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"MGS: VR Missions is fun for a while, but it won't keep you going for a long time."

Konami released a highly anticipated video game last year for the Playstation. Metal Gear Solid took America by storm. Then after you defeated the same man with your code name (Liquid Snake), you saved Meryl, and you beat the game. Metal Gear Solid was after all, the fifth installment of the series. What harm could happen if Konami makes a semi-sequel out of it? After all, we wanted more Solid Snake action and kill those soldiers unsusceptible. So what did Konami do? The semi-sequel turned out to be more of a spin-off when it arrived to State side. This is it, the 300 VR missions you all been waiting for. (This is not what you expected from Konami huh?)

Remember the VR missions in Metal Gear Solid? They threw it in so you can get used to the controller and transform yourself from a kill-fest Rambo to sneaky stealthy spy. Those VR missions were fun for beginners who never played any Metal Gear series before. It does really help them to get use to the control and think ahead of those soldiers. This was pretty neat since no Training Mode in any other games gives you a virtual reality look and guarantee to improve your skill. Now Konami threw 300 VR missions at us, do you think you can last that long?

When Metal Gear Solid first came out, I was amazed by the power of the graphic engine can do with the Playstation hardware like that. Effects like sparks, footsteps, transparency effect, translucency effect, reflection, real time lighting, and the right scale of every object in the game. With the VR missions, the graphic is the same as how it was. Though the VR scenes now comes in different colors than the plain old green it was, but it gets boring by seeing the same walls over time, especially 300 levels worth of it.

There are several modes within VR Missions. You start out with Normal, Weapon, Advanced, and Special Missions. The normal mode is pretty much the same was the first VR mission you played in Metal Gear Solid. You just run around and find the exit. You can go through them normally or with a gun and either of these two methods can be done in regular or against a clock. The weapon mode is pretty self-explained. You just have to master all of the weapons in Metal Gear Solid. Advanced contains several much more difficult training missions that will force you to think before you act. Special mode has several missions of a variety of flavors. Of course, there are some hidden modes you can find after you beat the rest of the modes. But just a little hint that there is a Ninja mode, the savior for this VR missions. This is where you take control of our favorite character, The Ninja, and perform various tasks.

The sounds are the same as Metal Gear Solid. From explosion of a Nikita Missile to the silent Socom firing sound, not to forget the neck cracking sound cause by Snake Solid. The music is not as memorizing as Metal Gear Solid. You would probably get sick of it after a few missions that play the same VR music.

Overall, Metal Gear Solid VR Missions may lack of story, but this might satisfy for the hard core gamers or hard core Metal Gear fans. However, if you are a casual gamer, you might just want to rent this game and see if you can beat the game before the rental is due. This whole deal is just beat your mission so you can open up the next one. A bit disappointing? You betcha’. But if you have the skill and the time, getting the Ninja Mode and play with it does make this game worth it. In sum, Metal Gear Solid VR Missions may not please all of the gamers like its predecessor did, this does help you kill some time, not to mention kill some soldiers too. But if you want story, action, and romance, maybe wait for the next Metal Gear true sequel.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 05/29/00, Updated 08/07/01

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