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    FAQ/Walkthrough by The Night Flier

    Version: Final | Updated: 03/29/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    FAQ/WALKTHROUGH BY: The Night Flier
    E-Mail: night_007_flier@yahoo.com
    Platform: Playstation
    Version: Final Version
    Last Updated: 18/08/2001
    1. Introduction
    2. You are reading this
    3. Legal Matters
    4. Revision History
    5. Game Review & info
    6. Default Controls
    7. Manual Story
    8. Bars, Ammo & Enemies
    9. Special Moves & Combos
    10. Complete Walkthrough
    11. Cheats
    12. Contact and Contribution
    13. Author's Note
    14. Credits
    Welcome to the complete walkthrough of the game Mortal Combat: Special 
    Forces. Many people have asked me why I wasted my time in writing a 
    walkthrough of such a useless game. That's right, USELESS game. This 
    game is such a joke, it's really like a cruel April fool's trick played 
    on us. The only reason why I did write an FAQ on it is because I was 
    forced to (I lost a bet and this was the price I had to pay). And what 
    a price it was!
    I have finished the walkthrough and will not be updating it again. If 
    you have any additional info, or want to help me advance, please mail 
    me at  night_007_flier@yahoo.com and I will give you credit right here 
    in this FAQ! Just remember to type the game's name in the subject field 
    while mailing.
    This FAQ is prepared entirely by me and can only be used for private 
    and personal reasons.  It can only be reproduced electronically. This 
    FAQ cannot be used for PROFITABLE means in any way. This FAQ cannot be 
    in any way printed in books, cds, magazines, etc. Copyright rules 
    apply. If I find this in any other website without my permission, then 
    I will be forced to take legal action. If you want to use this in ANY 
    way, then please let me know. My E - Mail address is given below.
    NOTE: A lot of people have helped me with this FAQ, giving me hints, 
    codes, help, etc. If anything in this document is ripped of from 
    someone else's work, then please mail me. I will remove the offending 
    item at once and give you the e-mail of the guy who sent it to me.
    I also want to add that the views expressed about this game in this FAQ 
    are entirely mine and are in no way connected to this website or the 
    manufacturers of the game.
    Only www.gamefaqs.com and www.neoseeker.com have permission to host 
    this FAQ. If you find this document in any other site, please mail me 
    and tell me about it. I will see to it that those people are properly 
    This game comes under the genre action/adventure. It's for the platform 
    Playstation and is basically a one-player, third person fighting game. 
    Its manufacturer is Midway. Maybe you can find answers on why they made 
    such a hair-tearing game in their website www.midway.com
    Genre - Action/Adventure 
    Players - 1
    Discs - 1
    Design - Midway interactive
    Release - 29/6/2000
    Review scores:
    Presentation: 4/10  
    I am sure that most of us expected a lot from the mighty Mortal Kombat 
    franchise. But sadly, this game fails to deliver... anything. You play 
    Jax and you have to go through numerous levels filled with bad guys. If 
    you like action based games, then you may like this, although I 
    seriously doubt it.
    Graphics: 5/10
    The video and graphics are passable, if not indigestible. What they 
    really lack is size and quality. All the players, including your 
    character are the size of an insect. The sluggishly rendered backdrops 
    are nothing but an eyesore. On top of that, all the levels are dark and 
    murky. While they give an aura of  mystery in the first few levels, it 
    really gets irritating later. The only plus point is that the games FMV 
    sequences are not bad. 
    Audio: 4/10
    The audio does not have much to say for itself. The music gets bland 
    and monotonous after sometime. The special sound effects are good, as 
    when you crush the enemies' bones, but even that becomes annoying after 
    some time.
    Gameplay: 3/10
    Ok, the scores keep getting lower and lower. The only thing you have to 
    do in this game is to pass level upon level filled with baddies, as you 
    chase Kano. That pretty much sums up the entire storyline. The only 
    real innovation in this game is the combos, which will be awarded to 
    you as you gain more experience. But even they exert a lot of pressure 
    on your game controller to pull off properly. 
    Replay value: 2/10
    I am sure that no one in their right mind will play through this game 
    the second time. It's more boring that watching a hyper active moth. 
    But if you play the entire game once, you can activate the cheats if 
    you play for the second time. 
    Overall: 4/10
    This game sucks. What more can I say? It's not even worth the disc it 
    was burnt on. I would really advise you to rent this game, even if you 
    are a huge fan of the Mortal Kombat series. If you are not, choose from 
    the wide variety of other Playstation games available. Avoid this like 
    plague at all costs.   
    L2:  Draw Weapon
    L1:  Look
    R2: Turbo
    R1: Block
    Cross: Low Punch/Action
    Square: High Punch
    Triangle: High Kick
    Circle: Low Kick
    Select: Inventory
    Start: Pause/Quit Menu
    You can climb by pressing triangle + the directional buttons. Firing 
    with the guns is L1 + Square.
    In the starting screen you will see two options, START GAME and 
    OPTIONS. In the options screen, there are four options, CONTROLLER 
    can change the default settings in the first three and load any 
    previously saved games in the last.
    The following story and information are the ones given in the game 
    One of the earliest stories that established the Mortal Kombat universe 
    was the relationship between Jax and Kano. Jax, a Special Forces agent, 
    was hot on the trail of career criminal Kano, when he was led into the 
    Mortal Kombat tournament.
    Kano represented the criminal underworld and Mortal Kombat was a 
    supernatural event that caused all of these things to collide. But, 
    we've only hinted at their shaded past. What events caused Jax to 
    despise Kano so much? How did Kano himself come to be involved with 
    Shang Tsung? Why is Jax so bent on stopping Kano's gang? Is it the 
    Black Dragon?
