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    FAQ/Walkthrough by ASchultz

    Version: 1.0.0 | Updated: 05/12/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Toypop(arcade) FAQ version 1.0.0
    by Andrew Schultz
    copyright 2004
    Please do not reproduce this FAQ for profit without my prior consent. However, 
    if you write a polite e-mail to me referring to me(and this FAQ) by name, 
    then I will probably say OK. But if I ignore you that means no--and I am bad 
    about answering e-mail. Sorry.
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    My home page: http://www.geocities.com/SoHo/Exhibit/2762 
      3. POINTS, ETC.
      5. LEVEL MAPS
    [search for #04 or #17 to find the level.]
      6. VERSIONS
      7. CREDITS
      Toypop is a sweet looking little game where you control a wooden puppet 
    that goes around and shoots other gift boxes and toys. Your object for any 
    one level is to find four hearts, enclosed in vials, and enter the door they 
    opened. But shooting other toys isn't easy. You need specific weapons for 
    certain toys, apart from the toy soldiers which get zapped by everything, and 
    you need to shoot down gift boxes to reveal these. Gift box maps remain the 
    same on each replay but the gifts are shuffled around. You can leave a level 
    at any time but get a bonus if you wipe out opponents. There are power ups 
    besides switching weapons such as invisibility, freezing enemies, and moving 
    fast, but the best are super firepower(pick up 3 stars) and whirlwind(3 7's.)
      You also have some really depressing bonus levels every eight levels before 
    the final shootout on level 44 with Majyo, who also nags you every 8x+7th 
    level. Because you don't seem to get extra power-ups for one player(and you 
    need them, since you need to switch power ups,) Toypop really requires two 
    players to complete the way it was meant and without situations where you'll 
    die five seconds later, but it's still a fun little game if you crank up the 
    infinite lives and blast your way through.
      The Toypop playboard is a grid, 18x14, where you and your opponents move 
    around. You can backtrack before moving fully from one square to another. 
    Your opponents can't. You can have two shots going in any one direction, and 
    they peter out after having traveled halfway(horizontally) across the board. 
    Your shots nullify enemy fire, and you generally go a bit faster than your 
    enemies--although only very slightly faster than cars.
      If you're stunned by a boxing glove, you can still shoot, but you can't 
    change the direction. Also, if you run onto a square with a power-up, you can 
    quickly turn back, and you can overlap slightly with enemies before you get 
    hit. This is of benefit when there's a close chase when you need to turn.
      Be warned: enemies can run through each other. Also note that if you are 
    invincible/invisible, you cannot collect gems or other treasures, only power-
    ups. And if you have a big power up(ie whirlwind or stars) you can pick up 
    power-ups. They indicate what you'll have when you go back to normal.
      Small point on collisions: you can run into boxing gloves after the initial 
    spring, but the mechanical arms will take your clothes off.
      You can also fire while you're in a hurricane, but it may be better to 
    focus on going after enemies--unless they are in several different directions.
    SOLDIERS are your weakest enemies. They run around considerably slower than 
    you and don't fire. You can kill them with any weapon except electricity, 
    which shocks everyone.
    CARS are your next weakest enemies. They don't fire any missiles, but they're 
    a bit faster than soldiers. You need the blue disc to kill them.
    TANKS are fun. They're slow and shoot slow missiles. Their presence indicates, 
    but is not a necessary condition for, bombs. Bombs can kill in a radius.
    BLUE BLOBS are the nastiest enemies in the game. They're almost as fast as 
    you are, and they run through walls and even off the screen. Once off the 
    screen they can flip to the other side or come back unexpectedly(horizontal) 
    or even walk along the top wall. You can barely outrun them, and they often 
    move at you from one column/row over. Run away from them, move to the same 
    column/row, turn around and fire to kill them. You need the brown 
    arrow(thumbtack?) to get rid of them. Although they go through walls they can 
    still be killed if you get up next to the wall and start firing. Right when 
    they're about to touch you, they'll be killed.
    MONKEYS are about as annoying. They fire small pellets and recoil doing so, 
    so they're that much tougher to sneak up on. You can kill them with a sonic 
    blast. They are about as fast as cars.
    CARDS fire arrows, sometimes a couple at a time, and you can only kill them 
    with flames. Do so with rapid fire. Take no chances.
    ROBOTS are annoying because the electricity, which is used to kill them, 
    stuns other enemies. This is a nuisance in tight areas where enemies get 
    frozen in a bad spot.
      3. POINTS, ETC.
    Enemies to shoot:
    10 points for soldier. They can be killed with anything except the electric 
    ray, which simply holds them in place. Soldiers do not fire missiles.
    20 points for car. They can be killed with the big blue ball. Cars do not 
    have missiles but go faster than other enemies.
    30 points for tanks. They can be killed with bombs. They fire slow missiles.
    40 points for monkies. They recoil, frequently just after they passed you, 
    and fire hard to see missiles.
    40 points for robot. They fire electric bolts and can only be killed with 
    bolts, which only stun other enemies.
    40 points for cards. They can be killed with flames, and they shoot thin 
    white arrows.
    50 points for blob. They can be killed with brown arrows and can go through 
    walls and even off the screen.
    You get points for running into an enemy and losing your shirt/dying, but you 
    don't get points if you set off a detonator that explodes and takes out your 
    50 points for each of 4 hearts
    500 points if you killed everything + 10 * time(end of level bonus)
    5000 points for killing Majyo before level 44
    20000 points for killing Majyo after level 44
    Power ups:
    0 points for shirt. Note that the shirt remains if you're fully clothed 
    already. A claw coming out of a box will remove the shirt, but it is harmless 
    20 points for grabbing a 7, star, flower, boots or lantern. Flowers make you 
    invisible, and lanterns let you see what’s in a box. Boots help you go faster, 
    but since shooting fast is what you really need, it's not that useful.When 
    invincible or invisible you can’t grab goodies, which sucks.
    20 points for a fork, which changes enemies on the board into chocolate cake 
    for a while. If you don't collect the cake, it disappears. Other enemies take 
    the fallen ones' places.
    Bonus stuff:
    50 points for candy
    100 points for white cake
    200 for doughnut
    300 for chocolate cake
    100 points for opening a gem box & getting each gem. There are ~14.
      Near the end of the level, you may find that the sides are caving in on you. 
