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    FAQ by Undead King

    Version: 5.0 | Updated: 04/20/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    FAQ for Monster Rancher 2 playstation game.
    Author:Undead King
    Contact:Undead King(Undeadking@aol.com)
    Contact NOTE: *READ MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT below before emailing*
    1.Summary-Explanation of FAQ
    2.What's new-Things added when updated
    3.What to expect-Things to be include in future updates
    4.Notes-Key to the cd list and random notes
    5.Breeding  Tips,FAQ-Misc. Tips and help
    6.Playstation-Section with Playstation games 
    7.3DO-Section with 3do games
    8.Saturn-Section with Sega Saturn games
    9.Pc games-Section with PC games
    10.Music Cd's-Section with Music CD's
    11.How to breed RAREs
    12.Guide to playing with your monster
    13.Info-contact info,copyright info,etc
    14.Credits-Credits and thanks
    This is a FAQ and CD list for Monster Rancher 2,
    a monster breeding simulation game.The FAQ section answers questions and 
    gives breeding and raising tips.This list will tell you 
    what monster you will get if you stick a certain cd in.It is FAR 
    from complete as I still have about a few more Sega Saturn games to 
    check.It also has a How to breed rares section.Which will inform you 
    how to breed those rare monsters.
    This Document is Copyright 2000 by Ed Finnegan.
    Whats New?
    Well, this FAQ is now cancelled. I no longer have the ability(nor the free
    time) to play this game. ALL info I have on it is in this FAQ. If you have
    a question on the game check the FAQ. If the answer isn't in here than I
    cannot help you. I have not been able to play the game for close to a 
    year and as such remember little to nothing about it. Due to this factor
    (as stated last update) I can no longer accept emails with questions
    relating to this game. Sorry for this inconvienince, I am not doing it to
    be "mean". So, please, do not send any emails with questions, it will be a
    waste of both of our time. Also, since this is the second time I have 
    stated that I can no longer accept emails on this game I will just be
    deleteing any that I recieve. As I have said I am not doing this to be 
    mean I simply cannot answer your questions so it will be a waste of my 
    time to read them.
    This FAQ is on indefinite hold.I can no longer accept emails with
    questions relating to this game. I have no way to play it anymore.
    I'm sorry about this unfortunate turn of events but please do not
    email me with questions as I will not be able to answer them. I'm 
    sorry for any problems this has caused.
    Added a few submissions. Thanks!
    Updates are going to be close to non exsistent for a while.
    I am very busy and my Playstation is not cooperating so I am
    putting all of my FAQs for Playstation on indefinite HOLD.
    That includes this one.I added a couple questions to the tips
    section.Also added monsters to the sparring section though
    I cannot give any one person credit for them as I have gotten
    around 6 emails about it.Thanks to those who've sent it in.
    Also fixed up the submission guidelines.
    Big update.Not big with info but I added a new layout for the
    Breeding tips and FAQ section.It took a while to do so that is
    why I call this a big update.If you like the new layout email me.
    If I get enough email I may change some other sections.On the info
    side of updates I added two new tips and 5 new CDs to the PSX
    section of the CD list.More to come.Also please check the Breeder
    tips and FAQ section BEFORE emailing me a question.It should be
    a lot easier to find your answer now with the new layout so 
    you have no excuse.So please check the section first.It will be
    a lot easier for both of us.If I have to spend my time answering
    questions already answered here it will mean less time for updates.
    If your question is answered here but you need more help then feel
    free to stil email me.But make sure you tell me that the answer 
    here wasn't clear enough so I can fix it in a later update.
    Thanks for your cooperation.
    Updated how to get Dragon in my How to breed RAREs section.Hope
    this helps those having problems.Sorry for the confusion.
    I had only planned on doing a CD list update.But for some ODD reason
    my playstation(the one that works)will not read music CD's when I
    try to get a monster off of them.So instead of a CD list update I
    just started playing the game again.I got three new RARE's.The 
    Dragon,Undine and Niton.Info for how to get them is in the How
    to breed RARE's section.I added a new section as well.It is far from
    complete though.It is the Guide to playing with your monsters.It
    will basically explain how to play the games better.I also did a 
    small CD list update.
    Well I finally decided to use my second playstation to play this game.So 
    this FAQ is officialy back on track.I will start with small
    Updates until I get some more free time.Expect only CD List updates
    for now.I lost my current save data so I have to start back a little
    in the game.Once I get back to where I was I may update other sections.
    Small Cd list update.Fixed some typo's.
    Added to my Breeding tips section.Added where the old sheath is thanks
    to Axell.Updated Durahan in my How to breed Rares section.
    Updated the breeding tips section.
    Cd list update.Updated Ducken in my How to breed RAREs section.
    Small Cd list update.
    Another update after a while.Expect at least one more update within a few
    days.Updated the Cd lists.Added like 10 new Cds to them.
    Well here is my first update in a while.I may update every now and then,
    but it is going to be few and far between.Feel free to keep on emailing
    me questions.I will do my best to answer them.
