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     FAQ TITLE  : Basic Guide To "MONSTER RANCHER 2" [Version : 1.2]
     GAME INFO  : Monster Rancher 2, US Version.
                    Copyrighted by Tecmo in 1999. 
                      Genre -- Monster Ranching Simulation
     FAQ WRITER : Nathan Prima Suwanto [shinichi@sby.dnet.net.id]
     DATE/TIME  : 07 November 1999, 11:30 GMT/18:30 WIB
    Note To Readers
    This FAQ is best viewed on 1024 x 768 on Microsoft Word 97+. I'm sure most 
    people can support this resolution, if you can't then 800 x 600 is okay but you 
    should change the zoom from 100% to a lower zoom percent. Also, do not forget to 
    turn on the Automatic Word Wrapping. Many people complained to me because the 
    text was too lengthy, and then I found out it was because they don't have Wrap 
    activated. Actually, I wrote every paragraph without using 'Enter' at all. So if 
    you don't wrap it, a paragraph is just one long long line....
    Contacting Me and Sending submissions to me :
    E-Mail	: shinchi@sby.dnet.net.id
    ICQ UIN #	: 13520752
    FAQ Revision Information
    ver 1.2 - Added in 'Game Reviews'
            - Make some changes in the 'Cards' section
               (from 300 cards to 408 cards)
    	  - Give more details about 'Battle'
    ver 1.1 - Added in some info by Mail Request :
              a. Raising Rare Monsters
              b. Raising Monsters to Level S
    ver 1.0 - Initial release of FAQ
    Version Note
    1.2 :
    Still no contributions for the Disc Stones list !!
    But thanks a lot for people e-mailing me to give support and also thanks to 
    people who reminded me to create various new sections on this walkthrough. Next 
    time this FAQ will be better if you keep sending your ideas and support.
    1.1 :
    Thanks for the response, people ! All your mails which came to me has been 
    replied and thus the answers for the questions you asked will be posted here if 
    it's not here already. And... one more thing...
     Why There Is Nobody Who Contributes Disc Stones List At All ??!!
    Table of Contents
    01. Introduction
    02. Starting The Game
    03. Raising A Monster In The Ranch
       - Stats Section
       - Training Your Monster
    04. Monster Raising Tips and Tricks (NEW - 1.1)
       - Raising Rare Monsters
       - Raising Monsters To Level S
    05. List of Disc Stones
    06. Game Reviews
    07. Credits
    08. Copyright
    01. Introduction
    Hello. I've been absent from writing FAQs for about a year or so, and now I 
    finally decided to continue my work as a FAQ Writer. The last FAQ I worked on 
    was Quest For Glory V - Dragon Fire. I finished up that FAQ until ver 2.1. Even 
    though there's many people sending things (tips and tricks) to me, I just can't 
    make another update. A man have to know when to stop. Sorry for you people who 
    have been bothered by me because of this. Also, because I haven't written any 
    FAQ for a whole year, maybe I've lost my touch. So if there's any mistake, 
    forgive me will ya people ??
    I'm doing this because I haven't got anything to do in my school holiday. But 
    I'll try to write more if I have the time. So you guys my fans, wait up. For 
    now, let's just proceed to the Monster Rancher 2 FAQ, ok guys ??
    02. Starting The Game
    To start the game it's very easy. Find your copy of Monster Rancher 2. Open the 
    CD Case, take the CD and put in on the CD tray. Turn on your PSX and voila ^_^ 
    (hmmm.... I was just kidding). Anyway, once you have reached the main menu, 
    press START and select NEW GAME (or LOAD GAME if you guys have played through 
    the game).
    In the IMa (International Monsters association) Hall, you are going to sign up 
    as a new trainer. Sign up your name and choose your gender. Then you'll be asked 
    to answer 10 randomly chosen Trainer Type question. Answer these questions based 
    on your personality because it will determine what type of trainer you are.
    You will be asked to wait a minute and then Coltia, a young female trainer 
    assistant will come up. Coltia will assist you depending on the trainer type 
    questions you answered. Example : 'Taking risks is necessary' [yes] means that 
    Coltia will wait until your monster become seriously injured until she will take 
    it to the hospital, if [no] then she will take it to hospital even if it's just 
    have a minor (scratch) injury.
