"This game is really good! So buy it if you want a cool game."

Story: Monster Rancher 2 is about a boy or girl (You) who wants to become the greatest Monster Rancher there is. You are given a partner named Coltia to help you on your quest. There is also a bird named Joy that is always there when you train your monster and Joy also periodically brings you stuff that she finds (mostly useless junk like clay dolls). Once you meet Coltia and get your monster, you're off on your own!

Gameplay: The gameplay is all right, you dont actually get to move around like in Digimon World or Pokemon, so that kinda sucks. But since your just about every command is menu activated, it is pretty easy to manage. You can save your game almost whenever(good) and you can actually move around and fully control your monster's movements during battle unlike Digimon and Pokemon (better). The music and sound effects need some work, but that doesn't matter very much in my opinion. The graphics are okay, but it just doesn't seem right. It is kind of hard to raise your monster because you start out with not very much $$$, so you cant spend very much on making your monster too happy or strong. But steadily raise him/her and well.... I can't say, cuz' this is a review not a FAQ!

Your Monster: There are at least 300 monsters you can get in Monster Rancher 2. These monsters are the IMa Monsters but you can secretly get FIMba monsters, such as Magma Heart with Gameshark or secret seasonings. You can get monsters from loading the data from your CD's at the shrine (the awesome aspect of the game) or by recieving them for free at the market. You can't have more than one monster at a time, so you can freeze them and use those monsters later. Combining frozen monsters is also really cool, because it is interesting to see what will happen. Another cool thing is that your monster can be either of good nature or have a bad natured monster. Good and bad monsters have their own advantages and disadvantages, so be careful. Your monster also likes and dislikes such things, so pay attention to that. It is actually like it really is a real monster. Not bad, eh?

Fun Factor: This game is really fun because you can view your monster in view mode, and collect all of the monster cards. Errantry, a long term version of training, is also a good fun factor because you can see your monster's intelligence and skill in action. There are many more enjoyable things in the game, so much more I cannot list them, but that is up to you to find, plus it is your opinion also. To be on the bright side again, this game is pretty fun.

Overall: Well, so far this game is wonderful. All it needs is more freedom to move around, and more to do than just train and battle all the time. Other than that, just buy it, will ya? That's about all on my behalf. Laters.
Gameplay-9 out of 10
Music/SFX-7 out of 10
Fun-10 out of 10
Monster Attacks and Movements-9 out of 10
Other Monster Attributes-10 out of 10
Graphics-9 out of 10
Money's Worth-10 out of 10
Overall-10 out of 10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 10/21/00, Updated 10/21/00

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