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    FAQ/Walkthrough Part 2/2 by IRojas

    Version: 0.1 | Updated: 02/03/99 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Metal Gear Solid FAQ - Quick Guide, Part Two - v.0.10
    Written By: Ian Rojas on 2/3/99. 8:17 P.M. PST
    This FAQ Copyright 1999 Ian Rojas.  It cannot be modified or sold in 
    any way.  You may copy and post it on your site for free as long as you 
    give credit for it to me.  
    Metal Gear Solid copyright 1998 KCEI and Konami of America; all rights 
    Table of Contents
    I.   Basic Controls
    II.  Items
    III. Weapons
    IV.  Metal Gear Solid Quick Guide, Disc Two
    V.   Secrets
    I.  Basic Controls
    D-pad or Left Analog Stick
    - Move Snake
    - Scroll through menus
    - Aim weapons
    Select Button
    - Enter Codec
    - Submit to Ocelot's Torture
    Start Button
    - Confirm menu decisions
    - Pause
    X Button
    - Crouch/Stand
    - Cancel Decisions
    - Hold while holding Square Button to run while shooting
    Circle Button
    - Action Button (Punch/3-Hit Combo, Activate Control Panels, etc.)
    - Accept Decisions
    - Press rapidly to regain health during Ocelot's torture
    Square Button
    - Use weapons (if equipped)
    - Press with D-Pad/Anaolg to throw person w/o weapon equipped
    - Press by itself while close to an enemy to choke them w/o weapon   
    Triangle Button
    - Activates "First Person View Mode" (FPVM)
    - Can guide Nikitas in this FPVM
    R1, L1 Buttons
    - Quick equip weapon/ite, respectively
    - Can peer to right/left in FPVM, respectively
    R2, L2 Buttons
    - Select Weapons/Items, respectively
    II.  Items
    Ration - Restores a portion of Snake's Health
    Binoculars - Lets Snake view things from afar
    Cigarettes - Deplete Health, but allows Snake to see infrared beams
    Thermal Goggles - Can detect infrared beams, heat and mines
    N.V.G. - Night Vision Goggles, can see in dark areas
    Body Armor - Reduces damage slightly
    Box A - hide, when in truck warp to Heliport
    Box B - hide, when in truck warp to Nuclear Building
    Box C - hide, when in truck warp to Snow Field
    Diazepam - Stops shuddering temporarily in Sniper Mode
    Medicine - Cures cold if submit to Ocelot's Torture
    Mine Detector - Can "see" mine on radar
    Handkerchief - Wolf-Huskies won't attack you
    Ketchup - Can fake death to escape Ocelot's Torture
    Rope - Need it to rappel down Comms Tower A
    MO Disk - contains Metal Gear Data, no other use
    Level x Card - Can open doors up to "x" level
    PAL Key - used to activate/deactivate Metal Gear
    Camera - used to take pictures.  Each picture uses 2 blocks of memory.
    III.  Weapons
    Socom - Handgun w/laser aim, can auto-aim enemies near you, noisy, but   
            has a Suppressor
    FAMAS - French Machine Gun/Assault Rifle, automatic, last 3 bullets in 
            each "clip" are Tracers that slightly bend in direction to hit   
    PSG-1 - Russian Snipe Rifle (You can tell it's Russian by the name!),
            When equipped, Snake goes into Sniper Mode
    Grenades - Explosives that injure enemy
    Chaff Grenades - temporarily disable electronics (CG)
    Stun Grenades - Temporarily stun enemies (SG)
    C4 - remote-controlled explosives, Square Button to set, Circle Button 
         to activate, Try on Genome Soldiers!!!
    Claymores - Mines, Snake needs to crawl to collect them
    Ammo is spread out everywhere and reappears when you come back to those 
    areas after two or three areas.
    Metal Gear Solid Quick Guide, Disc Two
    IV.  Part Four: Locate And Destroy Metal Gear Rex
    A.  Blast Furnace (BF)
    - Head down the steps and enter the Blast Furnace (BF)
    - Dispose of the guard close buy and head all the way to the left of
      the area until you can see a crane move back and forth.