    You will end up in the Town and you'll have to find a monster. Basically, there 
    are 2 ways you can get a monster. One, by getting it (for free) at the market. 
    Two, by going to the shrine and reproduce it from Disc Stones (CDs) or Slates 
    (Monster Rancher 1 Save Data). 
    At this time in the market, you can get 3 types of monsters. Zuum, Mocchi and a 
    seasonal monster which changes every season, in this time the monster is Suezo. 
    Remember that you can only grow one monster at a time so choose carefully. After 
    you got a monster, you got to name it carefully 'cause you can't change it later 
    In the shrine, you can get monsters from CDs [I'll come into details later] and 
    from MR1 Save Datas. There are some rare monsters which you can only get from 
    CDs so if you have many CDs try them all (not only PSX CDs but also music, VCD, 
    Sega CD, Dreamcast, Saturn, etc).
    After you're finished, you might want to go to the Lab. Here you can analyze 
    your monster (but it's actually useless) to find out more about it. Or if you 
    done raising a monster and want to grow another, you can FREEZE (brr...) the 
    monster here. You must also freeze a monster if you want to use it for battle 
    against your friends/CPU in 1P vs 2P mode.
    If you're finished hanging around the Town, go to the Ranch.
    03. Raising A Monster In The Ranch
    In the game system, a whole year is divided into 12 months and a month is 
    divided into 4 weeks. One game turn is exactly the same as one week. You must 
    plan carefully what will you do to your monster because you only got 48 turns 
    per year, and in my case monsters died around 3 years, so you've got 144 turns 
    to raise the monster into a big strong monster.
    [ Main Controller Setting ]
    L1/L2			- Move one page left on the 'Stats Section'
    R1/R2			- Move one page right on the 'Stats Section'
    Directional Pad	- Move around choices in the menu
    Triangle Button	- Cancel a selection/Return to previous menu
    Square Button	- Enter 'Stats Section' mode
    X Button		- Accept/Make a selection
    Circle Button	- Ask help from Coltia about a menu item
    [ Status Checking / SQUARE button ]
    To check on your monster stats, trainer stats, or card collection (names of 
    monsters you've raised) press SQUARE button.
    Monster Stats :
      Give detailed information about your monster's abilities. 
      Page 1 consists of Life, Power, Skill, Intelligence, Speed and Defense level.  
    There's also a Fame Indicator and the Monster Type and Level icons. You can also 
    see your monster's name and age here.
      Page 2 consists of number of Wins, Losses and KOs. There's also purse showing 
    how many money your monster has earned, and a table indicating how many times 
    your monster has been sick, injured, run away from the ranch or resist from you 
    (the last 2 may happen only if you treat it badly).
      Page 3 consists of Form (fat/skinny), Nature (good/bad), Style (not fighting 
    style but manners on you), Likes and Dislikes (the monster can dislike YOU if 
    you're too hard on it...)
      Page 4 consists of the monster's fighting techniques. For starting, usually 
    every monster only got 2 techniques (at least that's what I got from my starting 
    Suezo and Zuum). To gather new techniques, you must join the Errantry Training 
    [I'll explain about Errantry later on].
    Trainer Stats :
      Give detailed information about your achievements and abilities in raising 
    monsters (how succesful you are in monster ranching).
      Page 1 shows the sum number of Wins, Losses and KOs of all your monsters so 
    far. There's also purse showing cumulative amount of money you got from all 
    monsters and also your rank (1st to 10th, lowest to highest), your name and your 
    money (I'll call it 'fund'). It also lists the number of monsters you have at 
    certain ranks (hmmm... 5 at S, 2 at A, 1 at B, 2 at C).
      Page 2 shows how many monsters you have trained (hmm.. 5+2+1+2=10), and how 
    many monsters you have sorted by monsters type (hmm... 3 Suezo, 2 Zuum and...)
    Cards Collection :
      This card collection actually shows what monsters you have raised while 
    playing Monster Rancher 2. Actually, you don't have to raise the monster to 
    acquire their card. To gain cards, here's what to do :
      1. Gain a monster at the Market or Shrine [Town].
      2. After you're asked to try it or not, choose try it.
      3. Give a name when you're asked to --> monster added to card collection.
      4. Raise it on the Ranch [Ranch],
         Sell the monster for no money (coz no ability) [Market], or
         Freeze the monster [Lab] --> Choose this if you want to grow it later.
