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"In 1998, I put this game in the corner of my bedroom in a pile of dust and left it there"

Because Mortal Kombat Trilogy really is the worst game I've ever owned for my Playstation. It was a Christmas present when it first came out, and I bet I could have had more excitement with the tiny box the game came in than with the game itself.

Where do I begin? First of all, having all three Mortal Kombat games on one disc is supposed to be a major highlight and the main reason people bought this game, to get the ultimate Mortal Kombat experience. You have all the characters, all the moves, all the fatalities, all the levels. How can it be so bad?

Here's why- the loading times. They are seriously some of the very worst loading times I've ever had to wait through. After you die, you will have to sit through a series of loading screens and many unnecessary minutes of waiting before you return back to the actual fighting. All this could have been avoided with a simple "do you want to continue?" screen. It's not like I want to pick a new character every time I die. That never made sense to me.

Saying the computer opponents are tough and unfairly difficult isn't really enough- they are downright impossibly hard sometimes. For some reason, even on the easiest difficulty, all the computer likes to do is continue delivering really cheap combo moves to you over and over again, and immediately run towards you punching and kicking *every single chance* they get. If I put the game on easy, why is it almost impossible to reach Shao Khan? Words can't describe how frustrating this game can be. It's not like only certain characters are hard while others are easy- they're all extremely unfair.

The only way I have found to make it through the tournament is to either play as Noob Saibot or Sub-Zero and keep delivering certain special moves to your opponents (in Sub-Zero's case, constantly freezing them so they can't move). Really, those are the only two fighters that make it possible to get anywhere.

The graphics and fatalities are really disappointing to me. I prefer the grainy and muddy level designs of the first two Mortal Kombat games, not the updated appearance of Mortal Kombat 3. Everything looks so polished and shiny. I really hate it. As a result, the fatalities look cheap and uninteresting as well. Imagine how much better this game could have been had they decided to give everything the same look as Mortal Kombat 2 and lowered the overall difficulty.

The music is pretty good. You can actually put the disc in a CD player and listen to a whole variety of tunes that are featured in the game. Too bad all the songs are basically the same thing, with each melody changing only slightly.

Controlling your character is easy enough. It's too bad it won't really matter how good you are at controlling your character because you won't last long in a fight anyway. Once a fight begins, get ready to see your character blasted with combos and other cheap moves without even giving you a fair chance to get your revenge on them. Seriously- sometimes the difficulty is so high and unfair you won't even be able to move anywhere before it's lights out and game over. You won't get very far in this game unless you're a master when it comes to understanding the constant aggressive cheapness of your opponents (in other words, you need to be a genius).

What makes the whole experience even worse is how the game company somehow expects you to be able to master these really complex combos and be able to deliver them to a computer opponent that doesn't give you a chance to do anything. It's mind-boggling what the creators of this game were thinking.

Overall I have to say this is one bad game. Sure, you get everything inside one neat little disc. Too bad the above problems really make the whole thing frustrating and disappointing. Please avoid this game at all costs. If you want to look into other fighting games, there are plenty that are MUCH more interesting than this one.

So... that's why this game has been sitting far away from my actual Playstation game library for years and years. It's not any fun.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

Originally Posted: 04/27/07

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