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    Spoiler-Free Walkthrough by Nemesis

    Version: 1.01 | Updated: 12/28/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                    This document Copyright © 2000 Nemesis™. All rights reserved.
                              Metal Gear Solid: Spoiler-Free Walkthrough
                                         {Fat-Free™ Version}
                                 Written by: Brett "Nemesis" Franklin
                                             Version 1.01
                                          Table of Contents:
                                     01. Spoiler-Free Walkthrough
                                      02. Copyright Information
    01. Spoiler-Free Walkthrough
    == Dock =====================================================================
    • Search underwater for some rations
    • Check the rest of the area for some more rations
    • Make your way to the elevator, and ride it up
    == Heliport =================================================================
    • Check the room to the west (the one with the camera) for some Stun Grenades
    • Search the parked truck to find a SOCOM pistol
    • Search the rest of the area for some ammo/items
    • Avoid the camera near the stairs to the north-east, go up the stairs,
      and crawl into the small vent on the balcony
    == Tank Hangar ==============================================================
    • Take the Chaff Grenades from right behind you where you land from the vent
    • Check one of the rooms to the east to find some Thermal Goggles
    • Search the other rooms on this level for Cardboard Box A, and some more
      Chaff Grenades
    • Head down the stairs
    • Ride the main elevator down to B1 Cell Area
    == Cell Area ================================================================
    • Head south, then to the east and climb the ladder, and head into the
    • Crawl through the vents until you reach the end, and drop down into the
    • Fend off wave after wave of guards by standing near the door when they
      enter, and grab the items they drop as you drop them (heh...)
    • You should have the Level 1 Keycard, so head to the elevator, and take it
      to B2 Basement: The Armory
    == Armory ===================================================================
    • Search the center room in the Armory to find some C4 Explosives, but beware
      of the traps in this area
    • Search the rest of the unlocked rooms to find cool items and weapons
    • Set some C4 on the wall on the south-west wall of the Armory to create
      a new path by detonating it
    • Enter the hall, and place some C4 on the wall to the right (the wall is
      discolored), and detonate it
    • Enter the next hall, and blow up the northern discolored wall with some
      more C4 to meet the first boss
    • Fight the boss, and be sure not to hit the C4 surrounding, or else you
      will blow the place up
    • Take the Level 2 Keycard
    • Watch the cut-scene, then return to the elevator, go to the Tank
      Hangar, and use the Level 1 Keycard on the door to the right of the
      elevator. Enter it, kill the guard, and take the SOCOM Supressor
    • Exit through the large exit to the right of the elevator, and go into
      the Canyon
    == Canyon ===================================================================
    • Crawl along the ground and pick up as many claymore mines as you can (use
      the Thermal Goggles to see them)
    • Run to the center of the Canyon to fight another boss
    • Defeat the boss, get the Level 3 Keycard, then enter the Nuclear Building
      from the opposite side of the Canyon
    == Nuclear Building ==========================================================
    • Search the left-hand ramp for some rations, then enter the building 
    • Make your way to the elevator near the stairs, and ride it to B2 Floor
    • Enter the gaseous room, and use the Nikita Launcher (if you don't have it 
      by now, then grab it from the Armory). Shoot the rocket into the next room
      to the west, then to the north, and blow up the large power generator
      in the glass-protected room
    • Run down the path that you have made safer, then head into the west room
    • Toss a Chaff Grenade into it, and search the rooms to find items like 
      Grenades, rations, and some Night Vision Goggles
    • Check the room at the end of the first hallway that you came in here
      through (the last room on the right), to find a Gas Mask
    • Put the Gas Mask on, and enter the room to the east
    • Pass through the hallway that has been "used" previously, and enter the
      door to the north to fight a boss
    • DO NOT use weapons on this boss, just hand-to-hand combat
    • Defeat the boss, get the Level 4 Keycard, then return to the elevator, and
      take it to B1 Floor
    • Find the disguised guard with a "different" walk, then follow them into 
      the bathroom
    • Get the Level 5 Keycard from the "guard", and search the now-empty rooms
      to find stuff like: Rations, Cardboard Box B, Diazapam, Medicine, ammo.