    There's a story to be told here and one that will allow new elements of 
    gameplay, while remaining true to the myths that make up the Mortal 
    Kombat universe.
    1. Jax's Bio
    Jax has a new mission. It's a mission he's always wanted to undertake, 
    and the disdain for his nemesis Kano is much too great to ignore any 
    Kano represents the criminal underworld and Mortal Kombat was a 
    supernatural event that caused the chasm between these two powerful 
    Jax will be forced into hand-to-hand combat, as well as vicious gun 
    battles as he hunts down Kano. Join Jax in his search for Kano, 
    destroying his henchmen along the way. Get ready, another battle has 
    just begun.
    2. No Face's Bio
    Due to his vast knowledge of explosives and incendiary devices, be 
    prepared for an explosive battle.
    3. Tasia's Bio
    Beware of this Ninja Master. She's as deadly as she is beautiful.
    4. Jarek's Bio
    One of Kano's most trusted allies, Jarek is quick, mean and full of 
    5. Tremor's Bio
    He's the guardian of the Gateway. His powerful style, coupled with his 
    blind loyalty to Kano makes him a deadly adversary.
    5. Kano's Bio
    Yes, Jax's longtime nemesis is a ready and capable opponent. Kano will 
    use any means necessary to dispatch Jax, his hated rival.
    NOTE: I will explain how to defeat these bosses in the walkthrough.
    When you start the game, you will notice two bars in the top left hand 
    of your screen. The white coloured one is the health bar, while the 
    blue one is for your special moves. Whenever you perform one of Jax's 
    special moves (the ones about which I will explain later), a little 
    portion of the bar will get depleted. If it gets completely over, then 
    you cannot perform any special moves. You can replenish the bar by 
    performing combos. 
    Apart from your bars, you can see the enemies' health bar on the top 
    right corner of your screen.
    You can find a variety of ammo here and there for your different guns. 
    There is the 9mm clip for your machine gun, which is your standard 
    weapon. Then you can find sniper cartridges for your sniper rifle. It 
    is extremely useful for killing enemies who hasn't seen you yet and are 
    a long distance away. You can find shells for the shotgun, which is a 
    powerful weapon but has a long reload time.
    Then of course, come the more powerful guns. The grenade launcher and 
    rocket launcher are very, very powerful and are superb for taking out a 
    bunch of bad guys. But their ammo, grenades and rockets respectively, 
    are hard to find. So try to save the ammo for the bosses.
    P.S: You can also use the detonator as a weapon. 
    The enemies in this game have A.I that is similar to the I.Q of a 
    village idiot. There aren't much variety of them either and at most 
    places, they are quite easy to kill, except in some areas where you 
    will be heavily outnumbered. Avoiding them will be the best idea. The 
    only real challenges to this game are the bosses, who are quite 
    formidable. I have given more details about them in the walkthrough. 
    Jax has 4 special moves, which you can do by pressing the R2 button and 
    while holding it, pressing any of the 4 kick and punch buttons. 
    Remember, you can perform the moves only if the blue bar is at least 
    partially filled. 
    The default buttons for the special moves are:
    R2 + Cross = Ground Smash
    R2 + Square = Hard Ground Smash
    R2 + Triangle = Flaming Power Punch
    R2 + Circle = Power Punch
    The combos are a series of buttons that you have to press to perform a 
    chain of punches and kicks. The more the combos you do, the more the 
    blue bar gets filled, consequently enabling you to do more special 
    moves. The only thing is, you can't perform any combos at the starting 
    of the game. You have to obtain them by gaining experience points. More 
    you advance into the game, the more the experience points you get.  I 
    have listed below all the combos and the experience needed to get them.
    OUT THE 
    So finally, the walkthrough is upon us.  I just have one more thing to 
    add. Try your best to complete the game as much as possible by 
    yourself. Only in the most 'WHAT THE @#$!* MOMENTS' should you use this 
    walkthrough. Otherwise the game is just plain gonna be unbearable.
    So without much further ado, let the game begin ...
    The Beginning:
    Before the game starts, you will see an FMV that starts with a close-up 
    of Kano. Then you will see the wall of the Special Forces prison 
    explode and Kano and his Black Dragon members escape through it. A van 
    full of cops takes off after them.
    Then Jax will receive a transmission from his assistant, Gemini:
    Gemini - Jax, we have an urgent situation that demands your attention. 
    Jax - What's the problem, Gemini?
    Gemini - We have a breakout at the Special Forces maximum-security 
    facility. A group of highly dangerous superhuman criminals have escaped 
    the compound and are at large. The list of escaped prisoners is as 
    follows: No Face, Tasia, Jarek and Tremor. They are apparently hiding 
    out in an abandoned warehouse on the south side of town. There is 
    something else you should know - the prisoners received help from an 
    outside source. 
    Jax - It has to be Kano.
    Gemini - You guessed it.
    Jax - Gemini, tell operations eta sixty seconds to the warehouse. 
    Inform Lt. Sanchez not to infiltrate the warehouse until my arrival.
    Gemini- Affirmative. Oh wait, hold on Jax... I have a transmission from 
    Lt. Sanchez... I'll patch it through.
    Lt. Sanchez - Jax, we have just arrived at the location and we are 
    awaiting your orders.
    Wait a minute... what the????!!!(Gunshots and screams can be heard) 
    It's a trap!! Let's get the hell outta... (The transmission gets 
    In the next scene, Jax arrives at the warehouse and sees the van blown 
    up and the Special Forces Agents dead. He lifts his arms up to the sky 
    and says, "Kano, you're going to pay for this".
