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    Big Boss FAQ by HitBLaSta

    Version: 4.0 | Updated: 10/24/99 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Big Boss FAQ 4.0
    The rank of Big Boss can only be achieved while playing EXTREME MODE.  This 
    FAQ is meant to help you recieve the Big Boss rank.  If you find any problems 
    with my information please e-mail me at HitBLaSta@aol.com.  If you have any 
    better advice for a certain part please e-mail me at HitBLaSta@aol.com and I 
    will add it in with your name as the submitter.  As of now, every piece of 
    advice in this FAQ is from myself.  The Big Boss rank can be a little trying 
    to get, but if you really want the most out of Metal Gear Solid, stay with it 
    and keep trying.  Feel free to e-mail me, HitBLaSta@aol.com, if you need 
    extra help on a certain point in the game or more in depth advice.  I hope 
    this FAQ is a help to you.
    "This document Copyright 1999 HitBLaSta@aol.com" 
    Big Boss specifics: 
    1. Finish in under 3 hours 
    2. Kill 25 or less (that includes bosses) 
    3. Use one or no Rations 
    4. No Continues 
    Big Boss is the best rank you can get in Metal Gear Solid 
    How many times you save doesn't matter, so save a lot 
    Using Stealth Suit and Bandana has no effect on the rank 
    Recieving the Big Boss rank has no effect on the game.  You don't get 
    anything after recieving the Big Boss rank.   
    Some key locations to save are: 
    1. Right before the torture part (you probably already knew that) 
    2. Before you fight a boss 
    3. After you fight a boss 
    4. Right before entering the comm. tower stair case part (where you have to 
    run up the stair case with all those guards chasing you) 
    5. Right before you go to get your PAL card back from the rat 
    6. After you get your PAL card back 
    7. Right before fighting Rex 
    8. At the start of the hand to hand fight with Liquid 
    9. Right after you beat Liquid in the hand to hand fight. 
    To finish under 3 hours 
    1. Skip all FMVs (I am not sure if it counts time during these, but I think 
    it might) 
    2. Submit in the torture room as soon as you can ( I know, it may not seem 
    cool, but it is the easiest way) 
    3. Use the ketchup that Otacon gave you as soon as the guard runs to the 
    bathroom. When he comes in the cell, before beating him up inside the cell, 
    run out of the cell and beat him down (that eliminates the possiblity of him 
    getting away and locking you in again) 
    4. Skip through all the CODEC conversations as quickly as possible (if you 
    have a rapid fire controller, use that to skip through really fast) 
    5. When the rat eats the PAL card, you must kill the rat ASAP, as quickly as 
    you can! Try a stinger missle on it, or lay some C4 by his hole, but try to 
    kill it quickly. 
    6. If you don't do something as fast as you think you could have, start over 
    at the last time you saved and redo that part. 
    1 or no rations: 
    1. Your health is replenished at the torture chamber. 
    2. You want to hold off on using a ration as long as possible ( you only get 
    one, make it count) 
    3. A good place to use the ration is before the M1 Tank if your health is low 
    ( the tank is possibly the hardest to beat) 
    Being seen: 
    1. Its like a joke to put this in. You see, the 4 times you can be seen are 
    taken by preset FMV parts in the game. 
    2. An example of the preset FMV is when you get on the freight elevator and 
    the 4 guys jump in and attack you. 
    No Continues: 
    1. Just quite if you die and load your last save. Simple. 
    Some strategy to use: 
    1. When go to find the DARPA chief and you meet Meryl, you know when all the 
    guards run in and attack you? Kill only the first 3 guys to run in. After you 
    kill them, Meryl will start shooting. Just run up towards the entrance and 
    when the guards come in, punch punch kick combo them into the corner and keep 
    them there so Meryl can shoot them for you. 
    2. When running up the stairs of the Comm. Tower and all those guys are 
    shooting at you, there is a very easy way to get up the stairs without taking 
    any damage. Throw as many Stun Gernades as you can. Try to save all the stun 
    gernades you can from the beginning of the game. If you have a bandana this 
    is very simple, but if you don't it can get hard. If you don't have a 
    bandana, throw the stun gernades in a consistent time pattern. Try to see how 
    long the stun effect stays around and throw another once you know the effect 
    is about over. 