    This happens when you've run out of time or, alternatively, when you've 
    cleared all hearts and enemies. So you may want to delay clearing everything 
    to rummage through remaining boxes. Walls squeeze you in a logical order. 
    They'll come in from the far side of the door, and once the door is in the 
    center of the remaining playfield, the sides alternate closing in on you. If 
    you're killed while time runs down, you get kicked to next level.
    --Shoot enemies mercilessly when close in. Even if you know you're going to 
    die. Because they can shoot you just before you get there, or just as you 
    think you're about to hit them. Killing off that extra enemy can make a big 
    difference, and on the other hand, you don't want to get nailed when you've 
    done everything else right to sneak around an enemy.
    --Some levels, pass up the 3-of-a-kind power ups, especially if the levels 
    are too easy. Save them for the tough expeditions.
    --Try to leave a level with a bomb as your weapon. That makes finding power-
    ups off the bat in the next level much more expedient, especially if it does 
    not have a bomb itself. Keep the bomb as long as possible after the start if 
    this is the case. Since there's a cap on the number of enemies, you just need 
    to remember to dodge a lot.
    --the boxes of gems aren't really worth it as bad guys often track you down 
    as you run in circles, although if you do knock one out and it's clear, you 
    may want to run counterclockwise if you are just behind the gems as they 
    --if you have several wimpy enemies on the board and have a narrow place to 
    get to, don't fire at them! They will be replaced by stronger ones.
    --don't go shooting boxes indiscriminately. Just hit them once and if they're 
    empty, don't get rid of them unless you need an escape route or need to blast 
    through them.
    --similarly, an out-of-the-way vial requires just one shot before you can 
    decide whether it's worthwhile to go after it. And you can knock out enemies 
    behind walls/gifts too.
    --chucking a bomb at a wall works great if a gift or vial is directly behind 
    it. You can open them that way!
    --let enemies get one square away from you diagonally. See which way they 
    start. Run the opposite direction they do and you'll fake them out easily. 
    This doesn't apply to monkeys all the time, though, as they can recoil.
    --bombing one direction twice in a row isn't always effective. You might want 
    to try firing in separate directions.
      5. LEVEL MAPS
      This level map and walkthrough assumes you're in one-player mode. For two-
    player mode, you should always try to have the kids with two different 
    weapons. You can also blast away more quickly at gift boxes in the beginning 
    to get the power ups.
      I'm aware that, with infinite lives cheats, you can just barge through and 
    win. But this guide describes the best way to get through the level for one 
    player, in my opinion. With two players you can have the second pick up 
    undesirable power-ups or some such thing, or have one use bombs while the 
    other actually kills monsters.
      First, a list of what's on which level.
      |o          |M
      |l        |R|o
      |d| |T|B|C|o|n
    1 |y|y| | | | |
    2 |y|y|y| | | |
    3 |y|y| |y| | |
    4 |y|y| |y|y| |
    5 |y| |y|y|y| |
    6 |y| | |y| | |
    7 |y|y| | |y| |
    9 |y| | |y| |y|
    10| | | | |y| |y
    11|y| | |y|y| |
    12|y| | | | |y|y
    13|y|y| | |y| |y
    14|y|y| |y|y| |
    15|y| |y|y|y|y|y
    17|y| | |y|y|y|
    18| |y| | |y|y|
    20|y|y| |y| |y|y
    21|y| |y|y| | |
    22| | | | |y|y|
    23|y|y| | | |y|
    25|y|y| |y| |y|
    26|y| | |y|y| |y
    27|y| |y| |y|y|y
    28|y| |y|y|y| |
    29|y|y| |y|y| |
    30|y|y| | | |y|y
    31| | | |y| |y|
    33|y|y| |y| | |y
    35|y| |y|y| | |
    36|y|y|y| | |y|y
    37|y| |y|y|y|y|y
    38| |y| |y|y|y|y
    39|y|y| |y|y|y|y
    41| |y|y|y|y|y|y
    42|y|y| | | | |y
    43|y| | |y|y|y|
    + = gift(this can be a random power-up, 7/star, an attribute boost, or empty-
    -random each game)
    H = heart(visible)
    h = vial that may contain heart, random each game
    X = wall
    D = detonator
    $ = box of gems
    = = exit to next level
    LEVEL #01:
    It's night, there's a moon, the castle is impossibly steep, pinocchio's(oops) 
    ears are roung and his nose is a peg...and thankfully they have their shirts 
    X     + +H+        X
    X     X+X++    ++  X
    X+ XX X X+  ++ +   X
    X +   X X+ + + + ++X
    X ++ =     XH+    +X
    X +   +    X   X  +X
    X   H +  HXX  X    X
    X +   ++++XX       X
    X ++  X       +++  X
    X ++  X     X +    X
    X    X      X   +++X
    X  + X          +  X
    Monsters: Soldier, Car.
      This is a pretty straightforward level. You can and should check all the 
    boxes to look for treasure and power-ups. The first order of business is to 
    get a blue disc, which will allow you to shoot everything on the board as 
    long as you don't run into a white pellet inside a box. If you do, don't 
    panic. There'll be blue discs.
      Without too many dead ends this shouldn't be a bad level, and all hearts 
    are easily visible, but it's still worthwhile to try to establish bunkers and 
    remember that not shooting a gift box more than once saves time and gives 
    enemies less space to attack you. After a couple of tries, you should be able 
    to clear out everything without losing a life.
    LEVEL #02:
    XH+++        ++H++ X
    X+X+  X   +  +++++ X
    X++X  +++++  ++*++ X
    X+  X      ++      X
    X *  +XXXXX++XX    X
    X +     =    XX    X
    X +   XXXXX  X     X
    XH+     h  X XhX   X
    X + ++XXXXX  XhX X X
    X+  ++      X* X XhX
    X X ++       XXX + X
    X   +*           X X
    Monsters: Soldier, Car, Tank.
      This level is a bit trickier as it features bombs and such, but the basic 
    plan is to find a bomb, take out all the gifts, and swap between the blue 
    disc/bombs once one type of enemy becomes prevalent. This is your first 
    encounter with missile monsters, and it shouldn't be too bad as long as you 
    remember to fire away mercilessly. Shoot the vials in the dead end from afar, 
    and you can also bomb the gift in the corner--the one with the spring-glove--
    by hitting a wall next to it.
