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"Monster Rancher 2 - Pokemon has a rival in town!"

STORY (10/10): To simplify, you are a kid who wants to become the greatest Monster Rancher. You start out with taking a test, and then you meet your assistant, Coltia. You put in CDs to get Monsters, and you can combine, freeze, or sell them. The best aspect of this is that you can train them to become fighters. Errantry is very cool also.

GRAPHICS (10/10): Most everything is 3-d and kicking. The battles are extremely well done, and the 400+ monsters each have 3 different things they do.

GAMEPLAY (10/10): You can train your monster in 2 different ways. Drills and Errantries. Drills take a week, and the effects aren't that great. There are two types of Drills. One, which gets one stat up a little. The other gets up 1 stat a whole bunch, one stat a little, and one stat decreased! The Errantries work like the 2nd Drill type, only they don't have a stat decline, and they last for 4 weeks. You can also learn new moves from Errantries, and even fight a monster for prize money! Too bad the Errantries cost money. You can get them at half price sometimes. You can also fight, and win tournaments for money, fame, and sometimes an item.

MUSIC & SOUND (8/10): There is music, but it's not that great. The sound isn't as well as it could be. One thing I do, is mute the TV, and listen to music from a CD or radio instead of the game.

CONTROL (10/10): You go left and right in the battle, and you can use certain moves within a distance of the enemy. There's also much more that you can do.

FUN FACTOR (10/10): This game is extremely fun! It even gives grumpy parents a smile. You have more than 400 monsters to obtain (and it's more than the 150 that another game provides, which I will let you decide which it is) About half of the monsters can only be obtained by accomplishing feats. To unlock 4 species, you have to compete in the IMa-FIMBA meet. To unlock another species, you have to do something extraordinary with one of the species unlocked in the previous event. There's another place to get new species also. You have to combine 2 species and use a 'Secret Seasoning' to unlock them.

CHALLENGE (10/10): This is very challenging in the fact that there are battles against monsters that are usually stronger than yours. You also have to go through the frustrating event of trying all of your CDs in the Playstation for monsters.

REPLAY VALUE (10/10): You will (most of the time) try new CDs for monsters in this game. Other than that, you might want to try new breed combonations or something. After you get all the monsters, you might want to maybe train different monsters or something.

RENT OR BUY? Buy this classic. This game is probably worth the money. If you rent it, you'll probably come crawling back. Only a percentage of people won't like this game, let's hope it's not you!

OVERALL SCORE (10/10): This game is excellent. If you like Pokemon, get this. It is similiar in some ways, but it's very different. This one is a keeper.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 01/02/00, Updated 01/02/00

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