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"A fun game that doesn't rip off Pokémon...entirely."

Monster Rancher 2 is the follow up to a classic PSX game (Monster Rancher). A game that you either love or loathe. While some people claim that it is a copy of another game *cough*Pokémon*cough*. It is a solid gaming experience for many, with so many things to do in this title. What kind of things can you do with this game you ask? One person could be training a certain monster to obtain certain abilities through the errantry system, which gains stats to a specified type. Such as Attack Strength, intelligence, speed, and defense. Certain monsters have better attributes than others, so choosing wisely can help you win in a tight spot. For example; a Tiger has better qualities in the speed and accuracy field, while a Golem is solemnly maneuvered with strength and defense. Or perhaps, you could be using that monster in tournaments, controlled by CPUs. Either way you choose to take this adventure. You will be having loads of fun. The best thing about this game is that you can obtain special monsters through your own CDs. This game can be a little repetitive, but it does have some challenge, don’t think of this game as a run of the mill, pokemon. Any way you can say it, Monster Rancher 2 is an above mediocre game and deserves much attention. This series may be well off to beat pokemon.

Graphics-7.5- this sequel has improved in the graphics but there is nothing eye grabbing in the whole game. The intro is ok, but so much more could have been done with it. However I am pleased that many monsters had a good refinishing.

Sound-6- the games music is anything but spectacular, even so, the little music can be ok at times. Nothing really more to say about the sound. Because this is just … Average.

Gameplay-8- the gameplay in this game is barely above a 7 only because the interactions you and your monster make with each other. Such as playing Rock Paper Scissors, or sparing with your monster. The gameplay really gets exciting during actual battles.

Replay Value-9.5- though you may not want to replay the whole game from the beginning. It is a good game to continue with after every single thing has been finished. You can train some monsters that you have had in your CDs this whole time.

Overall- 8.5/10, rounded down to 8, but it deserves more.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 08/13/02, Updated 08/13/02

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