    The Armory
    Immediately call Meryl at 140.15 as she takes some time to open the
    Pick up the FA-MAS weapon. Crawl on your belly to get it if you are
    not using stealth.
    The Tank Hangar
    As soon as you the elevator door opens, Meryl will call you telling
    you she is opening up the door.
    Pick up the socom suppresser.
    You really do not need the cardboard box A. You should get one box
    before the wolf caves but the cardboard box B is easier to get.
    You do not need the mine detector on the second floor room as you do
    not have a radar.
    Vulcan Raven Fight
    Be sure to pick up the five claymores at the start if you are not
    using bandana. After proceeding north, the battle will start. This is
    a moderately tough battle. If you do not have the bandana, it will be
    tougher still. However, the following strategy should be used with or
    without the bandana.
    To start off, throw a chaff grenade anywhere in order that you may
    approach the tank without getting blasted by the cannon. When it
    explodes, start running right up to it in the middle of the field.
    About two seconds after running, throw a stun grenade and continuing
    running to the tank. The stun grenade will knock out he machine gun
    shooter in the tank. Now you will only have to dodge the swerving
    You cannot do any damage to the tank while the shooter is inside of
    the tank. This is OK. The first priority of business is to slow the
    tank down so you can get some good shots at it later. To slow the tank
    down you can use either claymores or C-4s. Claymores are better as
    they slow the tank down more. Four of them will slow the tank down to
    minimum speed. Place them down close to the tank in a place you expect
    the tank to go. Don't stray too far from the tank or else it will
    blast you with a cannon. If it moves to the other end, follow it. If
    you use claymores, make sure you don't step on them yourself. Use the
    thermo goggles from time to time to see if there are any mines on the
    field. You will also have to use stun grenades from time to time, as
    the shooter will reappear. If you are quick enough though, you can
    sometimes get the four mines down in the first batch before you have
    to throw another stun grenade. After the tank takes four shots, it
    will move slow. The only time it will go fast is when it is moving to
    the other side.
    Stay close to the tank with grenade in hand ready for the guard to
    come out. The best place to be is at the middle of the side of the
    tank. Just put a little bit of distance in-between you two and move
    with the tank. At this spot the guard will not fire and you are in the
    perfect place to throw a good placed grenade. After throwing the
    grenade, you will have to back away from the tank in order to dodge
    the explosion.
    It is sometimes tricky throwing the grenade in the spot you want to.
    You cannot be moving in a different direction while throwing it.
    Otherwise the grenade will be thrown in that direction. Also, you if
    you are too close to the tank, the grenade will bounce of the tank and
    come back. Also be sure to see where the grenade lands. Sometimes the
    tank spins and knocks it to the ground. You do not want it to go off
    around you.
    Note the pattern of the guards in the tank. After one guard shoots a
    series of bullets, he will go down in the hole and then the next one
    will pop back up about two seconds later. When the guard goes down in
    the hole is the perfect time to throw a grenade. The first guard takes
    two grenade hits to die or one directly in the hole. After him another
    will come out. Kill him the same way as the other one.
    Nuke Building B1
    Pick up the Nikita missile launcher.
    Nuke Building B2
    To take out the electrical panel, use the Nikita. After shooting the
    missile, switch to first-person in order to guide it better. Try not
    to move it so much as it picks up speed if you leave it alone. If you
    go too slow, the gun-cameras might shoot it down. Also be aware of
    your 02 level.
    Pick up the gas mask.
    Ninja Fight
    Map of the Lab
    |         |  |                                              |
    |_________|1 |___________          _____________________    |
    |                        |        |                     |   |
    |___                  *  |        |   *                 |   |
    |   |                    |________|                     |___|
    |   |    |                 _2________________4            3 |
    |   |    |                |  NORTH WALL       |            _|
    |   |    |                |_______________    |           | |
    |   |    |        ___         A           |   |           |_|
    |   |    |       |   |                *   |   |            _|
    |___|    |       |   |     DESK AREA      |___|           | |
    |        |       |   |                                    | |
    |________|       |   |     C                              | |
    |________|       |   |_____________                       | |
    |                |    SOUTH WALL   |                      | |
    |                |_________________|                      |_|
    |                                                     5     |
    |               SOUTH SECTION  B                            |
    This guy is super easy with the bandana and moderate without it. You
    basically have to take him out with your fists. If you have a weapon
    equipped and he sees you, he will run off and come back later really
    fast, slashing you with his powerful sword. Besides, no weapon can
    hurt him anyway.
    Phase 1
    Start off by immediately running up to him and do a punch-punch-kick
    combo. He will jump to another location. Immediately run up to him
    again and do another combo. As soon as you do, run as much as you can
    into the middle desk area in anticipation of the next phase. The Ninja
    will jump out of the scene.
    Phase 2
    In this phase, the Ninja pretty much runs at you constantly, kicking
    and punching. With the bandana, you will be using chaff grenades for
    victory. If you are not using bandana, you will be using combos and
    the strategy is entirely different. You might want to familiarize
    yourself with both strategies.
    Using chaff grenades:
    The Ninja is a cinch with chaffs. Just make sure he doesn't see you
    with them. As soon as you can, throw a chaff grenade start running
    away from the Ninja until the chaff goes off. When it does, he
    freezes. Run up to him and do a combo. Then he will kneel down and
    wait until the chaff ends. When the chaff ends, he will run off and
    come back later to fight. You do not want him to run off, at least not
    far. This is because he will come at you fast and you might not have
    enough time to flee, let alone in the right direction. So what you
    want to do is familiarize yourself with how long the chaff lasts. If
    you throw another chaff at exactly 7 seconds after the previous one
    explodes, the Ninja will only run away for a half-second, only to
    freeze again. This way he will not get away from you and it will also
    make the battle quicker. You also do not want him to see you with the
    grenade in your hand. However, if he doesn't have enough time to get
    away it will not matter. After your first combo on the Ninja, use
    this pattern:
    -Throw another chaff (after 7 seconds)
    -Unequip the chaff
    -Follow the Ninja
    -Wait for the explosion (count from 1 to 8)
    -Do a combo
    -Equip the chaff
    -Throw another chaff (on count 8)
    -Unequip the chaff
    -Follow the Ninja
    -Wait for the explosion (count from 1 to 8)
    -Do a combo
    -Equip the chaff
    Continue looping this pattern. It may be confusion with all the
    counting and action but it will become natural as you practice. If the
    new chaff goes off while the old one is still going on, it is fine.
