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"A good follow up to MGS that will keep you busy for a while."

Lets start by saying that this is NOT a full game and just a small game pack like the one for GTA (Grand Theft Auto). But if you are thinking of trying to get all the top times then consider it a a whole new game in the Metal Gear series.
This is a fun game yet is pretty similar to the VR missions included in the first game until you unlock the mystery, Vs enemy stages etc. The mystery stages bring a whole new dimension to the game Metal Gear Solid. Some of the things in there are really silly for such a serious game as this.
The blind guard really cracked me up as did the giant one with a lump in his head.
Some of these stages are so mind-numbingly frustrating that you fell like breaking the disc (one of the sniper rifle stages come to mind) but they are rewarding when finished.
The best stages on this game have got to be the ninja ones, they leave you screaming out for more and dreaming for a full game to play as the ninja (it ain't gonna happen so stop dreaming).The photo shoot is a strange aspect of the game but then again we all wanted to see Mei Ling's body and not just her head (or was it just me?... I'm getting worried about myself...).
The downside is that there are no long missions that will really take up a lot of your time. Each stage take less than a minute to complete and you cant help but feel that this game is missing something. Most people will plow through these missions with ease while others may have difficulty with some of the harder ones. The weapons missions are quite repetitive and you will get bored with them soon enough. Despite the large number of tasks the game does lack in variety.
But don't let that stop you, this an excellent game and you will keep on wanting to go back to it until you finally reach the 100% mark. If you enjoyed the original then this is definitely worth a go. It's not gonna keep you busy until Metal Gear Solid 2:Sons of Liberty but it will keep you busy for a week or two.
Overall this is a good short-lived but well put together game by Konami. I would like to congratulate Konami on another fine masterpiece to add to the Metal Gear series.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 05/04/01, Updated 05/04/01

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