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    CD Listing by DKeith

    Version: 1.02f | Updated: 12/31/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Monster Rancher - PSX Version - TM 1997 Tecmo
    Monsters from CD Listing, Revision 1.02f [12/31/00]
    Donovan Keith - indigo_twilight_@hotmail.com
    Table of Contents:
    I. Notes
    II. Revision History and Credits
    III. Legend
    IV. The List!
    I. Notes:
    This list contains 1483 (!) CDs and what they create in Monster Rancher. It 
    is primarily composed of the CD collections of myself and the six different 
    roommates I've had over the last three years, with a copy of the unique/rare 
    list thrown in. It also includes a huge number of submissions sent in by all 
    of my faithful readers, as listed below.
    ** As of Version 1.01f, I have decided to simply list the dates of each 
    revision, and placed all contributors in a separate Credits section, since 
    you probably don't care who did what for each and every version. This list 
    is growing too fast for me to keep track of it that way anyway. Every 
    contribution, no matter how small, will get a mention!
    *** Moved on to version 1.02 finally, I got tired of having to sing the 
    alphabet song each time I got submissions ;) Man, the hits just keep comin'!
    **** As of 1.02c, 371 entries have been submitted by readers, which means 
    you guys have almost contributed half of the list! I'm truly hoping to break 
    the 1000 CD mark by the end of the summer!
    *Almost there! I'll be adding the rare Spawn soundtrack monster as soon as I 
    can find my copy. (Oops!) Many thanx to Brian Fleming for the complete 
    Skinny Puppy discography, as well as about 80 other CDs!
    **Another minor update, still haven't found my Spawn CD yet :( Added a 
    counter to the reader submission section; you guys are over half the list 
    now! :) Also slightly revised the section on Ghosts, I still need some 
    confirmation (see below)...
    ***1.02e beta - [9/22/99 but unreleased] MAJOR update: I finally hit 
    1000!!!! :) I got more new roommates! With a buncha CDs! I'm in heaven! Oh, 
    and I separated the soundtracks from the regular CDs and put them in their 
    own section...I've separated all the Sega stuff from the PC/misc stuff, and 
    I hope to have some US Dreamcast games in here soon... Also please note that 
    I am no longer accepting PC software submissions and have removed all of 
    them from the list; I have discovered that CD-ROMs are repeatedly re-pressed 
    (even throughout a single batch) as minor updates and revisions are issued, 
    and it's nearly impossible to track all of the different monsters they 
    produce. I may redo the PC stuff from the list at a future date, but for now 
    I'm leaving it off. Also, the misc. icon (^) is now reserved for game 
    magazine demo CDs only; the (*) icon is now for all home console video 
    games. I added a notation (J) for Japanese import games; it looks ugly, but 
    it'll do for now. I'll change it later... :)
    ****1.02f [12/31/00] - MASSIVE update #2: After over a year in limbo, the 
    Mighty LIST! has returned!! Man, that took long enough! Many thanx to 
    everyone who kept sending submissions even tho the project seemed to have 
    died, especially those of you who sent in onesies and twosies...I didn't 
    forget about you! After numerous changes in hardware and Internet access (as 
    well as my personal life), I've finally managed to get caught up on the list 
    and ready for more! I guess the next goal is to get back to 2000, since I 
    dropped the total when I removed the PC listings. Keep those submissions 
    rolling in!
    And just in case you're interested, the totals next to your names take into 
    account the fact that I process all submissions in the order that they are 
    received, and I don't count duplicate entries. Of course, I've been 
    eliminating tons of duplicates lately, since the last list is over a year 
    old :(, but I hope to return to more semi-regular updates after this one. If 
    I happen to have left anybody out, I promise it was an oversight, so please 
    send me a reminder.
    II. Version History and Credits
    ___Version History_____
    Version 1.01a [02/17/99]
    Version 1.01b [03/26/99]
    Version 1.01c [04/20/99]
    Version 1.01d [04/25/99]
    Version 1.01e [04/28/99]
    Version 1.01f [05/22/99]
    Version 1.01g [05/25/99]
    Version 1.02a [06/02/99]
    Version 1.02b [06/05/99]
    Version 1.02c [07/07/99]
    Version 1.02d [07/23/99]
    Version 1.02e [08/20/99]
    Version 1.02f [12/31/00]
    !146! CDs from Justin Kang <carragher23eb@hotmail.com>
    141 CDs from Lee B. Baxley <flee@busprod.com>
    136 CDs from Terrence L. Mayr <javabuzz@midsouth.net>
    120 CDs from Roger Sigurdur <rssdragon@yahoo.com>
    99 CDs from Brian Fleming <worlock463@geocities.com>
    82 CDs from <Totoro25@aol.com>
    42 CDs from Jamie Phelps <warduke5@webtv.net>
    40 CDs from Ronnie Indo <Exactotrou@aol.com>
    36 CDs from Jason Douglas <dougie_10_1@yahoo.com>
    36 CDs from <Mog3955@aol.com>
    35 CDs from Stew <stewie_2@hotmail.com>
    28 CDs from Richard Starkweather II <drkdrm2000@aol.com>
    24 CDs from Mordecai the Mad <Mordecaithemad@aol.com>
    24 CDs from Ogrot <joshuajc@metrolink.net>
    17 CDs from Nemo <n3mo@netzero.net>
    15 CDs from Henry Ramos <henryr@hotmail.com>
    13 CDs from Cedric Ordonez <ced_ordonez@hotmail.com>
    11 CDs from Alex Hamilton <alex_hamilton65@hotmail.com>
    6 CDs from Jose Araujo <gsaraujo@earthlink.net>
    4 CDs from <S0MeGuY13@aol.com>
    2 CDs from Bishop McElveen <komimassa@hotmail.com>
    2 CDs from Brian Cultice <lilvakabiel14@excite.com>
    Total CDs submitted by readers: 1059!
    III. Legend
    _________________Regular Monster Types_________________
    DN = Dino      GO = Golem     TI = Tiger     PX = Pixie
    WM = Worm      JL = Jell      SZ = Suezo     HA = Hare
    GA = Gali      MO = Monol     NG = Naga      PL = Plant
    _________________Secret Monster Types__________________
    DR = Dragon    MA = Magic     HE = Henger    NY = Nya (CatDoll)
    AP = Ape       DL = Doodle    DS = Disk      GH = Ghost
    All monsters are listed in the following format:
    Group - CD Title (note)                        Name (T1/T2) /or/ NAME
    where T1 is the body type and T2 is the attribute/color type. In some cases 
    T2 will equal ???, which indicates a unique monster. NAME in all-caps means 
    the monster is a purebred of that type.
    _________CD notes_________
    s/t    = Self-titled
    sndtrk = soundtrack/musical score
    comp   = compilation/sampler CD
    $      = CD produces a rare/unique monster
    *      = console game CD (PSX, Dreamcast, Saturn, 3DO, etc...)
    (J)    = Japanese import game
    ^      = PC or miscellaneous CD
    CDs that only contain one data track, such as many PSX and PC games, will 
    always yield a purebreed monster, since it only has one track to generate 
    both type and sub-type.
    You cannot get a Dragon, Magic, Ape, Henger, Doodle or Nya from a CD until 
    you have created one through the normal method first (i.e. with the items in 
    the game). CDs are the *only* way I know of to get Disks. Several people 
    have emailed in recent releases telling me how to get a Ghost, but I still 
    don't know if you can get the rare "Mage" monster from CD without creating a 
    regular Ghost first. Extra special thanx to anybody who can find out for 
    Unlike the rest, unique/rare monsters come from CDs that were hand-picked by 
    the Tecmo staff, and all are patterned after the album's theme or the 
    photograph on the CD cover. Eventually, I'll try to include a link to a 
    website showing pictures of the monsters compared to the covers. As an 
    example, Billy Joel's Greatest Hits shows a close-up of him wearing 
    sunglasses. The CD generates 'Shades', an Ape wearing...sunglasses!
    Also, note that certain CDs are re-pressed from time to time, changing the 
    specific digital data locations on each track. Different versions of CDs 
    *will* give different monsters. The most notable case of this is with the 
    Nirvana CD 'Nevermind', used to get the "Karaoke" unique monster. Only the 
    second release of this disc, with the bonus track, will yield the unique 
    monster. If you have a CD on this list, and it doesn't give the monster I 
    state, it's probably because you have a different release.
    !!Update 1.02f!!:
    According to Shiro Akaishi <akaishi@unity.unity.edu>, his copy of the PC 
    game SubSpace also produces the Two-Tone (MO/???) unique monster. I have no 
    way to confirm this, so if anyone else has gotten this, please let me 
    And now....
    IV. The List!
    ______Music CD Title_____________________________Monster (Main/Sub)_________
    12 Rounds - My Big Hero                          Horn (SZ/TI)
    12 Volt Negative Earth - Where Did/Sunshine Go?  Jello (JL/WM)
    1996 Christmas with the Stars (comp)             CrossEye (HA/SZ)
    1997 Grammy Nominees (comp)                      WingWorm (WM/NG)
    21 Guns - Salute                                 Magna (GO/WM)
    311 - s/t                                        Gil (JL/GA)
    68000 - Technocolor                              Lava (JL/MO)
    911 - The Journey                                Dean (GO/PX)
    98 Degrees - 98 Degrees & Rising                 FlyEye (SZ/WM)
    Paula Abdul - Head Over Heels                    Shrub (PL/DN)
    Paula Abdul - Spellbound                         Regal (PL/GA)
    AC/DC - Atlantic Studio Recordings               MonoEye (TI/SZ)
    AC/DC - Back In Black                            Jello (JL/WM)
    AC/DC - Ballbreaker                              Ash (PL/MO)
    AC/DC - Blow Up Your Video                       Woody (SZ/HA)
    AC/DC - Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap              SUEZO
    AC/DC - For Those About to Rock                  Groucho (HA/WM)
    AC/DC - High Voltage                             SUEZO
    AC/DC - Let There Be Rock                        Scales (JL/DN)
    AC/DC - Live                                     Ray (SZ/PL)
    AC/DC - Live from Paris (Disc 1)                 Frost (TI/JL)
    AC/DC - Live from Paris (Disc 2)                 Usaba (PL/WM)
    AC/DC - Razor's Edge                             Dento (TI/DN)
    AC/DC - Volts                                    Buster (HA/PX)
    AC/DC - Who Made Who                             Woody (SZ/HA)
    Ace of Base - Beautiful Life (single)            Cabalos (TI/NG)
    Ace of Base - The Bridge                         Deton (TI/PX)
    Ace of Base - The Sign (single)                  GoodGuy (HA/PL)
    Ace of Base - The Sign                           Rainbow (WM/PL)
    Adam Ant - Antics in the Forbidden Zone          MONOL
    Aerosmith - Pump                                 Toto (TI/GO)
    Aerosmith - Big Ones                             Good Guy (HA/GO)
    Aerosmith - Get a Grip                           TIGER
    Christina Aguilera - s/t                         Toto (TI/PL)
    Alabama - Greatest Hits                          Usaba (PL/WM)
    Alice in Chains - Sap EP                         Woody (SZ/HA)
    Alice in Chains - Dirt                           WingWorm (WM/NG)
    Alice In Chains - Unplugged                      HARE
    Alice in Chains - 3 Legged Dog                   Lidee (DN/TI)
    Alice in Chains - Face Lift                      Lava (JL/MO)
    All Saints - s/t                                 Spot (DN/HA)
    America - ...'s Greatest Hits, History           Leafy (TI/PL)
    Tori Amos - Boys for Pele                        Aloha (DN/PL)
    Tori Amos - From the Choirgirl Hotel             Jupiter (JL/SZ)
    Tori Amos - Star Profiles                        JELL
    Tori Amos - Under The Pink                       Tubby (WM/JL)
    Tori Amos - Little Earthquakes                   Allergan (PL/PX)
    Angelfish - s/t                                  Jupiter (JL/SZ)
    Annihilator - Alice In Hell                      ShonMask (GA/NG)
    Anthrax - Spreading the Disease                  TIGER
    Anthrax - Attack of the Killer B's               Jello (JL/WM)
    Aphex Twin - Come to Daddy                       PinkJam (JL/PX)
    Aphex Twin - Richard D. James Album              Spot (DN/HA)
    Fiona Apple - Tidal                              Karone (WM/HA)
    Carolyn Arends - I Can Hear You                  Allure (PX/NG)
    David Arkenstone - In the Wake of the Wind       Buster (HA/PX)
    Atari Teenage Riot - Burn, Berlin, Burn          Anki (DN/GO)
    Aqua - Aquarium                                  Spinner (PL/HA)
    B-52's - Cosmic Thing                            Ballon (TI/GA)
    Babylon A.D. - Nothing Sacred                    Dean (GO/PX)
    Backstreet Boys - Christmas Time                 DINO
    Bad Religion - All Ages                          Velvet (TI/MO)
    Barenaked Ladies - Stunt                         Aloha (DN/PL)
    $Beach Boys - Concert                            Stripe (JL/???)
    Beastie Boys - Check Your Head                   Mustard (DN/SZ)
    Beastie Boys - Hello Nasty                       NewLeaf (MO/PL)
    Beastie Boys - Ill Communication                 Verde (GO/DN)
    Beastie Boys - Paul's Boutique                   Slash (DN/JL)
    Beatles - Past Masters Vol. 2                    DINO
    Beatles - Rare Photos and Interviews Vol. 1      Dento (TI/DN)
    Beatles - Rubber Soul                            Amethyst (HA/NG)
    $Beck - Mellow Gold                              Magnet (HE/???)