    • Run past the men's bathroom, and enter the door at the end of the hallway
      to encounter another boss
    • To make this fight easier, remove your controller from controller port 
      1, and place it into controller port 2
    • After the fight, go back to B2 floor, and use the Level 5 Keycard on the
      room with the Night Vision Goggles, take them, then return to this room
    • Head through the new door in the room where you fought the latest boss
    == Caves ====================================================================
    • Equip the Night Vision Goggles, search the area for some items, then crawl
      through the cave, avoid the dogs, head east, and crawl through the other
      hole under the cave to meet Meryl
    == Underground Passage =======================================================
    • Follow her into the next area, watch the cut-scene, then return to the
    • Once here, use a Keycard to get the Sniper Rifle from one of the many rooms
    • Return to the Underground Passage, where Meryl is
    • Fight the boss, then save your game, and search the area to get some rations
      and ammo
    • Head through the door to the north of the Underground Passage
    • In this next scenario, try to avoid "giving up" as much as possible
    • In the cell, call Otacon, and use the Ketchup he gives you while lying
      down, and when the guard enters the cell, kill him
    • Grab your stuff from behind the large machine, toss the the Timed Bomb
      from your inventory, then exit this room
    • Ride the elevator up to the first floor, and go past the Canyon, and enter
      the Nuclear Building
    • Head to the Underground Passage where you fought Sniper Wolf, and enter
      the north door
    == Comms Tower A & B ========================================================
    • Run forward, avoid the guards, and climb the stairs to the top of the
    • Climb the next ladder to the roof
    • Head to the edge of the building, and use the Rope to rappel down the
      side of the building
    • At the bottom, snipe the 3 guards at the end of the catwalk with a...you
      guessed it-• A Sniper Rifle
    • Enter the door at the end of the catwalk, take the Stinger Rocket Launcher,
      and enter the next area
    • Go downstairs to the dead-end, then go back upstairs to the roof, and
      fight another Boss
    • Defeat the next boss, then return downstairs, and hop onto the now-working
    • Defeat the guards on the elevator
    • Exit through the Level 6 doorway, and enter the Snowfield
    == Snowfield ================================================================
    • Fight the next boss
    • After beating the boss, examine all of the outer-rooms that surround the
      Snowfield, then enter the door to the north-west, avoid the cameras, then
      enter the next door and into the Blast Furnace
    == Blast Furnace ============================================================
    • Go across the small ledge that overhangs the lava, and head down the stairs
      and enter the room to the south, and search it for some Nikita Rockets, and
      some PSG1 ammo
    • Leave the room, and enter the doors across from you. Ride the large elevator
      and kill the guards that come along
    • Ride the next elevator down as well
    • Collect some items from the area at the bottom, then enter the Warehouse
    • Fight the boss here, then collect even more items from the aftermath
    • Exit through the next large door using your Level 7 Keycard
    • Toss a Chaff Grenade into this room, run through it, grab the Stinger
      Missiles from the catwalk, then enter the next door into the Underground
    == Underground Base =========================================================
    • Climb up the large mech to the top, then follow the catwalk to the south
      to find a large control room
    • After the cinema, run down the mecha to the bottom, and search the sewage
      around it to find the PAL Keycard. Return to the large control room atop
      the mecha
    • Place the PAL Key into the first computer, then go into the Warehouse 
      where you fought the last boss until it turns blue. Return to the control
      room, and place the PAL Key into the second computer. Now go back to the
      Blast Furnace, and enter the hidden room that was very hot, and had
      PSG1 and Nikita rockets in it, wait until the PAL Key to turn red, 
      go back to the large control room, and place it into the third computer
    • Run outside of the room, and approach the mecha, and fight another boss
    • After the fight, fight the next boss that takes place on top of the 
    • When the fight ends, escape with someone, head through the exit door, 
      and hop into the jeep
    • Fend off the ensuing jeep that is following you to reach the end of the
      tunnel, and complete the game. 
    02. Copyright Infomation
    © Copyright 2000 Brett "Nemesis" Franklin. It may not be stolen, altered,
    or used for any type of profit. It may be reproduced electronically, and
    printed for PRIVATE, PERSONAL use. It may not be placed on a CD, printed
    in a magazine or any type of publication. If you would like to contribute
    to this FAQ (you will be credited,) please e-mail me, as well as any questions,
    comments, or corrections, to the address above. This document may NOT
                     appear on www.megagames.com. PERIOD.
                                                          Copyright © 2000 Nemesis
       ~End of Document~

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