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"Hideo Kojima must have called in sick..."

his game seems more like a quick fix than a real Metal Gear Solid game. The original Metal Gear was released in 1987. It enjoyed huge success for its excellent gameplay and dramatic plot. It was followed by Metal Gear II in 1989 and that stopped the story for about 8 years until Metal Gear Solid came out for Playstation. It was one of the best games of its time and is heralded as the greatest playstation game of all time. This follow up, however has not kept the stunning story. Metal Gear Solid:The VR missions is just an expansion of the VR missions in Metal Gear Solid with a few extra freebies.


Gameplay is fairly limited. There is the main mode which is VR missions, and a few little tag ons like solving mysteries, taking pictures and after a considerable amount of work, you can play as Cyborg Ninja from metal gear solid. There is by no means ''nothing'' to do in this game. But it just doesnt pack the same punch the other Metal Gears did. If you choose to do the VR missions, there will be no lack of them. There are about 250 in total, with a wide range of goals to accomplish. You can do the sneaking missions, or learn how to use any weapon from a pistol to a remote missile launcher. It feels more like an in depth training excersize for metal gear solid then an actual game. overall, the gameplay here isnt bad, but it isnt Metal Gear material. Granted, they probably couldn't have fit a full game in there as well, but it just didnt have the feel of MGS.



What can I say? They're top notch. Just like the original. Metal Gear Solid set the bar for other developers to reach for, and MGS:VR missions has perfomed well graphics wise. The characters are all finely animated, the guns are pretty much destinguishable from eachother, and the levels look kind of interesting. Problem is, there arent many ''solid'' levels. Most of this game will take place on virtual grounds, where the floor and walls are almost grid-like. Each square is pitch black but outlined by almost like a neon light. You might think thats a little dark for a level, but its actually not too bad. You can see the genome soldiers quite well, as well as the target diamonds. I would be an idiot to take marks away from the graphics, so im going to give this game a 10.



Sound didnt play that much of a part in this game. There were times when your outcome of a situation depended on if you made sound or not, but other than those times, sound did not play a big part. All the guns sound precise and depending on the surface you're on, you can make noise which alerts the surrounding guards. This is something that other games simply do not take into consideration, which is a BIG plus for this game.



There isnt much to say here. The control is very tight and precise. Although sometimes I wish that there was some kind of faster running technique. Because a light jog wouldnt be my choice of escape if some psycho wielding an AK-47 was after me. The controls in MGS:VR missions is basically the same as it was in MGS, which is an incentive to play this game, because most people have played Metal Gear Solid, so naturally the controls come to you. If you havent played MGS, its still easy to learn, because the buttons have been mapped almost perfectly.



Nope... none here, by the time your done this game, you wont want to play it over and over. Replay value was something that almost every Metal Gear previous or since has had. But MGS:VR missions doesnt.



You should like this game. I dont know if its worth 50 dollars but if you can find it cheap it should be worth about 20$. Its not actually a bad game compared to most out there on the market. But it has its share of gripes.


Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 06/09/02, Updated 06/09/02

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