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"Many people don't realize the full potential of this game."

As I read other people's reviews, I realize that they must have not played the game with care and not a lot because much of the information they give is actually false. This game has much more depth than I can imagine. It's a GREAT SHAME that many people don't realize the full potential of this game. If one would actually bother to search hard for gamefaqs and I mean really hard they can get the most out of the game. This game in every aspect the first time you play it seems like an insult when you get the game, however when you start to play A LOT everything improves dramatically.

Visuals C+/B-
At first notice the monsters seem poorly made. But you realize they make many animations for one out of 400+ monsters, and that requires lots of skill. Everything that they do is basically animated. When you go to your ranch and you just wait there, the monster does not just sit and do nothing. It starts moving, making sounds, then it may start flying, or start digging into the ground, etc. The battle animations are better however, especially projectiles and attacks. These animations are at first really poor, but that is only because you have only begun to raise your monster so the animations seem yucky. But once you start teaching it techniques the attacks slowly look cooler and cooler. They never fully show a humans body, just a 2d portrait of a face and they never show yours. The visuals are not great but they are sufficient and they don't seem to bother me much. This game obviously needs improvement in this area except in the battle animations.

Sound Effects A-
Honestly, I had no major problem or minor problem with the sound effects. There were none missing in any places or any that seemed out of place. It just seemed that they could have been slightly better. But if I notice this, you may not notice it at all. If you actually heard the people talking it would have made the sound effects perfect.

Music D+/C-
This is the worst part of the game. The town music is horrible and repetitive and extremely annoying. I often just wanted to pick up the playstation and throw it on the ground. The ranch music is below average but its at least somewhat tolerable, yet repetitive. The training music is kinda weird but since its training, it can be repetitive and I only have a slight problem with the training music. The battle music is simply average and needs improvement but I had no major problem with it. When you get to higher ranked battles you notice that some of the music changes and these pieces of music are better and above average, however are not that great. Overall the music sucked, however the Sound Effects balance it out to an average ''Audio'' game.

Gameplay A (Replayability A+)
Wow, great gameplay. The only problem I had with this is that it can get repetitive sometimes. IF YOU LOOOK FOR FAQS VERY HARD AND YOU PRINT THEM OUT YOU WILL ENJOY THIS GAME BECAUSE YOU WILL KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING! MANY OF MINE ARE NOT ON GAMEFAQS! It may seem however that you know what you are doing without faqs but promise me, you actually aren't. There are specific events that must happen for something else to happen and things to do to unlock many monsters and things to make your monsters live longer. THE LEARNING CURVE IS RATHER HIGH. If you are one of those people who like action action action action all the time, I promise you, you will hate this game. Monster Rancher 2 requires patience and all that have given this good reviews have patience. This game is so rewarding because you spend rigorous and lots of time and when you win a close battle you get all excited and happy. I ALWAYS GET EXCITED DURING BATTLES ALTHOUGH THEY ARE NOT FAST PACED. Because often times with one hit from the opponant you could have 100% health and then you would have 0% health with one hit from your opponent. There are also so many items, expeditions, house upgrades, techniques, technique chains, lifespans, discchips, unlocking monsters, breeding techniques, attributes, fat levels, stress levels, loyalty levels, rankings, and of course battles and or tournaments. This game can last you for over because you are always bound to not do something each time you raise a monster and the game never actually has an ending point. I heard some people complaining about the fact that when you are finally seeing your monsters stats raise and its in the high rankings but not high enough it dies. Well, these people are unaware of breeding and raising generations and generations of the monster. This a vital aspect to the game and I am upset that many people are unaware of these things. You can also get many of your monsters from regular CDs you have lying around in the house. Yeah! But beware, more than half of your CDs you have to unlock first before you can raise them and there are certain ways of unlocking certain monsters. AND SOME ARE HARD TO UNLOCK TO!!!! Well I hope you can understand what I am saying and that this game's mega strongpoint is it's gameplay and replayability and remember, gameplay and repalyability are the most important aspects of a game. LISTEN TO ME AND NOT TO ANYONE ELSE! I PROMISE THAT AT FIRST AND FOR A WHILE THIS GAME SUCKS! BUT WAIT AND PLAY A WHILE WITH PATIENCE AND GET GOOD FAQS AND YOU WILL SURELY SEE HOW GREAT THIS GAME IS! E-MAIL ME IF YOU WANT TO KNOW WHERE I GOT MY FAQS!

Overall A-

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/22/01, Updated 03/22/01

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