      A good way to start this level is to fire left immediately, go a square up, 
    and keep firing left. This gets you hacking away at boxes and avoids the 
    nearest spring-glove. Also note that one of the hearts is hidden, and the 
    other vials force you to shoot into corners. The rightmost one allows a way 
    out although it's easiest just to bomb it.
      You should be able to hang around and off enemies after you've gotten the 
    hearts even in single player. You'll also want to leave with a bomb to make 
    the next level much easier.
    LEVEL #03:
    X  +      ++     + X
    X  X D    X      +HX
    XX X  +   +   D   +X
    X +X   XXXXX +    +X
    X  X      X     ++ X
    X+ XH     X        X
    Xh           h+    X
    X +  ++= ++   +++  X
    X +XXX        X X  X
    X +  ++       XhX  X
    Xh*          hX *  X
    Monsters: Soldier, Car, Blob.
      This assumes you have bombs to start out. If not you'll have to scramble to 
    start and carve out space--just find the vials with hearts in them and don't 
    worry about gift boxes unless you're able to get the right power-ups. Chuck 
    bombs in all directions from your starting point, and then go up and turn 
    right before the narrow bottleneck. Throw bombs to the right and then look in 
    the upper right. Eventually you will be left against a bunch of non-soldiers. 
    Pick the appropriate power-up and start winning the shootout. Note that there 
    are two detonators on this level that can be especially handy with blobs 
    chasing you.
      Try to leave this level with blue discs as your weapon. The next one seems 
    to start off with a bunch of cars to shot down.
    LEVEL #04:
    Xh                hX
    Xh      X  X      hX
    XX++XXX X  X XXX++XX
    Xh      +  +      hX
    XhXX++XXX  XXX++XXhX
    Xh      +  +      hX
    XXXXX++ X  X ++XXXXX
    Xh++    X  X    ++hX
    Xh++XXXXX= XXXXX++hX
    Xh++    XXXX    ++hX
    X+XXXXX      XXXXX+X
    Monsters: Soldier, Car, Blob, Card.
      This level is possible solo with a bit of good luck, but it's a huge step 
    up from levels 1-3. There aren't many gift boxes, and you don't want to pick 
    their powerups. So what I like to do is go right, bomb the gift boxes,  take 
    out the vials, and look for a way around. I also only attack the other gift 
    boxes once unless an invincible enemy is after me. Because it's important to 
    clear the right side of vials before swooping to the left. Don't open up the 
    gifts near the center, either. You'll want to keep the place as closed as 
    possible. When blobs come along, try to fire into the wall to take them out.
      You won't want to worry about killing enemies at the start, and if you 
    aren't able to do so overall, cut your losses, bag the hearts, and escape 
    through the gift boxes in the center.
    LEVEL #05:
    X                  X
    X +X+++ +  ++++h+X X
    X +   H +  +     + X
    X +   + +  +++++++ X
    X +++++ +          X
    X          +++ +++ X
    X +h h+++  h + +=+ X
    X ++ +  +  + + +++ X
    X ++ +  +  +++     X
    X hX +  +      +X+ X
    X ++ ++++  +++ +H+ X
    X                  X
    Monsters: Soldier, Tank, Blob, Card.
      Given the presence of bombs this is a rather easy level. The first thing to 
    do is to shoot at gift boxes until you see a bomb. Then get the power-up and 
    start hacking away. You'll have plenty of opportunities to shoot enemies down, 
    and you should be able to kill them off fairly quickly, even in wide open 
    spaces. Get a bomb power-up before you leave.
    LEVEL #06:
    X     X+  +X       X
    X H   X+  **  hhhH X
    XXXSXXX+ ++X       X
    X   ++X+ ++XXXXX+++X
    X     +   X++++++++X
    X hXX +            X
    X     + X  +++XX+  X
    XXXXXX     +       X
    Xh     ++  * X++++XX
    XXSXX *    + +     X
    X   X +    X X   HTX
    X   X=       X     X
    Monsters: Soldier, Blob.
      This level incorporates teleports and secret doors and is a false promise 
    of more twisty mazes to come. Again, with bombs this shouldn't be too bad but 
    you need to watch out a bit for the boxing gloves. Bomb boxes from a safe 
    distance away. I think if you go up two squares, bomb right, bomb left, and 
    then go right you should get off to a fabulous start. I'd recommend going to 
    the right edge and chucking bombs in the upper right as long as possible, 
    possibly even taking out the spring-gloves to the left, before you go back 
    down into the teleporter. The closer enemies are, the more respite this will 
    give you. The secret door is in the top center of the small room you're 
    zapped to. Go up, taking out boxes on the way. You may want to leave the 
    upper-left secret room for last(center bottom wall is where the secret door 
    is) and concentrate on shooting enemies, as with just blobs to fight, walled 
    areas are that much riskier. Nevertheless you only really need one power-up, 
    and this is good target practice for later levels.
    LEVEL #07:
    X     +            X
    X     X++++   H    X
    X   ++X+++++       X
    XH  ++X  *++       X
    XXXXXXX   +++      X
    X         *++XXXXX+X
    X   XXXX   ++X     X
    X          *+X     X
    X    +++    *X H  TX
    X+XXX        X     X
    X   X        X     X
    X  HX      = X     X
    Monsters: Soldier, Car, Card.
      Boxing gloves come down at you so start firing up from a distance 
    immediately. All four hearts are visible here, and the optimal course of 
    action would be to get the UR one(fire left to try to make a path to the UL, 
    which is a bottleneck,) then shoot through to the DR room, then take the 
    teleportal to the DL, waiting for monsters to get as close as possible. Then 
    tear it all the way up. Don't worry about trying to kill Majyo unless you 
    have three sevens. The focus here should be just getting through the level. 
    Especially since you don't get the bonus unless Majyo is toast.
    LEVEL #08/#16/#24/#32/#40:
      This is a bonus level. I'm afraid I can't give much help here other than to 
    state that you need a bit of luck to get a maximum score. With one player I 
    can pull up to 1800, which is 18 of the 30 apples that fall from the tree. 
    Two players might be able to clear it all if one stands on one side of the 
    tree and one is on the other. The big problem is...which tree drops the 
    apples first? You have to guess here. Guessing with one player is hard enough, 
    although you can get a 2/3 chance of doing OK at first if you stand next to 
    the center tree. With two players, you have to have both players under the 
    right tree to start--twice--to get everything. Of course you can't miss the 
    last tree to fall.
