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"A Great Sequel To An Already Great Game!!!!!"

Monster Rancher 1 first introduced the idea of using your CD's to unlock different monsters to raise and fight until you've become a master! When Monster Rancher 2 came out, I immediately got it because I thought it would be fun. Guess what? I was right (you thought I was gonna say I was wrong, huh?)!!! Let's start the review, shall we?

Story 7/10: Could be better. Basically, you're a guy (or girl) that wants to become a master breeder. I don't know if you could call it unique but it seems like the makers didn't bother to make a good story. Ok Story!

Music 10/10: I like the music. Sure, I liked the battle music on S Class in Monster Rancher 1 better but you know, it's still good. It fits the mood, that's for sure. The expedition music is great. The training missions' music is great. I like it all!! Great Music!!!!

General Sound 10/10: Each type of monster has different sounds it'll make every now and then. Therefore, there's some difference in each monster so you won't be getting bored with the same sounds. When you battle, the audience cheers when you hit successfully and ''Boo's'' when you miss. I just love that! You hit your enemy...''YEAH!!!!'' Your enemy misses you...''BOO!!!!'' Very nice. Great General Sound!!!!

Graphics 10/10: They're not the best, compared to some other games, but they're good nonetheless. Each monster looks different so that's cool. Each battle move looks different so that's cooler. The battles are nice and smooth. The monsters have many different animations. The characters...well...they could be better but they're good, too. Great Graphics!!!!

Controls 10/10: Easy! It's not hard! When you're not battling, everything is basically a menu. Just go to the different choices and press X to confirm it. That wasn't so hard, now was it? When battling, it's a bit confusing...but you'll get used to it. Great Controls!!!!

Gameplay 9/10: You train your monster's stats and have it battle so that you can get to more higher ranks and become a master breeder. It's not easy, ok. It's tough but when you get there, it's a GREAT accomplishment. Umm...basically, this game is all about training and battling. The training is kinda boring...but the battles are more better. I find them a bit hard at times but, you know, they have to be. That's all I can say... Good Gameplay!!!

Replay Ability 10/10: Since there really is no way of ''beating'' this game, I'd say the replay ability is pretty good because you'll want to be unlocking secret monsters or getting all the monsters or just plain beating the Great 4 without having your monster die. Great Replay Ability!!!!

Difficulty 6/10: Ooh...this game is really hard, unless you know what you're doing. You might think it's easy to train and fight but it's not. First of all, you'll have to take out parts of your training so that your monster can rest. You'll want to get extra moves, too. And the fights...well, they start off easy, but they get extremely harder. Good luck... Average Difficulty.

Length 10/10: You'll be playing this game for quite a long time if you want to unlock all the secret monsters. Also, if you want all the Monster Cards, you'll have to gain every monster, which isn't easy, but it'll keep you playing. Great Length!!!!

Improvement From Prequel? Definitely.

Other: Umm...if you like Pokemon, this might be for you...but it's not exactly like Pokemon. There are some twists and everything...

Buy or Rent? Buy.

Overall: 10/10

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 06/25/03, Updated 06/25/03

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