    Beck - Odelay                                    EyeGuy (WM/SZ)
    Jason Becker - Perspective                       Aqua (GA/JL)
    Belladonna - s/t                                 RockWorm (WM/GO)
    Pat Benatar - Best Shots                         Lidee (DN/TI)
    Berlin - Greatest Hits 1979-1988                 Cabalos (TI/NG)
    Best of Techno Vol. 1 (comp)                     Stoner (HA/GO)
    Best of Techno Vol. 2 (comp)                     Anki (DN/GO)
    Best of Techno Vol. 3 (comp)                     GALI
    Best of Techno Vol. 4 (comp)                     MONOL
    Best of Techno Free Megamix CD (comp)            PLANT
    Nuno Bettencourt - Schizophonic                  Melon (SZ/PL)
    Better Than Ezra - Friction Baby                 Aloha DN/PL
    Jello Biafra - I Blow Minds For a Living (D1)    Bloodshot (SZ/MO)
    Jello Biafra - I Blow Minds For a Living (D2)    Obor (PL/JL)
    Jello Biafra - High Price/Harmful Matter (D1)    Ash (PL/MO)
    Jello Biafra - High Price/Harmful Matter (D2)    DINO
    Jello Biafra - Beyond the Valley (Disc 1)        Groovy (MO/HA)
    Jello Biafra - Beyond the Valley (Disc 2)        Cutter (NG/JL)
    Jello Biafra - Beyond the Valley (Disc 3)        NAGA
    Big Shiny Tunes vol. 2 (comp)                    RedWorm (WM/PX)
    Big Shiny Tunes vol. 3 (comp)                    Toto (TI/GO)
    Big Shiny Tunes vol. 4 (comp)                    Pixel (GA/PX)
    Bile - Suckpump                                  Karone (WM/HA)
    Bile - Biledegradable                            Ballon (TI/GA)
    Bile - Teknowhore                                Galion (GA/HA)
    Billboard Top 10 Hits  - 1979                    Maigon (GO/HA)
    Biohazard - State of the World Address           Rocky (SZ/GO)
    $Bjork - Homogenic                               Geisha (DN/???)
    Bjork - Telegram                                 MonoEye (TI/SZ)
    Blackeyed Susan - Electric Rattlebone            Gecko (WM/DN)
    Black Flag - Family Man                          Pixel (GA/PX)
    Blind Melon - s/t                                Fencer (JL/GO)
    Bloodhound Gang - Another Fierce Beer Coaster    Yakuto (TI/WM)
    Blue Murder - Nothin' But Trouble                PullWorm (WM/MO)
    Blue Oyster Cult - Workshop/Telescopes (Disc 1)  Mustard (DN/SZ)
    Blue Oyster Cult - Workshop/Telescopes (Disc 2)  NAGA
    Blue Oyster Cult - Imaginos                      Shel (DN/WM)
    Blue Oyster Cult - Club Ninja                    Radar (PX/WM)
    Blue Oyster Cult - Agents of Fortune             Rover (TI/HA)
    Blue Oyster Cult - Revolution by Night           PullWorm (WM/MO)
    Blue Oyster Cult - Cultosaurus Erectus           Jupiter (JL/SZ)
    Blue Oyster Cult - Spectres                      Scaler (HA/DN)
    Blue Oyster Cult - On Flame With Rock & Roll     Style (GA/WM)
    Blue Oyster Cult - Heaven Forbid                 MonoEye (TI/SZ)
    Blue Rodeo - Five Days in July                   SUEZO
    Body Count - s/t                                 Magna (GO/WM)
    Bolt Thrower - Realm of Chaos                    Velvet (TI/MO)
    Frankie Bones - Escape From Brooklyn             ShonMask (GA/NG)
    Tracy Bonham - The Burdens of Being Upright      Rocky (SZ/GO)
    Boston - Third Stage                             Velvet (TI/MO)
    David Bowie - 'Hours...'                         Rover (TI/HA)
    David Bowie - Earthling                          Velvet (TI/MO)
    David Bowie - Earthling in the City (GQ promo)   Edgy (NG/HA)
    David Bowie - I'm Afraid of Americans (single)   Marble (GO/NG)
    David Bowie - Ziggy Stardust                     Dento (TI/PX)
    David Bowie - Sound & Vision I                   Spinner (PL/HA)
    David Bowie - Sound & Vision II                  PLANT
    David Bowie - Sound & Vision III                 WORM
    David Bowie - Sound & Vision Plus                NAGA
    Boys II Men - II                                 Karone (WM/HA)
    Boyzone - Where We Belong                        Asfar (MO/NG)
    Paul Brandt - Calm Before the Storm              Woody (SZ/HA)
    The Bridge: A Neil Young Tribute (comp)          PinkJam (JL/PX)
    Brilliant - Vol 5. Global Dance Music            Ballon (TI/GA)
    Garth Brooks - Fresh Horses                      Omen (GA/SZ)
    Meredith Brooks - Blurring the Edges             Maigon (GO/HA)
    Meredith Brooks - What Would Happen              FlyEye (SZ/WM)
    $James Brown - Live at the Apollo                HotFoot (AP/???)
    BT - ESCM                                        Ash (PL/MO)
    Jimmy Buffett - Songs You Know By Heart          Shrub (PL/DN)
    Jimmy Buffett - Live: Feeding Frenzy             Scales (JL/DN)
    Jimmy Buffett - Fruitcakes                       Dento (TI/DN)
    Bulletboys - Za-Za                               PinkJam (JL/PX)
    Burning London: A Clash Tribute                  NAGA
    Bush - Sixteen Stone                             Toto (TI/GO)
    Bush - Razorblade Suitcase                       Cabalos(TI/NG)
    Kate Bush - Never Forever                        Deton (TG/PX)
    Cake - Fashion Nugget                            Toto (TI/GO)
    The Call - Let the Day Begin                     Deton (TI/PX)
    Carcass - Peel Sessions                          Woody (SZ/HA)
    Carcass - Reek of Putrefaction (reissue)         Stoner (HA/GO)
    Carcass - Swansong                               Dento (TI/DN)
    Carcass - Symphonies of Sickness                 Karone (WM/HA)
    Carcass - Tools of the Trade                     Ray (SZ/PL)
    Carcass - Wake up and Smell the Carcass          GoodGuy (HA/PL)
    $Mariah Carey - Mariah Carey Xmas                Santa (HA/???)
    Mariah Carey - Merry Christmas                   Aqua (GA/JL)
    Mariah Carey - Butterfly                         Ash (PL/MO)
    Mariah Carey - Daydream                          Frost (TI/JL)
    Mariah Carey - Emotions                          Cabalos (TI/NG)
    Mariah Carey - MTV Unplugged EP                  Obelisk (MO/GO)
    Mariah Carey - Music Box                         JELL
    Mariah Carey - s/t                               Noro (SZ/NG)
    George Carlin - Parental Advisory                Shel (DN/WM)
    George Carlin - Back in Town                     Lexus (GA/DN)
    Tia Carrere - Dream                              DINO
    The Cars - Greatest Hits                         Edgy (NG/HA)
    Deana Carter - Everything's Gonna Be Alright     WORM
    Celtic Favorites  (comp)                         FlyEye (SZ/WM)
    Celtic Moods (comp)                              Yakuto (TI/WM)
    Tracy Chapman - Give Me One Reason (single)      Lava (JL/MO)
    Ray Charles - Anthology (comp)                   Trident (NG/GO)
    David Chastain - Elegant Seduction               PinkEye (SZ/PX)
    Cheap Trick - The Greatest Hits                  Marble (GO/NG)
    Cheap Trick - Lap of Luxury                      Gil (JL/GA)
    Chemical Brothers - Dig Your Own Hole            Lidee (DN/TI)
    Chemical Brothers - Setting Sun (single)         HARE
    Chemlab - East Side Militia                      Jupiter (JL/SZ)
    Eagle Eye Cherry - Desireless                    RedWorm (WM/PX)
    $Chipmunks - Xmas with the Chipmunks             Santa (HA/???)
    Chopin - Romantic Piano                          Lexus (GA/DN)
    The Christmas Organ Vol. 1 (comp)                Pulsar (HA/TI)
    Chumpawumba - Tubthumper                         Rocky (SZ/GO)
    Eric Clapton - Time Pieces                       Drill (WM/TI)
    $The Clash - Combat Rock                         Tank (WM/???)
    Classics from the Crypt                          Amethyst (HA/NG)
    Classic Rock, Vol. 2 (comp)                      Rainbow (WM/PL)
    Club Cutz (comp)                                 Ray (SZ/PL)
    Clutch - s/t                                     Jupiter (JL/SZ)
    Coal Chamber - s/t                               SUEZO
    Paula Cole - Harbinger                           PullWorm (WM/MO)
    Paula Cole - This Fire                           Toto (TI/GO)
    Collective Soul - s/t                            TIGER
    Collective Soul - Hints and Allegations          Kelp (JL/PL)
    Shawn Colvin - A Few Small Repairs               Marble (GO/NG)
    Come and Get It: Tribute to Badfinger (comp)     Drill (WM/TI)
    Common Threads- Songs of the Eagles (tribute)    Rainbow (WM/PL)
    Community Spoon - Clockwork                      Jupiter (JL/SZ)
    Concrete Blonde - Bloodletting                   Lava (JL/MO)
    Coolio - Gangster's Paradise                     RockBush (PL/GO)
    Coolio - Gangster's Paradise (single)            Jupiter (JL/SZ)
    Alice Cooper - Welcome to My Nightmare           Rover (TI/HA)
    Alice Cooper - Hey Stoopid                       Rainbow (WM/PL)
    Alice Cooper - The Last Temptation               RedWorm (WM/PX)
    Chick Corea - My Spanish Heart                   Sapphire (GA/TI)
    Sheryl Crow - Tuesday Night Music Club           Regal (PL/GA)
    Crowded House - s/t                              Gara (GA/MO)
    Counting Crows - August and Everything After     Velvet (TI/MO)
    Counting Crows - Recovering the Satellites       PLANT
    Cranberries - To the Faithfully Departed         Echo (GO/PL)
    Cranberries - Zombie Unplugged (single)          Rocky (SZ/GO)
    Crash Test Dummies - A Worm's Life               Usaba (PL/WM)
    Creedence Clearwater Revival - Chronicle Vol. 1  Rover (TI/HA)
    Creedence Clearwater Revival - Chronicle Vol. 2  Dento (TI/DN)
    Cryogenic Studios (comp)                         HARE
    Cubanate - Antimatter                            GALI
    Cubanate - Cyberia                               Titan (GO/SZ)
    Cubanate - Interference                          Ballon (TI/GA)
    The Cult - Sonic Temple                          Grape (DN/NG)
    The Cure - Disintegration                        Cyclops (NG/SZ)
    The Cure - Galore                                MonoEye (TI/SZ)
    The Cure - Show                                  Ropa (MO/PX)
    Curious Fools - s/t                              WORM
    Daft Punk - Homework                             Horn (SZ/TI)
    Dick Dale - Unknown Territory                    BlackRex (DN/MO)
    Dangerous Toys - s/t                             Omen (GA/SZ)
    Dangerous Toys - Pissed                          GALI
    Charlie Daniels - Decade of Hits                 Echo (GO/PL)
    Danzig - blackacidevil                           FlyEye (SZ/WM)
    Danzig - s/t                                     Groucho (HA/WM)
    Danzig - II Lucifuge                             Iris (PL/TI)
    Danzig - 4                                       Noro (SZ/NG)
    Danzig - Black Aria                              DINO
    Dark Noise: Alternative Gothic (comp)            Grape (DN/NG)
    Dave Mathews Band - Before these Crowded Streets IceCandy (MO/JL)
    Dave Mathews Band - Under the Table and Dreaming Magna (GO/WM)
    Dave Mathews Band - Crash                        WingWorm (WM/NG)
    Alana Davis - 32 Flavors (single)                Drill (WM/TI)
    Days of the New - s/t                            Gaia (NG/WM)
    Dead Boys - Night of the Living...               Drill (WM/TI)
    Dead Kennedys - Bedtime for Democracy            Marble (GO/NG)
    Dead Kennedys - In God We Trust                  GOLEM
    Deep Forest - Boheme                             Groucho (HA/WM)
    Deep Forest - s/t                                Ray (SZ/PL)
    Def Leppard - The Vault Greatest Hits 1980-1995  MaskWorm (WM/GA)
    Ani Defranco - Living in Clip (Disc 1)           Lava (JL/MO)
    Ani Defranco - Living in Clip (Disc 2)           Groomy (MO/HA)
    Deftones - Adrenaline                            Radar (PX/WM)
    Deftones - Around the Fur                        Asfar (MO/NG)
    Delerium - Semantic Spaces                       Ray (SZ/PL)
    Delerium - Syrophenikan                          Aloha (DN/PL)
    Cathy Dennis - Into the Skyline                  Rover (TI/HA)
    Cathy Dennis - Move to This                      Toothy (SZ/JL)
    Depeche Mode - The Singles 1981-1985             Lidee (DN/TI)
    Depeche Mode - Violator                          Obor (PL/JL)
    Depeche Mode - Barrel of a Gun (single)          BadSeed (PL/NG)
    Depth Core Blue - s/t                            PullWorm (WM/MO)
    Bruce Dickinson - Tattooed Millionaire           MaskWorm (WM/GA)
    Bruce Dickinson - Chemical Wedding               Groucho(HA/WM)
    Bruce Dickinson - Accident of Birth              Hince(PL/SZ)
    Digital Empires 2: Aftermath (comp Disc 1)       Stoner (HA/GO)
    Digital Empires 2: Aftermath (comp Disc 2)       Stoner (HA/GO)
    Dink - s/t                                       Buster (HA/PX)
    Celine Dion - s/t                                Leafy (TI/PL)
    Celine Dion - Chante Plamondon                   Scaler (HA/DN)
    Celine Dion - Falling Into You                   Amenho (GO/GA)
    Celine Dion - Unison                             RockWorm (WM/GO)
    Celine Dion - Colour of My Love                  Usaba (PL/WM)
    Celine Dion - My Heart Will Go On (remix single) Clay (JL/HA)
    Celine Dion - The Power of the Dream (single)    Boxer (NG/MO)
    Dire Straits - Communique                        Tubby (WM/JL)
    DO Something (Taco Bell Promo CD)                Scaler (HA/DN)
    Dogs D'Amour - Dogs Hits (Bootleg)               Stoner (HA/GO)
    Don't Techno for Answer	2: Save the Last...      Trident (NG/GO)
    Doomsday - s/t                                   Mustard (DN/SZ)
    The Doors - Best of... (Disc 1)                  Woody (SZ/HA)
    The Doors - Best of... (Disc 2)                  TIGER
    Download - Microscopic                           Shel (DN/WM)
    Download - Charlie's Family                      Bad Seed (PL/NG)
    Download - Furnace                               PLANT
    Download - The Eyes of Stanley Pain              Toothy (SZ/JL)
    Downset - Do We Speak a Dead Language?           WORM
    Dreamscape Vol. 1 (Disc 1: Happy Hardcore)       Asfar (MO/NG)
    Dreamscape Vol. 1 (Disc 2: Old Skool)            Allergan (PL/PX)
    Dreamscape Vol. 1 (Disc 3: Drum & Bass)          Bazula (NG/GA)
    Dream Theater - Awake                            MONOL
    Dr. Hook - Sharing the Night Together            Jupiter (JL/SZ)
    Dr. Martens Capitol Records Sampler (comp)       DINO
    D.R.I. - Four of a Kind                          Kelp (JL/PL)
    Drifters - Golder Hits                           Yakuto (TI/WM)
    Drum, Base, and Beyond (comp)                    Spot (DN/HA)
    Candy Dulfer - Saxuality                         Gecko (WM/DN)
    Duran Duran - Come Undone                        Rainbow (WM/PL)
    Duran Duran - s/t                                Papad (JL/NG)
    Duran Duran - Electric Barberella                RedWorm (WM/PX)
    Duran Duran - Greatest                           Groomy (MO/HA)
    Duran Duran - Ordinary World                     Frost (TI/JL)
    Eagles - Hotel California                        Cabalos (TI/NG)
    Earache Records SOD Sampler (comp)               MaskWorm (WM/GA)
    Earphoria: Geffen Records (comp)                 Valentino (DN/PX)
    $Earth Wind & Fire - Best of... Vol. 2           Planet (SZ/???)