    You just have to wait another 7 seconds. If you let him get away and
    run to far, run the opposite way so he doesn't rush at you and attack.
    Then wait for the chaff to explode and continue with the pattern. The
    best thing about this strategy is that you get to skip all the other
    phases. That's right. He takes about 21-22 combos in this phase and
    then moves to the last phase (see phase 5). Just be sure to move
    completely out of the way after the last combo, as the Ninja will
    Using combos:
    If you are not using the bandana, you will have to use your fists.
    Continue running into the desk area. If the north wall is clearly
    blocking you from the Ninja he will have to jump over it. This is what
    you want. Wait for him by (A). When he lands, do a combo and run like
    crazy. The Ninja is faster in Extreme mode and his attacks will land
    from further away. You have to be on your toes.
    What you want to do is utilize the south wall of the desk area to your
    advantage. If the wall blocks you from the Ninja he will have to jump
    over it. When he lands is the best time to attack. You basically have
    to run around the wall until he gets trapped. When he is, he will
    punch and kick like a madman. Then when he is ready, he will stop and
    run to a certain spot and then jump over. Note the place that he lands
    (B). It will be the same place every time. Make sure the wall is
    completely blocking you two. If it is not, the Ninja will curve around
    and come after you. If you should trap him in the south section then
    it is fine. Wait for him to jump. He will land at (C). Do a combo and
    then run again.
    Always keep your eye on him and try and get a feel of where he is and
    what direction he is moving in. It is easy to lose sight of him and
    have him run at you really fast and hurt you. You can also try peeping
    in first-person to find him. Be aware though, you will only have about
    a half-second to look as he will probably be running at you. Another
    time you can get an easy combo in is as soon as he lands from his
    stomp. Simply wait a little ways away, and then start to come in a
    split second before he lands. Continue the hit and run pattern. When
    his life is half, he will jump off and then into the next phase.
    Phase 3
    The Ninja will turn on his stealth and hide in this phase. The first
    time it will show you where he is at. Turn on your thermo goggles in
    order to see him better. Run up to him and do a combo. He will jump up
    and appear somewhere else.
    There are 5 spots he will hide (marked 1-5 on map). Also note he will
    not appear on the same screen in which you see. So if you can see (3)
    and (4) he will show up either at (1), (2), or (5). You have to run up
    to him fast in order to attack. If you take too long he will begin to
    run at you and attack. However, all is not lost if he does this.
    Simply start your combo before he gets to you so that he will run into
    it. If you start too soon, he will hurt you afterwards. If you start
    too late, he will hurt you. Three combos will send this fight into the
    next stage.
    Phase 4
    This phase is easy. The ninja will walk at you. If you two touch he
    will disappear and reappear real quick in stealth gear, usually behind
    you. He will punch as soon as he reappears. The easiest place for this
    phase is the south section. Go there and wait for him. When he is
    walking straight for you, run right through him and run far enough so
    that his punch does not hit you. As soon as he is done with his punch,
    run up to him and do a combo. Then run a little bit away, face him, and
    repeat. Be careful, if you do not make a clean run through the Ninja,
    he will disappear twice and then attack. This will probably mess you up
    because you will think the second appearance is the real Ninja. You
    should actually see the Ninja punch to know it is really him (note the
    thermo goggles might help).
    Keep an eye on his health. When it is down to zero, he will explode
    and you do not want to be near him when he does. So just anticipate
    when the last combo will be and then run. After the Ninja explodes he
    will jump out of the scene.
    Phase 5
    The Ninja will reappear at the left star on the map and will explode a
    surrounding energy ball, which goes on and off. You need to get close
    to him and then run in at just the right time and do a punch (you
    don't need a combo). He will jump up and reappear at the star in the
    desk area. Do the same thing but be aware that the timing has to be
    more perfect now. He will then jump up and reappear for the last time
    at the north right star. His energy ball goes really fast and you have
    to time is just right. Run in and punch him and then the fight will be
    Nuke Building B1
    You have to find Meryl here. What you should do is this: Equip the
    level 4 card and as soon as the elevator door opens, run into the big
    computer room, turn to the left, and then go down until Meryl sees you
    (she will be on the top so you will not have to run far). When Meryl
    sees you she will run to the ladies bathroom. Follow her to the last
    stall in the bathroom to proceed.
    After meeting with Meryl, pick up the night vision goggles, diazepam,
    and cardboard box B before going to the commander's room.
    Psycho Mantis Fight
    Map of the Commander's Room
        |______________|                    |______________|
     ___|                      _____       _               |___
    |                    _____|_____|_____/ \                  |
    |   6               |                   /        2       __|
    |   __              |__________________/                |__|
    |  |__|    B                                   A        ___|
    |                            1                         |   |
    |     _______                                          |   |
    |    |       |                                         |___|
    |    |       |                             ________     ___|
    |    |       |                            |        |   |   |
    | 5  |       |                            |________|   |___|
    |    |       |                              |    |     |   |
    |    |       |                              |    |     |___|
    |    |_______|                             _|____|_    |   |
    |               4                     3   |        |   |___|
    |                                         |________|       |
    |___                                                    ___|
        |                                                  |
    This fight is easy if you use the second controller. Pause the game
    after it begins and then switch the controller and then unpause. You
    can only use your fists, socom, or FA-MAS weapon for him. Use your
    fists if you are not using bandana but use the FA-MAS if you are. This
    fight is long and you need to be patience to come out unscathed.
    Phase 1
    This battle starts with Meryl pointing a gun at you. You need to knock
    her out. A stun grenade works best, or you can continue throwing her
    until she dizzies. Watch out, she shoots. After she is knocked out,
    Mantis will proceed to attack.
    Phase 2
    Mantis starts by blacking out the screen. The he proceeds with 6 types
    of attacks in the following order:
    Mantis begins by using stealth and throwing what appear to be energy
    shields. He will start at (2) the first time. Equip the thermo goggles
    to find him better. He will move from spot to spot (1-6 on the map).
    If you do not attack him fast enough, he will throw a shield at you,
    which is rather easy to dodge if you are far away enough. You can
    damage him at any point, even while he moves to the next spot, just
    as long as he is not flashing. After 3 attempts (or successes) to
    throw a shield, he will advance to the next attack.
