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"A never-before-seen thrilling Tactical Espionage Action game!!!"

Developed more than a year, Konami finally released Metal Gear Solid-the most innovative game that we have never seen before, and by far, it's the best of the genre up to date.

I was very impressed with the storyline from start to finish. Taking the role of Solid Snake, you are a government agent on a mission to regain control of a secret nuclear weapon base from terrorist hands and stop the terrorist from activating, if neccessary destroy Metal Gear, the ultimate machine. The story puts you in a futuristic era, sort of like watching hollywood movie like Goldeneye 007, cool isn't it? What's makes me even more impressed is the twisted storyline. Betrayal, love, fighting etc are some of the themes for the story. Very intrigue and deep storyline, as if it is like a dream that happens a day ago.

For an action-adventure game like Metal Gear Solid, the music is considered very excellent. Though the tunes aren't many, there are quite a number of tunes which i really like it. An example is the tune in the introduction video.

Sound effect is top-notch, and probably the best quality. It's all thanks to the advanced Artificial Intelligence or Al for short that makes this possible. Every single sound that you made whether it is running, shooting......

I have to admit that i love the graphics from start to end. Using the scope or taking a photograph using a camera is one of my favourite thing that i normally do in the game. Use the scope, zoom in at these bunch of soldiers or a pack of wholves, you will swear that these images look so realistic and lifelike. What's even more amazing is that you can zoom in and out. Sometimes, you can actually see soldiers stationing around or you can go to the toilet at the nuclear warhead storage, and take a look at the man pissing there. Observe every body gesture he makes. All in two words, groundbreaking graphics, even better than any Nintendo 64 graphics quality, perhaps with the exception of Zelda:Ocarina of Time, but on the contrary, it's quite unfair to compare the graphics of Zelda:Ocarina of Time to Metal Gear Solid, don't you think so? Another interesting feature of Metal Gear Solid is that, it incorporates FMVs and voices. The videos are definitely breathtaking.

I personally don't have any complaint about the voices. I am not sure about the Japanese voices but for the English version, i guess the voice actors have done a very great job! And, best of all, it enhances the cinematic feelings.

I have never seen such an innovative game before, that kept me so engrossed in it for hours and hours, maybe, with the exception of Parappa the Rappa. Metal Gear Solid has a lot of innovatiove weapons like sniper, auto-remote missiles [Nikita missiles], C4 explosives, and a hell lot of baddies like shooting a hind down, overcoming Pyscho Mantis's mind control, destroying a tanker. Holding a sniper, you really look like a professional killer, who kills someone in the hiding corner. What made it even more like hollywood movies is the use of codec, which enables you to talk to your friend via sending sound waves. And the game is not like any other ordinary game. The articifial intelligence, Al is simply incredible. It's true. Enemies react to sight and sound. When i first played the game, i accidentally stepped on the pool of puddles and then someone said 'Who's that!' and i got chased by a bunch of soldiers after that. At that point, i was truly impressed. How could this be made possible? Not only that, Metal gear Solid has a whole lot of innovative features like detecting bombs in mines, travelling up and down the lift, visiting the toilet to see ^,wearing mask to prevent inhaling poisonous gases, multiple ending, hidden paths and items, dodging survience camera and enemies, knock on the wall to distract and lure your enemy, a intensive fun training mode, cardboard teleportation, wolf pissing on you, or even snapping out screenshots and save it
in your memory card using a camera. All in one, great!

It has lived up as a Tactical Espionage Action game. To see is to almost believe. Unless you try it, you will never know. Every aspect of the gameplay is so deep and you have to spend time figuring out of a way to sneak into the enemy base without being spotted by any enemies.

Metal Gear Solid's Main Weakness:

Metal Gear Solid has almost everything it deserved to be the best game of 1998. Voice acting, FMVs, innovative weapons, great storyline etc. I like the fast-pace action set by Metal Gear Solid, however the game was far too short. I can't believe it! By using a Stealth or Bandana, anyone can actually beat the game in less than 7 hours. Of course, my advice is, don't use too much of these special items, especially Stealth. Nevetheless, Metal Gear Solid kept me hunger for more that i completed the game five times, until i was satisfied. I was quite disappointed for the fact there were only two endings, and yet there wasn't much differences between the two, except...but definitely, spending time taking down nice screenshots and save it in your memory card is definitely fun.


It could have been a perfect game, if the game could be a bit longer, maybe adding a new mission in the game, or more endings.

Think about it???:

I know that many people were disappointed by Metal Gear Solid for being too short and several reviewers gave it such a low score such as a 5 or below. If i'm not wrong, Electronic Gaming Monthly gave Metal Gear Solid a straight 10s'. But, think about it? Director of Metal Gear Solid, Hideo Kojima said that he wanted to make the game short. And, Metal Gear Solid isn't any RPG games...It's an action-adventure game. Surely, you can't expect long hours of gameplay, right? [Snake can complete the game in less than 10 hours, right? No need at least 20 or more hours...?]

Story : 10.0/10.0
Concept : 10.0/10.0
Control : 9.0/10.0
Graphics : 10.0/10.0
Music : 8.0/10.0
Sound : 10.0/10.0
Gameplay : 9.0/10.0
Replay : 7.5/10.0
Overall : 9.0/10.0

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/25/00, Updated 12/16/02

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