      There are an exact number of 408 monsters available in Monster Rancher 2, thus 
    there are 408 cards to collect here. If you don't like hard work (opening CD 
    case, changing CDs, giving names, freezing), you can take a shortcut here. If 
    you own a GameShark or a Pro Action Replay, I've got the code to gain all 408 
    cards (complete !).
      All Monster Cards :				5000CC02 0000
    							8009908C 0101
    [ Credits due to :									    ]
    [  - Rt2bwtuwnt@AOL.com for telling me that actually there are 408 monsters ]
    [ Main Menu on the Ranch ]
    There are 6 selections on the Ranch's Main Menu, here they are:
     Training	- Trains your monster to raise its abilities
     Rest		- Rest your monster for 1 week to let it recover from tiredness
     Battle	- Join a tournament for honor and pride ^_^
     Item		- Manage items (use items or shop in Auntie Verde's shop)
     File		- The usual Save/Load menu
     Town       - Go to Town to get its services [Market,Shrine,Lab]
    Training Your Monster :
    Training is divided into 2 main sections :
      a. Drill
         Drill is a kind of training done in the ranch. The monster is instructed to 
    do something by Joy (Coltia's parrot). One drill takes one week time to complete 
    and there is no chance to get a new technique. As there's no random enemy or 
    dangerous tasks, there is no chance of getting injured for your monster. Drill 
    itself is divided into 10 kinds of activities :
    1. Domino	- Power +	Fatigue +
    2. Run	- Life  +	Fatigue +
    3. Study    - Int   +	Fatigue +
    4. Shoot	- Skill +	Fatigue +
    5. Dodge	- Speed +	Fatigue +
    6. Endure	- Def   +	Fatigue +
    7.  Pull	 - Power ++	   Life  +   Speed -	Fatigue ++
    8.  Meditate - Int   ++	   Skill +   Def   -	Fatigue ++ 	
    9.  Leap	 - Speed ++	   Int   +   Power -	Fatigue ++
    10. Swim	 - Def   ++    Life  +   Int   -	Fatigue ++
      Sometimes, before the drill, the monster will ask you to do something for him 
    (buy him food/play with him next week). If you agree, the monster's loyalty will 
    go up and it's more likely that he will succeed in the drill. If you refuse, its 
    loyalty will go down and it will be more likely to fail the drill.
      A monster can also cheat during the drill. If he cheat, he will still get the 
    ability up but it's smaller and the ability down is bigger. After the drill, be 
    sure to scold him up and if he keeps doing that, give him 'Smoked Snake'. 
    Although it will decrease his loyalty and there's a chance that he will run 
    away, if its loyalty has gone up again it will be more disciplined.
      b. Errantry
         Errantry is a kind of training where you send your monster to some place to 
    finish some tasks. Normal Errantry Fee is 2000, but sometimes they can offer a 
    discount making the fee go down to 1000. During errantry, the monster has a 
    chance to gain 'New Techniques' (it is indicated as blinking lamp in the result 
    board). It also can meet Random Enemies, if you can defeat it, you'll get prize 
    money, but if you get KO-ed your monster might get a serious injury, even death.
    Injury can also happen if he failed during a dangerous task (usually 3 and 4).
         One Errantry session take a whole month to finish (4 turns). In those 4 
    weeks the monster will be given 4 tasks. If he fail doing a task, he will have 
    to retry it next week. So if your monster fails even one task, he won't be able 
    to succeed in the errantry. By doing errantry, you get more points up than you 
    would in drill training.
    	There are 4 errantry locations for Power, Speed, Skill, Intelligence which 
    are accessible during class E to C. All of these have effect ++ for the chosen 
    ability, + for life and ++ for fatigue. The errantry location for Defense can 
    only be accessed during class B to S, so for defense up you can only use drill.
    Battling in a Tournament :
      Whenever there will be an official IMa Cup Tournament at the end of a month, 
    Coltia will tell you about it at the beginning of a month so you can prepare 
    your monster for it. All IMa Cup Tournaments and another official tournaments 
    take place at the end of a month. Don't worry, you won't miss an official 
    tournament because Coltia will tell you about it every time there will be one.