    As for what was updated,I added 6 tips.And did some various updates
    to the cd list.I finally added a Music Cd list.I will try to update
    with new CD's in a few weeks if time permits.
    Well,updates are  going to be even farther apart now. :( If they happen
    at all.No I am not tired of Monster Rancher 2.In fact I still think
    it's an awesome game.But apparently my playstation doesn't like it 
    anymore.Every time I play it,the game freezes or skips and all the
    other problems associated with an overheated playstation.If you would
    like me to still update my faq,please email me.Becuase I'd have to 
    go through a lot of trouble to play it but if people want it.Then
    I'll update.I do have another playstation.A new one,but for
    some odd reason when at the shrine the CD's never load(or take over
    a minute).So my CD list wont be updated as muchas I will have to use 
    my friends playstation.No real updates this time,just figured I'd let
    everyone know whats going on.So if you want me to update still,
    email me at Undeadking@aol.com.If I get enough demand I will update.
    If not then...
    Added a couple tips.Added a NOTE to my How to get RAREs section.
    Please note that I am taking a small break from the game,therefor
    I will not be updating my FAQ for about a week or so.Hopefully I will
    have more rares unlocked when I do update again.Also added a note to
    my contact section.If you plan to email me PLEASE read it.Thanks.
    Basicly completed my Saturn section,of the CD list.All that is left
    is a couple import games and the rares I haven't unlocked.
    Updated the My monster doesn't get invited to expeditions,Why? 
    question in the breeding tips section.Expanded on how to get the joker 
    Part of the Cd list updated.Added some Saturn games.Updated 3DO list to 
    include any Rares that I've gotten.Add some psx Cds.Also I unnumbered
    the list.That way it is easier to update.
    Added a Ton of Saturn games to the CD list.Still a lot left.
    Expect Cd list update within a day or two.Added a few tips to the
    Breeding Tips section.
    I am now able to breed Joker's,Pheonix's,Ghost's and Ducken's!!Info on 
    how to get them added.Fixed a few typo's.Added some Breeding tips.
    Changed from a Cd list to a Faq that includes a CD list.I am now able to
    breed Wrakys!!!They are cool little dolls with razor blades.Added
    Wracky to How to Breed RAREs section.Added 2 Saturn games to the CD list.
    Added the FAQ and Breeder Tip section.
    I am now able to breed Durahan's,Centuars,and Mocks.List will be updated
    accordingly.Added a PC section.This is no longer just a CD list.I also
    have info regarded the Rare's that I got.
    I won the IMa-Fimba meet so I am now able to breed 
    Gali's,Hengers,Mew's and Worms.I also Upgraded my barn so I am now able 
    to breed Golem's and maybe other monsters.
    Added a few Saturn games,although they are not numbered as I have a 
    lot more to check,and it is easier to number them after they 
    are in alphabetical order.
    Added 3DO list.Also added more Playstation games.
    The whole thing is new.Only the psx list is completed,
    I will add the other sections in a futrue update.
    What to Expect
    More FAQ's and breeder tips.
    Any RARES that I get changed.
    This is my first attempt at a Faq.So if anything is incorrect,sorry.
    Cd's will be listed in catagories.Those catagories are:
    Playstation=playstation games
    Saturn=Sega Saturn games
    3DO=3DO games
    PC=PC games
    Music=Music cd's
    If the game is an import version it will have -Import next to it.
    If the CD makes a rare monster it will have *RARE* as the monster name.
    There will be some rare's up here as I have been spending my time making 
    the monsters and not playing the actual game.
    Once I unlock the rare monsters I will fix the list.Monsters with a *
    next to their type are Rare when you first start the game.Certain 
    Requirements must be met to raise or breed it.
    Check my How to Breed RAREs section to find out.
