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"Monster Breeding: the way it's supposed to be done!"

Monster Rancher 2 is a game that can rival Pokemon. Most people don't realize what this game can become because of a lot of monotonous training exercises and the cheap battles that often occur. However, with the proper breeding techniques you can dominate the most powerful monsters!

There are endless combinations of monsters which can give you different aspects of how to battle them. You can mix just about any two monsters and get an original monster, and if you use seasoning, you can create a whole new breed! But breeding isn't the only way to get monsters, you can use the 100% original ''extractor'' option, which lets you get monsters from just about any CD.

The training methods you can use in this game are unlike any other. You can choose to raise your monster's strength, intelligence, life and other things. To do this you send it to a training area and they power up there for one week (game time). You can also use items to raise stats, however, if you run out of funding, it's game over for you!

The other way to train your monster is send it to erranrty, which lasts one month. You can learn different battle techniques at erranty, but your monster can get hurt here as well. There are four stages to an errantry, and a monster boss if you complete the four stages. There are different areas for different stats you want to raise. But be warned, errantries can cost up to $2000!

The best part of this game is of course, the battling! You train your monster for it's entire life to battle. There are 6 different classes, S being the highest and E being the lowest. If you manage to get to the S rank, and complete the major four, you will be a champion! Being the champion isn't as easy as it sounds, it make take up to 15 years (game time) to breed the most powerful monster, but when you do create it, you will stomp all over everyone!

If you feel your monster is about to reach death, you can freeze it and bring it out for battle later. While it's frozen, you can combine it with another monster, get rid of it, or unfreeze and self it.

Monster Rancher 2 is a great game, it's easy to understand and immediately addicting. Although some battles are unbelieveably cheap, this game is worth every cent.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 08/05/02, Updated 08/05/02

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