    You start outside of the warehouse. Directly to your left are two 
    guards. Take them out quickly or else another guard will appear and 
    they will gang up on you. After killing the guards, go up and then turn 
    right. You can now see a garbage bin. Pull it out by pressing the X 
    button and up direction. Now go inside the space to find a free life. 
    Now go back out and enter the warehouse door.
     This room has some 4-6 guys scattered around the place. But they won't 
    gang up on you, so don't sweat. You should have gotten your new combo, 
    so try it out on these guys. Go right and climb (triangle + up) the 
    trailer to get the small medipack. Get off the trailer, go left and 
    climb the ladder. Follow the grating around and grab the medium 
    medipack. Climb down the ladder you came up from and head towards the 
    center of the room till you see an elevator on your left. You can't use 
    it right now because the power is out. Go to the end of the passageway 
    then turn left. Go down the stairs where you will be met by a guard. Go 
    in between the boilers and grab the Power Room Key. Then go into the 
    small passage in front of you and go into the room on your left. Take 
    the 9mm clip. Then head back up using the stairs. Back out of the 
    passage and go right. You should see a room presently on your left. Go 
    inside it and take your machine gun. 
    Yahooooooooooo! Go out of the room and advance forwards. Go down the 
    metal stairs and take out the three orange idiots. Go forwards through 
    the door, which leads to the Power Room. Go left and hit the power 
    switch. This is your first checkpoint (If you die in the remainder of 
    this level, you will start from here). 
    Go back out and go to the elevator you first saw. Go up to the 4th 
    floor. Take the 9mm clip on the floor and kill the guy who appears but 
    be careful! There's a guard with a gun here. Shoot him quickly, and 
    then take the ammo he leaves behind. Advance and kill the two guards 
    here. Take the large medipack on the corner of this room. Now go to the 
    next room. You will find some guards and some detonators. If you look 
    closely, you will see a big crack in the wall front of you. You don't 
    need to blast it unless you want to see what the detonators can do. 
    Just place one on the crack and stand back or else you will get hurt. 
    Then go through the wall and you will be back near the elevator. For 
    those who chose not to blast the wall, go back all the way you came 
    from, back to the elevators. Then go to the third floor.
    When you get off from the elevator, you will be greeted by some guards. 
    Use your combos, as they gang up on you. Then you will notice a crack 
    on the wall next to you. Place a detonator there and stand back so you 
    won't get caught in the explosion. Then go all the way to the end of 
    the passageway, till you get a Security Key. Exit and go back to the 
    elevator. Then go down and you will see some more guards. There is a 
    crack on a wall here too. Blast it and take a large med pack. Then go 
    forwards till you reach a large door. Open it with the Security key.
    Kill the guards here and hit the fire alarm. This is your second 
    checkpoint. Now go back towards the elevator taking out some guards 
    along the way. Go to the second floor now.
    Get off the elevators and you will find yourself in a room full of,... 
    well, more rooms. Most of these rooms are empty, but one of them holds 
    a 9mm clip and another one a medium medipack. 
    Needless to say, there will be some guards around here. After getting 
    the stuff from the rooms, head right till you reach a room with wooden 
    floors. There is a guard with a machine gun here, so be careful. Use a 
    medium medipack if you are low on health. Then take the guy out and 
    then collect his ammo. Go to the door on you see and climb up the 
    stairs. Kill the enemies here and go forwards, killing all the enemies 
    you see. Take the medium medipack lying on the floor and enter the 
    double door on your right. Now you meet face to face with No Face 
    (hyuck hyuck), the first boss of the game. 
    No Face:
    This idiot keeps throwing grenades at you. Keep dodging him and don't 
    get too close, or he will toast you with his flame-thrower. Let him 
    throw all the grenades and sweep left and right with his flame-thrower. 
    Then he will pause for a second and start running around. At this 
    moment, run in and perform your combos, as well as your special moves. 
    Keep repeating this process till you kill him. Also before killing him, 
    take the medipack that is in this room. Then exit through the door in 
    front of you. 
    AAAAIIIIPPPPPEEEYAHEEEEEEE! You have just officially completed the 
    first level! (It isn't such a great achievement and you won't feel any 
    real sense of pride and satisfaction, but hey, you DID complete it).
    Save the game and go to the next level.
    By now, you should have contacted Gemini.
    Gemini - Jax, I was trying to get through to you... are you all right?
    Jax - Yeah, I'm OK. I just had a little fire to snuff out. (A picture 
    of No Face appears with an X over it and says No Face status: 
    TERMINATED.) What's the situation back at Head Quarters?
    Gemini - (While the following is being said a Black Dragon logo comes 
    up and beside it says: The Black Dragon: wanted for: terrorism, 
    smuggling, extortion, murder.) Well Jax, the deal is these bad boys 
    have more in common than we thought. Turns out that they were all card-
    carrying members of Kano's little club, the Black Dragon. Isn't that 
    the gang that gave you so much trouble some time ago? (While the 
    following was being said, a Black Dragon logo appears and some writing 
    beside it says The Black dragon: wanted for terrorism, smuggling, 
    extortion and murder).
    Jax - Sure was... any sign of the escapees?
    Gemini - No, our troops have swept the area, but they seem to have 
    slipped by us. We were hoping you would be able to track them down. 
    Being the man on the inside...
    Jax - There is an exit ahead of me - I'll see where that takes me. I'll 
    update you when I can.
    Gemini - Be careful you don't scratch those big metal arms of yours... 