    - To get to the other side, you must press Snake to the wall by holding
      the D-Pad/Analog against the direction of the wall.  Next, you must 
      slide across the side of the wall while still pressing against it.  
    - When the crane passes by, crouch while still against the wall.  If 
      you release the D-Pad/Analog or let the crane hit you, Snake will
      fall into the lava to his death.
    - Once past the chasm, run down the stairs, and dispose of the Genome
      Soldier if necessary.  Go down ALL the stairs until you get to a dead
      end where a large door is to the North and a reddish area to the
      South is located.  The reddish area leads to the Steam Room (SR, but
      it's not necessarily that name), and items are located in this area.  
      If you crawl under the pipes in the bottom-left area of the SR, it
      leads to an area with several items.
    - When you're done in the BF and/or SR, head towards that large door.
      It leas to the Cargo Elevator (CE).
    B.  Cargo Elevator (CE)
    - Grab all the items in the area and activate the Cargo Elevator.  
      When you do, several heavily-armored guards will attack.
    - SHOOTOUT - 3 guards will attack you.  Use the FAMAS to take them
      out or choke them.  Equip the Body Armor if necessary.
    - When the CE stops, you'll end up in another dark area.  Run to the
      right to another CE.  Watch out for the Gun Camera to the bottom-
      right of the previous elevator.  Also, Claymores are placed South
      of the second CE.  Grab them by crawling.  You'll need them soon.
    - Once you're at the bottom, you'll end up in a cold area.  Enter the
      North door to fight Vulcan Raven.
    C.  *BOSS* Vulcan Raven
    - This boss is trick but can be easy.  Equip your rations to use them.
      If you don't they'll freeze.  Switch between your Body Armor, if
    - Raven has a HUGE field of vision, but there are large boxes that
      obstruct his view.  Use this to your advantage.  When he fires in
      one direction, just run around that area and shoot a Stinger at his
    - Repeat that process until he starts to run, which will start when you
      deplete a little more than 1/4 to 2/5 energy.  When he runs, just 
      plant Claymores so that he runs into them.  Remember where you placed
      them, though!
    - When you beat him, you get the LV 7 Keycard.
    - On to Metal Gear...
    D.  Underground Base (UB)
    - When you finish off Raven, head through the North doors into an area
      with many cameras.  Use Chaff Grenades to stop them or use Stingers.
    - Run through the North door to where Metal Gear Rex is located.
    - Go down the hall.  When you reach the end, go up and right to a
      ladder and climb it.  Climb all the ladders until you reach the top
      of MG Rex.  Remember to collect items all the while.
    - To the left of the ladder there is a large green protrusion on the
      back of MG Rex with ladders on both sides.  Climb up and over to the
      other side and kill the guard.
    - Go South and up the stairs to the Control Room to initiate a cut 
    - Immediately after this scene you will automatically get caught and   
      drop the PAL Key.  Escape by climbing over the green protrusion.
    - Go down all the ladders to the bottom of Metal Gear's holding.  To 
      find the PAL Key, use the Mine Detector.  In the water, which can
      damage you, you may find a Timer Bomb by accident; dispaose of it
      ASAP.  The PAL Key dot is similar to the Timer Bomb dot (on the
    - A rat may have eaten the Key.  In that case, find the mouse and kill
      it!  Use any of your weapons.  It's fun!
    - Once you find the Key, head back to the Control Room and insert it
      into the left PAL Terminal.  Next, go back to Raven's Area.
    E.  Vulcan Raven's Area
    - Wait here for a few minutes and collect any available items.  Check
      your Items after a while and check to see if the PAL Key turned blue.
      When it does, head back to UB.
    F.  Underground Base
    - Insert the PAL Key into the Center Terminal and head to the SR.
    - This time, however, guards will be placed in Raven's area.