    Breeding tips and FAQ
    /Quick reference guide\
    /                                                                    \
    | 1.Likes and Dislikes                                               |
    | 2.Saving tip                                                       |
    | 3.Trouble getting rares?                                           |
    | 4.Do mint leaves cause a decreased lifespan?                       |
    | 5.Is there a time limit in the game?                               |
    | 6.Can you totally miss out on getting a RARE?                      |
    | 7.Is there an end to the game?                                     |
    | 8.What does it mean when it says...                                |
    | 9.What does it mean when it says...                                |
    | 10.How long can a monster live?                                    |
    | 11.Is there a point to upgrading my house?                         |
    | 12.Is there a point to upgrading my stable?                        |
    | 13.Is there a point to expeditions?                                |
    | 14.What is the best monster type?                                  |
    | 15.Is the game worth(insert price here)?                           |
    | 16.About how long does it take to beat?                            |
    | 17.I heard it is boring.Is that true?                              |
    | 18.How do you get (Insert RARE monster type here)?                 |
    | 19.Is it okay to feed milk to my monster it's whole life?          |
    | 20.How do I get new techniques for my monster?                     |
    | 21.Does errantry reduce my monsters life span?                     |
    | 22.Raising tip                                                     |
    | 23.Baby monsters                                                   |
    | 24.Help! I'm poor...                                               |
    | 25.Should I sell my monster or combine it?                         |
    | 26.My monster keeps giving me clay dolls.What do I do with them?   |
    | 27.Your CD list lied                                               |
    | 28.RARE monster tip                                                |
    | 29.Is spoiling good?                                               |
    | 30.FOOLERY!!!!                                                     |
    | 31.How do I increase loyalty above 50?                             |
    | 32.Where is the Strong Glue?                                       |
    | 33.Is it better to let the computer fight for you?                 |
    | 34.How do I get a gold peach?                                      |
    | 35.How do I get a silver peach?                                    |
    | 36.What do the peaches do?                                         |
    | 37.My monster doesn't get invited to the expeditions,why?          |
    | 38.What is the point of the Sueki Suezo?                           |
    | 39.Can I trade monsters with friends?                              |
    | 40.Can you get (Insert enemy monster type here)?                   |
    | 41.How many monsters total are there in Monster Rancher 2?         |
    | 42.How do I upgrade?                                               |
    | 43.How do I raise my Trainer rank?                                 |
    | 44.How do I raise my fame?                                         |
    | 45.What CD has a (Insert monster type here)?                       |
    | 46.How do I capture a monster on errantry?                         |
    | 47.How do I use my pocketstation?                                  |
    | 48.How do I upgrade the house/stable?                              |
    | 49.I planted the seeds for the mock,when does the tree die?        |
    | 50.What does the letter on a monsters card mean?                   |
    | 51.How do I unlock CDs?                                            |
    | 52.How do I capture monsters?                                      |
    | 53.What is a slate?                                                |
    | 54.Another use for the Sueki Suezo.                                |
    | 55.Where exactly is the old sheath at in the Pare Pare jungle?     |
    | 56.I'm a master trainer,why are some of my CDs still rare?         |
    | 57.Game over.                                                      |
    | 58.How do I get a monster off of a CD?                             |
    | 59.Can I use the slate option if I don't have MR 1 save data?      |
    | 60.What are the pictures of monsters before you go on errantry?    |
    | 61.How do I go on more expeditions,I've only been to one.          |
    +1.Likes and Dislikes+
    In combining a monsters Likes and Dislikes are Random.Use this to your
    advantage.Always save before combining.If you don't like the results,
    reload and try again.I recently got a Durahan who liked potatos!Cheapest
    monster I ever had,not to mention best.
    +2.Saving tip        +
    Save often!I can't stress this enough.
    Many events in the game are random.Also,ALWAYS save before 
    combining,fighting,or giving you monster an item you don't know 
    how they are going to react to(Magic bananna,etc).
    +3.Trouble getting rares+
    Just wait.You'll eventually get them.Also for the random Rares
    (Centuar,etc..) don't specifficly go to errantry for them.It is a waste.
    Just go to that errantry as normal.You'll run into it eventually.
    +4.Do mint leaves cause decreased lifespan?+
    As far as I know,no they do not.It is better to use a mint leaf then
    have your monster stressed.As I know for a fact stress kills.
    +5.Is there a time limit in the game?+
    Again as far as I know,No.It would be very cruel if there was though.
    +6.Can you totally miss out on getting a rare+
    NO.you cannot ,again this would be very cruel if you could.All rares can
    be gotten at any time in the game.
    +7.Is there an end to the game?+
    There is no "true" end.
    +8.What does it mean when it says...+
    Only an authorizied IMa trainer can raise this monster?It means you
    have to unlock it before being able to get it off of a disc.While 
    this was uncommon in Monster Rancher 1,it is very common in Monster
    Rancher 2.Check my How to Breed RAREs section for help.
    +9.What does it mean when it says...+
    It is getting old you should consider retirement?Colt is talking about
    your monster of course.It means your monster will die soon if you 
    don't go to town and freeze it.Most people get confused because Colt
    says retire it.There is No retirement option.You can either
    A)Keep it out till it dies :(
    B)Freeze it for 2 player fighting
    C)Freeze it for combining
    D)Sell it at the market
    +10.How long can a monster live?+
    It depends.There are items that raise the life span(Silver peach,golden
    peach)Which I have yet to use.My durahan lived 7years 3 monthes before
    I decided to retire him.From what I hear,Hoppers have short
    +11.Is there a point to upgrading my house?+
    Yes.When you upgrade your house you gain more slots to hold
    +12.Is there a point to upgrading my stable?+
    YES.Upgrading your stable will allow you to breed new monsters.
    See How to Breed RAREs section.
    +13.Is there a point to expeditions?+
    Yes.They allow you to get items used to get RARE monsters.See
    How to Breed RAREs section.
    +14.What is the best monster type?+
    There really is no true best monster type.It all depends on the breeder.
    Every monster has advantages and disadvantages.
    +15.Is the game worth (Insert price here)+
    This question can only be answered by yourself.I personnaly think it is
    worth double what I payed.But it is definately not for everyone.
    My best advice is to rent it first.
    +16.About how long does it take to beat?+
    Well you can't really beat it because you can always train more 
    monsters.If you consider getting all the rare breeds and winning all
    the tournements beating it.Then it will still take quite a while to 
    "beat".Don't expect to play through it in one night.