      All in all a depressing sort of bonus level that isn't even worth trying at. 
    100 points per apple, ?? for getting all 30.
    LEVEL #09:
    At the start you'll see Mahou[sic] and the message
    He's got his wand and starred robe and one soldier has wide eyes--the other 
    three look a bit shifty.
    X      h         +hX
    X    X +          +X
    XX   + +XX +++  X  X
    XHX++++     H+   + X
    X   +  +++  D   XH X
    XXX XXX  + X    XX X
    Xh+ XhXHX  +    X +X
    X X + XXX+ X  = +  X
    X +   + +  X    X  X
    X + ++  D  X   X   X
    X      X    +XX    X
    XX X++++X          X
    Monsters: Soldier, Blob, Robot.
      This is a hard level for one player to complete, and if you just want to 
    cop out, go right, blast the gift above and then the detonator, get the heart 
    on the far right, and come back left. Go down to near where you started and 
    blast left. Get the left-edge heart and blast right to get the final one. Try 
    to leave with a bolt as your weapon, as you may need to freeze enemies in the 
    beginning of the next level.
    LEVEL #10:
    X                  X
    X XXXX+  $+  +XXXX X
    X X    ++++++    X X
    X++     +  +     ++X
    X X+++  +  +  +++X X
    X XH++        ++HX X
    X +              + X
    X X      XX      X X
    X XXXX = XX   XXXX X
    X   HX        XH   X
    Monsters: Card, Monkey.
      You'll need to exit through the upper part of the original area before 
    tackling the sides, which have the hearts. On the bright side you know where 
    the hearts are, but it's not so good that you have to go into a culdesac to 
    get there. You'll need the right weapons. And you won't have them to start 
    off. The monsters, however, will have time for a good head start. Perhaps you 
    may need to open up the passage above and feint to the sides as it's very 
    possible to lose a life with nothing to show for it.
      It's possible to cash in on the gems a bit. Approach from the bottom and 
    shoot, and every third one will come to you. You can make it from the top, 
    too, but the area there is a bit more open.
      Try to leave with the flame, as level 11 has cards.
    LEVEL #11:
    X h     +        h X
    X       X        ++X
    XXSXXXX X  Xhhhh   X
    X+    X X          X
    XX XX X X   X++++  X
    XX XH X X   X      X
    X+ X  X X     ++++ X
    XX XXXX X     X    X
    XX      X +++ X XX X
    X  $ +  X       XH X
    X D  +  X        X X
    X    +  X          X
    Monsters: Soldier, Blob, Card.
      Here you'll want to bust the vials as quickly as possible. The spiral on 
    the left is your main concern as you know a heart will be there. Head 
    directly north and see what you can take out. Once the vials are busted, try 
    to search for a brown arrow once blobs are floating around. Note the secret 
    door in the UL of the spiral--it is an important time saver. I wouldn't worry 
    much about solving this level. Even the gems are awkward--circling around the 
    box gets you in the way of a detonator unless you take it out first.
    LEVEL #12:
    X=++++ + XXX*XXXXX X
    X+++++ + Xh        X
    X      + XXXXX+XX+ X
    X++++++D Xh        X
    X        X+XXXXXXX X
    XXXXXXXX+Xh        X
    X        XXXXXXX+X X
    X  h h   Xh        X
    X   X    XX+XXXXXX X
    X   H  $ Xh        X
    X        XXXX+XXX+ X
    X                  X
    Monsters: Soldier, Robot, Monkey.
      The right side is fraught with danger and one-way streets, and you'll want 
    to blast the gift boxes there so you don't get trapped when you have the 
    wrong firepower. Even soldiers can be dangerous here as you may have to 
    switch to lightning bolts to get rid of robots, but that just freezes enemies 
    where you're trapped.
      You should ignore the gem box until you're almost done. This is a great 
    level to get three of a kind and go through, but otherwise you'll just want 
    to plow through it. Blow out the vials on the right from a distance so you 
    don't waste time going up blind alleys. Retreat, take out the vials on the 
    left, and go into the upper left corner. Try to exit with the sonic blast for 
    the next level, but don't do anything extraordinary to.
    LEVEL #13:
    X  =   X    Xhh+++hX
    X ++++ + XX +     hX
    X ++++ X    X     +X
    X      + ++ +     +X
    X+++++X+    ++X+X+hX
    X        ++D       X
    X       D          X
    X+XXX+X+ ++ +++++++X
    Xh   +++    +      X
    X+   ++X XX X  ++++X
    X+     +    +  ++++X
    X+hh+++X    X      X
    Monsters: Soldier, Car, Card, Monkey.
      You'll want to try to exit this level with a blue disc. Don't worry about 
    clearing the monsters. Just go to the right edge and then fire up and off to 
    the left. You'll clear a lot of vials. Then cut down to the left edge and 
    shoot the others. I've found that the upper right is less populated to start, 
    and monsters will be driven over to you and away from where they were spawned, 
    which makes the lower left easier to take care of later.
    LEVEL #14:
    Xhhh+    =        XX
    Xhh+  XX    XX   $ X
    Xh+  S++X  X++S    X
    X+  XS+++XX+++SX   X
    X   X++++++++++X   X
    X+D  +XXXhhXX++  + X
    X +   X++++++X    *X
    X      X++++X    *+X
    X       ++++    *+hX
    X  $     XX    *+hhX
    XX            *+hhhX
    Monsters: Soldier, Car, Blob, Card.
      Fire right to start the level and then carve up the bottom part of the 
    heart. The tough part here is waiting to get a blue disc if you don't already 
    have it. For that, carve out the right side(but don't get too close--punching 
    boxes guard it) and the bottom of the heart in the center. The monsters come 
    in waves: cars, blobs, cars.
      If you get through this quickly enough you may be able to bust the solitary 
    gem box in the lower left open for some serious points. The upper right one 
    is OK too but you have to cycle L-2D-R-L-2U-R, etc., and you miss a gem. So 
    if there are time constraints, go for the lower left. However, if you are 
    close to a triad you may want to go shooting around inside the heart, because 
    the next level is insanely difficult--and make sure you have all the hearts 
    before doing this.
      The gem chests are surer for points, though. Try not to leave with a blue 
    disk--the brown arrow would be best.