    3. If you don't have the hankerchief when you need to pass through the caves 
    with the dogs, throw a Stun Gernade there and run to the exit. If you have 
    the hankerchief, equip it. 
    4. If a guard is in your way, but you know you can't kill many more guards, 
    run up from behind and press square, but don't break his neck. You can drag 
    him to somewhere else a little bit further away so you can pass without 
    actually killing him. 
    Boss Strategies: 
    1.  Revolver Ocelot:  Simply throw numerous stun gernades, try to locate 
    Ocelot, equip the SOCOM, and plug away.  Be careful- when the stun gernades 
    wear off Ocelot usually gets a quick shot off. 
    2.  M1 Tank:  Just try and beat the tank as you normally would.  Throw a 
    Chaff Gernade, run up and try to throw regular gernades into the opening at 
    the top.  It is considerably harder on Extreme mode, so be careful. 
    3.  Ninja:  try to run around corners and get the ninja to follow you around 
    them.  After running around a corner and the ninja following you, quickly hit 
    him with your combo and run away.  Use the desk area to your advantage- run 
    through it and around the side opening, the ninja will usually run right into 
    your waiting fist. 
    4.  Psycho Mantis:  Plug controller into port two or just pick up the 
    controller plugged into port two.  If you have thermal goggles, equip them.  
    It will make the fight so much easier.  Use your FAMAS, SOCOM, and fists.  
    When you need to knock out Meryl, a stun gernade works.  But if you are low 
    on stun gernades, you should save them for the staircase run.  When Mantis 
    gets stuff off the wall to come at you, just get into a crawl position.  
    Towards the end of the fight, Mantis will get anxious and start throwing 
    energy balls or something.  When he appears just run away from the position 
    you were in and the ball will go right by. 
    5.  Sniper Wolf:  First take a diazepam or use a cigarett to calm down the 
    shaking.  Push up against the wall so you can see down where Sniper Wolf is.  
    When she hides, get out and equip your PSG-1.  When you see her show her 
    face, start plugging away.  She won't stay out long, so get good at aiming 
    quickly and firing just as soon as you have the shot.  Pay attention to her 
    breathe when she is hiding behind the pilar.  It usually gives away which way 
    she will come out.  Just continue to fire at her until you have no ammo left. 
     When you run out of ammo, a box of ammo will usually appear on the other 
    side.  Just repeat this process of taking a diazepam when you are shaky, 
    aiming for a good shot, and plugging away.   
    The Hind:  This can be very hard or very easy.  It depends on the way you try 
    to fight with the hind.  You can be defensive ( the hard way ) or you can be 
    aggressive ( the easy way ).  Be very aggressive.  Liquid likes to take a 
    long time in between shots, so take it to him.   
    Some points to remember are: 
    Stay around the building that is centrally located, right in front of the 
    door you come out of. 
    Right after you fire your missle, run to the opposite side of where the Hind 
    When you hear Liquid yell, "EAT THIS!," stay at the small building you are 
    at.  The missile hits over where the extra Stinger Missiles are located. 
    When you lose track of The Hind, equip your night vision goggles very quickly 
    along with the Stingers.  You can find the little square that is the Hind 
    pretty easily. 
    When The Hind has no life left, Liquid will take it far off again for another 
    missile shot.  This is very tricky to get away from.  You have to run to the 
    side of the entrance building where the rail and the building meet in the 
     At the very beginning run behind the building near the door.  Then go back a 
    little so you are even with the end of the building on the side next the the 
    open area you can run to and get extra Stinger Missiles.  The Hind comes 
    around near the doorway you came through.  Wait until it is almost out of 
    site and shoot a stinger at it.  Then as soon as you shoot run to the 
    building side.  The Hind comes around to where you will be waiting after it 
    is done shooting.  Take another shot at it then.  That makes it 2-0 you.  
    >From that point on you have to rely on your abilities to dodge the bullets 
    and stay safe.   
    Sniper Wolf:  The saga continues.  This is very easy.  Just run to the far 
    right as soon as you start the fight.  Go right and get to where the snow is 
    piled up higher than the rest.  Now Sniper Wolf can't even shoot you.  The 
    snow blocks it.  But the snow also blocks your shots.  Now equip the nikitas. 
