What is the best way to raise your monsters?

  1. I would gladly appreciate if you state the schedule for training, battle, and rest.. plus feeding method

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  1. All in all, there is no 'best way' to raise a monster. There are multiple ways that monsters can be raised that will enhance their stats and/or lifespans. The best way is to get the data of stress/tiredness and work out a schedule that will make the most of the lifespan they have, without losing too much lifespan to stress/tiredness/expeditions/battles/whatever.

    By using copious amounts of items, a no-rest style can be worked up that will cost a considerable amount of money, but will maximize the life of a monster. Experiment using Nuts Oil and Mint Leaves, and be prepared to do some mathematics in your head or on paper.

    Alternatively, just experiment with styles and keep track of what does and doesn't work. Get a listing of what the various items do and try them out in various combinations through your monster's life.

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  1. Feeding-milk for the first 6 months then meat because it adds 2 weeks of life.
    Training-no enrentry until past a year old and even after only when u need a new move, try to train them every day and every time they "seem well" feed nuts oil it alows u to train all the time and on every 4th week to get rid of strees.
    Battle-try battle as litle as pos only doing batles that get u something importand eg dino tail to reduce stres untill u get past 3years then battle gets good training and no longer takes away life.

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  2. For resting up, I always rest my Monster when they get to "Seems well" to anything lower. I think the way it goes is...

    "Very Well"
    "Seems Well"
    "Seems Tired"
    "Looking Tired"
    "Very Tired"

    My knowledge might be rusty on that though.

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