    LEVEL #15:
    Xh X    XXXX    X hX
    X  X    XS++    X  X
    X XXhhX +SSX XhhX* X
    X *X  X  XX  X  XX X
    X XX  XX XX DX  XX X
    X  X  XD XX XX  XX X
    X  X  X  XX  X  XX X
    X XX  X++XX+XX  X  X
    X  X++XX+= +XX++X XX
    X  X++X    ++X++X XX
    X     X      X     X
    Xh    X      X    hX
    Monsters: Soldier, Tank, Blob, Card, Robot, Monkey.
      This level really has the full monty. You really need two players for this 
    one, or a lot of luck. You just zigzag into one corner, probably get killed, 
    and zigzag into another. There's a lot of close-range ducking here and maybe 
    you can get lucky with detonators. Almost every box seems to have power ups, 
    but these really don't help against Majyo.
    LEVEL #17:
    They look scared and surprisingly flexible in there.
    XXh  +  + =+++X   hX
    X h  XhhX  +XXX   hX
    X    +hh+  ++++    X
    X    X++X  XXX+    X
    X+XX            X++X
    X  X     DD     X  X
    X  +            X  X
    X  ++XXX++++XXXXX  X
    X      X    X      X
    Xhhh   X    X * hhhX
    X  h $ X    X * h  X
    X  h   X    X + h  X
    Monsters: Soldier, Blob, Card, Robot.
      Another let's-get-out-of-here level. You may want to wait to set off the 
    detonators, running to the upper right and down the edge for one set of vials 
    to bust, then going to the other. On the way back you can blast the 
    detonators--one at a time, preferably, busting the upper left vials in the 
    meantime. You won't have time for the gem box. Try not to leave with a brown 
    arrow--you can probably pick up a power up on the way out.
    LEVEL #18:
    XH   +    X X     HX
    X +X X    +   XXXX X
    X +X XXX  X hhh  X X
    X    X    X      X X
    X    X XX X  +++ X X
    X X+ X    X+   + + X
    X +X +++  X +  + + X
    X    X    X   h+ + X
    X  X X XX++   +* X X
    X ++ X    X   +*   X
    X*XX X    XX       X
    XH*  +     X      hX
    Monsters: Car, Card, Robot.
      The draught of easy levels continue. But I guess that's what happens when 
    you get farther on in a game. To minimize travel time, head directly to the 
    right. Bust out the vials and go back left. The big problem will be the right 
    corridor, so be sure to have the right weapons for that. With two exits to 
    the left side you shouldn't ave a problem. You can even poke around in the 
    gift boxes. But don't worry about killing everything in sight.
    LEVEL #19:
    X  X               X
    X Xh               X
    X  +     X X   X   X
    X  X X+X X +H+ +   X
    X XX XHX X XXX X ++X
    X +X   X X     X ++X
    X++  ++D     +++X++X
    Xh+      +D    Xh++X
    Xh    XXXXXXXX +X +X
    Xh    X        +X  X
    Monsters: Soldier, Car, Tank, Blob, Card, Robot, Monkey.
      It looks like this level should have secret doors, but it doesn't. A 
    legitimately nasty level for one player to navigate, and you may have to take 
    a hit to get beyond the left spiral and across to the right if you don't take 
    care of going there right away. The initial detonators aren't worth much.
      Try to leave this level with a bomb, because it makes the next one a cinch. 
    Without bombs, the mext level is very tough.
    LEVEL #20:
    XH X           X  hX
    X  X XXXX*XXXX X  hX
    X +X X       X +  hX
    X +X X XXXXX X X +hX
    X +X X X  =X * X +hX
    X*+X X X  XX X X +hX
    X +X X +     X X +hX
    X +X X XXX*XXX X +hX
    X*+X X         + +hX
    X +X             +hX
    Xh+++++++  +++++++hX
    Monsters: Soldier, Car, Blob, Robot, Monkey.
      Another spiral level, but with fewer enemies your main focus is to clear 
    out each side. A sacrifice run to the left may not be all bad. With bombs, 
    note that you can clear out three boxes with a blast and not have to worry 
    about in-depth shooting. You will want to stand away as you blast the boxes 
    in front of you, and you may not wish to pick up any power-ups on the way.
      The right side is very easy to bomb. You can take out the gift boxes 
    expediently and even bore a hole to the right edge, bombing up and down when 
    you're there.
    LEVEL #21:
    X        XX    =   X
    X      ++hh++      X
    X     +++XX+++     X
    X    ++++XX+X++    X
    X   +++XhXXXXhX+   X
    X  ++h+XXXXh++Xh+  X
    X ++X++++XXXXXX++* X
    X ++XXXXXXX+++++h* X
    X ++++++ XXh+++++* X
    X ++ h + XX ++ ++* X
    X        XX        X
    XX                XX
    Monsters: Soldier, Tank, Blob.
      Finally, an easy level. You should be able to find bombs easily enough, and 
    then...boom. Take out everything in sight. There should be plenty of power-
    ups for when you need to switch gears and blow away a few blobs. Then you can 
    take care of the dead-end stuff with bombs once everyone else is gone. The 
    gifts are clustered, and this level affords a lot of treasure. Try to leave 
    with a bomb as it gets a quick start for the next level.
    LEVEL #22:
    Xh                 X
    XXXXXXXXXXX       +X
    Xh          XXXXXX+X
    XXXXXX    $       *X
    Xh            XXXX+X
    XXXXXXXXXX        hX
    XH         XXXXXXXXX
    XXXXXXXXX         hX
    Xh      ++++ XXXXXXX
    XXXXXXX +$++      hX
    X           XXXXXXXX
    X=XXXXXX          +X
    Monsters: Card, Robot.
      With two players, this is easy. One has fire, the other has lightning. They 
    sit and fire down a corridor they've hewn out, and as they go to get the 
    hearts, either monster type that comes down gets fried. With only one player 
    it's very obnoxious unless you've got a triad. You probably won't be able to 
    flip between missile types quickly enough although it's possible to establish 
    a corridor, rake it until only one monster type is left, switch and repeat. 
    This does take up time however. With all the dead ends your best bet to get 
    through quickly would be lightning, in the hopes that you can stun cards 
    before they cut you off, but don't count on it.
    LEVEL #23:
    X        =         X
    X       ***        X
    XHX ++   $    ++ X+X
    X+X   +      H   XHX
    X  X  + XXXX +  XX X
    X                X X
    X ++X   XXXX   X++ X
    X +h+XX      X +h+ X
    X ++X X +D+  + X++ X
    X     X X+DX X   + X
    Xh XX++ X  X   XX+ X
    Xh   ++ X  X    ++ X
    Monsters: Soldier, Car, Robot.