    Electric Light Orchestra - Best of... (Disc 1)   Anki (DN/GO)
    Electric Light Orchestra - Best of... (Disc 2)   Jungler (NG/PL)
    Electronic - s/t                                 PullWorm (WM/MO)
    Electronic - Raise the Pressure                  Tubby (WM/JL)
    Danny Elfman - Music/Darkened Theater: V1        Fencer (JL/GO)
    Danny Elfman - Music/Darkened Theater: V2, D1    Galion (GA/HA)
    Danny Elfman - Music/Darkened Theater: V2, D2    Lexus (GA/DN)
    Enigma - Cross of Changes                        Horn (SZ/TI)
    Enigma - Cross of Changes (Limited Edition)      IceMan (GO/TI)
    Enigma - MCMXC a.D.                              Karone (WM/HA)
    Enigma - MCMXC a.D. (Limited Edition)            NewLeaf (MO/PL)
    Enigma - Mea Culpa part II                       Bloodshot (SZ/MO)
    Enigma - Return to Innocence                     Rover (TI/HA)
    Enigma - Beyond the Invisible                    Echo (GO/PL)
    Enigma - The Eyes of Truth                       Asfar (MO/NG)
    Enigma - Carly's Song                            FlyEye (SZ/WM)
    Enigma - Age of Loneliness                       EvilHare (HA/MO)
    Enigma - Le Roi est mort, vive le Roi!           WORM
    Entertainment Weekly Disco Collection (Disc 1)   Karone (WM/HA)
    Entertainment Weekly Disco Collection (Disc 2)   Lidee (DN/TI)
    E'Nuff Z'Nuff - Peach Fuzz                       Gecko (WM/DN)
    E'Nuff Z'Nuff - 1985                             Buster (HA/PX)
    E'Nuff Z'Nuff - seven                            Trident (NG/GO)
    En Vogue - Don't Let Go (single)                 Pull Worm (WM/MO)
    En Vogue - EV3                                   Scales (JL/DN)
    En Vogue - Funky Divas                           Magna (GO/WM)
    Enya - Memory of Trees                           Fencer (JL/GO)
    Enya - Paint the Sky with Stars                  Tubby (WM/JL)
    Enya - Shepherd Moons                            Horn (SZ/TI)
    $Gloria Estefan - Destiny                        Cari (NG/???)
    Melissa Etheridge - s/t                          Horn (SZ/TI)
    Melissa Etheridge - Live                         Rover (TI/HA)
    Melissa Etheridge - Yes I Am                     Frost (TI/JL)
    Eurythmics - Greatest Hits                       IceCandy (MO/JL)
    Everclear - So Much for the Afterglow            Orion (SZ/GA)
    Extreme Velocity - Vox Lumina                    WORM
    Faithless - Reverence                            Jello (JL/WM)
    Faith No More - King For a Day                   Lava (JL/MO)
    Fastball - All the Pain Money Can Buy            Ash (PL/MO)
    Faster Pussycat - Whipped                        Deton (TI/PX)
    Fates Warning - Parallels                        Yakuto (TI/WM)
    Fatima Mansions - Viva Dead Ponies               Vixen (PX/GO)
    Fear - Have a Beer With....                      Lava (JL/MO)
    Fear - Live...For the Record                     Magna (GO/WM)
    Fear Factory - Remanufacture                     Karone (WM/HA)
    Fear Factory - Obsolete                          PLANT
    Fear Factory - Demanufacture (w/Bonus Tracks)    Style (GA/WM)
    Fear Factory - Fear is the Mindkiller            Yakuto (TI/WM)
    Fear Factory - Remanufacture                     Style (GA/WM)
    Fear Factory - Soul of a New Machine             Black Rex (DN/MO)
    Feo Y Loco - Politically Incorrect               Icy (JL/TI)
    Filter - Short Bus                               SUEZO
    Firehose - Mr. Machinery Operator                Scales (JL/DN)
    $Fishbone - Truth and Soul                       Beamer (SZ/???)
    Fleetwood Mac - Rumours                          Obor (PL/JL)
    Fleetwood Mac Tribute: Legacy (comp)             Vixen (PX/GO)
    Fleetwood Mac - Greatest Hits                    Ballon (TI/GA)
    Fleetwood Mac - The Chain                        Obor (PL/JL)
    Fleetwood Mac Boxed Set (Disc 1)                 Scales (JL/DN)
    Fleetwood Mac Boxed Set (Disc 2)                 EyeGuy (WM/SZ)
    Fleetwood Mac Boxed Set (Disc 3)                 Scales (JL/DN)
    Fleetwood Mac Boxed Set (Disc 4)                 JuraWall (MO/DN)
    Flyin' Traps (comp)                              Dean (GO/PX)
    Foo Fighters - The Colour and the Shape          Drill (WM/TI)
    Jeff Foxworthy - Crank it up, the Music...       SUEZO
    Jeff Foxworthy - You Might Be a Redneck If...    Mustard (DN/SZ)
    Ace Frehley - Loaded Deck                        Lidee (DN/TI)
    Front 242 - Geography                            Shrub (PL/DN)
    Front 242 - Off                                  RockWorm (WM/GO)
    Front 242 - Official Version                     Regal (PL/GA)
    Front 242 - Up Evil                              Allergan (PL/PX)
    Front Line Assembly - Millenium (single)         Scales (JL/DN)
    Front Line Assembly - Caustic Grip               Clay (JL/HA)
    Front Line Assembly - Circuitry                  JLo (JL/WM)
    Front Line Assembly - Comatose                   Noro (SZ/NG)
    Front Line Assembly - Corroded Disorder          Evil HA (HA/MO)
    Front Line Assembly - FLAvour of the Weak        GOLEM
    Front Line Assembly - Hard Wired                 Valentino (DN/PX)
    Front Line Assembly - Live Wired (Disc 1)        Mustard (DN/SZ)
    Front Line Assembly - Live Wired (Disc 2)        Toothy (SZ/JL)
    Front Line Assembly - Millennium                 Goldy (DN/GA)
    Front Line Assembly - Monument                   Spinner (PL/HA)
    Front Line Assembly - Reclamation                Goldy (DN/GA)
    Front Line Assembly - Tactical Neural Implant    Mono Eye (TI/SZ)
    Front Line Assembly - The Initial Command        Yakuto (TI/WM)
    Front Line Assembly - Total Terror pt. 1         Noro (SZ/NG)
    Fu Manchu - The Action Is GO                     PullWorm (WM/MO)
    Funland - Sweetness                              Groucho (HA/WM)
    Fun Lovin' Criminals - Come Find Yourself        Bazula (NG/GA)
    Peter Gabriel - Passion                          Liper (NG/PX)
    Peter Gabriel - Secret World Live (Disc 1)       FlyEye (SZ/WM)
    Peter Gabriel - Woody                            Woody (SZ/HA)
    Peter Gabriel - Shaking the Tree                 Shrub (PL/DN)
    Peter Gabriel - Us                               Groucho (HA/WM)
    Peter Gabriel - So                               Deton (TI/PX)
    Garbage - s/t                                    Echo (GO/PL)
    Garbage - Version 2.0                            Rover (TI/HA)
    Garbage - Stupid Girl                            Clay (JL/HA)
    Garbage - Milk                                   Aloha (DN/PL)
    Garbage - Only Happy When It Rains               JELL
    Gin Blossoms - New Miserable Experience          Dento (TI/DN)
    Glass Tiger - Thin Red Line                      PinkEye (SZ/PX)
    The Glory of Christmas (comp)                    DINO
    Go Ahead Punk... Make My Day (comp)              Toothy (SZ/JL)
    God Lives Underwater - s/t                       DINO
    God Lives Underwater - Empty                     Gil (JL/GA)
    God Lives Underwater - Life in/Space Age         Allergan (PL/PX)
    Golden Palominos - Drunk with Passion            Papad (JL/NG)
    Goo Goo Dolls - Dizzy up the Girl                JELL
    Goo Goo Dolls - Dizzy Up The Girl (import)       Cutter (NG/JL)
    Got TVT? Sampler (comp)                          Fencer (JL/GO)
    Amy Grant - Age to Age                           TIGER
    Amy Grant - Heart in Motion                      RedWorm (WM/PX)
    Amy Grant - Lead Me On                           HARE
    $Grateful Dead - History of... (Bear's choice)   Teddy (NY/???)
    Grateful Dead - Best of... (Disc 1)              Ballon (TI/GA)
    Grateful Dead - Without a Net (Disc 1)           Trident (NG/GO)
    Grateful Dead - Without a Net (Disc 2)           Marble (GO/NG)
    Gravity Kills - s/t                              Gara (GA/MO)
    Gravity Kills - Perversion                       EvilHare (HA/MO)
    Green Day - Dookie                               Kelp (JL/PL)
    Green Day - Nimrod                               Ray (SZ/PL)
    $Green Day - Kerplunk                            Bonsai (PL/???)
    Green Jelly - Cereal Killer                      HARE
    Gren - Camp Grenada                              Jupiter (JL/SZ)
    Greta - No Biting                                GoodGuy (HA/PL)
    Edvard Grieg - Peer Gynt Suite                   Echo (GO/PL)
    Guitar on the Edge Vol.1 #2 (comp)               Rainbow (WM/PL)
    Guitar Rock: 1974-1975 (comp)                    Ray (SZ/PL)
    Guitar Trio - Verve                              Gecko (WM/DN)
    Guns 'N' Roses - Appetite for Destruction        Rainbow(WM/PL)
    GWAR - Ragnarok                                  MaskWorm (WM/GA)
    GWAR - Scumdogs of the Universe                  Grape (DN/NG)
    GWAR - Carnival of Chaos                         Clay (JL/HA)
    $Hanson - Middle of Nowhere                      Sleeves (HA/???)
    Isaac Hayes - Greatest Hits                      BlackRex (DN/MO)
    Helmet - Aftertaste                              GOLEM
    Helmet - Meantime                                Leafy (TI/PL)
    Helmet - Betty                                   Poseidon (GO/JL)
    Jimi Hendrix - Band of Gypsys                    Aloha (DN/PL)
    Jimi Hendrix - Kiss the Sky                      Horn (SZ/TI)
    Jimi Hendrix - Stockholm 1967                    Noro (SZ/NG)
    Jimi Hendrix - Paris 1968                        Noro (SZ/NG)
    Jimi Hendrix - San Diego 1969                    Noro (SZ/NG)
    Jimi Hendrix - Atlanta 1970                      Noro (SZ/NG)
    Jimi Hendrix - South Saturn Delta                Icy (JL/TI)
    Don Henley - The End of the Innocence            FlyEye (SZ/WM)
    Hole - Pretty on the Inside                      Pixel (GA/PX)
    Hole - Live Through This                         Cabalos (TI/NG)
    Hollywood Soundtracks (Blockbuster Promo CD)     PinkEye (SZ/PX)
    Gustav Holst - The Planets (Teledec, Mehta)      Slash (DN/JL)
    Hooray for Santa Claus! (comp)                   Velvet (TI/MO)
    Hootie & the Blowfish - Cracked Rear View        Leafy (TI/PL)
    Hootie & the Blowfish - Fairweather Johnson      Horn (SZ/TI)
    House of Pain - s/t                              BadSeed (PL/NG)
    House of Pain - Same As It Ever Was              Toto (TI/GO)
    Glenn Hughes - Blues                             Anki (DN/GO)
    Huh? Details Magazine CD7 (comp)                 Rocky (SZ/GO)
    Huh? Details Magazine CD8 (comp)                 DINO
    Huh? Details Magazine CD11 (comp)                FlyEye (SZ/WM)
    Hum - You'd Wish You Were an Astronaut           Radar (PX/WM)
    Human League - Greatest Hits                     Melon (SZ/DN)
    Icehouse - Man of Colours                        Aloha (DN/PL)
    Ice-T - Power                                    Orion (SZ/GA)
    Ice-T - Original Gangster                        Omen (GA/SZ)
    Ice-T - Home Invasion                            Clay (JL/HA)
    Ice-T - IV: Return of the Real                   Grape (DN/NG)
    Ice-T - Midnight (promotional cd)                EvilHare (HA/MO)
    Identity II (comp)                               Woody (SZ/HA)
    Billy Idol - Vital Idol                          IceMan (GO/TI)
    Julio Iglesias - 1100 Bel Air Place              CrossEye (HA/SZ)
    Natalie Imbruglia - Left of the Middle           Slash (DN/JL)
    Implosion New Music Sampler (comp)               Leafy (TI/PL)
    Industrial F**king Strength (comp Disc 1)        Toto (TI/GO)
    Industrial F**king Strength (comp Disc 2)        Liper (NG/PX)
    Industrial Revolution: 3rd Edition (Disc 1)      Melon (SZ/DN)
    Industrial Revolution: 3rd Edition (Disc 2)      Lava (JL/MO)
    Insane Clown Posse - Carnival of Carnage         Lexus (GA/DN)
    Insane Clown Posse - Beverly Kills 50187         Yakuto (TI/WM)
    Insane Clown Posse - Terror Wheel EP             GALI
    Insane Clown Posse - Riddlebox                   TIGER
    Insane Clown Posse - Tunnel of Love EP           Scales (JL/DN)
    Insane Clown Posse - The Great Milenko           Warrior (GA/GO)
    Insane Clown Posse - Forgotten Freshness Vol. 1  Obor (PL/JL)
    Insane Clown Posse - Forgotten Freshness Vol. 2  Orion (SZ/GA)
    Insult II Injury - Point of This                 PinkEye (SZ/PX)
    In The Mix Sampler (comp)                        GoodGuy (HA/PL)
    $INXS - Kick                                     Gooaall! (DS/???)