    Gemini out.
    NOTE: From now on, I won't tell from where each and every enemy is 
    going to come out from. I will only make a mention of those who are 
    exceptionally tough to kill. So stay on your toes.
    I am also not going to be that detailed anymore, so find out the doors 
    and keys I mean by exploring the area yourself.
    The first part of your mission is to find access codes from computers 
    and open a door. Start the sewers mission by going forwards and killing 
    the armed guards. There will be a lot of them in this level. Advance, 
    kill all the guards and take the sniper cartridge. Go all the way up 
    till you see a computer. Take the medipack near it and access the 
    computer. You will see a message, which in fact is a code (surprise, 
    surprise). Don't worry if you forget it, it is in your inventory under 
    messages. Then go down till you see a room. Enter it, clear it of all 
    the baddies and access that computer for the second code. Then go back 
    all the way to where you started from and near there is a door. You can 
    open it now.
    Climb the ladder and kill the green type of guy at the top. Get his 
    ammo and the sniper rifle (man, I must tell you, this is one cool gun. 
    My favorite, actually). Then access this computer and get the message. 
    Go forwards.
    Now, you will reach a point of the game where you will be covered by 
    fog, hence you can't see. Your objective is to reach a door that leads 
    out of this place. You can do it by going left, or front. It's your 
    choice. But my advice would be to explore the ENTIRE area, killing all 
    the enemies. I am saying so because by this way, you can collect all 
    the guys' ammo and there are also a lot of medipacks littered around 
    the place. Good luck, whatever your choice.
    Once you open the door, drop all the way down. Don't worry, it won't 
    even damage you a bit. Go forwards and open the next door. Kill all the 
    guys here and collect all the ammo. Go to the platform at the center of 
    the room and activate the computer there. Now add the codes you got 
    from the three computers you accessed before. The first message means 
    3, the second means 12 and the third means 9. Thus, enter 3129 in the 
    computer and a sewer door will open. Go through it and you would have 
    advanced to the second part of this level.
    Now, you must find some keycards. Grab the sniper cartridges lying here 
    and there. 
    Walk forward, and grab the two Sniper Cartridges.  Continue forward and 
    take the first left.  Kill both of these guards and take their ammo.  
    Continue left, then take the grating down toward the bottom of the 
    Kill this guard too and grab the small Medi-Pack.  Go back up toward 
    the top of the screen, all the way to the door.  Go inside the door.  
    Kill the two guards inside with extreme prejudice; don't forget to take 
    their ammo.  Go forward and kill two more baddies.  Then go left and 
    kill yet another baddie.  
    Continue walking left as far as it is physically possible.  Open the 
    door, go in, and take out the guards.  Grab the ammo he leaves behind 
    and also nab the key card.  Leave this room and go all the way to the 
    right until you reach yet another door.  Go inside the door and grab 
    the shotgun shells.  Leave the room and go back to the left.  Take the 
    first grating and go down toward the bottom of the screen again.  Go 
    back through that door and then to the right.  
    Continue right and then up to the next door.  Go inside this door and 
    forward and go up left.  Shoot the three-armed guards and steal their 
    Go to the left and grab the large Medi-Pack.  Go back left and go up 
    grating to the top of the screen.  Kill the guard and take his ammo.  
    right, and then go up and to the right.  Open the door and go inside.  
    Shoot the guard and grab his ammo too.  Also, do not forget the key 
    card in this room also.  Go back out of the door and then go to the 
    left.  Go down, then to the left and then up until you get to the door.  
    Open the door.  This is the end of Part 2 of The Sewers.  Get ready for 
    Part 3!
    Walk forward and go up the ramp all the way to the top of the ramp.  Go 
    inside the door.  Kill the armed guard and take his ammo.  Open the 
    door on 
    the right and go inside.  Kill the guard, and take his shotgun!  YESS! 
    new firepower.  Go down toward the bottom of the screen and go to the 
    right corner.  Walk up the small stairs and to the right.  Go inside 
    door.  To the left, shoot the armed guard and take his ammo.  Also, do 
    forget to grab the key card.  Go back to the right and out of the room.  
    up and cross the water, via the bridge.  Go through the hole at the top 
    the room.  Go inside the door and shoot the guard.  Take his ammo.  
    Then go 
    to the door on the left.  Go inside the door and go down the ladder.  
    the next door and go in.  Shoot the guard and steal his ammo.  Go down 
    toward the bottom of the screen and around to the right.  Go up and 
    the guard and take his ammo.  Continue forward and climb up the wall on 
    left to grab the shotgun shells.  Jump off the wall and continue upward 
    grab some more shotgun shells.  Go back down to the bottom of the 
    screen and go inside the door on the right.  Go up the ladder and 
    follow the grate 
    around. And open the next door.  Go in, and shoot the guard, take his 
    and lets move on.  Go up to the next door and open it and go in.  Go to 
    right and then go down.  Continue on to the left and go to the door at 
    top of the screen.  Open the door and go in.  Grab the key.  Then 
    by going right and then back up all the way to the top of the screen to 
    next door.  Open the door and go inside.  Kill the guard and take his 
    Go around to the left.  Grab the medium Medi-Pack and then go through 
    door at the bottom of the screen.  Grab yet another key card.  
    Backtrack to 
    the right around to the left and then go in the door and back up the 
    Go back out onto the grate and access all three computers in order to 
    the bridges around.  Go towards the bottom of the screen and out the 
    Go to the right and into the first opening.  Then go all the way across 
    the bridge to 
    the end.  In this opening is the second boss: 
    	Tasia is the second boss of the game.  She is one of the easier 
    bosses.  After throwing her purple-exploding grenades, she will start 
    to chase you.  There's 4 orbs around her, one that will chase you.  