      Proceed with Caution
    G.  Steam Room
    - Wait here for a few minutes until the PAL Key turns Red (check
      Snake's Items after a while) and head back to the UB.  Stock up
      on as many Rations, Stingers, and CG as you can on the way back.
    H.  Underground Base
    - Insert the PAL Key into the last terminal on the Right.  It will 
      initiate a cut scene.  As soon as the scene is done, call Otacon
      at 141.12 to open the door.
    - Follow Liquid.  After a sequence of cut scenes Snake will have to
      fight Metal Gear Rex (Yikes!)
    I.  *BOSS* Metal Gear Rex
    - Metal Gear Rex has two forms.  Remember to equip Body Armor.
    - In his first form, you must throw Chaff Grenades to prevent Rex's
      missles from hitting you.  When Rex is disoriented from the CG,
      use Stingers to hit the Radome Dish on its Left.  Repeat the process
      of throwing CG and using Stingers until you deplete all its energy.
    - After you destroy the dish, Liquid will have to open the cockpit of
      Rex to see you.  When the second battle starts, equip the Body Armor
      and fire Stingers at Liquid when you are open.  To avoid the
      missiles, run towards Rex; to avoid the laser run away from Rex.
      Hit-and-Run all the time to win.
    - After you beat Rex, more cut scenes will appear.  After they're done
      you will have to fight Liquid.
    J.  *BOSS* Liquid Snake
    - This is a one-on-one punch out fight.  Use Snake's 3-hit combo.
    - After you hit him, Liquid will be invincible for a few seconds.
      Chase him to wherever he runs and hit him again.
    - If you fall, tap Up to get back up.
    - Watch out for Liquid's charge and kick.
    - You only have approx. 2 minutes and 30 seconds to beat him, so 
      act with haste.
    - When you defeat Liquid, you'll have to escape.
    K.  The Escape
    - Once you gain control again, run to the right to pick up a Ration.
    - Head left.  Next to the stairs is another Ration.  Head left again, 
      and you'll get caught automatically.
    - Get another Ration under the bottom-left truck.  Equip the Rations
      you find because they will help you in this escape.
    - When you can get into the jeep, fire at the guards and the barrels
      to continue.  When you get to the second road block, destroy the 
      barrels and guards.
    - At the next road block, kill the guards to continue.
    - Liquid will appear again in another jeep and will try to ram and 
      shoot at you.  Shoot back.
    - The best strategy is to sway the gun back and forth.  You have
      infinite ammo.
    - Last Liquid's final attack to win the game!!!  Your ending will
      change depending on whether you submitted to Ocelot or not.
    V.  Secrets
    These are only a few of the secrets.  I will update this in future
    versions of this FAQ.
    - To get the Camera, you need to get the Level 6 Keycard from Otacon
      during the torture scene.  With the card, go back to the armory and
      down to the secret hall Snake created with C4 that leads to where you
      fought Ocelot.  If you hadn't already, bomb the right wall of that
      hallway.  Throw CG in first to stop the cameras temporarily.  In one
      of the rooms is the Camera.  With this item, you can take pictures. 
      In some areas where you take pictures, "ghost" images appear in the
      pictures; these are people who worked on the game.  Each picture 
      takes up 2 blocks of memory.
    - To get the Stealth item which makes you invisible to guards (not dogs 
      or Bosses), save Otacon by submitting to Ocelot's torture.  When you 
      beat the game, save it and start the game over from that save.  It
      will be in your Items.  You must equip it for it to work.
    - With this item you will get unlimited ammo for all your weapons when
      it's equipped.  To get it you must save both Meryl and Otacon by 
      surviving Ocelot's torture and beating the game.  Save it and start
      from that save.
    That's all for now, Folks!  Happy sneaking!!!
    This FAQ Copyright 1999 Ian Rojas.  It cannot be modified or sold in 
    any way.  You may copy and post it on your site for free as long as you 
    give credit for it to me.  
    Metal Gear Solid copyright 1998 KCEI and Konami of America; 
    all rights reserved.

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