    INXS - Greatest Hits                             Amethyst (HA/NG)
    Iron Butterfly - In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida              Scales (JL/DN)
    Iron Maiden - Powerslave                         Rocky (SZ/GO)
    Iron Maiden - Live After Death                   BlueFur (HA/JL)
    Iron Maiden - Somewhere in Time                  Woody (SZ/HA)
    Iron Maiden - Be Quick or Be Dead (single)       Amethyst (HA/NG)
    Iron Maiden - A Real Dead One                    BlueFur (HA/JL)
    Iron Maiden - A Real Live One                    Cross Eye(HA/SZ)
    Iron Maiden - Virtual XI                         PLANT
    Iron Maiden - The X Factor                       Boxer(NG/MO)
    Iron Maiden - Piece of mind                      Mopsy(PX/HA)
    Iron Maiden - Seventh son of a seventh son       Dixie(PX/DN)
    Iron Maiden - Fear of the Dark                   Lidee(DN/TI)
    Iron Maiden - Number of the Beast                Nora(SZ/NG)
    Iron Maiden - No Prayer For the Dying            TIGER
    $Jackson 5 - Ultimate Collection                 Bunny (PX/???)
    Janet Jackson - Design of a Decade               NewLeaf (MO/PL)
    Michael Jackson - HIStory (Disc 1)               JELL
    Michael Jackson - HIStory (Disc 2)               Anki (DN/GO)
    Michael Jackson - Dangerous                      Buster (HA/PX)
    Jamiroquai - Synkronized                         Ash (PL/MO)
    Jamiroquai - Travelling without moving           Poseidon (GO/JL)
    Jane Jensen - Comic Book Whore                   Deton (TI/PX)
    Jars of Clay - Much Afraid                       Trident (NG/GO)
    Jawbox - s/t                                     PullWorm (WM/MO)
    Jewel - Pieces of You                            RockWorm (WM/GO)
    Jewel - Hands                                    Jupiter (JL/SZ)
    Jimmy Ray - Are You Jimmy Ray? (single)          Orion (SZ/GA)
    $Billy Joel - Greatest Hits Vol. 3               Shades (AP/???)
    Billy Joel - Greatest Hits Vol. 1                Clay (JL/HA)
    Billy Joel - River of Dreams (enhanced CD)       Shel (DN/WM)
    Billy Joel - Stormfront                          Woody (SZ/HA)
    Elton John - Diana Memorial CD (comp)            Angel (PX/GA)
    Elton John - Goodbye Yellow Brick Road           Groomy (MO/HA)
    Elton John - Greatest Hits                       Vixen (PX/GO)
    Elton John - Candle in the Wind 1997 (single)    Angel (PX/GA)
    Howard Jones - Dream into Action                 Gecko (WM/DN)
    Janis Joplin - Greatest Hits                     Horn (SZ/TI)
    Journey - Greatest Hits                          Gaia (NG/WM)
    Judas Priest - Metal Works (Disc 1)              JELL
    Judas Priest - Metal Works (Disc 2)              Scaler(HA/DN)
    Kansas - The Best of...                          Iris (PL/TI)
    Kenny G - Gravity                                Warrior (GA/GO)
    Kenny G - Miracles                               JELL
    Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band - Trouble Is           Rainbow (WM/PL)
    Keoki - Disco Deathrace 2000                     Prince (HA/GA)
    Keoki - Majick                                   Anki (DN/GO)
    Kidneythieves - trickster                        Jello (JL/WM)
    Kidneythieves - S+M (a love song) (single)       Jello (JL/WM)
    Kid Rock - Devil Without a Cause                 Woody (SZ/HA)
    Killer Loop Sampler CD (comp)                    Shel (DN/WM)
    Killing Joke - Pandemonium (single)              Shel (DN/WM)
    $KISS - Greatest Hits                            Kuma (GA/???)
    KISS - Guitar Licks                              Boxer (NG/MO)
    KISS - Love Gun                                  Style (GA/WM)
    KISS - Dynasty                                   Noro (SZ/NG)
    KISS - Revenge                                   Yakuto(TI/WM)
    KMFDM - XTORT                                    Obor (PL/JL)
    KMFDM - ANGST                                    Usaba (PL/WM)
    KMFDM - NIHIL                                    Mustard (DN/SZ)
    KMFDM - ADIOS                                    DINO
    KMFDM - KMFDM (single, w/ Megalomaniac)          EyeGuy (WM/SZ)
    KMFDM - Symbols                                  Aloha (DN/PL)
    Korn - s/t                                       GOLEM
    Korn - Life is Peachy                            Leafy (TI/PL)
    Korn - Follow the Leader                         Style (GA/WM)
    Korn - Issues                                    Mustard (DN/SZ)
    Koto - Music of Japan (comp)                     Mustard (DN/SZ)
    Richie Kotzen - MotherHead's Family Reunion      Ray (SZ/PL)
    Alison Krauss/Union Station - So Long So Wrong   TIGER
    Lenny Kravitz - Let Love Rule                    Jupiter (JL/SZ)
    Lenny Kravitz - Mama Said                        Dean (GO/PX)
    Lenny Kravitz - Are You Gonna GO My Way          Rocky (SZ/GO)
    L7 - Hungry for Stink                            JELL
    L7 - The Beauty Process: Triple Platinum         Allergan (PL/PX)
    Leaether Strip - Fit For Flogging                TIGER
    La Bouche - Sweet Dreams                         RockWorm (WM/GO)
    LA Guns - American Hardcore                      Allergan (PL/PX)
    Denis Leary - No Cure for Cancer                 Toothy (SZ/JL)
    Led Zeppelin - Atlantica                         TIGER
    Led Zeppelin - In Through the Out Door           Melon (SZ/DN)
    Led Zeppelin - BBC Sessions (Disc 1)             Striker (NG/TI)
    Led Zeppelin - Boxed Set (Disc 1)                Noro (SZ/NG)
    Led Zeppelin - Boxed Set (Disc 2)                GoodGuy (HA/PL)
    Led Zeppelin - Boxed Set (Disc 3)                Hince (PL/SZ)
    Led Zeppelin - Boxed Set (Disc 4)                Scaler (HA/DN)
    Led Zeppelin - Boxed Set 2 (Disc 1)              Icy (JL/TI)
    Led Zeppelin - Boxed Set 2 (Disc 2)              Usaba (PL/WM)
    Lemonheads - Hate Your Friends                   Woody (SZ/HA)
    Annie Lennox - Cold (single)                     Toothy (SZ/JL)
    Annie Lennox - Diva                              Amenho (GO/GA)
    Let Loose - s/t                                  Leafy (TI/PL)
    Light Jazz Christmas Eve (comp)                  BlueFur (HA/JL)
    Limp Bizkit - 3 Dollar Bill Ya'll                Yakuto (TI/WM)
    Limp Bizkit - Significant Other                  Bazula (NG/GA)
    Little Caesar - Influence                        MaskWorm (WM/GA)
    Little Caesar - s/t                              Melon (SZ/DN)
    Live - Secret Samadhi                            RedWorm (WM/PX)
    Live - Throwing Copper                           Usaba (PL/WM)
    Jennifer Lopez - On the 6                        Icy (JL/TI)
    Traci Lords - 1000 Fires                         Spinner (PL/HA)
    Lords of Acid - Voodoo U                         WORM
    Lords of Acid - Your Dirty Little Secret         Scales (JL/DN)
    Lords of Acid - [R]Ejected tracks                Blue Fur (HA/JL)
    Lords of Acid - Lust                             Dento (TI/DN)
    Lords of Acid - Rubber Doll (single)             Poseidon (GO/JL)
    Los Del Rio - Macarena: Bayside Boys Mix (sgl)   JELL
    Love In Reverse  I Was Here                      NAGA
    Love In Reverse - I Was Dog                      Dento (TI/DN)
    Lunachicks - Jerk of All Trades                  DINO
    Lynyrd Skynyrd - Skynyrds Innards                WORM
    LZ - Bricks Are Heavy                            Dento (TI/DN)
    Machine Head - s/t                               Gecko (WM/DN)
    Machine Head - The More Things Change...         Jupiter (JL/SZ)
    Machines of Loving Grace - Concentration         Valentino (DN/PX)
    $Madonna - Like a Virign                         Platinum (PX/???)
    Madonna - The Girlie Show                        Yakuto (TG/WM)
    Madonna - Something to Remember                  Noro (SZ/NG)
    Madonna - Bedtime Stories                        Velvet (TI/MO)
    Madonna - Ray of Light                           Marble (GO/NG)
    Madonna - The Immaculate Collection              Jello (JL/WM)
    Mahavishnu Orchestra - Apocalypse                EvilHare (HA/MO)
    Yngwie Malmsteen - Facing the Animal             Shel (DN/WM)
    Yngwie Malmsteen - Magnum Opus                   Echo (GO/PL)
    Yngwie Malmsteen - Inspiration                   Amethyst (HA/NG)
    Marilyn Manson - Portrait of an American Family  Deton (TI/PX)
    Marilyn Manson - Smells Like Children            Aloha (DN/PL)
    Marilyn Manson - Antichrist Superstar            Velvet (TI/MO)
    Marilyn Manson - Mechanical Animals              Toto (TI/GO)
    Marilyn Manson - Remix and Repent                Yakuto (TI/WM)
    Marilyn Manson - Get Your Gunn (single)          FlyEye (SZ/WM)
    Marilyn Manson - Lunchbox (single)               Jungler (NG/PL)
    Marilyn Manson - Long Hard Road Out of Hell      Valentino (DN/PX)
    Marilyn Manson - Smells Like Children            Grape (DN/NG)
    Marilyn Manson - The Dope Show                   Icy (JL/TI)
    Bob Marley & The Wailers - Legend                Dento (TI/DN)
    Rosco Martinez - s/t                             Goldy (DN/GA)
    Richard Marx - Rush Street                       Grape (DN/NG)
    Richard Marx - Repeat Offender                   Spinner (PL/HA)
    $Matchbox 20 - Yourself or Someone Like You      Sketch (DL/???)