    They will not hurt you, but they will stop you from moving for a 
    It's not much of a problem unless she starting to throw her grenades.  
    Anyways, when she starts to chase you, try to get to her by the gap 
    between the three orbs.  Open up a combo on her, then run away.  She 
    will disappear, then reappear and start her pattern all over again.  
    Repeat till you defeat her. The screen will blackout as she dies and 
    you will contact Gemini.
    Jax - Jax to Gemini-do you copy?
    Gemini - Yes Jax, I'm here... any news?
    Jax - Awwwhhh yeah... I just got in a close shave with a twin bladed 
    honey. Too bad I had
    to take her out, though. That Tasia sure was a looker... (A picture of 
    Tasia appears with 
    an X over it and says Tasia status: TERMINATED.) 
    Gemini - Uh, Jax... the mission, remember? If you can manage to 
    concentrate for a little 
    bit, Jax, I've got some news for you. It turns out that the Black 
    Dragon has tried to put 
    on a respectable face... One of the thugs let it spiel that the Black 
    Dragon is using one of the corporate buildings downtown as a cover for 
    their base of operations, but he won't say which one...
    Jax - Well, Tasia sure wanted to stop me from going any further, so 
    I've got a feeling I must be very close to their hideout... I'll 
    contact you the next chance I get. Jax out.
    Your first mission is to find the keypad codes to gain access to 
    the elevator leading to the main office.  Okay.  Exit the room heading 
    down and look for a car on your left.  Walk up to it and check it's 
    license plate.  The access codes come from the license plates, so check 
    each car.  After getting the license plate, head down, then run all the 
    way left to the door on the lower left.  In the upper left corner is a 
    switch to open the garage door.  Do so.  Now walk out of the room and 
    check the cars in the nearby parking lot.  Now go through the garage 
    door and head left, then check the two cars in the nearby parking lot.  
    Ahead of you is a door which needs an access code, but you are missing 
    license plate.  Go right, then head down to find the last car.
    Now come back and enter the code 82931.  This should open the door.  In 
    front of this door is a car, so check that, then head left.  There 
    should be another car on the lower part of the screen; check that as 
    well.  The 
    last one in this place is ahead, and right beside it is a large 
    Now head back and go up the parking lot, checking the last car in this 
    whole place.  Be careful, this is the first guy to have a machine gun 
    this level.  At the dead end is the place to input the access code, 
    which is 97482.  Go in there, and look for a small yellow room.  Go in 
    there to get a red key.
    Head back the last two garage doors you opened via access codes, then 
    go right to a room where it has a bunch of glass windows.  Open the 
    door, then go straight and press X at the elevator to exit this part of 
    the level.  In this next mission you are to go up a gold elevator after 
    meeting a special agent.  Note, in this part of the level, the enemies 
    are usually armed, so becareful.  Go up the stairs, then beat up the 
    guard at the desk.  Now head up.  On your left is the golden elevator 
    you will exit this part of the level with.  Keep going straight till 
    you end up with a door on your left.  Open it, then head down the room 
    where there is a rug.  There is the C Room Key.  Now get out of here, 
    and go right, then go down, and head downstairs.  
    There's nothing on your left, so go right.  Go past the lockers, then 
    go down the dark hall.  Keep turning directions, and follow it.  You 
    eventually come up to a door near the end on your right, so go in there 
    to find a free life and a BR key.   Go all the way back and head up 
    stairs, and go left, till you see the first door.  Go in there, then 
    head left to find a computer.  Press X, then check your 
    inventory/message screen.  There's a red-haired agent downstairs 
    for you, so go back downstairs towards the lockers.  She will lead you 
    to a certain locker, which when opened will contain a SP key.  Now go 
    back upstairs and go all the way left inside the room you opened 
    till you see another door.  Open that and inside on the lower left is a 
    large medipak and a rocket launcher.
    Now head back near to the beginning of the level and ahead, on the 
    right of the desk, is a door. Open it so you can reach the computer to 
    grant access to the golden elevator.  Now go there, which I showed you 
    where earlier, to exit this part of the level.  Now you are to find 
    Jarek and kill him.  Head down and exit through the door on your right.  
    Now keep heading right till 
    you find a fenced gate.  Open it, and climb the ladder ahead of you.  
    Keep going straight till you see a branch to the right, then head that 
    way.  Climb down the ladder, then head left and pick up the detonator 
    over.  Next, you are going to detonate some windows.  Go to first 
    view, and look for a crack on a window.  Detonate it, then jump down 
    ladder.  You should find a medium medipak.  Now climb back up the 
    and go right to the next set of windows.  Put a detonator on the same 
    place you did the last one, and move.  Climb down the ladder and here 
    you will find a bronze key on your lower right.  Go back up the ladder 
    and get back to the main straightaway.  Keep going straight till you 
    another branch to the right.  Go that way and head down the ladder, 
    proceed left.  You will find a small medipak. 
    Now go down to get your detonator.  Detonate the glass set on the 
    right, and in there is a medium medipak.  Now head back to the main 
    part of the platform, and keep heading straight till you reach a dead 
    end.  Go and open the door to your left.  Access the computer, then 
    head right to open the gate.  Now you will have to face the next boss:
    He is also pretty easy. First he will throw four sets of blades.  Next 
    he will either motion you to bring it or throw a fire orb.  If he tells 
    you to bring it, just keep pressing X at him, but don't do it too long 
    or he'll start punching back.  He'll do his pattern over again, and 
    eventually it will take longer for him to tell you to bring it.  Just 
    repeat the process and he will fall.
