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"Playstation does not need just video games!"

Now you can make your own music, whether you are a beginner or an expert! With hundreds of riffs and video clips to choose from, show your friends that you can be the true “wiki wiki wak” D J you always have been.

You can start out with composing a simple song, with just a few riffs. The sound quality is excellent. It’s clear and never is blurry, and you will enjoy listening to the array of pads and tunes. Choose from different genres, like techno, trance, house, and more. You can choose from different sections, like melodies, drum loops, sound effects, percussion, and there even is vocals. Don’t like the way the riff plays, or you want to enhance it a bit? Feel free to spice it up the way you want. For the experts, go ahead and get technical by playing around with the BPMs, reverbs, and transpose keys. If you are having trouble, there is a nice help menu to fulfill you with your needs and questions.

Then there is the video mode. It may not be as nice as the song mode, and the makers could have spent more time in this area. It is a lot like Windows Media Player, except for the graphics are not up to date. It also isn’t as hard to compile a video, as it is to arrange a song. Choose from making types of kaleidoscopes, balls, tons of colorful light effects, and dozens of other chases. It goes great if you want to pop a CD of your own in, which is an awesome feature that this game contains. I must warn you though, all the flashing lights in the background may give you a splitting headache, and if you are an epileptic, the video mode is something I advise you to stay away from.

Oh, did I mention this program is not a video game? Well forget I said that. Play with three of your friends, in MTV Music Jam. Basically; it is a cool little Rhythm mini game. You play by pressing the buttons on your controllers in a beat, with there being melodies, drum loops, and sound effects. It is also a bit tough; you will need to meddle with the paces and pitches of the beats. Not as good as Parappa the Rappa, but I guess it is just an element that makes this essential to be a video game.

There are also a few extras this game included. You can choose from a dozen of masterpieces created by experts that have created this game. From there songs you can learn how to be a true DJ or Mozart yourself. Then there is a jukebox, and I am sure you know what that is. It’s an asset great for parties.

Now I must get to the flaws. Aside from the pixely video mode, you will also not be able to make songs that long. Some riffs take up a lot of memory, and sometimes you won’t be able to create that ten minute Jay Z Techno Remix you wanted too. You may also want to know what effect it has on your memory card; well one song takes a block. This game may just entice you to buy a completely separate memory card for this game. Also, if you are the fussy type and want to create a true masterwork, and you have absolutely no musical talent, don’t understand music terms, and don’t have the patience to read the manual or use the help section, you may want to hold off on this game.

Overall, MTV Music Generator is a splendid and unique game/program for the Playstation, but a few flaws persuades me to give this game an 8/10. I recommend you buy this game if you are into creating music. It really doesn’t matter if you are just a novice, because whenever you create techno, I believe nothing can go wrong. (However, this game is not only just Techno music.) Therefore, if you cannot afford Acid Pro or other expensive music making programs, I suggest getting this game for 20 dollars.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 10/14/03

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