    Mantis will appear at (1). If you run up to there fast enough you can
    get off another attack. Mantis will spin three chairs around him while
    moving south and then back to (1). Simply lay on your stomach and
    wait. The chairs will start out making small circles and then get
    wider, then smaller, then wider, then back to small again. Then they
    will scoot out of the picture. This is when you need to hop up and
    attack. If you are fast enough you can get two attacks off but make
    sure you are on your belly again for his next attack.
    Mantis will cause two sculptures to fly fast at you. If you are on
    your stomach, these fly right over you. You cannot dodge them too well
    on your feet as they are fast. When they fly out of the scene, hop up
    and attack.
    Mantis will stop and summon two vases that will fly at you. These two
    vases move in turn. One will move a short distance, then the other
    vase will do the same. Each vase will move four times. Then they will
    fly out of the scene. You can hop up and attack Mantis at any time you
    feel safe. When you hit him, he goes to his next attack.
    Horned heads:
    Mantis will summon three animal heads with horns next to him and will
    shoot them at you. Stay on your stomach and hop up and attack when
    they are gone.
    Pictures and book sets:
    Mantis will move from (A) to (B) in front of the desk. As he is doing
    this he will cause 3 pictures and 2 book sets off the north wall to
    shoot out to the south wall and then back again. The inner 3 pictures
    will take longer to make the trip back and you can duck underneath
    them on your stomach. The outer 2 book sets will make a half trip and
    then back. These you cannot dodge on your stomach. Simply lay on your
    stomach again in the middle area and wait until you can hop up and
    After this attack, Mantis blacks out the screen and then goes back to
    throwing shields again. When he has about half of his life left, he
    will go to phase 3.
    Phase 3
    This phase is just like phase 1. Meryl will try to shoot you. Knock
    her out. Then she will try to shoot herself. Knock her out. If she
    shoots herself it is game over.
    Phase 4
    In this phase, Mantis starts out in stealth again and throws shields.
    When he has a little bit of life left he will stand at (1).
    Phase 5
    Mantis will use combinations of his attacks in phase 2. The first set
    of attacks is: sculptures, vases, and horned heads together. The next
    set of attacks is: chairs and pictures and book sets together. You can
    attack him when he is done with one set and waiting to begin the next
    set. You can safely get one attack off and two if you are fast enough.
    The Caves
    Being found by the wolves does not count against you. They do,
    however, bite and you do not want to waste your life on them. You can
    use stun grenades or try to run up to the wolves and knock them out
    with a punch.
    When you meet up with Meryl, do the following: knock her down with a
    combo or a throw. Then immediately equip a cardboard box. She will
    whistle for a wolf to pee on you. This scented cardboard box will be
    your means of making it through the caves unscathed in future times.
    Simply equip that same box and run through-- the wolves will love you.
    The Sniper Corridor
    Equip the thermo goggles to avoid the mines. Crawl on your stomach and
    pick them up if you want.
    Be careful, lots of mines are down the middle. If you run along the
    extreme left side, you will not run over any mines.
    The Armory
    Map of the Armory
     COL A             COL B             COL C             COL D
      \/                \/                \/                \/
    |                                                           |
    |                                                           |
    |    2                        1                             | < ROW 1
    |      ___________       ___________       ___________      |
    |     |           |    7|           |     |           |     |
    |     |           |     |           |     |           |     |
    |     |  ROOM A   |     |   ROOM B  |     |  ROOM C   |     |
    |     |           |     |           |     |           |     |
    |     |        3  |     |           |     |           |     |
    |     |___________|     |___________|     |___________|     |
    |                                                           |
    |    6                                                      | < ROW 2
    |      ___________       ___________       ___________      |
    | 4   |           |     |           |     |           |     |
    |     |           |     |           |     |           |     |
    |     |   ROOM D  |     |   ROOM B  |     |   ROOM F  |     |
    |     |           |     |           |     |           |     |
    |     |           |     |           |     |           |     |
    |     |___________|     |___________|     |___________|     |
    |                                                           |
    |                                                           | < ROW 3
    Pick up the PSG.
    With stealth, getting the PSG is a cinch. Without it, it takes a
    little longer. For success, follow these steps after the elevator door
    -Equip the level 5 card
    -Go south out of the doorway to (1)
    -Watch the guard on the left of the screen
    -When he turns down column B, then run to (2) then (6) and then into
     room A
    -Get the PSG (see notes below)
    -Stand at (3) and open the door
    -Look in first-person at spot (4)
    -Wait until you see a guard walking south down column A
    -Go to (4) and look south in first-person
    -When the guard turns east on Row 3, run through the wall at (5)
    -Save your game
    -Go back into the Armory
    -Look in first-person to see a guard at (6)
    -Wait for him to walk east on Row 2
    -Go to spot (5) and look east in first-person
    -That guard will turn north and another guard will walk south on
     column B
    -Go to spot (7) through column B
    -Wait for the guard on the left to turn west on row 1
    -Wait about 2-3 seconds
    -Go and signal the elevator door and get out of there
    To get the PSG you need to equip the thermo goggles to see the lasers.
    You must crawl your way through the bigger two openings to get the
    weapon. If you have an analog controller it will be easy; without it,
    it will be a little harder. The trick is to hold down the directional
    button and not let go until you are done. If you do this, your body
    can move at an angle. If you don't, your body will swerve up and down
    and left and right and you will surely set a beam off.
    So stand to the left of the barrel and lay on your stomach. When you
    are ready, hold down the directional button and guide Snake through
    the two big openings. Get the PSG and the ammo. Then stand directly
    north of the top opening, next to the wall and looking south. Next,
    squat down and then hold the directional button down guiding Snake
    Sniper Wolf Fight
    Map of the Sniper Corridor (where Sniper Wolf is)
     |             |XXXXX|                                      |
     |             |XXXXX|                                      |
     |             |XXXXX|                                      |
     |             |XXXXX|                                      |
     |             |XXXXX|                                      |
     |            5|XXXXX|6                                     |
    1|             |XXXXX|                                      |
     |  ||    ||   |XXXXX|   ||     ||     ||     ||     ||     |
     |2 || 3  ||   |XXXXX|   ||     ||     ||     ||     ||     |
     |  ||    ||   |XXXXX|   ||  7  ||     ||     ||     ||  9  |
     |  ||    ||   |XXXXX|   ||     ||     ||     ||     ||     |
    Start off by going to either the left or right sides for shelter.