    +17.I heard it's boring is that true?+
    For some people,yes that is true.But for alot of people it isn't.Don't
    listen to other people.Rent the game and make your own opinion.
    +18.How do you get (Insert RARE monster type here)+
    Either check my How to breed RAREs section,or look at another FAQ at 
    +19.Is it okay to feed milk to my monster it's whole life?+
    No you should stop when it is about 5 monthes old.Unless it's
    favorite food is milk.
    +20.How do I get new techniques for my monster?+
    Go to errantry.Only go on an errantry that says "it seems there is some
    chance to aquire a new technique here".Never go when it says
    "It must be quite difficult".
    +21.Does errantry reduce my monsters life span?+
    Yes it does.Since getting him tired does,and errantry makes it very
    +22.Raising tip+
    Do not work your monster til he is tired!!!!Rest him till very well,
    then train him twice.He should now be at his second "Seems well".
    Rest him and he should be very well.Repeat! :) 
    +23.Baby monsters+
    Don't be hard on baby monsters.Don't send them to errantry when they
    are babies,it is a waste as they will fail most of the time and only
    get small gains when they finally pass.Also don't drill them on the
    hard drills(Swim,meditate,etc...) when they are babies.
    +24.Help! I'm poor+
    Unlike in the first game where you can make your monster work for 
    gold,you can ONLY get money by fighting in tournements.You can also
    sell items and your monster.
    +25.Should I sell my monster,or combine it?+
    This is up to you.If you get a lot of gold,I'd sell it.If not freeze
    him for combining.
    +26.My monster keeps giving me clay dolls,What do I do with them?+
    Give them to your monster for a small loyalty boost.
    +27.Your CD list lied.+
    If you get a different monster specified then it could be one of two
    1.Different version of CD
    2.I messed up
    Many times there are different versions of CD's thus resulting in
    getting a different monster then the one I listed.
    It is possible I messed up.Email me for corrections
    +28.RARE monster tip+
    To get a Wracky and Mock you must have a monster die.If you don't 
    want one of you good monsters to die and you have Monster Rancher 1,
    then there is an easy way to do it.Go to the shrine and use the MR1 disc.
    It will make a Sueki Suezo,Take it to the ranch and rest it.It will be 
    dead the next week.
    +29.Is spoiling good?+
    Yes and No.It makes your monster happy,but your loyalty won't go past
    One of the most annoying parts of the game.If your monsters loyalty
    is not high enough it will randomly do foolery(Freezes for a second in 
    battle).Loyalty will not increase above 50 if you spoil your monster.
    +31.How do I increase loyalty above 50+
    From what I hear your style has to be EVEN,not fond or doting.This
    is kind of stupid as you would think that a monster who likes you
    would be more loyal.
    +32.Where is the strong glue??+
    It is on the Torles mountian expedition.In the tree closest to base
    camp.It is random so you may have to reload a lot.Trust me it is there,
    I found it.+Please Note+You may have to make and sell a quack doll
    before you can find the strong glue.
    +33.Is it better to let the computer fight for you?+
    NO!The computer hardly attacks,and if they do they use stupid moves alot.
    +34.How do I get a Gold Peach?+
    It is at the Pare Pare jungle expedition.
    +35.How do I get a Silver peach?+
    If you have a monster above 6yrs. 3mos.You can enter it  a 
    tournement called elders cup.The prize is a silver peach.
    +36.What do the peaches do?+
    They increase your monsters life span.
    +37.My monster doesn't get invited to the expeditions,why?+
    It could be one of 3 reasons,
    1)Not enough LIF
    2)Not a C grade monster.
    3)You don't have enough FAME.
    Your monster must be grade C or higher to go on an expedition.
    +38.What is the point of the sueki suezo(Monster from Monster Rancher 1)?+
    You can either 
    A)Let it die(For rare monster purposes)
    B)Fight it in a battle for money.
    C)Use it for combining
    +39.Can you trade monsters with friends?+
    +40.Can I get (Insert enemy type monster here)?+
    No you can't.(Enemy type are monsters like the
    Blue Pheonix)
    +41.How many monsters total are there in Monster Rancher 2?+
    +42.How do I upgrade?+
    On the 4th week of May,provided you meet certian requirements(Rank,Gold),
    Binto will visit you and ask if you want to upgrade.
    +43.How do I raise my trainer rank?+
    Simple,fight in the official tournements.
    +44.How do I raise my fame?+
    Fight in tournements.Don't lose though as this can lower your fame.
    +45.What CD has a (Insert monster type here)?+
    Check my CD list.Thats what it is there for.If I don't have a monster 
    listed,that is becuase I don't have it.
    +46.How do I capture a monster on errantry?+
    You can NOT capture monsters on Errantry.
    +47.How do I use my pocketstation?+
    Sadly,they removed Pocketstation support when they translated 
    the game for the U.S.
    +48.How do I upgrade the house/stable?+
    Unfortunately,I get this question a lot.That is why I am putting it here 
    twice.Raise your rank and gold.And on May 4th week you will be asked 
    about an upgrade.There is no special year it depends if you meet 
    the Rank/Gold Requirements.
