Review by Aganar

"I bought this so I could play as the Ninja!"

First off, I played through Metal Gear Solid and I thought it was a 5-star game. I really liked it, and although I wasn't to excited when I heard about VR Missions, I heard you would get to play as the Ninja. I was so excited when I heard that. When it came out, I held out on buying it cause I was saving for something else, but I saw it later bfor cheap, so I got it. I played through this game for over 10 hours so I could unlock the Ninja mode. This was the most disappointing option in a Konami game! I went through all of this for 3 measly missions!?! God &%#$*%#%^*$)%&^*#%*^#&%$(^(%%

Graphics: 8/10

The graphics were excellent when Metal Gear Solid came out, but this was several months later, and they were no longer super-awesome. They were still very good, but Konami did not improve the problems with the original, so, it gets an 8.

Sound/Music: 7/10

It's just the old music again, and, while that's not so bad, I was kinda expecting a little more. The music is decent, but some of the superb music in MGS was not there, just their other tunes which aren't as good. Nothing to see here....

Gameplay: 6/10

Just the same old basic MGS gameplay only in a whole $#!^load of new levels and new training with every weapon. Sound fun? IT'S NOT! Still, the urge to get the extras might keep you going (MIGHT) even though its really not that fun shooting at a bunch of targets and stuff.

Fun Factor: 6/10

At many points of the game I am screaming: ''MAKE IT STOP!''. I seriously did not find this very fun. The levels were very tedious and very difficult. If these had been part of the original MGS I wouldn't have minded it so much, but their own game? Once again, my love for the Ninja keeps me going to get through this.

Extras: 8/10

The extras are nice, and if you finally get the Ninja you think all your hard work will pay off......WRONG! The Ninja has 3 ****ing levels!!! 3 LEVELS!!! I'LL MURDER YOU KONAMI! Anway, I'm getting off topic. While the 3 levels are very fun, it's not enough. You work too hard for too little reward, if any.

Overall: 7/10

I actually used a Calculator this time! Anyway, the game seemed rushed and didn't seem like much effort was put into it. The gameplay did not change at all, and its now all the tedious missions and elemants from MGS all wrapped tightly together, added a couple extras, and you have VR Missions!

Still good Graphics
uh...The Ninja

Cons: tedious gameplay
very difficult
not very rewarding
not enough of the Ninja

To Buy or Not to Buy:

If you're a hardcore MGS fan, get it. If you aren't, don't get it. This is one Playstation game I would actually regret getting if I didn't get it for $15 cause it was used.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 08/01/01, Updated 08/01/01

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