    During the tournament you can choose from the following menu items :
     Battle	 - Fight your next opponent
     Information - Ask for information [Opponent, Move control and Ability control]
     Withdraw	 - Withdraw (forfeit) from the next battle (lose next battle)
     Drop Out	 - Forfeit all the upcoming battles (lose all battles)
    Before the battle, Coltia will ask you whether you want to give advices to your 
    monster during the battle or not. Basically, this asks you whether you want to 
    control your monster or not. [Yes] means that you can control the monster while 
    [No] means that the monster will be automatically controlled.
    During the battle, you can control the monster this way :
     Left		- Move monster away from enemy
     Right	- Move monster towards enemy
     Triangle	- Push enemy away when you're close with him (there's a red sign)
     Circle	- Nothing
     X		- Launch attack when Guts is enough
     Square	- Scroll down between monster's abilities (selected one)
     L1		- Move ability cursor left
     R1		- Move ability cursor right
    The monster will launch an attack depending on its range towards the enemy. So, 
    the monster WON'T launch the ability on the cursor (your cursor) but it will 
    launch the ability that is highlighted by the range indicator. Guts will 
    increase faster if you got more INT.
    The Screen :
    [	   1		] [3] [	   2		]
    ------------ 4		---------------- 7
    [][][][] -- 5           [][][][] -- 8
    ------------ 6		---------------- 9
    1. Your monster's HP
    2. Opponent monster's HP
    3. Time Left
    4. Your range indicator
    5. Your ability boxes
    6. Your Guts Level
    7. Enemy's range indicator
    8. Enemy's ability boxes
    9. Enemy's guts level
    You will win the battle if you can KO the enemy or if you got more HP percent 
    (not more HP points) than the enemy when the time is up. To get your monster 
    into a higher class, you must win (1st place) an IMa Tournament Cup for your 
    current grade.
    Most people e-mailed me that they can't get their monsters to launch more than 4 
    types of attacks, well here's how to do it. For example, if your monster has 16 
    (full set) attacks, the icons in the 'Monster Status' Section will look like :
    [1]	[2]	[3]	[4]
    [5]	[6]	[7]	[8]
    [9]	[10]	[11]	[12]
    [13]	[14]	[15]	[16]
    But in battle, there will be only 4 icons displayed at the bottom of the screen. 
    And for the first time, the 4 attacks will be the number 1,2,3,4 attacks. But 
    after you changed them, the next time you start a battle the 4 icons will be set 
    depending on the set last time you use it.
    To move between attacks in the battle control, you can use L1 to move the cursor 
    to the left and L2 to move the cursor to the right (between 1,2,3,4). If you 
    want to scroll upon the attacks, place the cursor on the attack and press Square 
    button. For example, if you place the cursor on 1 and then press Square it will 
    change in the order of 1 - 5 - 9 - 13 - 1 and so on...
    [ Credits due to :								   ] 
    [  - Rott103@aol.com reminding me to add this scrolling attacks part ] 
    04. Monster Raising Tips And Tricks
    Raising Rare Monsters :
     Sometimes, when you try to reproduce a monster from disc stones (CDs), you'll 
    get a message saying that the monster is rare and your level is not high enough 
    to raise the monster. Well, if this happens, it means that you haven't known how 
    to raise such monsters because you don't have the ability. As a rookie IMa 
    monster trainer all you've got is knowledge to raise simple, low-ranked monsters 
    that cna be easily obtained.
     Then, how to get the ability ?? You can get the ability through certain events. 
    You should join up every (well, not every... if you're not strong enough for it) 
    tournaments and adventures available for you. At certain events, some people 
    will come over your ranch and teach you how to raise some new kinds of monsters. 
    This means that the game will unlock your ability to raise some kind of monsters 
    that you can't raise at the beginning.
     This far, I've only known 1 event, so if anyone got more, tell me ok ?
    If you got enough Fame, sometimes around the mid-year, Master Pabs will come 
    over your place and tell you about the IMa vs FIMBA meet. You must join the 
    elimination tournament and win to participate in the IMa-FIMBA Meet. In the 
    Meet, you don't need to win your battle as long IMa won the overall Meet. But if 
    you can, do win. After IMa win the Meet Battle, a man from IMa will come over 
    and teach you how to raise 4 new kinds of monsters.