    Curtis Mayfield - Superfly                       Poseidon (GO/JL)
    Bobby McFerrin - Circlesongs                     Yakuto (TI/WM)
    Bobby McFerrin - Medicine Music                  Toto (TI/GO)
    Tim McGraw - Not a Moment Too Soon               Gara (GA/MO)
    Loreena McKennit - The Visit                     Leafy (TI/PL)
    Sarah McLachlan - Surfacing                      Ray (SZ/PL)
    Sarah McLachlan - Fumbling Toward Ecstasy        PinkEye (SZ/PX)
    Sarah McLachlan - Building a Mystery (single)    Cabalos (TI/NG)
    Sarah McLachlan - Sweet Surrender (single)       EvilHare (HA/MO)
    M.C. Hammer - Please Hammer Don't Hurt Em        Anki (DN/GO)
    MD.45 - The Craving                              Obor (PL/JL)
    Meatloaf - Bat Out Of Hell                       Valentino (DN/PX)
    Meatloaf - Welcome to the Neighborhood           Valentino (DN/PX)
    Megadeth - Countdown to Extinction               Vanity (PX/SZ)
    Megadeth - Killing is my Business...             PinkEye (SZ/PX)
    Megadeth - Peace Sells... But Who's Buying?      Aqua (GA/JL)
    Megadeth - Rust in Peace                         Woody (SZ/HA)
    Megadeth - Youthanasia                           Grape (DN/NG)
    Megadeth - Cryptic Writings                      Ballon (TI/GA)
    Megadeth - Risk                                  Echo(GO/PL)
    Megadeth - So Far, So Good, So What?             Frost(TI/JL)
    Merry Axemas: A Guitar Christmas (comp)          WORM
    Metallica - Master of Puppets                    Mustard (DN/SZ)
    Metallica - Ride The Lightning                   Lidee (DN/TI)
    Metallica - Kill 'em All (w/ bonus tracks)       Jupiter (JL/SZ)
    Metallica - ReLoad                               Amethyst (HA/NG)
    Metallica - ...And Justice For All               Cutter (NG/JL)
    Metallica - Hero of the Day (single)             Grape (DN/NG)
    Metallica - Load                                 IceCandy (MO/JL)
    Metallica - Garage, Inc. (Disc 1)                ShonMask (GA/NG)
    Metallica - Garage, Inc. (Disc 2)                Toto (TI/GO)
    Metallica - Live Sh*t: Binge and Purge (Disc 1)  Rover (TI/HA)
    Metallica - Live Sh*t: Binge and Purge (Disc 2)  Lidee (DN/TI)
    Metallica - Live Sh*t: Binge and Purge (Disc 3)  Valentino (DN/PX)
    Metallica - S&M (Disc 1)                         NAGA
    Metallica - S&M (Disc 2)                         Striker (NG/TI)
    Miami Sound Machine - Primitive Love             Stoner (HA/GO)
    George Michael - Listen Without Prejudice        Obor (PL/JL)
    George Michael - Older                           PinkEye (SZ/PX)
    Steve Miller Band - Greatest Hits '74-'78        BlueFur (HA/JL)
    Mind Bomb - s/t                                  Melon (SZ/DN)
    Ministry - The Land of Rape and Honey            Horn (SZ/TI)
    Ministry - Psalm 69                              Bloodshot (SZ/MO)
    Ministry - Jesus Built My Hotrod (single)        Lidee (DN/TI)
    Ministry - Filth Pig                             Drill (WM/TI)
    Ministry - The Fall/Reload (single)              Asfar (MO/NG)
    Miranda Sex Garden - Fairytales of Slavery       RockWorm (WM/GO)
    Misfits - Walk Among You                         JELL
    Misfits - Boxed Set (Disc 1)                     Clay (JL/HA)
    MOD - Gross Misconduct                           Hince (PL/SZ)
    MOD - Surfin' MOD                                SUEZO
    Modern English - After the Snow (w/bonus track)  Fencer (JL/GO)
    Modern English - Pillow Lips                     Lexus (GA/DN)
    The Moffatts - Chapter 1: A New Beginning        Woody (SZ/HA)
    Mojo Nixon - Prarie Home                         Rainbow (WM/PL)
    Monster Magnet - Powertrip                       RockBush (PL/GO)
    Monster Voodoo Maachine - Suffersystem           Pulsar (HA/TI)
    The Monty Python Instant Record Collection       Velvet (TI/MO)
    Ian Moore - s/t                                  Hince (PL/SZ)
    Morgoth - Cursed                                 FlyEye (SZ/WM)
    Morphine - Like Swimming                         PinkJam (JL/PX)
    Alanis Morrisette - Supposed Former/Junkie       Yakuto (TI/WM)
    Alanis Morrisette - Jagged Little Pill           Drill (WM/TI)
    Mortification - Live Plenetarium                 Hince (PL/SZ)
    Mortification - Best of Mortification, 5 Years   Regal (PL/GA)
    Mother's Revival - Bunker Hill Groove Station    Melon (SZ/DN)
    Motley Crue - Theatre of Pain                    Papad (JL/NG)
    Motley Crue - Dr. Feelgood                       Yakuto (TI/WM)
    Motorhead - 1916                                 Color (GA/PL)
    Alison Moyet - Essex                             Noro (SZ/NG)
    MTV's Alternative Nation 2 (import comp)         Bazula (NG/GA)
    MTV's Amp Vol. 1 (comp)                          RockBush (PL/GO)
    n-Trance - Electronic Pleasure                   Magna (GO/WM)
    Napalm Death - Diatribes                         Lava (JL/MO)
    Napalm Death - Fear, Emptiness, Despair          Verde (GO/DN)
    Napalm Death - Greed Killing                     Evil HA (HA/MO)
    Nativity in Black - Tribute to Black Sabbath     Bloodshot (SZ/MO)
    NatureQuest: Dolphin Serenade                    Stoner (HA/GO)
    NatureQuest: Endless Ocean                       Papad (JL/NG)
    Vince Neil - Carved In Stone                     MaskWorm (WM/GA)
    Willie Nelson - Stardust                         Poseidon (GO/JL)
    Neurosis - The Word As Law                       WORM
    Newlydeads - s/t                                 EyeGuy (WM/SZ)
    Nine Inch Nails - Head Like a Hole (single)      RockBush (PL/GO)
    Nine Inch Nails - Sin (single)                   Buster (HA/PX)
    Nine Inch Nails - Broken                         BlackRex (DN/MO)
    Nine Inch Nails - Fixed EP                       TIGER
    Nine Inch Nails - The Downward Spiral            Gara (GA/MO)
    Nine Inch Nails - The Perfect Drug (single)      Noro (SZ/NG)
    Nine Inch Nails - Further Down the Spiral EP     Titan (GO/SZ)
    Nine Inch Nails - Children of the Night (boot)   PinkJam (JL/PX)
    Nine Inch Nails - Closer (import single disc 1)  Clay (JL/HA)
    Nine Inch Nails - Closer (import single disc 2)  BlackRex (DN/MO)
    Nine Inch Nails - Down In It (single)            TIGER
    Nine Inch Nails - Further Down the Spiral v.2    Jupiter (JL/SZ)
    Nine Inch Nails - The Fragile (Left)             BloodShot (SZ/MO)
    Nine Inch Nails - The Fragile (Right)            Velvet (TI/MO)
    Nine Inch Nails - March of the Pigs              Toothy (SZ/JL)
    Nine Inch Nails - March of the Pigs (Import D1)  Jupiter (JL/SZ)
    Nine Inch Nails - March of the Pigs (Import D2)  HARE
    Nine Inch Nails - Pretty Hate Machine            RockBush (PL/GO)
    Nine Inch Nails - The Day the World Went Away    Mustard (DN/SZ)
    $Nirvana - Nevermind (w/ bonus track)            Karaoke (NY/???)
    Nirvana - Nevermind (w/o bonus track)            Stoner (HA/GO)
    Nirvana - Incesticide                            PLANT
    Nirvana - Unplugged in New York                  Amenho (GO/GA)
    Nirvana - Bleach                                 Obor (PL/JL)
    Nirvana - In Utero                               Spinner (PL/HA)
    Nirvana - Muddy Banks of the Wishka              Stinger(NG/DN)
    Nitro - O.F.R.                                   JELL
    Nixons - Foma                                    Jello (JL/WM)
    No Doubt - Tragic Kingdom                        Regal (PL/GA)
    NOFX - punk in drublic                           Woody (SZ/HA)
    NOFX - White Trash, Two Heebs, and a Bean        Bloodshot (SZ/MO)
    John Norum - Another Destination                 Ray (SZ/PL)
    No Use For A Name - Leche Con Carne              Rocky (SZ/GO)
    Now! Vol. 4 (comp)                               MONOL
    Null - Absolute Zero                             Karone (WM/HA)
    Louise Nurding - Naked (UK Import)               Rainbow (WM/PL)
    Obituary - Back from the Dead                    GOLEM
    Obituary - The End Complete                      GOLEM
    Offspring - Ignition                             Fencer (JL/GO)
    Offspring - Smash                                Icy (JL/TI)
    Offspring - Ixnay on the Hombre                  Lidee (DN/TI)
    Offspring - Americana                            Amethyst (HA/NG)
    Offspring - Conspiracy of One                    Gaia (NG/WM)
    Orbital - In Sides (Main Disc)                   IceCandy (GO/JL)
    Orbital - In Sides (Bonus Disc)                  Melon (SZ/DN)
    Orbital - 2                                      Woody (SZ/HA)
    The Orchestral Tubular Bells                     Anki (DN/GO)
    Orgy - Candy Ass                                 Prism (PX/MO)
    $Orquestra de la Luz - Salsa no Tiene            Mage (GH/???)
    Outfield - Voices of Babylon                     Fencer (JL/GO)
    Overkill - Under the Influence                   Usaba (PL/WM)
    Overload: A Metallica Tribute (comp)             JELL
    Ozzy Osbourne - Bark at the Moon                 Lava (JL/MO)
    Ozzy Osbourne - Blizzard of Oz                   Jupiter (JL/SZ)
    Ozzy Osbourne - Dairy of a Madman                Bloodshot (SZ/MO)
    Ozzy Osbourne - Just Say Ozzy                    Trident (NG/GO)
    Ozzy Osbourne - Ozzmosis                         Goldy (DN/GA)
    Ozzy Osbourne - No More Tears                    Valentino (DN/PX)
    Ozzy Osbourne - No Rest for the Wicked           Rover (TI/HA)
    Ozzy Osbourne - Randy Rhodes Tribute             Sobo (MO/WM)
    Ozzy Osbourne - Ultimate Sin                     Clay (JL/HA)
    Ozzy Osbourne - The Ozzman Cometh                Lidee(DN/TI)
    Paganini - 24 Caprices                           Gaia (NG/WM)
    Page & Plant - Walking Into Clarksdale           Toto (TI/GO)
    Panime - Best of Best                            PullWorm (WM/MO)
    Pantera - Far Beyond Driven                      RedWorm (WM/PX)
    Pantera - Vulgar Display of Power                Gecko (WM/DN)
    Pantera - The Great Southern Trendkill           Icy (JL/TI)
    Pantera - Live 101 Proof                         NAGA
    Charlie Parker - Collection                      Rover (TI/HA)
    $Alan Parsons - On Air                           Sky (MO/???)
    Peace, Love & Pitbulls - Hitchhike to Mars       Lidee (DN/TI)
    Pearl Jam - Vs.                                  Yakuto (TI/WM)
    Pearl Jam - No Code                              Allure (PX/NG)
    Pearl Jam - Ten                                  PinkJam (JL/PX)
    Pearl Jam - Merkinball (single)                  Bazula (NG/GA)
    Pearl Jam - Vitology                             Tubby (WM/JL)
    Pearl Jam - Yield                                Rocky (SZ/GO)
    Pennywise - s/t                                  EvilHare (HA/MO)
    Pennywise - About TIme                           Shrub (PL/DN)
    Pennywise - Full Circle                          Edgy (NG/HA)
    Pennywise - Unknown Road                         Lava (JL/MO)
    Perris Promotions Sampler (comp)                 Toto (TI/GO)
    The Persuit of Happiness - The Downward Road     Poseidon (GO/JL)
    Tom Petty - Full Moon Fever                      BlackRex (DN/MO)
    Liz Phair - Exile in Guyville                    Gaia (NG/WM)
    Liz Phair - Whip Smart                           BlackRex (DN/MO)
    Pink Floyd - The Division Bell                   SUEZO
    Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon               RockWorm (WM/GO)
    Pink Floyd - London '66-'67                      Shrub (PL/DN)
    Pink Floyd - Pulse (Disc 1)                      Marble (GO/NG)
    Pink Floyd - Pulse (Disc 2)                      Prince (HA/GA)
    Pink Floyd - The Wall (Disc 1)                   Toto (TI/GO)
    Pink Floyd - The Wall (Disc 2)                   Shrub (PL/DN)
    Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here                  Anki (DN/GO)
    Pirahna - New World Disorder                     Allergan (PL/PX)
    Pitchshifter - Desensitized                      Groucho (HA/WM)
    Pitchshifter - www.pitchshifter.com              Spot (DN/HA)
    Plan B - CyberChords & Sushi Stories             Horn (SZ/TI)
    PM Dawn - The Bliss Album                        JuraWall (MO/DN)
    Poe - Hello                                      Stoner (HA/GO)
    Police - Every Breath You Take: The Classics     Usaba (PL/WM)
    Polvo - s/t                                      Anki (DN/GO)
    Power Plays Sport Anthems (comp)                 HARE
    Praga Khan - Pragamatic                          Orion (SZ/GA)
    Presidents of the U.S.A. - s/t                   Icy (JL/TI)
    Primus - Tales From the Punchbowl                WORM
    Prodigy - Experience                             Groucho (HA/WM)
    Prodigy - Fat of the Land                        NAGA
    Prodigy - Music for the Jilted Generation        IceMan (GO/TI)
    Prodigy - Smack My Bitch Up                      Yakuto (TI/WM)
    Propaganda - A Secret Wish                       SUEZO
    Pro-Pain - The Truth Hurts                       Poseidon (GO/JL)
    Pro-Tech - Orbiting Cathedrals                   Blue Fur (HA/JL)
    $Puff Daddy - No Way Out                         Jerod (MA/???)
    Puff Daddy - All About the Benjamins (single)    Leafy (TI/PL)
    Puff Daddy - Victory (single)                    Toto (TI/GO)
    Punish - State of Grace                          Noro (SZ/NG)
    Pure Moods (comp)                                Spot (DN/HA)
    Queen - Classic Queen                            Horn (SZ/TI)
    Queen - Greatest Hits                            Lava (JL/MO)
    $Quiet Riot - Metal Health                       Gamer (GA/???)
    Quiet Riot - The Randy Rhodes Years              PullWorm (WM/MO)
    Rage Against The Machine - s/t                   Jello (JL/WM)
    Rage Against the Machine - Evil Empire           Noro (SZ/NG)
    Rammstein - s/t                                  Ash (PL/MO)
    Rammstein - Sehnsucht                            Poseidon (GO/JL)
    Ramones - Acid Eaters                            PinkEye (SZ/PX)
    Ramones - Mania                                  Grape (DN/NG)
    Ratt - Collage                                   Rocky (SZ/GO)
    RCA Victor Basic 100 - #1, Beethoven's 9th       PinkEye (SZ/PX)
    RCA Victor Basic 100 - #60, Orff's Carmina       WORM
    RCA Victor Basic 100 - #68, Mussorgsky's Pics    Lidee (DN/TI)
    Real McCoy - Another Night                       Ray (SZ/PL)
    Real McCoy - Another Night (single)              Stoner (HA/GO)
    Real McCoy - Run Away (single)                   BloodShot (SZ/MO)
    Recoil - Bloodline                               Rocky (SZ/GO)
    $Red Hot Chili Peppers - Abbey Load EP           Bikini (GO/???)
    Red Hot Chili Peppers - Give It Away (single)    Sobo (MO/WM)
    Red Hot Chili Peppers - One Hot Minute           Frost (TI/JL)
    Red Hot Chili Peppers - Californication          RedWorm (WM/PX)
    $R.E.M. - Monster                                Apocolis (DR/???)
    R.E.M. - Automatic For the People                Prism (PX/MO)
    Return of the Comet: Ace Frehley Tribute (comp)  Gecko (WM/DN)
    LeAnn Rimes - How Do I Live? (comp)              Amenho (GO/GA)
    Chris Rock - Born Suspect                        Goldy (DN/GA)
    Kenny Rogers - Something Inside So Strong        Orion (SZ/GA)
    $Rolling Stones - Bridges to Babylon             GrayWolf (TI/???)