    +49.I planted the Seeds for the mock,When does the tree die?+
    It dies about 10 years after it is planted.
    +50.What does the letter on a monsters card mean?+
    It is how Rare of a monster it is.
    +51.How do I unlock CDs?+
    To unlock a CD you must first get the monster that is on there.So to get
    a monster off of a CD that contians a monster which is part Durahan,
    you must first unlock a Durahan.To do so check my How to breed RARE's 
    +52.How do I capture monsters?+
    You cannot capture monsters.You have to get them off of cd's,off of a 
    slate,combining or at the market.
    +53.What is a slate?+
    It is data from Monster Rancher 1.You can transfer monsters(As babies)
    to Monster Rancher 2 with the slate option at the shrine.
    +54.Another use for Sueki Suezo+
    Make it on the day of a Free-for-all tournement.Then have it fight.If you
    win you will get 4000+g.Since it is considered evil you will get the heel
    badge,which you can sell for an extra 5000g.
    Thanks to m&jkoenig@micronet.net!
    +55.Where exactly is the old sheath at in the pare pare jungle?+
    Thanks VERY much to Axell(axell@cybcon.com) for this info!!
    The Old sheath in Monster Rancher 2 is in the Palace behind the Giant
    Pumpkin next to the Tusk where you get the Gold peaches
    +56.I'm a master trainer.Why are some of my Cd's still rare?+
    You have to unlock the monsters to be able to get them off of Cd's.
    Simply becoming a master trainer is not enough.To find out how to unlock
    the monsters check my How to breed RAREs section or for the remaining
    rare's check the other FAQ's. 
    +57.Game Over+
    While there is no "true" end to the game Piccollo12 pointed out to me 
    there is a game over.Simply run out of money and it will be Game over.
    +58.How do I get a monster off of a CD?+
    First go to town.Freeze your monster(If you have one out).
    Go to the shrine option.Then choose Disc Stone.It will say
    (Insert the CD and push X button or push /_\ to cancel).Open the
    playstation.Remove the Monster Rancher 2 disc and insert the
    disc that you want to get the monster off of.It will say
    (Checking the CD now...) and then (Reading the data now...).
    When finished it will say (Reinsert the Monster Rancher 2 CD
    and push X button).Open the Playstation again.Remove the disc
    and insert the Monster Rancher 2 Disc and hit X button.
    +59.Can I use the Slate option if I don't have Monster Rancher 1 data?+
    No.The slate option is for people with MR1 saved data.
    +60.What are the pictures of monsters before you go on errantry?+
    They are pictures of the enemy monsters that you may fight at
    the end of an errantry course.
    +61.How do I go on more Expeditions? I've only been to one.+
    You have to raise your Lif and Fame to go on the higher level 
    expeditions.You should also raise you INT.
    Scaled Plant(Plant/Zuum)
    Art Truck Battle -Import
    Draco Kato(Kato/Dragon)
    Battle Arena Toshinden Kids(Aka -Nitoshinden)
    Bust-A-Move 2
    Choro Q -Import
    Champion Wrestler -Import
    Clock Tower
    Liquid Cube(ColorPandora/Jell)
    Liquid Cube(ColorPandora/Jell)
    Discworld 2
    Chloro Jell(Jell/Plant)
    Dragon Ball:Final Bout -Import
    Scaled Plant(Plant/Zuum)
    Fear Effect Disc One
    Scaled Hare(Hare/Zuum)
    Fear Effect Disc Two
    Fear Effect Disc Three
    Stripe Shell(Niton/Kato)*
    Fear Effect Disc Four
    Melon Suezo(Suezo/Zuum)
    Final Fantasy Anthology:FFV disc
    Final Fantasy Anthology:FFVI disc
    Final Fantasy Tactics
    Fire Pro Wrestling G -Import
    Knight Mocchi(Mocchi/Durahan)*
    Firo & Klawd -Import
    Pink Kato(Kato/Mocchi)
    Geom Cube
    Jampack VOL.2
    Jampack winter '98
    Knight Moochi(Mocchi/Durahan)*
    Liquid Cube(ColorPandora/Jell)
    Namco Museum Vol.2
    Blue Sponge(Monol/Tiger)
    Pink Kato(Kato/Mocchi)
    Official Playstation Magazine(OPM) Demo #14
    OPM demo #8
    OPM demo #1
    OPM demo#11