    [ Credits due to :									 ]
    [  - August Edward (monang@idola.net.id) for asking me to make this part ]
    Raising Monsters To Level S :
     To get your monster into level S, it's not easy and I myself had difficulties 
    in doing so. But finally, I was able to do it. Here's how I did it. First, I 
    sent my monster to errantry at the beginning of every month (don't send them in 
    the middle/end of the month because you won't be able to feed them) to raise its 
    abilities and gain new techniques.
     Note that the more 'Hurt' your monster got in the Status, the more quickly it 
    will die. Errantry can give many 'Hurt'-s to your monster, but its life should 
    be enough to reach S. So the errantry itself don't make lifes go shorter but 
    injuries and sicknesses do...
     To get into level S, you should join an official IMa Tournament Cup that is one 
    grade higher than your current grade (that's why Tecmo put in this feature). 
    Doing this may be difficult for you, as the monsters will be more powerful than 
    yours if you haven't train your monster very well. If you find it hard, just 
    join the normal ones and join one higher whenever you see your monster fits. If 
    you keep losing, well... just use a GameShark code for Infinite HP. This way it 
    will enable you to gain the S level quickly.
    [ Credits due to :						         ]
    [  - Stern (stern@westriv.com) for asking me to make this part ]
    05. List of Disc Stones
      This list is nowhere near complete as I haven't got many CDs. You can use many 
    kind of CDs like PSX Game, Dreamcast, Sega Saturn, Sega CD, Music CD, VCD, every 
    CDs you can found in the world. I'm waiting for you guys to contribute for me. 
    Send them to shinichi@sby.dnet.net.id
    1. Mocchi
       - Monster Rancher 2 [PSX]
    2. Bossy
       - Street Fighter Alpha 3 [PSX]
    3. Melon Suezo
       - Saga Frontier US [PSX]
    4. Pink Kato
       - Jade Cocoon US [PSX]
    Well.. eh, that's all guys. Haven't got time to try many CDs.
    And hey, until version 1.1 there's no one who contributed any Disc Stones they 
    found. You guys ask me to make a complete listing but you got no contributions 
    for me ? Hey, I'm just a normal gamer, not God so I don't know where it is to 
    find those many kinds of monsters locked in the different kinds of CDs ????
    06. Game Reviews
    Graphics 	: 95 %
    The graphic's good, the character's face contains many hand-drawn pixels and 
    they can show expressions like anger, sad, scared, scold, etc. The monster 
    graphics is very good and not blocky. The movement's fluid and not skipping.
    Sound		: 90 %
    The music's good but the variation is too small. The number of musics is still 
    countable (Town, Ranch, Battle, Reproduction, Errantry, Drill, what else). Sound 
    effects is good though especially on the battle scenes and attack sounds.
    Gameplay	: 90 %
    The monster's not too hard to control on battles and the ranch system is easy to 
    understand even for beginners. The plot is also very interesting to play.
    Addictive	: 90 %
    It is addictive. You can't wait to see what monsters you'll gain next and how 
    your monster will progress in the next months. This also enhances the replay 
    score, people would want to play it over and over until they got all 408s.
    Overall	: 90 %
    It's not a bad game. You can play this game to relax a bit and have fun after 
    playing tough RPG games like Final Fantasy VIII and Genso Suikoden II.
    What else to review ?? Any suggestions available please send them all to me as 
    soon as possible to my e-mail address...
    07. Credits
    No Credits for the Disc Stone Submissions.
    Credits for support :
    - Rt2bwtuwnt@AOL.com 	
    - Rott103@aol.com 	
    - August Edward (monang@idola.net.id) 
    - Stern (stern@westriv.com) 
    (check out what the credits are for on the sections above)
    Thanks a lot for your support guys. I appreciate them.
    08. Copyright
      This FAQ is made by Nathan Prima Suwanto in 1999 and available at GameFAQs. If 
    you are a webmaster and want to put this FAQ up on your site, ask me first. This 
    FAQ is for personal use only. Never ever take this FAQ and sell it at any 
    magazines. If I find out someone ripping this FAQ off, I'll crush him. By the 
    way, I'm an Indonesian, so you guys on the Indonesian Gamezines don't try to rip 
    this off like what you did to my friend's FAQ.

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