    Rolling Stones - Hot Rocks (Disc 1)              Toto (TI/GO)
    Rolling Stones - Hot Rocks (Disc 2)              Usaba (PL/WM)
    David Lee Roth - Your Filthy Little Mouth        Gil (JL/GA)
    Roxette - Look Sharp                             RedWorm (WM/PX)
    Roxette - Joyride                                Drill (WM/TI)
    Ruby - Saltpeter                                 Rover (TI/HA)
    Rush - Chronicles (Disc 1)                       Jungler (NG/PL)
    Rush - Chronicles (Disc 2)                       Orion (SZ/GA)
    Rush - Fly By Night                              Woody (SZ/HA)
    RuthRuth - Laughing Gallery                      Lava (JL/MO)
    Sacred Reich - Independent                       Vixen (PX/GO)
    $Sade - Love Deluxe                              Looker (SZ/???)
    Saigon Kick - Water                              DINO
    Adam Sandler - What's Your Name?                 Rock (WM/GO)
    Adam Sandler - Stan and Ludy's Kid               Prince (HA/GA)
    Adam Sandler - They're All Gonna Laugh at You    Allergan (PL/PX)
    Adam Sandler - What the Hell Happened to Me?     MaskWorm (WM/GA)
    Sash! - It's My Life                             Liper (NG/PX)
    Joe Satriani - Flying in a Blue Dream            Striker (NG/TI)
    Joe Satriani - Time Machine (Disc 1)             BloodShot (SZ/MO)
    Joe Satriani - Time Machine (Disc 2)             PinkEye (SZ/PX)
    Save Ferris - It Means Everything                Orion (SZ/GA)
    Scorpions -  White Dove (Single)                 Edgy (NG/HA)
    Scorpions - Big City Nights                      Marble(GO/NG)
    Scorpions - Crazy World                          Lava (JL/MO)
    Seal - Hu Man Be in G                            Echo (GO/PL)
    Seal - s/t (1991)                                Noro (SZ/NG)
    Seal - s/t (1994)                                GOLEM
    Bob Seger - It's a Mystery                       Deton (TI/PX)
    Sepultura - ROOTS                                Fencer (JL/GO)
    Sevendust - s/t                                  Cabalos (TI/NG)
    Sexpod - Goddess Blues                           Poseidon (GO/JL)
    Shakti - Best of...                              MonoEye (TI/SZ)
    Shamen - Axis Mutatis                            Aqua (GA/JL)
    Shamen - Boss Drum                               Poseidon (GO/JL)
    Shamen - En-Tact                                 Gil (JL/GA)
    Vonda Shepard - By 7:30                          Echo (GO/PL)
    Shooting Gallery - s/t                           Iris (PL/TI)
    Shotgun Messiah - Violent New Breed              Toothy (SZ/JL)
    Shotgun Messiah - I Want More                    Melon (SZ/DN)
    Silverchair - Neon Ballroom                      Toto (TI/GO)
    Carly Simon - The Best of...                     Warrior (GA/GO)
    The Simpsons - Songs in the Key of Springfield   Pixel (GA/PX)
    The Simpsons - Sing the Blues                    HARE
    Sister Hazel - Somewhere More Familiar           Amenho (GO/GA)
    Sister Whiskey - Liquor and Poker                PullWorm (WM/MO)
    Sisters of Mercy - Floodland                     Fencer (JL/GO)
    Six Feet Under - Haunted                         Shadow (GO/MO)
    Six Feet Under - Warpath                         Iris (PL/TI)
    Skinny Puppy - Addiction                         Velvet (TI/MO)
    Skinny Puppy - Ain't it Dead Yet?                PLANT
    Skinny Puppy - Back and Forth vol. 2             Kelp (JL/PL)
    Skinny Puppy - BRAP (Disc 3)                     Liper (NG/PX)
    Skinny Puppy - BRAP (Disc 4)                     JuraWall (MO/DN)
    Skinny Puppy - Censor                            Shel (DN/WM)
    Skinny Puppy - Chainsaw                          Ray (SZ/PL)
    Skinny Puppy - Cleanse Fold and Manipulate       JELL
    Skinny Puppy - Dys Temper                        Hince (PL/SZ)
    Skinny Puppy - Inquisition                       Frost (TI/JL)
    Skinny Puppy - Last Rights                       Woody (SZ/HA)
    Skinny Puppy - Mind: The Perpetual Intercourse   Scaler (HA/DN)
    Skinny Puppy - Rabies                            Rainbow (WM/PL)
    Skinny Puppy - Remission                         Omen (GA/SZ)
    Skinny Puppy - Spasmolytic                       Yakuto (TI/WM)
    Skinny Puppy - Testure                           Leafy (TI/PL)
    Skinny Puppy - The Process                       Kelp (JL/PL)
    Skinny Puppy - Too Dark Park                     Lexus (GA/DN)
    Skinny Puppy - Twelve Inche Anthology            Messiah (MO/GA)
    Skinny Puppy - VIVIsectVI                        Leafy (TI/PL)
    Skinny Puppy - Worlock                           TIGER
    Skold - s/t                                      Icy (JL/TI)
    Slayer - Divine Intervention                     Deton (TI/PX)
    Slayer - Seasons in the Abyss                    PinkJam (JL/PX)
    Slayer - South of Heaven                         Deton (TI/PX)
    Slayer - Reign in Blood                          Dento (TI/DN)
    Smashing Pumpkins - Gish                         Serene (PX/PL)
    Smashing Pumpkins - Siamese Dream                WORM
    Smashing Pumpkins - Adore                        Bloodshot (SZ/MO)
    Smashing Pumpkins - Dawn till...                 Melon (SZ/DN)
    Smashing Pumpkins - Twilight to...               Karone (WM/HA)
    $Patti Smith - Horses                            Gallop (DN/???)
    Will Smith - Big Willie Style                    Valentino (DN/PX)
    Snap! - Welcome to Tomorrow                      Vixen (PX/GA)
    Sneaker Pimps - Becoming X                       RockWorm (WM/GO)
    Snuff - demmamussabebonk                         PLANT
    Solid HarmoniE - s/t (Album CD)                  MonoEye (TI/SZ)
    Solid HarmoniE - s/t (Bonus CD)                  Toto (TI/GO)
    Soundgarden - Down on the Upside                 EyeGuy (WM/SZ)
    Soundgarden - Superunknown                       Gecko (WM/DN)
    Sounds of the '70s: Punk/NewWave (comp)          Jungler (NG/PL)
    Britney Spears - Baby One More Time...           PullWorm (WM/MO)
    Spew U Sampler (comp)                            Jupiter (JL/SZ)
    $Spice Girls - Spice                             Cutey (AP/???)
    Spice Girls - Spice Up Your Life (single)        Cutter (NA/JL)
    Spice Girls - Spice World                        GALI
    Spice Girls - Wannabe (single)                   Leafy (TI/PL)
    Spinal Tap - Break Like the Wind                 PinkEye (SZ/PX)
    Spirit of '73: Rock for Choice (comp)            WingWorm (WM/NG)
    Spyro Gyra - Love & Other Obsessions             BadSeed (PL/NG)
    Stabbing Westward - Ungod                        PinkEye (SZ/PX)
    Stabbing Westward - Wither, Blister, Burn & Peel PIXIE
    Stabbing Westward - Darkest Days                 Deton (TI/PX)
    Stairways to Heaven: Led Zeppelin Tribute        Anki (DN/GO)
    Lisa Stansfield - Real Love                      RockWorm (WM/GO)
    Lisa Stansfield - s/t                            IceCandy (MO/JL)
    Steve Stevens' Atomic Playboys - s/t             Lava (JL/MO)
    Sting - Fields of Gold                           Valentino (DN/HA)
    $Sugar Ray - Floored                             Jaques (DL/???)
    Sugar Ray - 14:59                                Iceman (GO/TI)
    Suicidal Tendencies - s/t                        HARE
    Suicidal Tendencies - Lights, Camera, Revolution Scales (JL/DN)
    Suicide Machines - Destruction by Definition     CrossEye (HA/SZ)
    Supertramp - Even in the Quietest Moments...     Allure (PX/NG)
    Symphonic Pink Floyd                             Shel (DN/WM)
    Symphony of the Planets Vol. 3 (comp)            SUEZO
    Synaesthesia - Desideratum (Disc 1)              Ballon (TI/GA)
    Synaesthesia - Desideratum (Disc 2)              Jello (JL/WM)
    Take That - Greatest Hits                        Sobo (MO/WM)
    Tangerine Dreams - Turn of the Tides             Rocky (SZ/GO)
    Tea Party - Transmission                         Iris (PL/TI)
    Tears for Fears - Tears Roll Down                Stoner (HA/GO)
    TechnoMancer - s/t                               PLANT
    $Teenage Fanclub - Grand Prix                    Radial (DS/???)
    Temple of The Dog - s/t                          Bad Seed (PL/NG)
    John Tesh - Live at Red Rocks (disc 1)           Rainbow (WM/PL)
    John Tesh - Live at Red Rocks (disc 2)           BlueFur (HA/JL)
    Testament - Souls of Black                       Noro (SZ/NG)
    Texas - White on Blonde                          EyeGuy (WM/SZ)
    Third Eye Blind - s/t                            Melon (SZ/DN)
    Third Eye Blind - Graduate (import single)       Spot (DN/HA)
    Third Eye Blind - How's It Going To Be (single)  Titan (GO/SZ)
    Third Eye Blind - Semi-Charmed Life (single)     Bazula (NG/GA)
    This is Boston Not LA (comp)                     Orion (SZ/GA)
    This is Techno: Volume 8 (comp)                  Jungler (NG/PL)
    This Picture - City of Sin                       PLANT
    'Tis the season (comp)                           Buster (HA/PX)
    TLC - Fanmail                                    Liper (NG/PX)
    TLC - Waterfalls (single)                        Toto (TI/GO)
    TLC - CrazySexyCool                              Ballon (TI/GA)
    Toad the Wet Sprocket - Fear                     Toto (TI/GO)
    Toad the Wet Sprocket - Dulcinea                 Rover (TI/HA)
    Tool - Opiate EP                                 Lava (JL/MO)
    Tool - Undertow                                  Ballon (TI/GA)
    Tool - AEnima                                    Goldy (DN/GA)
    Top 10 Classics: The Romantics (comp)            Edgy (NG/HA)
    Top 10 Classics: 1788-1810 (comp)                Valentino (DN/PX)
    Train - s/t                                      Rocky (SZ/GO)
    Travis Tritt - Greatest Hits                     Jupiter (JL/SZ)
    Tricky - Angels with Dirty Faces                 Slash (DN/JL)
    Trixter - Undercovers                            Frost (TI/JL)
    Trixter - Hear!                                  Ray (SZ/PL)
    Tina Turner - Simply the Best                    Rover (TI/HA)
    Shania Twain - Don't Impress Me Much (single)    Lava (JL/MO)
    Shania Twain - Come On Over                      Prince (HA/GA)
    Type O Negative - Bloody Kisses                  Asfar (MO/NG)
    Type O Negative - October Rust                   Stoner (HA/GO)
    U2 - Best of...1980-1990                         Lexus (GA/DN)
    U2 - Achtung Baby                                Woody (SZ/HA)
    U2 - Pop                                         Yakuto (TI/WM)
    Un-Cut: BMG Sampler 1995 (comp)                  Iris (PL/TI)
    Understanding Music by Yudkin (Comp Disc 1)      Shel (DN/WM)
    Understanding Music by Yudkin (Comp Disc 2)      MaskWorm (WM/GA)
    Understanding Music by Yudkin (Comp Disc 3)      Toothy (SZ/JL)
    Underworld - Dirty Epic/Cowgirl (single)         Rocky (SZ/GO)
    Underworld - dubnobasswithmyheadman              HARE
    Underworld - Second Toughest in the Infants      Maigon (GO/HA)
    Union - s/t                                      Jello (JL/WM)
    Utah Saints - s/t                                DINO
    Steve Vai - Flexable                             Deton (TI/PX)
    Steve Vai - Sex & Religion                       Hince (PL/SZ)
    Vangelis - Direct                                Warrior (GA/GO)
    Vangelis - Themes                                RedWorm (WM/PX)
    $Van Halen - 1984                                Eve (PX/???)
    Van Halen - For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge        RedWorm (WM/PX)
    Vans Warped Tour Sampler (comp)                  Sponge (MO/TI)
    Varga - Prototype                                Horn (SZ/TI)
    Veruca Salt - Eight Arms to Hold You             Trident (NG/GO)
    Veruca Salt - American Thighs                    Magna (GO/WM)
    $Village People - Best of...                     Anguish (NG/???)
    Violent Femmes - s/t                             Noro (SZ/NG)
    Violent Femmes - Add It Up ('81-'93)             Horn (SZ/TI)
    Violent World: Misfits Tribute (comp)            SUEZO
    $Wallflowers - Bringing Down the Horse           Neon (PL/???)