     Shoot facing the left.  Get a first person view by hitting triangle.  Guide 
    the missile towards the truck, and once you see the small incline hill guide 
    it up the hill.  Now just find Wolf and let it run into her.  It is also just 
    as easy to fight her regular style with the PSG-1. 
    Vulcan Raven:  Very hard.  This fight might take some time.  It is hard 
    enough on normal or hard mode, but on Extreme mode it is just extremely hard. 
     If you have to play through it long enough because you keep dying, you will 
    learn that Raven has a set pattern he runs.  You can get the whole pattern 
    memorized if you play that much.  A good strategy to use if you don't know 
    his pattern yet is to stay around one location and plant many, many land 
    mines and C4.  When you hear him hit the land mine, wait a second or two and 
    detonate the C4.  Don't try to use Stingers as much because he usually gets 
    some shots off too.  Just listen for his heavy breathing and stay away from 
    him.  If you know hes coming, throw a gernade as he runs through your land 
    Metal Gear Rex:   it may take a couple tries to get the hang of, but this is 
    the way I found to be so effective.  At the very beginning, equip your 
    Bandana and chaffs.  Run straight at Rex and get under his legs before his 
    radar goes up.  Rex will be confused if you throw a chaff or two and you can 
    run behind him and shoot at the radar from the back.  Throw some more chaffs, 
    and keep running around under Rex.  Rex will stop from time to time to try to 
    find you.  This is where you run around behind him again and again every time 
    he stops and shoot him with 1 Stinger Missile.  Only one thats all you have 
    time for.  Keep running and plugging.  It gets even easier after Liquid has 
    to look out and has no radar.  You have more area to run under without the 
    radar and he seems to stop more frequently.  Just shoot up between Rex's legs 
    until he blows up. 
    Solid Snake VS. Liquid Snake:  Liquid runs a pattern.  He goes from corner to 
    corner.  Try to cut him off and blast him in the face.  Do not let him throw 
    you over.  When he goes into a corner, run at him and turn.  He will move to 
    punch you, but you have turned and can counter his attack.  Keep this up 
    until Liquid says, "Nice Shot."  That is your sign that he is going to be 
    throwing his punches now.  This is where the fight gets Extreme.  Run 
    straight at him, and get your full punch-punch-kick combo off.  If you only 
    get the punches off, he is able to pummel you with his combo, but if you get 
    the kick in there, it throws him back far enough that you can turn and run 
    backwards.  After turning, go back in for some more.  Keep up this pattern to 
    seriously beat Liquid down.  If you give him too much space, he will do his 
    "bull rush" move.  If he comes at you, just try to run out of the way(that 
    attack just plain nails you).  Finally, as his power is down to nothing, you 
    must punch-punch-kick his ass off the edge. 
    Jeep Getaway:  When you are waiting for Otacon to start up the jeep, be very 
    careful with the guards that run in.  Just run to the jeep that Otacon first 
    tries to start.  Stay there, only one guard will come after you.  When the 
    guard runs at you, don't let him start shooting.  Flip him over and over 
    until the Otacon gets the jeep started.  Then, flip the guard one more time 
    and jump in the jeep as quickly as possible.  Try to only shoot out the 
    barrels, killing only one of the guards or none of them.  When you come to 
    the guard locations, just train your gun on a single guard until he dies.   
    Use first person view mode to shoot by pressing triangle. Then, quickly train 
    your fire on another guard.  Get the guys who run up at you first and then 
    take out the guy shooting from a distance.  The first guard station is easy, 
    simply blow away the two barrels and there go the guards.  Use the same 
    strategy for the gun battle with Liquid after the guard stations, but try to 
    do it better than usual.   Liquid weeves his jeep from one side to the other, 
    anticipate.  Just train the gun where you know or think he is going.  When 
    you get the single lane part where he is right behind you, fire your gun a 
    little away from him to the left.  When he hits the back of your jeep it will 
    force your gun fire right into him.  Thus, he gets no cheap shot.  When you 
    get the pilars part, train the gun further up where he comes up for a shot.  
    Just be careful and get shots off before he does.   
    Anymore questions? E-mail me at HitBLaSta@aol.com 
    "This document Copyright 1999 HitBLaSta@aol.com" 

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