    Draco Hopper(Hopper/Dragon)
    OPM demo#12
    Draco Hopper(Hopper/Dragon)
    OPM demo #22
    OPM demo #19
    OPM demo #20
    OPM demo #21
    Fairy Hopper(Hopper/Pixie)
    Pepsiman -Import
    Rocky Suezo(Suezo/Golem)
    Saga Frontier
    Melon Suezo(Suezo/Zuum)
    Sailor Moon Super S -Import
    Street Sk8er
    Wall Mimic(Jell/Golem)
    Street Sk8er 2
    Suikoden 2
    Melon Suezo(Suezo/Zuum)
    Tecmo Stackers
    Test Drive 4
    Jura Wall(Monol/Zuum)
    Tetris Plus
    Icy Jell(Jell/Tiger)
    Thrasher:Skate and Destroy
    Tobal 2 -Import
    Scaled Jell(Jell/Zuum)
    2.Crash and Burn
    Melon Suezo(Suezo/Zuum)
    Melon Suezo(Suezo/Zuum)
    4.Fun 'n Games
    Scaled Jell(Jell/Zuum)
    5.Guardian War
    Knight Mocchi(Mocchi/Durahan)*
    6.Jurassic Park Interactive
    Jura Wall(Monol/Zuum)
    7.Killing Time
    9.Putt Putt Joins the Parade
    Pink Kato(Kato/Mocchi)
    10.Samurai Shodown
    Knight Mocchi(Mocchi/Durahan)*
    11.Soccer Kid
    12.Way Of the Warrior
    13.Wicked 18
    Sega Saturn
    Albert Odyssey
    Alone in the Dark:One Eyed Jacks Revenge
    Rock Hound(Tiger/Golem)
    Baku Baku
    Petit Knight(Wracky/Durahan)*
    Battle Stations
    Fairy Hopper(Hopper/Pixie)
    Bottom of the Ninth
    Fly Plant(Plant/Worm)*
    Braindead 13
    Burning Rangers
    Pink Hopper(Hopper/Mocchi)
    Clockwork Knight
    Scaled Hare(Hare/Zuum)
    Command and Conquer:GDI disc
    Command and Conquer:NOD disc
    Corpse Killer:Graveyard Edition-Disc 1
    Corpse Killer:Graveyard Edition-Disc 2
    Courier Crisis
    Dark Legend
    Liquid Cube(ColorPandora/Jell)
    Darklight Conflict
    Duke Nukem 3D
    Fighters MegaMix
    Fighting Vipers-Import
    Gold Plant(Plant/Gali)
    Fire Pro Wrestling S:6 Men Scramble-Import
    House of the Dead
    Last Bronx
    Last Gladiators Pinball
    Legend of Oasis
    Magic Knight Rayearth
    Liquid Cube(ColorPandora/Jell)
    Mansion of the Hidden Souls
    Marvel Super Heroes
    MR.Bones-Disc 1
    Mr.Bones-Disc 2
    Night Warriors:Darkstalkers Revenge
    NiGHTS:Into Dreams Sampler
    Panzer Dragoon Playable Preview
    Liquid Cube(ColorPandora/Jell)
    Panzer Dragoon
    Prince Hare(Hare/Gali)
    Panzer Dragoon Zwei
    Jura Wall(Monol/Zuum)
    Princess Crown -Import
    Revolution X
    Scud:The Disposable Assassin
    Sega Rally Netlink edition
    Sega Touring Car
    Shell Shock
    Shining Force 3
    Wall Mimic(Jell/Golem)
    Shining the Holy Ark
    Worm Jell(Jell/Worm)
    Shining Wisdom-Import
    Sim City 2000
    Pink Eye(Suezo/Pixie)
    Slam and Jam '96
    Aqua Cutter(Naga/Jell)
    Sonic 3D Blast
    Peach Tree Bug(ColorPandora/Pixie)
    Sonic Jam
    Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo
    Tetris Plus -Import
    Sneak Hopper(Hopper/Joker)*
    Tomb Raider
    Tryrush Deppy -Import
    Virtua Cop 2
    Virtua Fighter Kids
    Virtual On:Netlink Edition
    Die by the Sword
    Melon Suezo(Suezo/Zuum)
    Die by the Sword:Limb from Limb
    Quest for glory Collection series
    Knight Moochi(Mocchi/Durahan)*
    Thief :the dark Project
    Fake penguin(Mocchi/Tiger)
    High Heat baseball 2000
    Knight Moochi(Mocchi/Durahan)*
    Quest for Glory 5 Install cd
    Knight Moochi(Mocchi/Durahan)*
    Quest for Glory 5 Game cd
    Pink Kato(Kato/Mocchi)
    Draco Kato(Kato/Dragon)
    Jedi Knight:Dark Forces 2
    Carmageddon 2
    Jelly Gaboo(Gaboo/Jell)
    Blue Kato(Kato/Tiger)
    Scaled Plant(Plant/Zuum)
    Dungeon Keeper
    Baldurs Gate:Tales of the Sword Coast
    Melon Suezo(Suezo/Zuum)
    AOL gold 4.0
    Pink Kato(Kato/Mocchi)
    Melon Suezo(Suezo/Zuum)
    Viper Racing
    Melon Suezo(Suezo/Zuum)
    Music CD's
    Please NOTE: this list is not in alphabetical order.
    The Offspring-Americana
    Ac Dc-Who Made Who
    Draco Kato(Kato/Dragon)
    Aerosmith-Get a Grip
    Creed-My own prison
    Fairy Hopper(Hopper/Pixie)
    Megadeth-So far so good so what...
    Rock Ape(Ape/Golem)
    Megadeth-Rust in Piece
    Metallica-And justice for all...
