How can I get a different Monster?

  1. I need another cool monster since my mochi died.Im playing in psp so I dont know how to get a new monster.PLS HELP

    User Info: Hinagana

    Hinagana - 8 years ago

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  1. I play this on my PS2, but yeah, the only thing I can think of is the Market...Zuum and Mocchi are always available.

    Spring: Suezo
    Summer: Arrow Head (red shell)
    Fall: Hare
    Winter: Gaboo(the pile of clay)

    User Info: ehow22

    ehow22 - 7 years ago 1 0


  1. Well I used to play this game on PSX and I easily try my CD collections. I suggest you not to wait till your monster die for the next. Freeze them and start another monster and you can use it to make a combine, add with something like Dragon Tusk or else and you can get coll monsters. I don't know any other ways to get monster on PSP than buy it from the shop, every season there'll be different monster on the list though Zuum always be there.

    User Info: cloudyapril

    cloudyapril - 7 years ago 0 0
  2. Try to use UMDs

    User Info: Dogeci

    Dogeci - 6 years ago 0 0
  3. In Monster Rancher 2, at the first year we play it, there is an event between IMA and FIMBA in july, if you win the battle rank C at the fourt week, you will participate into that event. You will battle again FIMBA, you don't must win, after that battle, you will unlock a monster (i forgot it's name because they to many)

    User Info: BlackLotus666

    BlackLotus666 - 3 years ago 0 0

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