    Press yourself against the wall in order to see Sniper Wolf. When you
    see her run and hide behind the column, then it is the best time to
    move. You need to come out, face Sniper as directly as you can, equip
    the PSG, aim for the middle of the column, use a diazepam pill, and
    shoot her when she comes out. This may sound like a lot but it is not.
    You have to move fast though and you should be skillful in equipping
    and unequipping weapons with R1. Careful, if any of your body goes
    past the line, you will get hit.
    Sniper has 9 spots she stops at (1-9 on map). She can and will shoot
    at every spot except (1). She basically does not have a pattern but
    she does have some rules concerning her movement:
    -She favors (5) over (6) slightly
    -She only goes to (7) from (8) or (9)
    -She will almost never run through the center column
    -She will rarely stop at (3) or (4)
    -From the center column, she will likely go left to (2) or right to
     (8) or (9)
    At any rate, after you hit her, she will move to a different spot.
    Follow her with your sight and shoot her as soon as she stops. If you
    have the bandana, simply shoot like crazy, following her with the
    sight. You will take her out in no time. If not, you will have to use
    diazepam every now and then to steady your nerves. If you wait too
    long to hit her, she will shot you for sure. Your life will be
    replenished afterwards so don't reset if you get hit. When you are out
    of bullets, you need to get the extra ammo and start the process
    again. Shoot her 6 times and then the battle will end.
    Be sure to save before proceeding.
    Medical Room
    As soon as you can call Otacon at 141.12. If you submitted to the
    torture, he will come for you after the guard leaves for the bathroom.
    As soon as you can, lie on your stomach, equip the ketchup, and press
    the circle button. When the guard sees you he will come in to examine.
    Wait until he is in the cell. Then hop up and knock him down with a
    combo or a throw. Then run away to the north door.
    Get your stuff and throw out the bomb if it is in your inventory.
    Be careful, you might have caught a cold. If so you will sneeze every
    now and then and guards will hear if they are close to you. This isn't
    a bother if you have stealth but if not, you will have to watch for it.
    Nuke Building B2
    Pick up the body armor.
    Nuke Building B1
    Pick up the medicine and use it.
    The Caves
    Use the handkerchief to make it through here.
    Communications Tower Ascent
    You need to make it up 29 flights of stairs with guards at some points
    and guards chasing you. Don't worry. With the bandana it is easy.
    Without the bandana it is easy too because you can equip the body
    armor and your life is replenished afterwards. The best way to do this
    scene is with stun grenades. There are slightly different strategies
    depending on the use of bandana or not:
    With bandana:
    Before you enter the room in which the camera finds you, equip the
    level 6 card and the stun grenades. Creep up to the door until it
    opens but do not go in yet. Equip the bandana, throw a stun grenade
    into the room, equip the level 6 card, and count about 2 seconds. Then
    go in. The camera will see you and guards will start to run for you.
    The grenade will go off right before they can enter the room. Now be
    sure to pick up the rope and run through the next door. As soon as you
    do, equip the bandana. You want to throw stun grenades every now and
    then so that all the guards you encounter will be knocked out. Be
    liberal in your use of them as you have an unlimited supply. However,
    if you throw them too fast the screen will be white all the time. This
    is fine if you know your way up but it helps to space them out just
    Without bandana:
    Before you enter the room in which the camera finds you, equip the
    level 6 card and the stun grenades. Creep up to the door until it
    opens but do not go in yet. Throw a stun grenade into the room and
    count about 2 seconds. Then go in. The camera will see you and guards
    will start to run for you. The grenade will go off right before they
    can enter the room. Now be sure to pick up the rope and run through
    the next door. As soon as you do, equip the body armor and proceed up
    the stairs. There is a lot of ammo on the first floor but do not worry
    about it. It is only socum and FA-MAS ammo and if you come back later,
    there will be no guards.
    If you hold down the direction button just right, you will ascend the
    flights of stairs without having to turn. This is what you want. As
    you ascend, watch the flight numbers on the ground. It tells you what
    level you are on. The numbers will start out in the following order:
    02, 01, 01, 02, 03, 04, etc.
    What you should do is this: soon after passing level 04 (i.e. a little
    less than half-way up the stairs), throw one. Then, throw one right at
    07. When that one explodes, throw another one. Continue throwing them
    right when the previous one explodes. This should take you to the top.
    You might have one guard or two butt you with his gun but this is
    fine. Get up and keep running and continue with the pattern. You
    should have 18 stun grenades and you will use them all if you continue
    this pattern. However, it is better to take a few hits at the end and
    save 2 or 3 grenades in order to get past the guards on the walkway.
    Rope Descent
    There is no strategy for this part that will get you through without
    getting hit. You have to make it to the bottom dodging gunfire and
    steam. The best way to do this is to continuously press X while
    projecting yourself to avoid the steam. You should avoid the gunfire
    this way as you are descending too fast for the Hind. If you can make
    it down getting hit only twice, then you did great. Save it at the
    bottom. You can also afford to get hit 3 times. Save it at the bottom
    and if you'd like, try it again for a better result. If you get hit 4
    times, I would reset and try again. You might have to play this
    mission over and over until you get lucky.
    Blow the iced door with a C-4.
    You can avoid the snipers at the end of the walkway with stun
    grenades. All you need is two (but 3-4 to be safe). This is how to do
    it: walk up to the end of the third square. You can occupy the first
    three squares but at the fourth one they will shoot. Stand at the line
    and throw a stun grenade. As soon as it explodes, start running up and
    throw another stun grenade just as you past the fourth square (which
    is real soon). Run up the middle and break right soon after passing
    the stun grenade on the ground. Note they will shoot but if you break
    to the edge they should miss. Zip around the corner and head for the
    door. They will probably shoot again but will miss if you are swerving
    to the edge. Go inside the door quickly.
    If you are out of stun grenades you will have to take them out with
    the PSG or Nikita.
    Communications Tower B
    Pick up the Stinger.
    Once past the first door, go to the right and descend the stairs.
    After you find the stairs damaged at the end, call Otacon. Then
    continue back up the stairs. By the time you get up to the elevator,
    Otacon will meet you.