    Metallica-Ride the lightning
    Red Eye(Suezo/Monol)
    Method Man-Tical
    Ivory Wall(Monol/Gali)*
    Guns N' Roses-Appetite for Destruction
    Dj Mix '98
    Draco Kato(Kato/Dragon)
    Kid Rock-Devil without a cause
    Red Eye(Suezo/Monol)
    Backstreet Boys-Millienium
    Journey-Greatest Hits
    Blue Hare(Hare/Tiger)
    Stabbing Westward-Ungod
    Project A-KO soundtrack
    Blue Sponge(Monol/Tiger)
    The Offspring-Ignition
    Insane Clown Posse-Riddle box
    Blue Gaboo(Gaboo/Tiger)
    Marilyn Manson-Portrait of an American Family
    Wild Hare(Hare/Worm)
    Marilyn Manson-Smells Like Children
    Furred Suezo(Suezo/Hare)
    The Offspring-Smash
    Nas-I am
    Black Henger(Henger/Monol)*
    Nas-It was written
    Dmx-Flesh of my Flesh Blood of my Blood
    Rush Hour Soundtrack
    Kung Fu Hare(Hare/???)
    Belly soundtrack
    Eared Mew(Mew/Hare)*
    Above the Rim soundtrack
    2 pac-In his own words
    Muddy Jell(Jell/Hare)
    Jay z-Vol.2 Hard Knock Life
    Prince Hare(Hare/Gali)*
    Cam'Ron-Confessions of Fire
    2 pac-Me against the world
    Adam Sandler-Whats your name?
    Draco Mocchi(Mocchi/Dragon)
    Tom Petty-Greatest Hits
    Icy Jell(jell/Tiger)
    Best of Rave vol.2
    Rock Ape(Ape/Golem)
    Best of Rave vol.3
    Jeff Foxworthy-Totally Committed
    Fake Penguin(Mocchi/Tiger)
    Bone Thugs & Harmony-Crossroads(Single)
    ZZ Top-Greatest Hits
    Frozen Gaboo(Gaboo/Tiger)
    Big Punisher-Capatol Punishment
    Method Man-Tical 2000
    Fake Penguin(Mocchi/Tiger)
    Spawn-the Album
    How to Breed RAREs
    _Gali's,Worm's,Henger's,and Mew's_
    To breed these 4 monster types you must enter,you do not have to win,
    the IMa-FIMBA meet.
    To raise Golem's and Baku's(Good luck finding a CD with a Baku on it)
    you must upgrade the Stable once.
    These are my favorite type.To raise one,you must find the Old Sheath in 
    the ParePare jungle expedition.The Old Sheath is found in the palace 
    behind the giant pumpkin next to the tusk where you get the gold peaches.
    Once found, talk to the Item lady and she will tell you that there have 
    been sword thefts.Have an A class monster,you must be A class(any higher 
    or lower and it wont work),you will be invited to a tournement(FEB 4),in 
    which you will have to fight a Durahan.You MUST win this 1-on-1 battle!
    The prize for winning,DoubleEdge, which you use to combine and get a 
    To breed a Centuar you must have a monster of class B or higher.Have it
    go on the Mandy(POW) errantry.Randomly your monster may find a spear.
    When you get back to the ranch,your monster will freak out.
    Then he fights a Centuar.You DON"T have to win.Use the spear when
    Combining to get a Centuar.
    After a while,when you visit the item lady she will give you seeds.
    In a few years they will grow into a tree.A little while after that
    the tree will die. :( Colt asks if you want to water it.Pick yes.
    Once a monster dies you will be presented with a mock.You cannot name
    it.Colt picks the name.
    After the year 1005,if you have a monster with fame over 90,when you win
    one of the major 4 a fan will send you a doll.Colt will ask if you
    want to throw it away.I said no.In about a week Colt asked me if I moved
    the doll.Again I said no.She said "Don't move it again."A couple 
    of weeks later I got a Sukei Suezo(off of MR1 cd) and let it die.
    A Wracky was in my barn.Colt named mine Charles.It's too bad he has
    basically Level 1 stats(20 LIF,10POW,ETC...)
    To breed Joker's simply find the MASK at the volcano expedition.The mask
    is in the burned altar.
    +NOTE+ you can only find it after the map has changed(Second trip or
    To breed a Pheonix just find a Fire feather at the volcano expedition.
    According to MANY people,you can find it on your first trip.
    After one of your monsters die's,you will be asked to upgrade your altar.
    Do it.A little while later Colt well find a stick while cleaning the 
    altar.Use it as a secret seasoning when combing to get a ghost.
    Find the strong glue on the Torles  expedition(Feb 1st week).It is
    in the tree closest to base camp.Then feed your monster Cup jelly.
    Every once in a while you will get a diamond mark,collect 5 and you 
    will get a fun can.Colt will then build a doll.use it when combining
    for a Ducken. +PleaseNote+You may have to first get a quack doll
    ,without the strong glue,then sell it and then look for the strong glue.
    _Undine and Niton_
    Train a Hopper up to class B.Once at class B it will eventually dig
    and open up the Hot springs.For the Undine you will get a tablet.