    War & Peace - Time Capsule                       Rocky (SZ/GO)
    Warrant - Dog Eat Dog                            Woody (SZ/HA)
    Warrant - Ultraphobic                            EyeGuy (WM/SZ)
    Warrior Soul - Chill Pill                        Rover (TI/HA)
    Warrior Soul - Drugs, God & the New Republic     TIGER
    Warrior Soul - Salutations from/Ghetto Nation    Drill (WM/TI)
    W.A.S.P. - K.F.D.                                Melon (SZ/DN)
    W.A.S.P. - Last Cuts                             EvilHare (HA/MO)
    W.A.S.P. - The Last Command                      SUEZO
    W.A.S.P. - Double Live Assassins (Disc 1)        Warrior (GA/GO)
    W.A.S.P. - Double Live Assassins (Disc 2)        Rainbow (WM/PL)
    W.A.S.P. - Sunset and Babylon                    IceCandy (MO/JL)
    W.A.S.P. - Headless Children                     Hince (PL/SZ)
    When in Rome - s/t                               Poseidon (GO/JL)
    White Zombie - Astro Creep 2000                  Tubby (WM/JL)
    White Zombie - La Sexorcisto                     PinkEye (SZ/PX)
    White Zombie - Super Sexy Swinging Sounds        GOLEM
    White Zombie - NightCrawlers: The KMFDM Remixes  TIGER
    The Who - Tommy                                  Gecko (WM/DN)
    Widowmaker - Stand By For Pain                   Drill (WM/TI)
    Widowmaker - Blood & Bullets                     Verde (GO/DN)
    Andy Williams  - Christmas Album                 WORM
    Hank Williams, Jr. - America the Way I See It    Spinner (PL/HA)
    John Williams - Summon the Heroes (comp)         BlackRex (DN/MO)
    Winger - Pull                                    Frost (TI/JL)
    X-Cops - You Have the Right...                   Gaia (NG/WM)
    Weird Al Yankovic - Greatest Hits 2              Jello (JL/WM)
    Weird Al Yankovic - Bad Hair Day                 Scaler (HA/DN)
    Weird Al Yankovic - Alapalooza                   Kelp (JL/PL)
    Weird Al Yankovic - Even Worse                   Ballon (TI/GA)
    Weird Al Yankovic - Off the Deep End             Verde (GO/DN)
    Weird Al Yankovic - TV Album                     Usaba (PL/WM)
    Weird Al Yankovic - UHF                          Regal (PL/GA)
    Winter Wonderland (comp)                         Leafy (TI/PL)
    Yanni - In Celebration of Life                   Cabalos (TI/NG)
    Neil Young - After the Gold Rush                 NAGA
    Frank Zappa - Fillmore East 1971                 Toothy (SZ/JL)
    Frank Zappa - Make a Jazz Noise (Disc 1)         Asfar (MO/NG)
    Frank Zappa - Make a Jazz Noise (Disc 2)         BlackRex (DN/MO)
    Frank Zappa Meets the Mothers of Invention       Deton (TI/PX)
    Frank Zappa - Z (Music for Pets)                 PinkJam (JL/PX)
    Rob Zombie  - Hellbilly Deluxe                   Lava (JL/MO)
    ______Soundtrack_________________________________Monster (Main/Sub)_________
    "Airheads" (sndtrk)                              PIXIE
    "Akira" (Anime sndtrk, JVC version)              Messiah (MO/GA)
    "Aladdin" (sndtrk)                               Orion (SZ/GA)
    "Anastasia" (sndtrk)                             TIGER
    "Armitage III" (Anime sndtrk)                    Rainbow (WM/PL)
    "Back to Titanic" (sndtrk)                       Toothy (SZ/JL)
    "Batman and Robin" (sndtrk)                      Aloha (DN/PL)
    "Batman Forever" (sndtrk)                        Ash (PL/MO)
    "Batman Returns" (sndtrk)                        Woody (SZ/HA)
    "Beautiful Girls" (sndtrk)                       Melon (SZ/DN)
    "The Beavis and Butthead Experience" (sndtrk)    EvilHare (HA/MO)
    "Beavis and Butthead Do America" (sndtrk)        Velvet (TI/MO)
    "Beyond the Mind's Eye" (sndtrk)                 MonoEye (TI/SZ)
    "Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey" (sndtrk)          Toto (TI/GO)
    "The Bodyguard" (sndtrk)                         Velvet (TI/MO)
    "Braveheart" (sndtrk)                            Jurawall (MO/DN)
    "Can't Hardly Wait" (sndtrk)                     Karone (WM/HA)
    "Castlevania: Symphony of the Night" (sndtrk)    WORM
    "City of Angels" (sndtrk)                        CrossEye (HA/SZ)
    "Clerks" (sndtrk)                                Tubby (WM/JL)
    "Conan The Barbarian" (sndtrk)                   Valentino (DN/PX)
    "The Crow" (sndtrk)                              PinkJam (JL/PX)
    "The Crow: City of Angels" (sndtrk)              HARE
    "Cruel Intentions" (sndtrk)                      NAGA
    "Dazed and Confused" (sndtrk)                    Icy (JL/TI)
    "Dumb & Dumber" (sndtrk)                         Rover (TI/HA)
    "Escape from L.A." (sndtrk)                      Cabalos (TI/NG)
    "Event Horizon" (sndtrk)                         Toto (TI/GO)
    "Fantasia" (Remastered sndtrk Disc 1)            Slash (DN/JL)
    "Fantasia" (Remastered sndtrk Disc 2)            Valentino (DN/PX)
    "Fear of a Black Hat" (sndtrk)                   EyeGuy (WM/SZ)
    "Final Fantasy Anthology" (game sndtrk)          Maigon (GO/HA)
    $"Forrest Gump" (sndtrk Disc 1)                  Smiley (DN/???)
    "Four Rooms" (sndtrk)                            Cabalos (TI/NG)
    "Freejack" (sndtrk)                              CrossEye (HA/SZ)
    "Friday" (sndtrk)                                Rainbow (WM/PL)
    "From Dusk Till Dawn" (sndtrk)                   BlueFur (HA/JL)
    "Ghost in the Shell" (Anime sndtrk)              Frost (TI/JL)
    "Godzilla" (sndtrk)                              Gecko (WM/DN)
    "Grease" (sndtrk)                                Obor (PL/JL)
    "Hackers" (sndtrk)                               EvilHare (HA/MO)
    "Hackers 2" (sndtrk)                             GoodGuy (HA/PL)
    "Heavy Metal" (sndtrk)                           Stinger (NG/DN)
    "Hideaway" (sndtrk)                              Gaia (NG/WM)
    "ID4: Independence Day" (sndtrk)                 Slash (DN/JL)
    "Iria: Zeiram the Animation" (sndtrk)            Allure (PX/NG)
    "The Jackal" (sndtrk)                            Cyclops (NG/SZ)
    "The Jerky Boys" (sndtrk)                        GALI
    "Jerry Maguire" (sndtrk)                         Rainbow (WM/PL)
    "Johnny Mnemonic" (sndtrk)                       Melon (SZ/DN)
    "Jurassic Park" (sndtrk)                         Leafy (TI/PL)
    "Killer Instinct - Killer Cuts" (game sndtrk)    Striker (NG/TI)
    "Labyrinth" (sndtrk)                             PinkEye (SZ/PX)
    "A Life Less Ordinary" (sndtrk)                  Omen (GA/SZ)
    "Lost Highway" (sndtrk)                          Orion (SZ/GA)
    "Lost in Space" (1998) (sndtrk)                  Karone (WM/HA)
    "Macross Plus II" (Anime sndtrk)                 Deton (TI/PX)
    $"Major League 2" (sndtrk)                       Player (NY/???)
    "Mallrats" (sndtrk)                              Pixel (GA/PX)
    "The Matrix" (sndtrk)                            Karone (WM/HA)
    $"Men In Black" (sndtrk)                         Disrupt (DL/???)
    "Men in Black: The Score" (sndtrk)               TIGER
    "Mission Impossible" (sndtrk)                    MaskWorm (WM/GA)
    "Mortal Kombat: The Album" (sndtrk)              Marble (GO/NG)
    "Mortal Kombat" (sndtrk)                         Yakuto (TI/WM)
    "Mortal Kombat: More Kombat" (sndtrk)            JuraWall (MO/DN)
    "Mortal Kombat: Annihilation" (sndtrk)           Obelisk (MO/GO)
    "Murder Was the Case" (sndtrk)                   Scaler (HA/DN)
    "The Music of Red Alert" (sndtrk)                Noro (SZ/NG)
    "Natural Born Killers" (sndtrk)                  Style (GA/WM)
    "The Nightmare Before Xmas" (sndtrk)             Groucho (HA/WM)
    $"Paris, Texas" (sndtrk)                         Sam (JL/???)
    "Playing God" - (sndtrk)                         Gecko (WM/ON)
    "Pokemon: 2BA Master" (sndtrk)                   FlyEye (SZ/WM)
    "Pokemon: The First Movie" (sndtrk)              HARE
    "Prince of Egypt" (sndtrk) (Collector's Ed.)     Jello (JL/WM)
    "Pulp Fiction" (sndtrk)                          WingWorm (WM/NG)
    "Pump Up the Volume" (sndtrk)                    Radar (PX/WM)
    "Quantum Leap" (TV sndtrk)                       WORM
    "Music from Red Shoe Diaries" (sndtrk)           DINO
    "Reservoir Dogs" (sndtrk)                        Icy (JL/TI)
    "Return of the Jedi: Special Ed." (sndtrk D1)    Pulsar (HA/TI)
    "Return of the Jedi: Special Ed." (sndtrk D2)    Goldy (DN/GA)
    "Romeo & Juliet" (sndtrk)                        BlackRex (DN/MO)
    "Romeo & Juliet Vol. 2" (sndtrk)                 Groucho (HA/WM)
    "Sailor Moon: Songs from/T.V. Series" (sndtrk)   Grape (DN/NG)
    "The Saint" (sndtrk)                             Stoner (HA/GO)
    "Saturday Night Fever" (sndtrk)                  Sponge (MO/TI)
    "S.F.W." (sndtrk)                                Liper (NG/PX)
    "Shocker" (sndtrk)                               HARE
    "Showgirls" (sndtrk)                             WingWorm (WM/NG)
    "Southpark: Bigger, Longer and Uncut" (sndtrk)   Mopsy (PX/HA)
    "Space Jam" (sndtrk)                             Omen (GA/SZ)
    "Strange Days" (sndtrk)                          Maigon (GO/HA)
    "Stargate" (sndtrk)                              MonoEye (TI/SZ)
    "Star Trek: Generations" (sndtrk)                MonoEye (TI/SZ)
    "Star Wars: The Phantom Menace" (sndtrk)         Ray (SZ/PL)
    "Star Wars: Special Edition" (sndtrk Disc 1)     Drill (WM/TI)
    "Star Wars: Special Edition" (sndtrk Disc 2)     Rover (TI/HA)
    "Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire" (sndtrk)      NAGA
    $"Spawn" (sndtrk)                                Apocolis (DR/???)
    "Tales from the Crypt: Demon Knight" (sndtrk)    Pulsar (HA/TI)
    "Tank Girl" (sndtrk)                             Scaler (HA/DN)
    "Top Gun" (sndtrk)                               Color (GA/PL)
    "Toys" (sndtrk)                                  MonoEye (TI/SZ)
    "Trick or Treat" (sndtrk)                        Striker (NG/TI)
    "UHF" (sndtrk)                                   Regal (PL/GA)
    "Until the End of the World" (sndtrk)            PinkJam (JL/PX)
    "Wayne's World" (sndtrk)                         JELL
    "Wing Commander: Prophecy" (sndtrk)              PLANT
    "WWF: The Music Vol. 2" (sndtrk)                 MaskWorm (WM/GA)
    "WWF: The Music Vol. 3" (sndtrk)                 WingWorm (WO/NG)
    "Xanadu" (sndtrk)                                Orion (SZ/GA)
    "X-Files: Fight the Future" (sndtrk)             Gil (JL/GA)
    ____Playstation Game Title_______________________Monster (Main/Sub)_________
    *007: Tomorrow Never Dies                        PLANT
    *Ace Combat 2                                    PLANT
    *Alien Trilogy                                   Pulsar (HA/TI)
    *Allied General                                  Shel (DN/WM)
    *Ape Escape (demo)                               Messiah (GA/GO)
    *Arcade's Greatest Hits: The Atari Collection    JELL
    *Armored Core                                    JELL
    *Assault: Retribution                            SUEZO
    *Asteroids                                       Cabalos (TI/NG)
    *Beast Wars: Transformers                        Shel (DN/WM)
    *Beyond the Beyond                               DINO
    *(J)Bloody Roar 2                                MONOL
    *Brave Fencer Musashi                            BadSeed (PL/NG)
    *Breath of Fire 3                                Stinger (NG/DN)
    *A Bug's Life                                    DINO
    *Bushido Blade                                   TIGER
    *(J)Bushido Blade 2                              HARE
    *Bushido Blade 2                                 MONOL
    *Bust-a-Groove                                   JELL
    *Castlevania: Symphony of the Night              PLANT
    *(J)Choro Q Marine                               TIGER
    *Clock Tower                                     DINO
    *Colony Wars (Disc 1)                            BlueFur (HA/JL)
    *Colony Wars (Disc 2)                            Tubby (WM/JL)
    *Colony Wars: Vengeance                          WORM
    *Command & Conquer: Red Alert (Allies Disc)      DINO
    *Command & Conquer: Red Alert (Soviet Disc)      PIXIE
    *Contender (Demo)                                Gil (JL/GA)
    *Cool Boarders                                   CrossEye (HA/SZ)
    *CoolBoarders 4                                  JELL
    *Crash Bandicoot                                 DINO
    *Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back          SUEZO
    *Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped                       SUEZO
    *Crash Team Racing                               JELL
    *Croc: Legend of the Gobbos                      MONOL
    *(J)Cyber Egg                                    Shrub (PL/DN)
    *Dark Forces                                     NAGA
    *Demolition Racer                                SUEZO
    *Descent                                         HARE
    *Devil Dice                                      Bloodshot (SZ/MO)
    *Diablo                                          TIGER
    *Dino Crisis                                     Melon (SZ/DN)
    *(J)Dragonball Final Bout                        TIGER
    *Dragon Seeds                                    HARE
    *Driver                                          PIXIE
    *Driver 2 (Disc 1)                               TIGER
    *Driver 2 (Disc 2)                               WORM
    *Duke Nukem: Time to Kill                        GOLEM
    *Duke Nukem: Total Meltdown                      Fencer (JL/GO)
    *Dune 2000                                       SUEZO
    *Ehrgeiz                                         HARE
    *Eidos Interactive 1998 Demo Disc                Velvet (TI/MO)
    *Epidemic                                        DINO
    *Extreme Pinball                                 Goldy (DN/GA)
    *FIFA '98                                        DINO
    *FIFA '99                                        TIGER
    *Fighter Maker                                   Anki (DN/GO)
    *Fighting Force                                  Yakuto (TI/WM)
    *Final Fantasy V                                 GALI
    *Final Fantasy VI                                SUEZO
    *Final Fantasy VII (Disc 1)                      PIXIE