    Hind D Fight
    Map of the Communication Tower Rooftop
           |            |                                     |
           |            |                                     |
           |            |         __________                  |
           |            |        |          |                 |
           |            |        |          |                 |
           |            |        |          |                 |
           |            |        |          |                 |
           |            | SHELTER|          |                 |         1
           |            |  AREA  |          |                 |
           |            |        |          |                 |
           |            |        |          |                 |
           |            |        |          |                 |
           |            |        |          |                 |          3
           |____________|        |__________|        _______  |
           /                                        |       \ |
          /                                         |___     \|
    4    |                                              \     |
         |                     ______________           |     |
         |                    |____________  \       ___|     |
         |                                 \  \    _|         |
         |                                  \  \__|___________|
         |                                   \                |
         |                                    \            A  |
         |_    ________________________________\_____         |
           |__|              |                                |
                            _|                                |
                       5 7
    This is a moderate battle and you will probably get hit once or twice
    (if you get hit without the body armor on then reset). You need to be
    quick at the equip/unequip skill. Before heading out, open the door,
    and then equip the body armor (yes it reduces the Hind D's gunfire).
    The bandana doesn't really help much in this fight. I use it, however,
    for the first phase and then switch to the body armor afterwards.
    Also, ready the stinger (i.e. equip it and then unequip it). Then head
    Phase 1
    This is the easiest phase. As soon as the battle starts, the Hind will
    be at (1) and you will be directly facing it. Equip the stinger, lock
    the target, shoot, unequip the stinger, and then run into the shelter
    area. You will have to be comfortable about doing this to succeed in
    this fight (and an upcoming one as well). After you nail the Hind, it
    will fire back for a little bit and then move to a different spot. The
    shelter area will shield you from most of his attacks, unless he is at
    spot (2/6) or (5/7). If he is, simply put that big steel structure
    in-between you two to block the fire.
    The numbers (1-7) on the map indicate the Hind's sequential locations
    and where you should shoot hit him. If you fail to hit him at the
    numbered spots or take too long or shoot him too soon, it will mess up
    the order somewhat. You should nail him at each spot, run and hide
    from the fire, run to an open spot where you can hit him at the next
    spot, equip the stinger, then fire on him when you can. Do not shoot
    if there is an obstacle in the way. It will waste a shot and if the
    obstacle is too close, it will damage you severely.
    The difficulty in this battle lies essential in one factor: knowing
    where the Hind is. There are 5 ways to find the Hind: (1) Simply look
    in first-person and look around. Watch out though, if you can see him,
    he can hit you. (2) Pay attention to the direction the gunfire is
    coming from and anticipate what direction the Hind is going. (3) Press
    your body up against one of the inner walls of the shelter area. Doing
    this will give you a view behind you. (4) Equip the stinger and look
    for him. If he is not in plain sight, he will be down below. Look for
    a green square box. That is him and see what way it is moving and try
    to predict where he will surface. (5) Listen to the sound of the
    choppers. They get louder when you are nearer.
    Note that after the 6th attack the Hind will fire for a longer period
    of time and will hide underneath afterwards. After 7 shots, he will
    say "Nice shot." When he does, it is the best time to run to (A) and
    get the ammo. Be fast though. Then run back to the shelter area,
    completely away from the south side of the roof.
    Phase 2
    The Hind starts off at (1) and shoots the south side of the rooftop.
    After it does it will immediately start its gunfire. In this phase the
    Hind will drop down low, out of your range, and then pop back up to
    fire. The hard part is knowing where he is. You can see him around the
    perimeter of the roof sometimes, hovering just below the top. If you
    can see him, be bold and run to an open spot and equip the stinger.
    The Hind will immediately come up if you are out in an open spot. This
    is the best time to nail him. Then run to a safe area.
    Note that the sound is a low hum when he is low and higher when he is
    up. The Hind does not stay down for very long in this phase so you
    will have to be quick. He will surface when he sees you though. The
    easiest way to do this phase is to nail him everytime he comes up. If
    you do this, he will only shoot for a little bit and then go in
    hiding. Thus you can simply hide for a second or two, then come out
    and watch him descend. If you know where he descends and in what
    direction, you know where you can go to make him pop back up. Thus you
    can pretty much keep an eye on him most of the time and continuously
    hit him, hide, watch him, hit him, etc. After his health is about a
    fourth, he will go to phase 3.
    Phase 3
    This phase is much like phase 2 except that the Hind will stay down
    for a longer period of time and will not surface if you are out in the
    open and cannot be seen until he is up high. This is the hardest phase
    because you sometimes don't know where he is. You will have to either
    find him and anticipate where he is going or go out to a fairly open
    spot and hope he comes up there. A few more shots and the battle ends.
    Elevator Fight
    What you should do before going to the elevator is go through the
    level 6 door around the corner, then come right back in, then save.
    This way you can start right close to the elevator if you have to try
    this scene again rather than descending all those stairs.
    It's FA-MAS all the way for this fight. You can equip the body armor
    if you'd like but you really do not have to get hit for this fight. If
    you are using bandana, it works well because the gun will not hitch
    for a reload. Alternatively, you can use the thermo goggles to see
    them better.
    The hardest part of this fight is the beginning. Once you get into a
    corner and start blasted away, the guards will not have a chance to
    shoot. This is what I do: right at the start I lay a claymore facing
    south, then equip the FA-MAS, then go to the southeast corner, and
    start sweeping the gun from corner to corner. With the bandana I do
    not let up but continuously sweep. With the thermo googles you will
    have to do a quick reload when you come down to the end of the
    magazine. You do have a short space of time right at the start because
    the 4 guards shift locations first instead of firing. Keep sweeping
    and firing. Don't be worried about wasting ammo. Keep at it and they
    will go down shortly. After the last one falls, if you want the
    leftover ammo on the ground (if there is any) you have to get it fast.
    Sniper Wolf Fight II
    This battle is super easy. Before proceeding north into the snowfield,
    move to the extreme right. There the ground is inclined, giving you
    shelter. When you are ready, edge yourself out northwest and into
    view. Sniper shoots you (it does not take any health away).
    Afterwards, the battle begins.
    Retreat back to the shelter and face southwest. Equip the Nikita and
    fire away. Switch to the first-person and guide the missile to her.