      Shoot up on the left side of the enclosure. Go right and wait a bit. Don't 
    fire up again or you'll be in a pickle. Boom...now  shoot the gift D/R of the 
    detonator to set another off, and track down the three hearts that are 
    visible. You may want to start in the lower left. Survival is what you want 
    here. There are a few bombs that will help you along and make things easier. 
    If you're lucky and find the fourth heart early, then you can just potter 
    around for a bit looking for treasure and chucking bombs, as there are some 
    pretty gift-dense areas. But it's very possible to get caught even though 
    there are a good many soldiers.
    LEVEL #25:
    X                  X
    X  X   XXXXXXXXX   X
    X  XX   +h+h   X ++X
    X+ X X XXXXXXX X   X
    X+   X h+h  HX X   X
    X    X XXXXX XhX   X
    X  ++++    X X*X++ X
    X          XhXhX + X
    X       ++ X*X+X + X
    X ++++     XhX X + X
    X  ++++          + X
    X                  X
    Monsters: Soldier, Car, Blob, Robot.
      The bombs from level 23 come in very handy here for blasting away at the 
    narrow corridors. Because they're so important to the level I'd recommend 
    taking the corridors out with a bomb first. The gift clusters can wait. 
    Clearing the enemies is very possible here although you may have to let the 
    robots build up. Sadly, the super-quick route where you avoid combat and try 
    to get out of this level with a bomb intact is not an option as the game 
    seems to litter the door area with power-ups.
    LEVEL #26:
    X+       ++       +X
    X +     hXXh     + X
    X   hX   XX   Xh   X
    X  + hX  XX  Xh +  X
    X   + hX ++ Xh +   X
    X    + XXXXXX +    X
    X X      XX      X X
    X  XX  $ XX $  XX  X
    X X X    XX    X X X
    X   X + +XX+ + X   X
    X  HX ++ XX ++ XH  X
    X   + D      D +   X
    Monsters: Soldier, Blob, Card, Monkey.
      Although this is a level you may want to plow through, do be aware that 
    you'll want to move around the detonators to get the hearts in the left/right. 
    You may want to wait to trigger them as well. The rest is just a matter of 
    finding time to shoot although for the diagonal triads of vials, I recommend 
    taking out the center of the three gifts next to itand turning and firing and 
    getting out.
    LEVEL #27:
    X      X           X
    X  hhhh +++++ hhhh X
    X  h  h +   + h  h X
    X  h  h + H + h  h X
    X  hhhh +++++ hhhh X
    X X         X      X
    X +++++++ +++++ +++X
    X + H   + +   + + +X
    X +     + + = + + +X
    X +++++++ +   + + +X
    X         +++++ +++X
    X +X++++           X
    Monsters: Soldier, Tank, Card, Robot, Monkey.
      Despite not housing any tanks, this level has a few bombs in gift boxes, 
    which make it very easy indeed to get a good start as long as you don't try 
    to do too much at once. You will need to shoot gift boxes until you find a 
    bomb. The vials can wait, as you'll want to unleash as many power-ups for 
    timely use later on. This is an eminently clearable level.
    LEVEL #28:
    X+X  ++      ++    X
    X+X  X+   X  +X    X
    X     X      X  +  X
    X      X    X   +  X
    X      hXHHXh      X
    X X+X+X+hXXh+X+X+X X
    X +X+X+hhXXhh+X+X+ X
    X       X  X       X
    X  ++  X+  +X    X X
    X     X X =  X   X X
    X    X        X XX X
    X    +        +    X
    Monsters: Soldier, Tank, Blob, Card.
      You need to get to the top, and the best way to do that is to take a 
    shortcut through the center. One of the boxes near should have a bomb, which 
    makes your task much easier. Just go left, bomb away, go to the top edge, 
    right, down for the two hearts, back right and down towards the center again. 
    Circle back to the entrance.
      Just make sure you leave with a bomb. That makes all the difference in the 
    next level.
    LEVEL #29:
    X X++++ hhhh +   X X
    X   +   h= h +   + X
    X   +   h  h +++++ X
    X   +   h  h   +   X
    X   +   hhhh   +   X
    X                  X
    X +++++ hhhh ++++X X
    X +   + h  h +   + X
    X +++++ h  h +++++ X
    X +     h  h +     X
    X X     hhhh +     X
    X                  X
    Monsters: Soldier, Car, Blob, Card.
      Another easy level to get through, but not to clear the monsters. 
    Especially if you have a bomb. I managed not to discover any brown arrows 
    once through here. So just blasting the two U's makes for a pretty painless 
    level although you may have to lead the monsters astray into a corner to take 
    out all of the vials on your next trip back, and you may want to bust open 
    some letters as well.
    LEVEL #30:
    X      +    +      X
    X = XXXX ++ XXXX   X
    X   * HX ++ XH     X
    X   XX+X ++ X+XX   X
    X X XH *      hX   X
    X + XXXX    XXXX X X
    X +      DD      + X
    X + +++ X  X +++ + X
    X + +h+ X  X +h+ + X
    X X + +hX  Xh+ + X X
    X   + +XX  XX+ +   X
    X       +  +       X
    Monsters: Soldier, Car, Robot, Monkey.
      This level is a good deal tougher than it looks, mainly due to the walls 
    and the variety of monsters. If you've started off with a bomb then you can 
    headto one of the lower N's and bomb it. Then double back and bomb the other 
    one. Just face inwards, to the lower of the two vials. The 2 and 5 present a 
    different challenge. You'd like to be able to plow through them, but you may 
    have to get one vial from one side and one from the other. You may be able to 
    escape with level 29's bomb, but you'll probably have to sacrifice a life.
    LEVEL #31:
    X+hh            hh+X
    X+ X            X++X
    X+ X XXX    XXX Xh+X
    X* X Xhh =  hhX +*+X
    X+ D Xhh    hhX *h+X
    X+ X XXX    XXX Xh+X
    X+ D            X++X
    X+hh            hh+X
    X++++++++  ++++++++X
    Monsters: Blob, Robot.
