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    Kitana GameShark FAQ by KingdomMK

    Updated: 07/28/98 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Updated: 7/28/98 - http://fighters.simplenet.com/mk/
    Note: If text goes off the screen during printing, either adjust
          your margins or decrease the font size.
    Many people don't know that Kitana was going to be a secret character in
    the arcade version of Mortal Kombat 4. Her 3-D model, textures, and even
    her moves, weapon, and fatalities were programmed into the main code of
    the early betas of Mortal Kombat 4. It is believed that Boon, noticing
    the lack of new and original characters in the game, disabled Kitana and
    converted her color palette from black to yellow, and changed her moves,
    thus creating Tanya. However, Kitana's information and textures were NEVER
    removed from MK4's code, mainly because her textures and 3-D model are
    still used in Liu Kang's ending.
    Because the PSX and N64 versions are straight ports of the arcade version,
    they use much of the same code. Therefore, the ability to play as Kitana
    is definately there, seeing that she has already been programmed in, she
    is simply dormant. Now, via a Gameshark, you can enable Kitana and play as
    her, with all of her moves, in the Nintendo 64 version of MK4.
    The PSX version will NOT play Kitana.  If you force it to, the game
    freezes.  Her moves, however are in the game and you can assign the moves
    to another character, provided Shinnok is your opponent.
    Why can't you play as Kitana in the PSX Version? Here's the reason why:
    In the N64 version of MK4, Kitana's textures and 3-D model are necessary
    for Liu Kang's real-time polygonal ending. Therefore, Eurocom programmers
    left that code, with her moves and all, in the game. However, the PSX
    version, unlike the arcade, uses full-motion video endings, therefore none
    of Kitana's textures and/or model are needed in the game, so the programmers
    of the PSX version deleted all of that code. For some reason, they still
    left her moves in the game, so that is why you can only use her moves in
    the PSX Version.
    Below are the codes to either play as Kitana (N64), or use her moves (PSX).
    IMPORTANT NOTE: A Gameshark is necessary for this code to work! For more
                    information on Gamesharks, ask your local video game
                    retailer or visit http://www.gameshark.com/.
    1) Enter this code: 800fe293 0010
    2) Begin the game and start a match.
    3) Select any character. It won't matter which character you select,
       he/she will automatically be replaced with Kitana.
    4) Once the "Choose your Destiny" screen comes up, choose a tower,
       then IMMIDEATLY press all of the buttons so it doesn't zoom up on
       the tower. If it does this, the game will freeze and you will be
       forced to reset.
    5) Kitana does not have a portrait file (select screen image).
       The N64 cart will read the memory file to prevent it from crashing.
    IMPORTANT NOTE: A Gameshark is necessary for this code to work! For more
                    information on Gamesharks, ask your local video game
                    retailer or visit http://www.gameshark.com/.
    1) Enter these three codes:
           800aac24 0006 - P2 is Shinnok
           800BFD6C 0010 - P1 uses Kitana's Moves
           800BFE54 0010 - P2 uses Kitana's Moves
    2) Begin the game and start a match.
    3) Player 1 can select anyone. It doesn't matter who you select, Kitana's
       moves will automatically be given to him/her. Make sure that Player 2
       is SHINNOK, otherwise Kitana's moves will not be used for Player 1.
    4) As long as Player 2 is Shinnok,  Player 1 will use Kitana's moves.
       If you do the weapon move (F,F,HK) a Bowie Knife will come out no matter
       who Player 1 is physically, even though it plays like Tanya's Boomerang.
    5) You CAN use the "Play as Kitana" code (800fe293 0010), but during the
       game, the CD crashes when trying to load the portrait file, also known
       as the select screen image, which wasn't included on the PSX CD.
    Weapon: F, F, HK (A fan in the N64 version; a Bowie Knife in the PSX version)
    Fireball: F, D, LP (Also in Air)
    Sqaure Wave Punch: F, B, HK
    Fatality #1 (Torso Rip): F, B, D, D, HK (Close)
    Fatility #2 (Split): U, D, D, U, HK
    Prison Stage: D, D, B, B, HK (Close)
    Goro's Lair: D, F, D, F, HK (Close)
    (c) 1998, Kingdom MK - http://fighters.simplenet.com/mk/

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