    Take it into town and go to the lab.Use it as a secret seasoning when
    combining two monsters to get an Undine.For the Niton finding the
    Hot springs unlocks it.So you are now able to get a Niton.
    Incase you were wondering my hopper had 50 loyalty and 63 fame.It
    was the first week of February when it dug up the springs.I am
    not sure if any of this has any effect of whether or not your
    hopper will find the Hot Springs.The only thing I am sure about is that
    you need to be class B or higher. 
    Get a monster to B class.It can be no higher or lower.You will get 
    invited to a tournement on August 2nd week.You will fight a dragon.
    If you win the prize is a Dragon Tusk and 3000G.Use the Dragon
    Tusk as a secret seasoning when combining two monsters to get
    a dragon.+UPDATE+ I have been getting a ton of emails asking
    about Dragon.Saying they met the stated requirements and were
    not invited.So I figured there was just a requirement that
    I was missing.I think I found it.You must also be Rank 6 or
    higher and you must have the first stable upgrade.I hope
    this helps the people who have been wanting a Dragon.
    Very sorry for the inconvenience.
    Those are all the Rares I've gotten so far.More will be added as I get 
    them.I will only add how to get the ones that I have,so
    I can confirm that the methods work.
    *NOTE*-Please do not email me with how to get the rares not posted.
    I know how to get them,but I will not post them until I do get them.
    Since I get numerous questions,I'd like to be able to help.But if I
    didn't get the monster I wont be able to help.
    Guide to playing with your monster
    Playing with your monster can be an important factor in getting it to
    like you.You really should play with your monster if it asks you.The
    games are fun and short and do not take up much of your time.There
    is really no reason that you shouldn't.Unless you want an evil
    monster that is.In this guide I will list the various playtime
    activities and how exactly to do them.Colt doesn't do to good of a
    job at explaining so I will try to make it clearer.
    _Summary of game_
    This is,in my opinion,the best of the three games.It is quite fun and
    makes sence as to why you would play it with your monster.The objective
    is to have the MOST Lif at the end of the time limit(60 seconds).You
    lose health by getting hit.You drain health from your monster by hitting 
    them.Pretty straight forward right?
    Don't come into to this thinking you will get to play a Tekken-style 
    fight with your monster.If you do you will be HIGHLY disappointed.Just
    Think of this as basically a reflex tester.To see how fast you can press
    a certain button.
    _How to play_
    You begin the match with 300 Lif. and your monster begins with whatever
    Lif. it has in the game.Your monster will attack you and you must dodge
    and launch a counter attack.A white circle will apear with the word 
    "Warning" in it.Whichever side of the screen this is on will determine
    the direction you have to push.So if it appears on the left you must
    press Left on the D-pad.Watch out.Some monsters have multiple attacks so
    you may have to dodge twice.Immeadiatly after you dodge the attack a white
    circle will appear with the word "Chance" in it.Now you must press the
    corresponding button on the controller to attack.The fight is over when
    A)the 60 second time limit runs out or B) one of you loses all of your 
    M= Monster
    U= Up on D-pad
    D= Down on D-pad
    L= Left on D-pad
    R= Right on D-pad
    /_\= Triangle Button
    []= Square Button
    O= Circle Button
    X= X Button 
    Defense: (U)        Offense:  (/_\)
          (L) M (R)            ([]) M (O)
             (D)                   (X)
    _Monsters that play this game_
    Hopper,Golem,Durahan,Wracky,Zuum,Hare.(not complete list yet[Please send 
    submissions of monsters who play this game})
    Questions/Comments?Email me at:
    *I can no longer accept questions on this game. Please do not send any as
    it will waste both of our time*
    Corrections?[Note:Use this ONLY for corrections.Do NOT send questions or
    try to talk to me(Instant message or otherwise) on this screen name.
    All non correction related emails will be deleted.Thanks]
    email me at:
    Email submissions to: Undeadking@aol.com
    Be sure to include the name you would like to be credited as and if
    you want me to post your email address.Also(Very important),Put [Name of
    Game} Submission.That way I can find it easier when updating.
    My homepage:
    © Copyright 1999-2000 Ed Finnegan . It may not be stolen, altered, or used
    for any type of profit. It may be reproduced electronically, and printed 
    for PRIVATE, PERSONAL use. It may not be placed on a CD, printed in a 
    magazine or any type of publication. If you would like to contribute to 
    this FAQ (you will be credited,) please e-mail me, as well as any 
    questions, comments, or corrections, to the corresponding address above.
    This FAQ can be found at the following websites.If you see this anywhere
    else please inform me of where you have found it.So proper action can be
    taken.Thanks in advance.
    Tecmo:For releasing this game in the U.S.
    FDB 252:For his help in making monsters and suppling CD's.
    TRuch:For giving me the idea for the CD list.
    Michael Cox:For help on how to get some rares.Thanks!!
    GameFaqs: for posting this.
    m&jkoenig@micronet.net: For the Sueki Suezo tip!
    Axell(axell@cybcon.com): Thanks VERY much for the location of the sheath.
    Piccollo12:For the game over info.
    Brett "Nemesis" Franklin:For my new Copyright message.

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