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"With only 1% Ninja, this game could of been better"

Metal Gear Solid: VR Missions is not even a sequel. In fact it hardly is a complete game. All this game is, is a large expansion of the ten VR missions of Metal Gear Solid. Let me break it down for you.

Game Play:
This game is played JUST like the original Metal Gear Solid. This game takes from a sky view most of the time (In small hallways, which are rare, the camera can swoop down). You don’t even have to collect weapons any more. Since this is Virual Reality training, you get all your stuff and your goals right from the get-go. You shoot like you always had, some times this if annoying at times... As this game has no manual aiming mode with any guns (except for the Stinger and PSG-1 sniper rifle). You can crawl, sneak, and do many other things to evade enemies (including the famous cardboard box).

There about it for the actually game play, but here are the types of modes you get to play.

Sneaking mode: This mode will deal with stealth. You will go through a bunch of missions and you cannot get seen. You get a silenced pistol with little ammo to boot. Of course they have guards that are actually responsive to things. Even though their AI is not the best in the world, they are still pretty good. They follow foot prints, hear noise, and sleep!

Killing mode: This mode will deal with all out killing. You have to use the weapons they give you (it is usually one weapon with lots of ammo). Each weapon has its own level, where you just have to keep killing things. You do not get much health but you do have a time limit... A time you MUST survive...

Survival Mode: This mode is almost like the killing mode. You just have a limited number of ammo. A there is a certain amount of enemies to be fought. The only hard part is, is that the ammo count is REALLY low and you have to actually plan things out and survive. This is the most fun mode I think.

Target Practice: In this series of exercises that have you up against various targets. These range from stationary boxes, exploding mobile diamonds, and flying UFOs. There is usually no threat of dying, but time and accuracy in an issue.

Mystery: This is so freaky funny. This usually involves you getting a clue about something, then you have to conclude which of the three enemy soldiers did the crime. It usually isn’t hard, but fun as I said before.

Special: These include miscellaneously placed missions that feature a bunch of things. Like claymore retrieval. It also has funny stuff, such as The giant one on one enemy soldier battle and the UFO fight. Some of these are hard...

Mission: This is a ten stage, back-to-back, level mission. Basically this is the only place to test what you learned.

Ninja: THIS IS AN UTTER LET DOWN! The major hype of this game was to play as the ninja. Why is it a let down? Well you can only play as him in only three missions! Not only that, all these missions are in the SAME area! Out of all of those, only one of those missions is actually good. The ninja does actually play well at least, with stealth (which used life), slashes (slitting necks, stabbing, and cutting.), and jumping. It is actually fun to run around with him, but he seems way to under powered... He does have all of his voices and looks fantastic.

All in all, the game play is still great, just like Metal Gear Solid.

This game does present a decent challenge. Almost every level has to be done twice. This is because you usually have to beat a level again with in a certain time limit. Most of the early levels are easy, and the end can get a little frustrating. However, since this game usually goes by just single missions, it shouldn’t be that hard with a little trail and error.

There isn’t really bosses in this game, but there is about two... They are easy so there is no real point mentioning them.

The hardest part in this whole game would have to be the ten stage mission. Because it is the longest thing part in the game by a long shot.

Since you should of played this game after Metal Gear Solid, which means you should be perfect with the control scheme. Even though I said you should of played Metal Gear Solid, I will still go over the controls...

Running is easy, just press the directional buttons. Shooting is annoying still, you have to input combos to even run and shoot. Aiming is a chore, in my opinion. Looking up and down is bad too, you can’t look anything but extreme up, down, and forward without being as sensitive as hell. Switching weapons and items can be annoying, but the game freezes for when you do it. Throwing grenades is hell in this game, throwing one down a little hole is a chore.

Least it easy to snap necks in this game. This game also has one of ht most realistic sniping modes ever. Unless you take this certain medicine, you shake and tremble just like as if you were breathing.

Another BIG problem, is the habit of you going against the walls (into a stealth mode) by just walking into it. This screws you up till no end, put luckily there is not a lot of walls in the VR missions.

Ok, here is what makes this game a lot worst. One of the main reasons Metal Gear Solid was a great and awesome game was because it was a decent action game with a great story.

So, what’s the story in this game? Well there is none! Really, the most you can make out of the story is:

“Get to the exit without being seeing”

“Variety level 13, save Merell”

It is just mission after mission of nothing but pure fighting (or what ever the objective is).

The graphics in Metal Gear Solid were freaking great, one of the best on the Playstation. This game sports the same exact game mechanics and visuals as Metal Gear Solid. Everything looks good.

There is just one tiny (big) problem.

About 95% of the game is played on the same type of terrain. What is this terrain you ask of? They are those blocks of virtual reality grids. They do have little lines of energy running though them, but that gets old after the first time you have to crawl. There is also no back grounds to speak of. The only detail you’ll see if a raised ramp or a wall.

The same goes for enemies. They keep repeating. There has to be about three types of enemies in this game (they are all basically the same, just different looking).

True this game does get boring after a whole, but it IS suppose to give you a feeling for VR missions. Because when you think about it, no VR mission is going to have ice cream stands and flowers around...

There is no full motion videos to speak of in this game.

Let me just say the spent great work on this area.

The music is GREAT! Oddly enough, this game has to have the greatest tunes. For some reason they just stick in your head. There is just no way to really explain it in text... Take my word, it is great.

The effects are just like those from Metal Gear Solid and have not changed in the least bit. The sounds sound almost real life, from the snapping of a neck to the banging on a wall.

Re playability:
This depends on how you take this game.

Soft core: IF you are a casual gamer that likes to try many different games and does not put a lot of work into games this game will die once you just beat the game. Other than the about three hundred training levels, you can only do just them. Most of them, you will never want to go back to.

Hard core: IF you are a hard core gamer and like to master things, this will please you a little better. Since most missions have times to try and beat again and enemies to kill more than before, you will be playing this for quiet some time.

The games only reward would be the picture mode. This is VERY useless. All you get to do is to take pictures of either Mei Ling or Naomi. You get to do this in a place, a place that is being foreshadowed in the next game... The more completion percentage you get, the closer you get to go to the picture subject.

Good if you like training
Great music

Ninja is a let down
Taking pictures is dumb
If you do not like training, do not look to this game
No story at all

Rent or Buy:
I would recommend just renting this game. Why? Because even if you played the hell out of Metal Gear Solid and even the sequel Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty this game is nothing really new at all. Unless you are a hard core Metal Gear fan, then buy it.

Final Rating:
I’m giving this game a six out of ten. Because this game is just training missions. I honestly think this was just to milk money of people who would buy the game. They should have made this game BEFORE Metal Gear Solid, but then, nobody would know what the hell it was...

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 10/08/03

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