    You will see a green square box indicating her position. Note that the
    missile cannot go past the ground inclines in the middle of the snow
    field. They will blow up if you try. They can, however, ascend a
    smooth white hill. The best path is along the left side and then turn
    right once you are at the trees. When the missile is close to her,
    press R1 to detonate it. Hit her with 10 missiles and then the battle
    Alternatively, if you are using the bandana, you can try your luck
    with the PSG and go for a batter time.
    After the battle, there are a lot of rooms around the perimeter with a
    lot of ammo. Get them if you'd like but be aware, many of them have
    gun-cameras and/or mines.
    You do not really need the cardboard box C in the left lower room.
    Cargo Fight
    As you start to descend on the cargo elevator for the first time,
    three guards jump you. There is a way to do this fight only getting
    hit once. However, you will probably get hit twice or even three
    times. Before you press the circle button on the panel to take you
    down, equip the body armor and the FA-MAS weapon. Note that when the
    battle starts, it will unequip your weapon.
    Unlike the elevator fight, the guards start out shooting. The trick to
    do this fight well is to start moving even while the screen is dark.
    As soon as you press X to skip the FMV, press down a little bit and
    start a punch-punch-kick combo. If you time everything right, you will
    kick the guard below you off of the rail. Either during the combo or
    right after you will get hit by the other guards.
    Now you need to equip your gun, shoot the guard on the lower left
    side, dodge the fire from the upper guard, and then shoot the upper
    guard after he shoots. Then, while the lower guard is still down on
    the ground, stand to the right of him facing west. As soon as he gets
    up, do a combo on him that will send him off the rail. The upper guard
    will get up and you can either continuously shoot him or kick him off
    the rail. You may use your ration here if you just can't make it past
    this stage.
    Vulcan Raven Fight II
    Map of the Warehouse
    |                                                           |
    |     __>6___________________________    _______9<_____     |
    |    |                                | |              |    |
    |X|  |  |XXXXXXXXX|     |XXXXXXXXX|   | | |XXXXXXXXX|  |  |X|
    |X|  |  |XXXXXXXXX|     |XXXXXXXXX|   | | |XXXXXXXXX|  |  |X|
    |X|  |  |XXXXXXXXX|     |XXXXXXXXX|  \/ | |XXXXXXXXX|  |  |X|
    |X|  |  |XXXXXXXXX|     |XXXXXXXXX|   7 | |XXXXXXXXX|  |  |X|
    |X|  |  |XXXXXXXXX|     |XXXXXXXXX|   | | |XXXXXXXXX|  |  |X|
    |    |________5<______                | |              |    |
    |                    _|_____________  | |              |    |
    |                   | |             | | |              |    |
    |X|     |XXXXXXXXX| 2 | |XXXXXXXXX| | | | |XXXXXXXXX|  |  |X|
    |X|     |XXXXXXXXX|/\ | |XXXXXXXXX| | | | |XXXXXXXXX|  |  |X|
    |X|     |XXXXXXXXX| | | |XXXXXXXXX|\/ | | |XXXXXXXXX|  |  |X|
    |X|     |XXXXXXXXX| | | |XXXXXXXXX| 3 | | |XXXXXXXXX|  |  |X|
    |X|     |XXXXXXXXX| | | |XXXXXXXXX| | | | |XXXXXXXXX|  |  |X|
    |                   | |             | |_|______>8______|    |
    |                   | |             |   |__>10________      |
    |                   | |             |                 |    _|
    |X|  R  |XXXXXXXXX| | | |XXXXXXXXX| |     |XXXXXXXXX| |   |X|
    |X|  |  |XXXXXXXXX| | | |XXXXXXXXX| |     |XXXXXXXXX| |   |X|
    |X|  |  |XXXXXXXXX| | | |XXXXXXXXX| |     |XXXXXXXXX| |   |X|
    |X|  |  |XXXXXXXXX| | | |XXXXXXXXX| |     |XXXXXXXXX| |   |X|
    |X|  |  |XXXXXXXXX| | | |XXXXXXXXX| |     |XXXXXXXXX| |   |X|
    |    |___________>1_| |_______4<____|                 |     |
    |                     _________________________11<____|     |
    This battle is easy if you know Raven's pattern. You can damage Raven
    with claymores, C-4s, Stingers, or Nikitas. Claymores are the easiest.
    Note the body armor does not protect you in this fight. The thermo
    goggles are good to equip in this battle if you lay claymores.
    Study the map above. Raven starts at (R) and continues to follow the
    pathway outlined. You start at (S). Note the pathway is only spaced
    apart to eliminate confusion. Wherever Raven goes, it is always in the
    middle of the walkway (he does round the corners though).
    The numbers represent the best places to set a claymore. Make sure you
    place them in the direction that Raven will walk in (note the cone
    shapes by the number, which represent the detonation field of the
    mine). You will have to be fast but it should be easy as you practice.
    Be aware that if Raven sees you he will stop and fire at you. He will
    continue his path when he cannot see you. If you mess up, keep to the
    pathway or improvise or reset. Listen to the explosions as he steps on
    them and count each time. Not only will this let you know if there are
    any mines that still remain, it will also reveal to you Raven's
    location. After he steps on 10 mines, the battle will end.
    Finding The PAL card
    Map of the Underground Base 1
    |....|   | A       |                                        |
    |....|___|         |                                        |
    |....|            /                                         |
    |....|           /                                          |
    |....|-|        /                                           |
    |....|-|       /                                            |
    |....|-|      /                                             |
    |....| |     |                                  ____________|
    |....| |     |                                 |       |....|
    |.... _|     |                                 |       |....|
    |....|       |                                 |       |....|
    |....|       |                                 |       |....|
    |....|        \_                               |       |....|
    |....|          \_                            /        |....|
    |....|            \_                        _/         |....|
    |....|              \_                     /           |....|
    |....|                \___________________/            |....|
    |....|                                                 |....|
    |....|____                                         ____|....|
    |....|    |____________         __________________|    |....|
    |....|    |............|     ___||||||___________B|    |....|
    |....|____|............|    |.....................|____|....|
    |......................|    |...............................|
    |......................|    |...............................|
    |______________________|    |_______________________________|
                           |    |
    This scene starts after you climb the stairs to the control room for
    the first time. Afterwards, you will start back at the foot of the
    stairs with a guard to the bottom left, which you cannot see. Quickly
    throw a stun grenade as you run to the right. Keep running to the
    right and then up the walkway until the grenade goes off. Then throw
    another stun grenade and start running back to the head of Metal Gear
    where you can get to the lower levels. You should only need two stun
    grenades if you are fast enough but you can throw more if you'd like.