      This is a genuinely infuriating level, even if you have a bomb. And if you 
    do, I recommend that you chuck it at the left side, then turn to the right 
    and blast through that area. If you can blast the gifts you're walking by and 
    find treasure, great, but it's equally likely you may be trapped into letting 
    go of your bomb as you circle around. Don't worry about the center vials 
    until the end as it's possible they might not even hold any hearts. Also 
    watch out for the pellet power-ups in name only. It may be better to 
    sacrifice a life and keep the bombs than to struggle and run away and get a 
    bad power-up and get killed anyway.
    LEVEL #33:
    XX                XX
    X XXX          XXX X
    X XhX ++++++++ XhX X
    X X + +h =  h+ + X X
    X X + X++++++X + X X
    X XDX X S  S X XDX X
    X     X+X  X+X     X
    X X+X X X  X X X+X X
    X X X X X  X X X X X
    X X X XhX  XhX X X X
    X XhX XXX  XXX XhX X
    X XXX          XXX X
    Monsters: Soldier, Car, Blob, Monkey.
      With detonators blocking vials your best bet is to shoot the detonators and 
    then fire down and vacate the premises. Note that if you go to the edges you 
    could get stuck, so approach the detonators from above, shooting gifts to get 
    there, so you have a little space if you need to fire down to take out the 
    vials at the bottom. Again there are a lot of single pellets to distract you, 
    and you don't want to consider killing everyone in one player mode.
    LEVEL #34:
    X                =XX
    X X X*X  ++X     X+X
    X X XhX  X+HX    XhX
    X X + X  SX++X   X X
    X X + X  S X+X + X X
    X X X X  S     + X X
    X X X X+++X X  + X X
    X XhX X+++X XX X ++X
    X X*X X+++X hX     X
    X XXX      X X XXX X
    X          X   Xh  X
    Monsters: Soldier, Car, Tank, Blob, Card, Robot, Monkey.
      Here again the side areas are more situated to two-player cooperation than 
    ducking into a dead end and having two monster types attacking you, but you 
    can get a good start going left and firing up to check one flask, then 
    shooting through to the left. Then go up and tend right/down. The vial behind 
    the gifts is also tough. Sadly bombs aren't much use here as the area is 
    dense, but they do help clear the zigzag corridor if you find them soon 
    LEVEL #35:
    XX                XX
    X hhh + +  + +++   X
    X h h + += + + +   X
    X hhh + + ++ + +   X
    X h   + +  + +++   X
    X                  X
    X                  X
    X +++ +++ + + hhh  X
    X + + +   +++ h h  X
    X +++ +   + + hhh  X
    X + + +++ + + h h  X
    XX                XX
    Monsters: Soldier, Tank, Blob.
      This is another one of those levels that are very easy once you've got the 
    bomb, and you should really have the hang of it by now, especially with only 
    three monster types. There are a few blobs here that will chase you, but for 
    starters you should be able to run from them for a bit, uncover a few power-
    ups, get rid of all the tanks, switch firepower, and take out the blobs. 
    Remember to leave with a bomb!
    LEVEL #36:
    X+++  X=     X  hhhX
    X+++  X XXXX X  hhhX
    X+++  X hHhh X  hhhX
    X+++  X XXXX X     X
    X     S      S     X
    X DDD X      X DDD X
    X     S      S     X
    X     X $  $ X     X
    X     S      S  +++X
    Xhhh  X      X  +++X
    Xhhh  X      X  +++X
    Xhhh  X      X  +++X
    Monsters: Soldier, Car, Tank, Robot, Monkey.
      Go three up and fire left/right to see secret doors. Once you get a bomb, 
    you can torch the DL and UR corners. Don't worry about the center/up vial 
    until the end. The detonators can help you get rid of monsters as you go 
    through the gifts--and they'll open some boxes for you too.
    LEVEL #37:
    X  +++  hhhhh +++  X
    X  XXX        XXX  X
    X  XhX X  =   XhXX+X
    X  X X        X X +X
    X XX X+XX+DXX+X X  X
    X X  X+XH  HX+X    X
    X   +XDXXXXXX+X  X X
    X+ X+S        S XX X
    X+ X S XX  XX S X  X
    X XXhX X+  +X XhX +X
    X  XXX +   ++ XXX hX
    X  +++        *XX++X
    Monsters: Soldier, Tank, Blob, Card, Robot, Monkey.
      The secret doors do make this level easier, and the right seems to be 
    tougher to get to than the left. In any case you'll want to double back, or 
    go around the top way, and clear out the other side before concentrating on 
    the center. Below the door, shoot the right of the gift boxes the first time 
    through or, if you're about to wrap up, shoot the left. The detonator may or 
    may not be useful. Leave with the brown arrow and not bombs this time.
    LEVEL #38:
    X                  X
    X X    X ++ +    + X
    X X XX X ++ X XX X X
    X X HX X ++ X XH X X
    X XXXX X ++ X XXXX X
    X      +    +      X
    X  hhh  X  X  hhh  X
    X    +   =    +    X
    X   ++++    ++++   X
    X                  X
    Monsters: Car, Blob, Card, Robot, Monkey.
      You can get rid of the vials at the bottom before enemies come to attack 
    you. Here I like to use the brown arrows if they can be found. That's because 
    you can outrun the cards, but the blobs will run after you fervently. You 
    also want not to disrupt the spirals except to break out; with the spirals 
    intact the normal monsters won't be able to hone in on you as easily.
    LEVEL #39:
    X  X +   +  X      X
    X =X X   +  X  XX  X
    X  X   X X  +  +X  X
    X  X   X X  + h    X
    X  +   + X         X
    X++++++            X
    X++++++ X XXX      X
    X++++++ X   X      X
    X++++++ XXX X      X
    X++++++     X      X
    Xh+++++            X
    Monsters: Soldier, Car, Blob, Card, Robot, Monkey.
      With only four vials in this level, you know where the hearts are. You'll 
    probably want to take time to get the upper-right one first, as that will 
    pull monsters away from the lower left, where you can shoot from a distance 
    anyway and save time. The wizard may shoot open a vial for you, and if you 
    can find a bomb, you should be able to rip away a lot of defenses. But the 
    brown arrow may be of more immediate use as the blobs are tough in the dense 
    forest of gifts in the lower left.
    LEVEL #41:
    X                 =X
    XX     X+hh+X     XX
    X +++  X++++X  +++ X
    X +++  XX++XX  +++ X
    X +++    ++    hhh X
    X +H+    ++    h+h X
    X +++  XX  XX  hhh X
    X      X+  +X      X
    X      X+  +X      X
    XX   ++       ++  XX
    Monsters: Car, Tank, Blob, Card, Robot, Monkey.
