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"MGS VR Missions - A Fine Addition to the library."

Alright soldier, listen up. These are the training missions that make you what you are, and the skills that you'll learn here, will keep you alive, your wits up, and your mind in constant think mode. The VR Missions is probably one of the better add-on games that I've played and enjoyed.

-Storyline 9/10-

You're Solid Snake, a military soldier of a Special Forces unit based on anti-terrorist actions. As part of this unit, these missions are what you must undertake to perform your duties for your unit. You will find 300 + missions upon this disc, all a part of your training, they will test your skills, your speed, and in some cases, your thinking capacity.

-Graphics 10/10-

As in Metal Gear Solid, most of this game is based on an overhead view, the floating backgrounds, to the bursts of gunfire, to the explosions and flying glass, make this a gem of the PSX library. The first person view when looking about shows the near-seamless melding of the walls and floor, to the breath of the guards as they go about their patrol routes.

-Sound 10/10-

A truly surround sound sensitive game, from the calling out of the guards to the crystal cracking of the FAMAS rifle, the knocking on the walls, and the slow footsteps of the approaching guard, you will feel as though it is you in the situations, and not the character depicted on the screen.

-Control 9/10-

A little squirrely, you'll go from kneeling to crawling to running without really understanding why. The fine aiming takes a little time to do, you'll spend a good portion of the game trying to get the control of the weapons down pat, and then trying to control Snake through out the various missions.

-Replay 8/10-

You'll play this through a few times, trying to get the best times and then to hone your skills until you breeze through this game, the various modes offer much to replay, some are silly, others are hard, most are just plain fun to do, just to see if you can do it better than your last go around. But not much else stands here.

-Overall 9/10-

The game runs a solid 9, it would be a 10 had a couple of more things been addedto the game, although not much would have remained to be improved upon. VR Missions lives up to PSX standards, and to the standards of most games that use elements of what VR Missions has. I am impressed with this game, a definate welcomed addition to my library and anyone elses.

Rent or Own

A 3 day rental will get you far into the game and you'll have alot of fun with it, but if you are a collector, you'll want to make this an addition to your collection.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/22/00, Updated 01/22/00

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