Review by solrac

Reviewed: 01/02/00 | Updated: 01/02/00

The BEST Breeding Game EVER!!!

Well, if you kind of liked pokemon, and liked the original Monster Rancher,then you'll LOVE this game. This game isn't kiddish like pokemon either.I highly recommend you go out and buy it.

Graphics: The graphics are pretty good, with numerous different monster animations that are nicely done. No Gran Turismo 2 graphics, butthey're nice to look at. 8

Sound: The soundtrack is very good. But, sadly, no character animations. 9

Inovation: This game is very different from other breeding games. There's408 monsters in all! And, they're are tournaments, you have to feed yourmonster food, it also has to rest, and different drills. 10

Fun Factor: VERY fun game to play. Your monster goes through regular trainingdrills, and errantries. Both boast up stats and errantries go on for 4 weeksand enable you to learn new techniques. It's kool to see your monsterpull off victories and watch it just roam around. And, you can createa monster from your own cds! ANY KIND OF CD! 10

Presentation: A nice presentation, it seems like your in the past a few hundred years ago with barns, a town, the market. 10

Lasting Appeal: You'll be playing this game for years!

BUY THIS GAME NOW!! You won't regret it! You'll be hooked forever!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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