      A quick way through this level is to ignore the bottom left and right where 
    monsters come out. That will keep them at bay for a bit. If you don't have a 
    bomb to start, then you can check near where you are, just above the start. 
    The right area should have a few vials to blow up, but fire a few bombs up 
    and to the left before you make that turn. Then you can take out the left 
    side and go up. In the middle of all this you may be forced into a lesser 
    power-up so be sure 1) you have a bomb as backup or 2) you can just leave 
    quickly, if that's what you'd like. There are probably a few too many monster 
    types around to complete the level fully and comfortably, but it's very easy 
    to bomb your way to a quick win.
      Leaving with a bomb makes level 42 trivial.
    LEVEL #42:
    X            +++++ X
    X  + ++      ++++++X
    X  X X    XX ++++++X
    X   XX       ++++++X
    X    X       ++++++X
    X        XX  ++++++X
    X+++++*  XX        X
    X+++++*  XX  X     X
    X+++++*      X X   X
    X+++++*XX    XX    X
    XHH+++*        +++ X
    XHH+++*            X
    Monsters: Soldier, Car, Monkey.
      This is a very easy calm-before-the-storm level. The biggest thing to be 
    aware of is the phalanx of spring-punches on the right side of the DL bunker. 
    So fire left immediately, wait a split second, and fire again. Soon you'll 
    break through to the four vials. It should be easy to get out by tunneling 
    through up and to the left or to stay around and win the firefight--bombing a 
    huge chunk of the gifts first, of course.
    LEVEL #43:
    X                  X
    Xhh  ++ X+X+XX+X H X
    X +++++  X X  X  X X
    X +    +     X  X+ X
    X   X       X  X X X
    X +    XXX+X  X  X X
    X +++ Xh     X  X+ X
    X X  Xh+XXXXX    X X
    X X Xh+X      + X+ X
    X X  +X      ++  X X
    X X XX       +     X
    XH+++   =          X
    Monsters: Soldier, Blob, Card, Robot.
      For this level, you really want to just get in and get out. There will be 
    monsters you can't clear, because you only get bombs as power-ups. But they 
    are useful as they help to clear out the hearts and vials you might find, 
    especially in that diagonal strip in the middle. Don't worry about anything 
    else. Fortunately all hearts are visible here, so you just need to carve out 
    a passage left, look in the upper left for a bomb, get it, go on the diagonal 
    strip, and get the upper right heart before exiting. Don't try for treasures, 
    etc., as that will just encourage more enemies to come out and give them more 
    space to chase you--and they won't be soldiers. 
    LEVEL #44:
    X         H        X
    X          X       X
    X H    H         H X
    X                  X
    X                  X
    X X      X   H     X
    X                  X
    X     X            X
    X               HX X
    X  H       H       X
    X                  X
    X                  X
       No, you aren't supposed to see the hearts in the actual game. You'll be 
    able to see the barriers. The hearts are in invisible bottles and can only be 
    released if the bottles are shot. By you or Majyo.  Either way, you still 
    need to grab them, as they're the only things that can damage him. Your 
    regular shots are useless, although you probably have bombs from level 43 
    which might help you discover some hearts a bit quicker.
      You don't want Majyo to get too close and in fact you don't have to let him. 
    The best way to loop him around is to get on the other side of a barrier from 
    him and run away. For instance, if he is on top of a barrier, you can be on 
    the bottom going the other way. You can get him going in a circle and run 
    away from him. He'll still follow where you were, circle around, and be far 
    from you. Don't try to cross his line of vision unless you're far away, and 
    don't stray too far from the barriers. With each heart that you step on, 
    Majyo takes a hit. When you get all eight, he dies and you get to see the 
    ending sequence.
      This isn't too bad as the hearts are always in a specified place. They tend 
    to take a while to zero in on Majyo though. If you're worried you'll be 
    unsure of how many hearts you have, just take your score at the start of the 
    round and add 400, and that's your goal. If you can't do the math in your 
    head to see how much is left...sorry.
      You want to zigzag through my recommended path here if possible--the 
    biggest risk is getting lined up with Majyo, whose bullets are much faster 
    than he is. He gets four shots and they come one after the other.
    Go 2 squares up. Fire right, get the heart and turn left. You should have 
    time to get the heart to the right if you're quick, but if not, Majyo comes 
    down, and you'll have to loop around before getting the lower left heart. Go 
    left for heart #2 and onto the left edge. Stay behind the block until Majyo 
    shows which way he's going.
      Circle around above the block. Fire up. you may want to zigzag here if 
    Majyo's close and leave the heart for later, but get right of the heart and 
    fire right. Then go to the top and fire right.
      Here's where you'll need to get Majyo to loop around. Stay above the top 
    block. Let him chase you and loop below it. Fire right, and if you have bombs, 
    when you get to the heart, turn down and fire down. If you don't, turn off a 
    square early and get the heart later. Majyo may be chasing you and if so, 
    tend towards the right edge. The hearts aren't going anywhere.
      Let Majyo loop around the right block trying to chase you again and then go 
    up and fire left once you're right of the center block that spawned Majyo. 
    All hearts are revealed now.
      You can pick them off one by one if you loop Majyo around, but if you have 
    one in acres of space, you'll want to leave it for last. Basically, don't get 
    lined up with the heart until you're about to take it, as otherwise Majyo may 
    line up with you and fire, which means you'll have to duck and try it all 
    again. Also, you may need to drag Majyo across the board and back to get a 
    HUGE lead if more than one heart is in acres of space(ie the upper left one 
    if you missed it,) but probably not.
     If Majyo does have you trapped, run perpendicular to him and DON'T RUN INTO 
    “Pino and Acha beats Majyo, and sets free their friends.”
    Morning came, everything was again in order. [castle/robot & soldier/2 kids 
    in each picture]
    End of FAQ proper
      6. VERSIONS
    1.0.0: 5/12/2004 sent to GameFAQs more or less complete
      7. CREDITS
    Thanks to the usual GameFAQs gang. They know who they are, and you should, 
    too, because they get some SERIOUS writing done. Good people too--bloomer, 
    daremo, falsehead, RetroFreak, Snow Dragon/Brui5ed Ego, ZoopSoul, and others 
    I forgot.

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