    After climbing the ladder to the top of Metal Gear, the guards will
    not get to you. Continue down the levels and save when you get to the
    bottom level.
    Now you have to find the PAL card. It will be in one of two places:
    (1) in the drainage ditch, or (2) in a mouse. My theory is the more
    times you have played it on your save, the more of a chance it will be
    in the mouse. At any rate, your first priority of business is to find
    out where it is. Then you can reset it and start with that knowledge.
    (Note, I am not sure if it is in the drainage ditch that it will be so
    when you start again from the save. But, it was in the mouse for me
    and everytime I reset the game, it was still in the mouse.)
    Hop into the drainage ditch and start running around in a systematic
    way. You will not see the PAL card even with the thermo goggles. You
    will just have to find it at random. If you pick up a bomb, quickly
    throw it out. Note, the polluted water slowly drains your life and
    also, watch out for the camera in the northwest. If it is not in the
    ditch, or if you see the mouse, or if Master Miller calls you saying
    it is in a mouse, then you know it is in the mouse.
    The mouse has two spots he comes out to. The two spots (A) and (B) are
    connected by a small tunnel, which the mouse uses to go back and forth
    from each spot. After resetting the game, the mouse will appear at a
    random spot. You can, if you are pressed for time, keep starting over
    until the mouse is out in the open. At any rate, you can kill him with
    practically anything but claymores are the best and fastest. Simply
    lay one down by (B) in front of his hole and then run to (A) and lay
    one there. Then wait for the explosion.
    Freezing The PAL Card
    Go to the Warehouse where you fought Vulcan Raven last time. Count the
    puffs of your warm breath for about 63 times and then check the PAL
    card. It should now be changed.
    Heating The PAL Card
    Careful, there are now three guards in the Warehouse. If you
    immediately run down the middle left passageway right after entering
    the room, no guards will see you (take the middle right passageway
    coming back).
    Make your way to the Steam Room in the Blast Furnace and count the
    number of steams that come out of the first pipe. After about 15-20
    steams, the card should be changed.
    Metal Gear Rex Fight
    Your life will be replenished before this fight. This fight is real
    easy with the strategy that follows.
    Phase 1
    At the start you will be facing Rex and waiting for it to rise. Equip
    the body armor and ready the stinger (i.e. equip it and then unequip
    it). Now run back a little ways and stop and face Rex.
    Rex has four attacks and your distance to him will determine what
    attack he uses. You must get a feel of the distance perimeters of this
    fight in order to know what attack is coming and thus how you are
    going to dodge and counter.
    If you are far away, Rex will shoot three missiles at you one after
    another. Their explosion is big so these are hard to dodge. When the
    screen shifts down a little and the view comes more behind you than
    above you, that is the cue that Rex is firing missiles. You can dodge
    these by starting to run straight up to him as soon as you see the
    screen adjust. If you delay or run a crooked course you will usually
    get hit.
    As you get closer to Rex, he will shoot his machine gun, which is
    similar to the Hind's. This is the weakest of Rex's attack, even
    without the body armor. To dodge this you need to run left or right.
    You will get hit if you run up or down.
    Closer still to Rex and he will sweep a laser beam from left to right.
    This is the second strongest of Rex's attack and you do not want to
    get hit with it. To dodge it, you need to be running away from Rex in
    a straight line from the moment Rex starts his laser.
    If you are real close or underneath him Rex will stomp you. This is a
    very strong attack that will kill you with two stomps. Sometimes he
    doesn't actually stomp you but you do fall down because of the shake.
    Now for the strategy. You will be basically moving at all times and
    rarely ever staying still (except to launch a stinger). The strategy
    will be the following pattern, which will continuously repeat itself:
    -Rex launches missiles
    -You move in
    -You move out
    -Rex shoots laser beam behind you
    -You stop moving out and turn around and shoot him
    -Rex shoots gun fire
    -You move to the left or right
    -You move out
    All of this sounds harder than it really is. If you stepped back at
    the start, Rex will start off shooting missiles. As soon as you know
    he is, run in and do not stop until just before the third missile
    explodes. Then start running back out. Rex will shoot a laser but it
    will swipe right behind you. As soon as it sweeps behind you, stop,
    turn around, equip the stinger, lock the target on the right tracking
    device, fire, unequip the stinger, and start to move left or right.
    (Note this pattern is similar as the fight with the Hind.) You have
    to be fast at finding the target or else Rex will shoot you with
    gunfire. If you can't lock the target fast, you need to either shoot
    or stop and then continue on with the pattern. If you are fast enough
    and if you start to move left or right after your shot, you will avoid
    the gunfire. As soon as the gunfire is over, start running out but
    immediately loop around and start running to Metal Gear. Rex should
    start launching the missiles again, which you will avoid.
    Continue using this pattern until the end. You can practically win
    without getting hit.
    Phase 2
    This phase is exactly the same as the previous one except that the
    target is now the cockpit in the middle.
    Liquid Snake Fight
    Map of the top of Metal Gear Rex
    |                                              |
    | 5                                          8 |
    |                                              |
    |         1                          4         |
    |                                              |
    |                                              |
    |                                              |
    |                                              |
    |         2                          3         |
    | 6                                          7 |
    |_                                            _|
      \__                                      __/
         \__                                __/
            \__                          __/
               \__                    __/
                  \_                _/
                    |              |
                    |              |
                    |              |
                    |              |
                    |              |
                    |              |
    This is a frustrating fight until you play it so many times. It is the
    hardest fight in the game. The frustrating part is that while there is
    a systematic strategy, you sometimes end up dying anyway because of
    Liquid's extreme offensive power. Also, you will always only have
    two-and-a-half minutes to beat him because you cannot continue. This
    means you have to be moving fast and excelling at those punch-punch-
    kick combos. You also cannot fall off in extreme mode or else you will
    Phase 1
    In the first phase, Liquid will move around to one of 8 places on the
    top of Metal Gear (1-8 on map). The inner 4 spots he will simply stand
    there until you get close to him. He will then move to another spot.