    *Final Fantasy VII (Disc 2)                      DINO
    *Final Fantasy VII (Disc 3)                      WORM
    *Final Fantasy VII (American Demo)               SUEZO
    *Final Fantasy VIII (Disc 1)                     DINO
    *Final Fantasy VIII (Disc 2)                     HARE
    *Final Fantasy VIII (Disc 3)                     PLANT
    *Final Fantasy VIII (Disc 4)                     HARE
    *Final Fantasy VIII (American Demo)              SUEZO
    *Final Fantasy IX (Disc 1)                       PIXIE
    *Final Fantasy IX (Disc 2)                       HARE
    *Final Fantasy IX (Disc 3)                       PLANT
    *Final Fantasy IX (Disc 4)                       HARE
    *Final Fantasy Tactics                           HARE
    *G-Police (Disc 1)                               DINO
    *G-Police (Disc 2)                               PLANT
    *Gex 3: Beyond the Gecko                         GOLEM
    *Ghost In The Shell                              TIGER
    *Gran Turismo                                    HARE
    *Guardian's Crusade                              TIGER
    *(J)Gunbarl                                      DINO
    *(J)GunBullet                                    HARE
    *Harvest Moon: Back to Nature                    TIGER
    *Heart of Darkness (Disc 1)                      PLANT
    *Heart of Darkness (Disc 2)                      HARE
    *Hogs of War                                     Anki (DN/GO)
    *Independence Day                                Shel (DN/WM)
    *International Superstar Soccer Pro '98          PLANT
    *In the Hunt                                     Cabalos (TI/NG)
    *Jade Cocoon                                     WORM
    *Jet Moto                                        Amenho (GO/GA)
    *Jet Moto 2                                      Yakuto (TI/WM)
    *Kagero: Deception II                            GOLEM
    *Kileak: The DNA Imperative                      HARE
    *King's Field                                    HARE
    *Knockout Kings                                  HARE
    *Legend of Dragoon (Disc 1)                      DINO
    *Legend of Dragoon (Disc 2)                      PLANT
    *Legend of Dragoon (Disc 3)                      MONOL
    *Legend of Dragoon (Disc 4)                      PIXIE
    *Legend of Legaia (US Demo)                      SUEZO
    *Legend of Legaia                                NAGA
    *(J)Legion of Heroes (Disc 1)                    TIGER
    *(J)Legion of Heroes (Disc 2)                    DINO
    *Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete (Disc 1)      Gecko (WM/DN)
    *Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete (Disc 2)      Obelisk (MO/GO)
    *Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete (sndtrk)      Dento (TI/DN)
    *The Making of Lunar: Silver Star Story          Cabalos (TI/NG)
    *Madden '99                                      TIGER
    *Master of Monsters: Disciples of Gaia           Slash (DN/JL)
    *Mechwarrior 2                                   Mint (PX/TI)
    *Mega Man Legends                                EyeGuy (WM/SZ)
    *Metal Gear Solid (Disc 1)                       MONOL
    *Metal Gear Solid (Disc 2)                       DINO
    *Midway's Arcade Vol. 2                          GALI
    *Monster Rancher                                 Rover (TI/HA)
    *Monster Rancher 2                               GOLEM
    *Monster Seed                                    GALI
    *Mortal Kombat 4                                 NAGA
    *Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero             DINO
    *Mortal Kombat Trilogy                           Usaba (PL/WM)
    *Nagano Winter Olympics '98                      HARE
    *NAMCO Demo CD                                   NAGA
    *NASCAR '99                                      Maigon (GO/HA)
    *Need For Speed                                  MONOL
    *NHL '99                                         JELL
    *Oddworld: Abe's Exoddus (Disc 1)                JELL
    *Oddworld: Abe's Exoddus (Disc 2)                DINO
    *Official U.S. Playstation Demo vol. 10          Mustard (DN/SZ)
    *Official U.S. Playstation Demo vol. 12          Mustard (DN/SZ)
    *Official U.S. Playstation Demo vol. 24          MonoEye (TI/SZ)
    *Official U.S. Playstation Demo vol. 26          Toothy (SZ/JL)
    *Official U.S. Playstation Demo vol. 35          Yakuto (TI/WM)
    *Official U.S. Playstation Demo vol. 38          Jungler (NA/PL)
    *Ogre Battle                                     Anki (DN/GO)
    *PaRappa the Rapper                              PLANT
    *Parasite Eve (Disc 1)                           GOLEM
    *Parasite Eve (Disc 2)                           TIGER
    *Persona                                         MONOL
    *Pizza Hut 1998 Promotional Demo Disc            GALI
    *Playstation Interactive Sampler v3.0            Grape (DN/NG)
    *Playstation Interactive Sampler v3.5            WORM
    *Playstation Interactive Sampler v9.0            Blue Fur (HA/JL)
    *Playstation Underground Jampack Vol. 4          Echo (GO/PL)
    *Playstation Underground Jampack Winter '99      Rover (TI/HA)
    *Playstation Underground Jampack Summer 2K       Velvet (TI/MO)
    *R4: Ridge Racer Type 4                          GALI
    *Raiden Project                                  TIGER
    *Rayman                                          Bloodshot (SZ/MO)
    *ReBoot                                          PIXIE
    *Resident Evil                                   SUEZO
    *Resident Evil: Director's Cut Dual Shock        Stinger (NG/DN)
    *Resident Evil 2 (Disc 1)                        MonoEye (TI/SZ)
    *Resident Evil 2 (Disc 2)                        Deton (TI/PX)
    *Resident Evil 2: Dual Shock (Disc 1)            Cross Eye (HA/SZ)
    *Resident Evil 2: Dual Shock (Disc 2)            HARE
    *(J)Rival Schools 2                              WORM
    *Riven (Disc 1)                                  TIGER
    *Riven (Disc 2)                                  DINO
    *Riven (Disc 3)                                  JELL
    *Riven (Disc 4)                                  PIXIE
    *Riven (Disc 5)                                  PIXIE
    *RoboPit                                         Woody (SZ/HA)
    *(J)Rockman Battle n' Chase                      TIGER
    *SaGa Frontier                                   PLANT
    *Silent Hill                                     GALI
    *SlamScape                                       NAGA
    *Sled Storm                                      Orion (SZ/GA)
    *Spyro the Dragon                                WORM
    *Squaresoft 1998 Collector's CD vol.1            GOLEM
    *Star Ocean: the Second Story (Disc 1)           MONOL
    *Star Ocean: the Second Story (Disc 2)           PLANT
    *Starwinder: The Ultimate Space Race             PIXIE
    *Street Fighter EX+Alpha                         JELL
    *(J)Street Fighter EX+Alpha                      JELL
    *(J)Street Figher Zero 3                         Pull Worm (WM/MO)
    *Suikoden                                        TIGER
    *Syphon Filter                                   DINO
    *Tactics Ogre                                    Dento (TI/DN)
    *Tales Of Destiny                                Rover (TI/HA)
    *$Tecmo's Deception                              Ardebaren (MA/???)
    *Tekken 2                                        Deton (TI/PX)
    *Tekken 3                                        Icy (JL/TI)
    *(J)Tekken 3                                     Jupiter (JL/SZ)
    *Tenchu: Stealth Assassins                       HARE
    *(J)Tenchu: Shinobi Gaisen                       Melon (SZ/DN)
    *Ten Pin Alley                                   Grape (DN/NG)
    *Test Drive Off Road                             Liper (NG/TI)
    *Theme Park                                      PinkEye (SZ/PX)
    *Thrill Kill                                     Shrub (PL/DN)
    *Time Crisis                                     Lidee (DN/TI)
    *(J)Time Crisis                                  Lidee (DN/TI)
    *Tobal #1                                        Angel (PX/GA)
    *Tomb Raider                                     Spot (DN/HA)
    *Tomb Raider II                                  Maigon (GO/HA)
    *Tomb Raider III                                 HARE
    *Tony Hawk's Pro Skater                          WORM
    *Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2                        PIXIE
    *Toys'R'Us 1998 Sampler                          SUEZO
    *Toys'R'Us 1999 Sampler                          Spot (DN/HA)
    *Twisted Metal                                   Horn (SZ/TI)
    *Twisted Metal 2                                 RockWorm (GO/WM)
    *Twisted Metal 3                                 Deton (TI/PX)
    *UmJammer Lammy                                  PIXIE
    *Unholy Wars                                     DINO
    *Vandal Hearts                                   WORM
    *Vigilante 8                                     Gecko (WM/DN)
    *Viva Football                                   GALI
    *Vs.                                             WORM
    *Warcraft 2: The Dark Saga                       PLANT
    *Warzone 2100                                    MONOL
    *WCW Nitro                                       Amenho (GO/GA)
    *WCW vs. the World                               Gaia (NG/WM)
    *Wild Arms                                       MONOL
    *Wing Commander (Disc 1)                         DINO
    *Wing Commander (Disc 2)                         MONOL
    *Wing Commander (Disc 3)                         DINO
    *Wing Commander (Disc 4)                         SUEZO
    *Worms                                           Toothy (SZ/JL)
    *WWF Attitude                                    Gil (JL/GA)
    *WWF In Your House                               ShonMask (GA/NG)
    *WWF Warzone                                     PinkEye (SZ/PX)
    *WWF Wrestlemania: The Arcade Game               SUEZO
    *Xenogears (Disc 1)                              NAGA
    *Xenogears (Disc 2)                              HARE
    ____Sega Game Title______________________________Monster (Main/Sub)_________
    *Albert Odyssey (Saturn)                         RockBush (PL/GO)
    *(J)Burning Rangers (Saturn)                     Black Rex (DN/MO)
    *(J)Choro Q Park (Saturn)                        Goldy (DN/GA)
    *Courier Crisis (Saturn)                         Sapphire (GA/TI)
    *Crypt Killer (Saturn)                           Usaba (PL/WM)
    *Daytona USA: Championship Circuit Ed. (Saturn)  Shrub (PL/DN)
    *(J)Dead or Alive (Saturn)                       Leafy (TI/PL)
    *Die Hard Arcade (Saturn)                        Titan (GO/SZ)
    *Die Hard Trilogy (Saturn)                       Prince (HA/GA)
    *Dracula Unleashed (SegaCD Disc 1)               Prince (HA/GA)
    *Dracula Unleashed (SegaCD Disc 2)               WingWorm (WM/NG)
    *(J)Dracula X (Saturn)                           Trident (NG/GO)
    *Dragon Force (Saturn)                           Mono Eye (TI/SZ)
    *(J)Dragon Force II (Saturn)                     Drill (WM/TI)
    *(J)Dragonball X Legends (Saturn)                Tubby (WM/JL)
    *FIFA '98: Road to the World Cup (Saturn)        Titan (GO/SZ)
    *(J)Fighters Megamix (Saturn)                    Dento (TI/DN)
    *(J)Gem Fighter (Saturn)                         Rover (TI/HA)
    *(J)GT 24 (Saturn)                               Rock Bush (PL/GO)
    *Guardian Heroes (Saturn)                        Deton (TI/PX)
    *(J)House of the Dead (Saturn)                   Mustard (DN/SZ)
    *House of the Dead (Saturn)                      Mustard (DN/SZ)
    *(J)King of Fighters '97 (Saturn)                Rover (TI/HA)
    *Lost World (Saturn)                             Dento (TI/DN)
    *(J)Manx TT Superbike (Saturn)                   Yakuto (TI/WM)
    *(J)Marvel vs. Street Fighter (Saturn)           Prism (PX/MO)
    *(J)Marvel Super Heroes (Saturn)                 Icy (JL/TI)
    *MegaMan X4 (Saturn)                             HARE
    *Mortal Kombat Trilogy (Saturn)                  Fencer (JL/GO)
    *NiGHTS: Into Dreams (Saturn)                    Mint (PX/TI)
    *NiGHTS: CD Sampler (Saturn)                     Buster (HA/PX)
    *Night Trap (SegaCD Disc 1)                      GALI
    *Night Trap (SegaCD Disc 2)                      WORM
    *Rampage World Tour (Saturn)                     JuraWall (MO/DN)
    *Resident Evil (Saturn)                          RockBush (PL/GO)
    *Rise of the Dragon (SegaCD)                     Yakuto (TI/WM)
    *Saturn Bomberman (Saturn)                       GoodGuy (HA/PL)
    *Sega Saturn Bootleg Sampler (Saturn)            Jupiter (JL/SZ)
    *(J)Sega Touring Car Championship (Saturn)       Pulsar (HA/TI)
    *(J)Shin Shinobi Den (Saturn)                    Magma (GO/WM)
    *Sonic 3D Blast (Saturn)                         Pull Worm (WM/MO)
    *Sonic R (Saturn)                                Amethyst (HA/NG)
    *Spider-Man vs. the Kingpin (SegaCD)             Verde (GO/DN)
    *Street Fighter Alpha 2 (Saturn)                 Anki (DN/GO)
    *(J)Street Fighter Zero 3 (Saturn)               Sapphire (GA/TI)
    *(J)Super Puzzle Fighter 2X (Saturn)             TIGER
    *(J)Thunder Force V (Saturn)                     PLANT
    *(J)Vampire Saviour (Saturn)                     Spot (DN/HA)
    *(J)Virtua Cop 2 (Saturn)                        Shon Mask (GA/NG)
    *(J)Virtua Fighter 2 (Saturn)                    Aloha (DN/PL)
    *(J)Warriors of Fate (Saturn)                    Jello (JL/WM)
    *(J)Winter Heat (Saturn)                         Rover (TI/HA)
    *(J)Worldwide Soccer '98 (Saturn)                Deton (TI/PX)
    *(J)X-Men vs. Street Fighter (Saturn)            Anki (DN/GO)
    ____Miscellaneous CD Title_______________________Monster (Main/Sub)_________
    ^$Next Generation #36 Demo [Dec 1997]            MilkyWay (GA/???)
    ^PC Gamer #40 Demo [Feb 1997]                    HARE
    ^PC Gamer #47 Demo [Sept 1997]                   GOLEM
    ^Ultra Game Players #97 Demo [May 1997]          DINO
    ^$Ultra Game Players #104 Demo [Dec 1997]        Two-Tone (MO/???)

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