    Now you will contact Gemini:
    Jax - Gemini, I have just transmitted my location coordinates to you 
    via the Black Dragon's com-link. Have you received them yet?
    Gemini - That's affirmative on the pickup location, Jax, and it's about 
    time! What's it take for a girl to get a phone call? Did you happen to 
    run into any more of Kano's henchmen?
    Jax - Nothing I couldn't handle-Just some punk with a sharp toy. (A 
    picture of Jarek appears with an X over it and says Jarek status: 
    TERMINATED.) Gemini, I'm going to upload the coordinates from a map I 
    found. Seems like Kano is up to something big... I'm gonna have to take 
    a little trip and meet up with him at the lost city of Sin Kiang.
    Gemini - ETA on air transport pickup is five minutes. Next time Jax, 
    don't wait so long to make contact. I was getting a little worried... a 
    woman doesn't like to be kept waiting. Gemini out.
    Run forward and grab the Sniper Cartridge and the Rockets.  Run back 
    and to the main path.  Walk forward and shoot the guard atop the pillar 
    your right.  Shoot the guard with your Rocket Launcher.  Walk forward 
    shoot the guard on the left in the same manner.  Continue walking 
    forward and kill the guard on the bridge.  Move forward and kill the 
    guard on the right. Continue walking forward and into the little hut.  
    Grab the large Medi-Pack, and the Sniper Cartridges, and the Rockets.  
    Exit the hut and then go to your left.  Go forward and shoot the baddie 
    on the bridge.  Continue forward and kill the baddie on the right.  
    Continue forward again and kill the baddie on the left.  Continue 
    forward into the next little hut.  Grab the blue key and the medium 
    Medi-Pack.  Exit the hut and go left once again.  Go forward and take 
    out the sniper on the right.  Walk forward again and kill the baddie on 
    the left.  Continue forward and grab the Rockets.  Then kill the baddie 
    on the right.  Keep going forward shoot the sniper on the left.  Move 
    forward and shoot the sniper on the bridge.  After he is dead, grab the 
    medium Medi-Pack.  Move forward and shoot the baddie.  Grab the ammo he 
    leaves behind and small Medi-Pack.  Continue forward and down the hill 
    to the door.  Go inside the door.
    Once you enter the hallways, get a weapon ready.  Move forward and 
    shoot the two guards.  Look to your left.  There is a crack in the 
    Time for another Detonator.  Go in the hole, and grab the emerald.  
    Exit the hole and then continue forward.  Look to your right for 
    another crack in the wall.  Place another Detonator on the crack.  Walk 
    inside the hole, and move the third and fourth pillars aside.  Run down 
    each passageway and push the pillars at the end of the passageways.  
    Enter the rooms and hit the switch in each of the passageways.  Exit 
    the room and go back into the hallway.  Go forward and look for yet 
    another crack in the wall on the left.  Blow open the wall with the 
    detonator.  Inside is an altar.  You will need this later.  
    Continue forward and open the door on the left.  Grab the Grenade 
    and the Grenades.  Exit the room and continue on down the hallway.  
    Kill the two baddies and take their ammo respectively.  Continue 
    forward and then into the opening on the right.  Follow the hallway 
    around into the room on the left.  Access the computer to make the life 
    go down.  Exit the room and the hallway altogether, into the main 
    hallway.  Walk forward and into the opening on the left.  Follow the 
    hallway around to the doorway on the left. Go inside the door.  Move 
    the crates at the top of the screen and go into the hidden room to grab 
    another Free Life.  Exit this room and the hallway and go back into the 
    main hallway.  Walk forward and across the bridge.  Open the door on 
    the left and go in.  Access this computer too.  This computer will make 
    the lift go back up.  Exit this room and walk forward.  Kill the guard 
    and take his ever so precious ammo.  Continue forward and grab the 
    amethyst.  Go back down and to the right.  Make you way down the hall 
    and kill the guard.  Go left at the end of the hall and into the room 
    and grab the blue key.  
    Continue to go left across the bridge.  Grab the ruby and drop down the 
    opening at the bottom of the screen.  Go down this hallway and kill the 
    next guard.  Continue right and back into the main hallway.  Go down 
    and open the door on the right.  Then go up to the Altar of Queen Eliza 
    and place the emerald on top of the Altar.  Exit this little room and 
    head down the hall towards the bottom of the screen and go into the 
    second room on the left.  Go to the Altar of Princess Adrian and place 
    the amethyst on the top of the Altar.  Exit this small room and go up 
    the hallway.  Go into the second opening on the right and follow the 
    hall around to the computer room. 
    Access the computer to put the damn lift back down.  Exit the room and 
    the hallway and go back to main hallway. Walk forward and into the 
    opening on the left. Follow the hall around and into the room on the 
    left.  Walk up to the Altar of Queen Rhiana and place the ruby on top 
    of the Altar.  The announcer will then say "Excellent!"  Exit this room 
    and hallway and go back into the main hallway.  Go up and run across 
    the bridge.  Continue walking forward until you get to a wall with the 
    Mortal Kombat Dragon on it.
    Go forward and climb on the last rock on the right.  Climb up onto the 
    ledge.  Follow the ledge around to the opening in the wall.  Go in and 
    go to the right.  Go up the ramp and grab the Snipe Cartridge.  Shoot 
    the guard and climb the wall on the right.  Run down and grab the 
    Rocket and large Medi-Pack.  Drop down to the middle and kill the two 
    guards, and take their shotgun shells after they are dead.  Climb the 
    wall on the left and grab the Grenades and the key.  Drop down to the 
    middle of the room and walk forward and up the ramp.  Go into the room 
    and kill the three guards by any means necessary.  After that mess, go 
    up the stairs on the right and access the computer to move the plank.  