    The outer 4 spots he will do the same but he will spin kick you when
    you get close.
    He will start at (1) and his pattern is usually going to 3 or 4 inner
    spots and then to a corner spot. When he is at an inner spot, simply
    run up to him and do a combo fast. If you take too much time he will
    move on, which either results in you not hitting him or you hitting
    him only once or twice. Keep doing this until he moves to a corner
    spot. Now run up to him and immediately run back to dodge his spin
    kick. You cannot simply run up to him at a corner spot and hit him as
    he will dodge your attack and nail you. As soon as you see him kick,
    circle back and nail him with a combo. Like the inner spots, you have
    to be fast. After about 6 or 7 combos, he will say "nice shot," and
    then move to phase 2.
    Phase 2
    This is the frustrating phase. Liquid puts up his dukes now and moves
    in closer. He will attack you if you are too close and ram you with a
    powerful head-bunt if you are too far. The head-bunt is easy to dodge
    as he will grunt before he does it. Simply run a medium-sized circle
    and you will end up right at his back where you can easily do a combo.
    What you need to do in this phase is simply run up to him and do a
    combo. Then immediately run away to dodge his attack. In order for
    this to work, you have to be perfectly lined up with your combos in
    order to get the full combo in. If you do not do a kick, you will get
    attacked. Thus you also have to press the circle button super fast to
    get that kick off. Once you kick him, run away, first straight back
    and then around in a circle pattern that will take you back to him.
    The analog controller works much better for this. When Liquid's health
    is about one-fourth, he will fall down on your attack or fall over the
    side of Rex.
    Phase 3
    Liquid gets up at the start. His pattern is basically this: inch
    toward you and spin kick you and then relocate and head-bunt you. (Be
    aware that sometimes Liquid goes straight for the head-bunt.) When
    Liquid is down for the first time, simply wait for him to get up. When
    he is inching his way to you, run at him and then circle back to dodge
    his kick. Then circle to him and do a combo. Be aware that it is
    harder to line your combos up at this time. You may want to wait to
    attack him until after you dodge his head-bunt.
    Successful combos will knock Liquid down in this phase. He will get up
    and continue inching toward you. The hard part about this phase is
    that your final attack has to launch him over the edge. When his
    health is almost nothing, dodge his kick and then stand next to the
    edge at some spot that is medium distance from him. Then wait for his
    head-bunt. When he does, circle around and do a combo on him. This
    should send him over.
    Jeep Fight
    This scene is easy but you will definitely get hit.
    Phase 1
    After Otacon (or Meryl) sets off the camera, you want to stay close to
    him. Follow him around the jeep and wait. A guard will come around the
    jeep. As soon as he is at the head of the jeep, run at him and either
    knock him down with a combo or throw, or chock him. You do not want to
    kill him. The best way is to chock him once, then wait for him to
    squirm, then chock him again. When Otacon says "I got it! Snake, jump
    in." Then run to the other jeep and get in.
    As soon as you are hopping in, hold down the left button. Hurry and
    switch to first-person and hold down the square button to fire away.
    You need to blow up those barrels blocking the gate. Do not worry
    about the guards shooting you, just go straight for the barrels. When
    they blow, the jeep will go through the tunnel.
    Phase 2
    Before reaching the checkpoint, switch to first-person and hold the
    fire button down. Turn your aim about 20 degrees right from the front
    of the jeep (about 1 o'clock) and continuing firing. When the jeep
    spins at the checkpoint, your fire should be right on the left barrel.
    It will explode with one shot so start sweeping the gun to the right
    real quick to the second barrel and blow that one up too. As soon as
    you do you will proceed, but before you do, do this: sweep the gun to
    the left while firing and stop when the gun is shooting the middle of
    the column to the left of the yellow door. This is just the place
    where the first guard will be at the next checkpoint.
    Phase 3
    At the second checkpoint, there will be three guards to kill before
    moving on. The first will be to the left next to the door, the middle
    one in the back by the left of the center column, and one on the right
    If you pointed your gun at the right spot at the end of the last
    phase, you will be shooting at the first guard at the start here. Keep
    shooting him until he dies. Yes you will get shot by the other guards.
    When the first guard is dead, sweep the gun from left to right
    starting with the middle guard. Keep going back and forth until you
    kill the last two guards.
    Phase 4
    Liquid comes back in a jeep like yours. You may think the phases that
    follow have a set time but they don't. You have to hit Liquid a number
    of times for him to advance to the next phase.
    Switch to first-person and hold the fire button down. Liquid is
    driving right behind you. He will swerve from side to side as you try
    to aim your gun at him. He will not shoot unless the gun is pointing
    away from him. When he goes up for a shot is the only time you can
    shoot him. The best way is to keep firing straight up the middle of
    the road. Liquid will go to one side. When he comes up, sweep the gun
    to him and back again and you should hit him. Hit him 6 times to
    Phase 5
    Liquid will be driving right behind you. He will ram you with his jeep
    and then pop up for a shot. You can only shoot him when he is up for a
    shot. The hard part is that when you rams you, your gun will probably
    move to the left or right. Keep an eye on your gun and as soon as you
    can tell where your aim is, sweep the gun to Liquid and shot him
    before he shoots you. Keep the fire directly on him. Hit him 7 times
    to advance.
    Phase 6
    This phase is just like phase 4 except that it only takes 5 hits for
    him to advance.
    Phase 7
    Liquid will be riding in the left lane and will soon drive up to your
    side, being separated by blue pillars. This phase is the easiest but
    only if you can get your fire directly on him fast. If you don't, he
    will continue to nail you. When you nail him, keep your fire in the
    exact same spot. Liquid will drop back when shot and slowly creep up
    again, only to get shot again. Hit him 8 times for him to advance.
    Phase 8
    Liquid stays right at your side but now the blue pillars are gone.
    This is the hardest phase and you will probably get hit a few times.
    Keep your fire on his head and stick with him as close as possible.
    Hit him 5 times and the game is over.
    After the light at the end of the tunnel, the jeeps will crash. The
    end. Enjoy the credits and wait for your rank Big Boss.
    Game Level: Extreme
    Play Time: 2:27:30
    Save: 34
    Continue: 0
    Being Found: 4
    Enemies Killed: 19
    Rations: 0
    Used Items: Stealth, Bandana
    Code Name: Big Boss

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