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"Greatest Playstion game of all time"

This story is about Solid Snake going to rescue the DARPA Chief and stop a group of terrorist from launching a nuke, but soon you are thrust into much, much more. You find out of a new type of Metal gear. "metal gear rex". Get ready to sneak around your enemies. This game is much harder when you let your enemies spot you.

Graphics 8/10
this game graphics are terrible compared to MGS4 and many new games but back then these graphics were great. My biggest problems with the graphics are in cutscenes. while people talk they move there head in very unrealistic way. The Alaskan environment was well done and makes you feel like you are actually in Alaska.

Story 10/10
This story is my favorite of all time. Kojima sets up many twists and turns that you would never expect unless you have played a different MGS game. The story had many interesting characters. For instance snake meets a ninja that wants to fight snake to the death using hand to and combat. A colonel that lies to you all the time and liquid snake who's motives are the beginning to a very long feud with solid snake. The story also has a lot of mysteries such as, the ninja and why people are mysteriously dying of heart attacks. The story gets better and better as you go along because you will piece together what is really happening.

The voice acting for MGS games is some of the best ever. David Hayter voices solid snake. His voice seems to go along perfectly with Snake. The other characters voice acting was no different. They all seem to fit in perfectly. The music is fantastic and the game would be boring without it.

The game play is very good. Unlike your average game where you go shoot and blow up stuff everywhere in sight. This game has you sneak around trying to let your enemies not see you. You have a radar in the top right corner in your screen that works great with the game mechanics. The red dots are your enemies, the yellow dot is solid snake, the yellow lights are surveillance cameras, and the blue lights are your enemies field of vision. To make it past the surveillance cameras you have to use a chaff grenade which unfortunately also jams your radar. This makes it much harder to avoid enemies. there are times where you get a break from having to be stealthy such as climbing a very long staircase filled with enemies and boss battles. The boss battles were amazing and each one was unique. such as having sniper battles, fighting tanks, jets and Metal gears and hand to hand combat. there is a variety of guns and explosives but not all of them are effective.

there are some minor flaws though such as a bad aiming system. It can get very irritating at times but the other game play mechanics make up for it


one of greatest story's of all time
fun stealth combat
great voice acting
Cool bosses
variety of guns
radar works great
variety of guns
Very good voice acting
good music

bad aiming system
cant pause cutscenes
some weapons don't work well

This game is a MUST BUY
it is my 2nd favorite MGS game (after MGS3) it has a really good story, good voice acting and good gameplay. If you have a PS3 you can download from the PlayStation store for only $10. If you are a fan of the story and don't have the game.... GET IT. without it the story is a little confusing and has a better story than the others.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 10/12/09, Updated 01/04/10

Game Release: Metal Gear Solid (US, 10/21/98)

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