    Go into the room on the right and kill three more guards.  Grab the 
    Medi-Packs and then exit the room.  Go back down the stairs.  Then go 
    up towards the portal and climb the plank.  Go into the portal.  When 
    you arrive, you have to fight the 4th boss: 
    The easiest way to kill this &$%* is to run around dodging his 
    projectiles and then when you get a chance, just run in and beat his 
    ass with combos.  The first time you get close to him, he will pound 
    the ground, knocking you back.  Bear it, and then just attack with 
    combo after combo, until he is dead.  After you beat him walk through 
    the portal. Gemini will now contact you.
    Gemini - What is your current status, Jax?
    Jax - You're not gonna believe this... Kano has found an ancient 
    gateway... it appears to
    be some sorta of portal into another dimension. God only knows where 
    it's gonna take me.
    Gemini - What? Are you out of your mind? Jax, you can't be thinking 
    about going through
    that portal. It could be a trap... You might not be able to get back!
    Jax - There is no time to wait Gemini! Knowing Kano, this must be a 
    means to his dream of
    world domination... This is a risk that I've got to take. 
    Gemini - You must have a cast iron head to match your arms. This is 
    clearly a suicide 
    mission. We need to get our experts over there to assess the situation. 
    This is one ride
    even you're not big enough for, hero-I can't let you go in there alone.
    Jax - Gemini, I'm really touched by this show of concern. People are 
    gonna start talking.
    You know. 
    Gemini - You are impossible! Don't you realize that our communications 
    will be cut off?
    Our satellite systems weren't designed for inter-dimensional travel. 
    Jax - Look, Gemini. There is no time to wait for backup. I got this far 
    on my own, and I 
    am right on Kano's heels. My sole concern is to stop him from executing 
    his plan and to 
    bring him to justice. Look, don't worry your pretty little head. I 
    promise I'll bring you 
    back something nice...
    Gemini - Just make sure you bring yourself back, and we'll talk from 
    there. Gemini out.
    FINAL LEVEL - Outworld
         Your mission for this part of the level is like that of the tomb 
    part of Sinkiang.  You are to find two stones for the two king tombs 
    (King Kang and King Tsung...hmm....sound familiar?).  The enemies on 
    this part of the level are not armed.  However, they are much stronger, 
    and take a longer time to kill.  Special moves will not kill them as 
    easy this time either.  
         Go forward, then left, and kill the guards over at that area.  At 
    the very end of this area is the altars of King Kang and Tsung, as well 
    as the end of this part of the level.  Now head back, and go right.  
    There are two enemies over there.  An easy tactic to kill the enemies 
    this level is to use the Super Uppercut combo on them and knock them 
    the edge.  There's an enemy on the very right of this platform, though 
    it doesn't lead anywhere.  Go down, towards the purple lighting.  There 
    will be a portal.  After entering it, go left, then up to get the 
    shotgun cartridges.  Go to the center to recieve a stone called the 
    Dragon Eye.  Go back and head left to a platform, and there is a medium 
    medipak and a portal. 
    After going through the portal, head left, then 
    up to get some rockets.  Go back, and go right.  Near this right is a 
    chance to go down, so do so, but be careful you don't fall down.  When 
    you can't go down no further, go left.  When you get to the square 
    platform, go straight and keep going straight into the red portal.  You 
    will now land on a purple polygon figure.  Go straight, then go left.  
    When you get to the square, head down, and watch your step.  In fact, 
    this next part you will really need to watch it.  On your left is a 
    series of squares that are not aligned properly.  Try to get in the 
    center, and walk a straight left to get through.  Sometimes you will 
    have to align yourself with the next block.  It's pretty easy to go 
    through if you take diagonal steps also, but watch out, because the 
    controls are kind of touchy.  If you fall, you have a chance to land on 
    a green turf, which when you follow through the place, ends you back at 
    the purple polygon, which you'll need to start over.  At the end is a 
    portal, so walk through it.  You will fall onto a small square area 
    a fence.  When you walk toward the upper part, it will ask you to move 
    bridge.  Do so, then step back into the portal, and make your way back 
    through the unaligned blocks all the way to the beginning, and go right 
    this time.  An easier way is to fall off the blocks, but you risk a 
    chance of missing the green turf if you're too far away.  Anyways, head 
    all the way right (it's a long one), and keep going right, crossing the 
    bridge.  Once you are at the other side, stop, and go down the ramp, 
    then head left.  Straight ahead is another dragon eye.  Now go back all 
    the way to the beginning (the intersection), and this time, go 
    and walk into the portal.  You are back at the other part of the level 
    (where you were earlier).  Cross the bridge, then go down.  Head all 
    way left, then go up where the two altars lie.  Give them both the 
    dragon eyes (Red Dragon Eye for Tsung and Purple for Kang), then go to 
    the portal and press X to exit this part of the level.
    Jump off the cliff you are on to get the large medipak below, and 
    immediately head straight.  In the next room at the upper right is a 
    sniper cartridge, so get that.  Keep going straight, and you will end 
    at a intersection.  The left is the end of this level, while the path 
    ahead and on the right lead to power ups.  If you are eager to beat 
    part of the level, skip to the next paragraph.  Go ahead and head 
    forward.  There's nothing on the left, so head for the right path.  At 
    the end of it is a large medipak.  Now go all the way back to the 
    way intersection, this time heading right.  Go down when you get the 
    chance, as there's nothing when you keep going right.  Head right, then 
    go up the first path.  Again, there is nothing on the second path.  At 
    the end of this platform is some rockets.  Now head back to the main 
    three-way intersection.
    This time, go left, then head down.  Go left, until you are half-
    way through the bridge.  Jump down to the platform below you, then go 
    down.  Go left, then up the bridge, and at the end is sone shotgun 
    shells.  Now go back, and head up.  Go right, and when you get the 
    chance, go down.  Jump off the ledge and onto the portal.  No, you 
    haven't beat the level yet, but almost.  Head straight to finish this 
    part of the level.
    In this last part of Outworld, I just want to forewarn you that 
    these enemies are armed.  Now, climb up the low wall on the right, then 
    climb the wall ahead, then onto the pillar.  Now go left, and climb up 
    the next pillar.  Head straight, then go right.  Cross the bridge, and 
    go up to the pillar to get a large medipak.  While you are up here, you 
    might as well snipe out the enemy on the level below.  Now go back to 
    the bridge, and jump down.  Look for a path on the right, and take it.  
    When you see a ladder, jump down it.  Open the door below.  Head right, 
    and climb up the rocks heading up to the pillar to get the bronze key.  
    Now go back, all the way up the ladder, and head left.  Go inside the 
    building, and climb up the ladders.  You will eventually end up on top 
    of the building, where you will find rockets and a medium medipak.  Now 
    go back down.  Go forward.  Before opening the door ahead of you, go 
    right and get the sniper cartridges.  Now open the door, and climb up 
    the ladder.  Near the lower edge is some more sniper cartridges, so 
    those up.  Now head left, then go down.  You will see a ladder to climb 
    down, and do so.  Open the door, and continue left.  Go up, then take a 
    right, opening the door you see.  Inside that room is a blue key, so 
    pick it up.
    Now head all the way back into the large building.  If you 
    forgot, reverse the directions I told you above.  Exit this building, 
    and take a right.  This time, skip the ladder, and go all the way 
    forward.  Open the door and get the medium medipak.  Now head, back, 
    take the nearest right.  Keep going right, going up when you can no 
    longer go right.  On top of a near platform is a small medipak, so make 
    sure to get that.  Go left, and open the door when you see it.  Climb 
    the ladder, and head left once again.  Jump down unto the platform 
    you, and head into the portal to exit this last part of the level. 
    Now, there will be a FMV where Kano and Jax will talk:
    Kano - Well well well... If it isn't that pesky Special Forces grunt, 
    come to seek 
    revenge for all his troops. I'm quite impressed. You have managed to 
    defeat all of my
    Black Dragon members. Pity, they were all looking forward to restarting 
    out little gang.
    Little did they know they were only pawns to slows you down and in that 
    respect they
    succeeded. You're too late Jax. I have already reached the Eye of 
    Shitian, and soon, you
    will know its power. And, hahahaha, delicious irony. You shall be the 
    first to serve me.
    Jax - The only thing I'm gonna serve you is a steel fist to your face, 
    you delusional
    maniac. And after you get your pounding, I'm gonna haul your butt back 
    to prison back
    home on Earth; Where you won't have the aid of this overgrown 
    lightbulb. Sorry to burst 
    your bubble Kano, but the only thing you're gonna lord over is a 
    porcelain thrown in a 
    four by four room.
    After the FMV you prepare for battle. Use all of your weapons. Try to 
    dodge the knives, once again trying to get close to him.  Be careful, 
    because if you take your time, he'll cannonball you (you'll know what 
    it is when you'll receive it).  Once you get close, he is yours.  Just 
    mash on X as fast as you can.  If you are running out of health, there 
    is a large 
    medipak on the lower right of the room. Kill him and then walk forward 
    and stand underneath the levitating gem at the very top of the screen.  
    Now there is another FMV. Jax walked up to the Eye of Shitian and said, 
    "I know exactly what I'm gonna do with this thing. He lifted it over 
    his head and it let off a bright light. After
    the light disappeared, a portal opened. Jax then sent a transmission to 
    Jax - Jax to Gemini, come in...
    Gemini - Jax! Well, sounds to me like someone has made it all the way 
    back home.
    Jax - Awwwww yeeaaahhh... 
    ********************************* THE END 
    1. After you saved the game at the ending of the last level, you can 
    access the cheat option in Game Settings. 
    After you enable it, you can start a new game with all the combos and 
    all the weapons with 999 ammo! 
    But you won't get any extra medipacks here.
    2. After turning the cheat menu on, start a new game. While playing, 
    press X(3) and square(3). Both your bars will now get filled.
    3. And for those who have Gameshark:
    Infinite Special 
    Maxed Out Exp 
    Max Level/All Combos 
    Infinite Machine Gun Ammo 
    Infinite Detonators 
    Infinite Small Medipak 
    Infinite Medium Medipak 
    Infinite Large Medipak 
    Infinite Health 
    Infinite Sniper Ammo 
    Infinite Shotgun Ammo 
    Infinite Grenade Ammo 
    Infinite Rocket Launcher Ammo 
    No Health Enemy Bar (Instant Kill) 
    Unlock Cheats 
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    Okay, that brings us to end of the walkthrough. I know this may be 
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    game didn't suck that much, it just didn't come up to the standard of 
    the other Mortal Kombat games.
    Also don't use the cheats. Finishing the game without them is much 
    about the only sense of satisfaction or victory you will get.
    And you may be wondering what bet I lost to my friends, which made me 
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    Three Cheers.
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